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Scene Title No Help
Synopsis A knock on the door of Wendy's neighbour Noriko provides nothing other than a look into the life of a strange woman.
Date March 5, 2010

Solstice Condominums - Noriko's Apartment

Noriko is curled up on her little nest of blankets. They are the only thing that remotely comes close to furniture in her apartment, the asian still have not gone out and gotten respectable furniture. In front of her is a small Television set that is currently playing a news program while she munches on a bowl of cereal. Not really letting the death downstairs disturb her.

Dead bodies, Sylar sighting, brains missing and media blackout. Audrey's face had been set to permanent pinched since the night before. Copy cat strikes again. Only this time, only this time, tapes caught the person on camera. Shape changing, concussive blasting. Going from the visage of one John Logan, to Sylar himself coming out of the apartment and then outside, outside someone else that Audrey had met just the other day.

Hadn't seen him her ass. Eileen was gonna get a visit from Homeland again probably and one boot shoved up her ass till she was singing like the canaries that she liked to talk to. Maybe. Okay probably not. Who knew.

What Audrey did know was that she'd knocked on a few doors already and was getting nowhere. One last try, one Noriko Amagi…

No buzzing from the lobby of someone trying to gain entrance, or delivering food. Just a sharp three knocks at 8 in the morning on a friday. Because there ain't no rest for the wicked or dark haired Homeland officers at the scene of a horrific homicide.

Noriko blinks at the knocks on her door, the Asian raising an eyebrow as she stretches and gets up out of her pile of blankets to go answer the door. Stopping briefly to grab the remote to the TV from the floor and turning the volume down. Unlocking the bolt lock, she opens the door just a smidge and says, "Hello?"

Audrey's got her badge out, leather wallet unfolded with her ID and shield visible. "I'm Agent Hanson with Homeland Security. We're investigating a murder that took place two floors down in the building, I'd like to ask you a few questions…" Audrey glances down to her little black notebook. "Ms Amagi is it?" Audrey flashes her her best I'm just homeland, here to protect you smile in an attempt to come off as not so much… a bitch. It's been a long night and the day's looking just as long.

Noriko looks at the ID for a couple of moments, before she nods her head a little and says, "Yeah, I heard about that. Tragic, really tragic. I'm afraid I wasn't in the building at the time, however." She gives her own apologetic smile, before she adds, "Was out walking along the beachfront, its kinda soothing."

"May I come in Ms. Amagi?" Audrey closes the black leather with a muted thump, a gesture towards the bit of door that the woman is hiding behind and an expectant look to be let in.

Noriko nods her head, before moving out of the way to open the door. Revealing the sparesly furnished room. "Sure, sorry about the mess, not really expecting visitors, I'm afraid."

Nobody expects Homeland Security. They don't show up at your door after making an appointment and double checking to make sure that you can fit them in. Nobody ever expected the Spanish Inquisition either and there are some people in New York who would compare the two as quite indentical. "It's no problem Ma'am" Audrey promises as she enters, tucking away the case into her back pocket, pen and notebook still her other hand. The motion revealing her holster and locked down gun inside. "Just moved in?"

Noriko nods her head a little, rubbing the back of her head she thinks for a moment before replying, "Yeah, month and a half ago, or somewhere around then I think. Just haven't really gotten around to furnishing, kinda charmey the way it is now, though."

"You get out much, ever see any strange people hanging around outside the building that might not otherwise belong Ms Amagi? Or do you prefer to be called Ms. Allard?" Audrey moves further in, looking left, looking right then settling herself in the hallway. Weight shifted to her right leg and looking at the asian woman.

Noriko doesn't let her inwward surprise at the woman show past her face, keeping it inside while she watches the Homeland Security agent. She's quiet for a couple of moments, before saying, "ms. Amagi, please." Moving towards her bowl, she looks at the woman and says, "Do you mind if I continue eating?"

One hand comes up, no mind it seems, from the female agent. "Not so long as you might actually answer my question" Audrey points out/ There's a glance towards the very unfurnished apartment and a raised brow. Who the hell lives in a place like this and not have furniture. Every other place had been filled with expensive pieces, heirloom pieces and now this girl. Nothing.

Noriko raises an eyebrow before she replies, "Miss, I have been nothing but cooperative in answering your questions." She leans down to pick up her bowl of cereal and begins to eat it, watching the other woman.

"Actually, Ms Amagi, I inquired as to whether you had in your time living here, seen anyone strange hanging around. Then I inquired as to which name you preferred to use. You chose to answer the latter, but not the former. So I'll ask again, did you notice anyone strange? Anything would be a help to the investigation and help to put a killer behind bars where they belong" Audrey words are clipped, as has most of her conversations this day and last night been. The little black notebook waits in the hopes of an answer to be chicken scratched down.

Noriko grinds her teeth a little at the nit picking, but for now, she doesn't do anything particularly stupid instead she answers the question. "No, I haven't seen a signle person who I would call stange around here. I stay to myself, I'm afraid, I don't have company, and I don't get into other people's business."

Audrey locks eyes with Noriko and the grinding of teeth while she herself pushes her own tongue against the back of her teeth. Flip goes the little book with a flick of her wrist. "That so" Fair enough. Weight shifts back to both feet proper and the pen is clicked so the nib closes again and both disappear from whence they came. "Thank you for your time then Ms. Amagi" Audrey states, turning for the door and heading that way, heels striking along the floor till the stop as if she just had a thought come to her head. She looks over her shoulder to the Asian woman. "What time did you leave for the beach yesterday?"

Noriko nods her head a little as the Homeland Security woman begins walking the other way, "No problem." She turns to gather her remote again, before she hears the next question and she pauses, thinking before replying, "I dunno, around six pm, I guess."

"Thank you for your questions Ms Amagi. I can see myself out" given that she's already at the door. "You have a good day, if we have any further questions we'll be in contact." A sharp nod of her head to the Hydrokinetic and she's opening the door, closing it firmly behind her.

Noriko watches the door for a couple of moments, before she shrugs her shoulders and looks back at her TV, turning the volume up as she coughs a bit into her hand, before eating her breakfast some more.

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