No Glasses Needed


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Scene Title No Glasses Needed
Synopsis Rebecca drags Liz along to get herself a new pair of glasses. What she doesn't expect is to leave with insight instead.
Date June 12, 2009

It's been a couple of weeks since Rebecca inadvertently stepped on her glasses after having a vision. While the moment was important in getting leads on the death of Detective Myron, she can still feel the crunching of plastic and glass underneath her feet. It was also the first time she'd had two visions in a single night, which actually caused her nose to bleed. She's already determined she isn't too keen on that and is going to try and avoid those things in the future. Not that she was given much of a choice in the matter.

Rebecca is grateful to Elisabeth for offering to drive her over to the shop for glasses. Her headaches have been nearly non-stop since then because of her blurry vision, combined with linger effects of that dual vision that happened that she's taken far more of her medication than she'd like to admit. For today, she's taken none, wanting to make sure her vision is /her/ vision when she goes to get it checked.

Small talk was indeed that at least to start. "Anything going on with you? Anything… fun?" 'Fun' like it's a foreign word or something. Apparently 'fun' has been had on a limited basis around the precinct.

"Fun?" Elisabeth asks in a tone that indicates it might in fact be a foreign language word that she is grossly unacquainted with. And then there's a slow smile. "Actually, I've had a little fun," she admits. "Not as much as I might actually like, but hey…. a girl takes what she can get where she can find it." And considering the men involved, hey… it was damn fun. She slants a glance at Rebecca and chuckles. "But it's not the kind of fun you talk about in polite company or anything. Mostly I've just been… following up on a few cases."

Wow. Did they just repaint the lines on the road recently? A feint blush comes to Rebecca's cheeks as that wasn't nearly the type of 'fun' she meant to imply, which would also be rather foreign to her. She probably needs to take some sort of language course, it seems with all this foreign speaking going on here. Oh. Work talk. Better. "Any leads that you know of in Detective Myron's death that you've been able to use? Or are you working that case?"

Elisabeth laughs at the blush, she can't help it. And then she turns her attnetion back to the road. "No one's said anything about any leads, no," she says quietly. The trouble is… she already knows who did it, and hasn't a clue what to do about it because she can't find Edward Ray.

Rebecca was, for purpose, a witness to the shooting. It was all reflected back to her in the vision. She saw 'Edward' shoot Myron in cold blood. Felix said his name was Edward Ray. The problem is, her vision isn't 'proof'. Elisabeth was there, but there really isn't anyone talking about it. And why was President Petrelli in that room during her second vision? "Seems to me that we have all the pieces to the puzzle, but no one is able to put them all together. Must be something we can do." She comments aloud, almost as if talking to herself.

Elisabeth truthfully knows far too much about what happened to Myron and sometimes wishes she didn't. Because it tears at her to let Tyler Case and Edward Ray and Nathan freakin' Petrelli go free after they killed a damn good cop. "There's something we can do. We keep investigating and trying to find the people you saw," she tells Rebecca a bit tightly. "And when we do, we make sure they don't escape justice." And whether that means jail or dead? Liz isn't sure she really cares — but she'll take them to jail if possible cuz Myron'd kick her ass for going vigilante.

As angry as Rebecca had been about it, she doesn't have it in her to go vigilante anyway. Of course, if she could actually see into the future, that would be a different story. She could try and prevent these things from happening. But she's stuck with dealing with things that have already occured. Not much she can do there except work for justice, which she tries.

"We're doing what we can, but is it enough? How can we /know/ these things but still be unable to find these persons of interest? How can they just run free? It doesn't make any sense to me. We have so many resources at our disposal, and yet bad guys continue to run loose."

"It's like any other case, Becca," Elisabeth finally says as they pull into the optometrist's office building complex. "85 percent or more of the case is identifying and then tracking down the perps. Identity is only part of it. Especially right now in this city, it's damn easy to lay low if you know the right places and people." She shrugs a bit. "We'll get them, though — once you have an ID, it's only a matter of time. They all screw up eventually. Even the really smart ones," she says with a bite to her tone.

Pulling the door open, Rebecca decides this might be a good time to stop this chat for the time being. Liz is right. They eventually mess up and get caught. It only takes her a few minutes for them to verify her prescription and then it's off to try on frames, using Liz to give her a 'what looks best' opinion, so she's not looking directly into a mirror. No sense in tempting fate at this point. There's plenty of "how about these?" going on.

After the tenth pair, Elisabeth just grins. "Ever thought about going with contacts? You're always hiding behind the glasses, maybe it's time to step out some."

Rebecca pulls the glasses off her face and peers at Liz as if she were some sort of alien. "Wait. You mean don't wear glasses? I've always worn glasses. I'm not sure that's considered hiding.." Or is it?

"I don't know," Liz shrugs. "Just because you've always worn them doesn't mean you have to keep on. I had a roommate in college who had always worn them and she said getting contacts was sort of like…. getting a whole new lease on her confidence. She was a pretty girl; after she got rid of the glasses, people started to see HER and not her glasses. Just a suggestion, though."

Tilting her head as Liz speaks, Rebecca pulls the glasses off her face and does the one thing she was trying to avoid in this shop of mirrors and that's to look directly into one. It immediately hits her though, she almost misses it.

It takes her a moment to realize that she's not looking at herself but someone else. Someone else trying on glasses and looking into the mirror. The person is teenager, younger and turns around to yell at someone behind her. "Mom! I like these." The only thing that Rebecca can think of in response is. "No. No, you don't." This apparently is the same sentiment as the mother who makes her put on a different, much better pair.

It's then that Rebecca snaps out of the vision and winces as she reaches for her head with one hand, while her other steadies her against the counter. "Well, that wasn't smart." she mutters to herself.

Elisabeth winces. "Oh, Becca, I'm sorry!" She wasn't thinking. "That was a cruddy thing to do. You okay?"

Eyes closed, Rebecca offers a small wave. "It's okay. My own fault. I don't even keep mirrors around the apartment anymore. Perhaps you are right. I think I'll go with contacts. Just give me a moment until the room stops spinning and I'll take care of it and we'll get out of here. Thanks for bringing me, if I haven't said it already. I appreciate your friendship, Liz." She turns and offers a smile before heading off towards the counter to place her order.

Elisabeth smiles faintly and murmurs, "Anytime." And she comments to Rebecca's back, "And it'll stop you from seeing reflections in your own lenses, too!" The comment itself is totally innocuous to anyone listening — anyone who wears glasses knows you see them all the time. But for Becca, it might have other benefits.

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