No Jail Time, Please


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Scene Title No Jail Time, Please
Synopsis Lola needs a laywer. Silver is more than happy to help, though it won't be the breakthrough case he's looking for.
Date September 9, 2010

Lola's been through the system before, as a young woman when she murdered the man who murdered her mother. She learned a few things in the joint. Not much, mind you, but enough to get her out of this situation.

"Lawyah. Lawyah. Lawyah." Once she could no longer play up the pain to keep from answering questions, once they had run her fingerprints and found out that she was, in fact, a woman named Lola Mayeux who was not registered one way or the other, and once Lola figured out that Cardinal's grand rescue wasn't coming she knew it was time to throw in the towel. But she wans't about to be stupid about it - not like last time. "Lawyah."

They haven't cuffed her to anything, because she's just had skin graft surgery, and she couldn't move even if she wanted to. Her prints have been taken, as has her blood, and she has just come back as proof-positive for Evo. And all she's said is that one little word. "Lawyah."

When you get a call, you don't expect it could be something that could change your life, but James Silver gets that call. His plate is rather full but when he hears what the case is, you couldn't keep him away. His first case surrounding the registration. It could be every lawyer's dream. Or nightmare if it goes badly. He gets into his car and heads towards the hospital where he flashes his identification and is let into Lola's room.

"Ms. Mayeux, I'm James Silver. I've been called to be your lawyer." He doesn't offer his hand, considering her state right now, just having been through surgery. He does place his and on her shoulder as he speaks. Silver often gets calls from the public defender's office, since he's made them very aware, he's more than willing ot take on any unusual cases. "I hear that this involves the new registration law. Can you tell me exactly what happened to you?"

Lola looks over this man, eyes narrow. "Yer mah lawyah? Sugar, Ah could pop ya like a pimple, even with only one good arm." Well! Congratulations, James, you've got a charming one this time. Good luck defending her from anything.

"S'fine, sugar. Ah spoze the Registration is mah biggest problem right now." She pauses to think. No, she hasn't been caught doing anything in quite some time. And any time she was close to being nailed, it was always under an alias. That's the nice thing about using your real name so seldom - it's squeaky, squeaky clean. "Well, alright sugar. Ah ain' registered. Somebody jumped me in the park, lectrocuted me, an Ah turned up here an they found ah wasn't registered. Do Ah have ta pay you before Ah get that attorney client thing? Cause Ah ain' sayin' nothin' until Ah get that attorney-client thing."

There's a slight smirk that crosses the laywer's face when that accent starts. He actually turns his head a little to get his ear closer to her as if that'll help him understand her better. "Lucky for you, the state is paying for this one." He sets his briefcase on the table near her bed and pops open the clasps, lifting the lid and pulling out a paper, already on a clipboard and hands it to her. "Just fill in your name here, read this section and sign at the bottom and you have yourself a lawyer, free of charge." He'd take this case even if the state wasn't paying for it. "IN the meantime, why don't you tell me what they are charging you with? Lack of registration? Is that all?" Them checking her registration after bringing her to a hospital seems to scream violation of constitutional rights, but with everyone running scared of evolved abilities, the government is starting to take shortcuts around the very constitution.

Lola is only able to move one of her arms, so she leans the clipboard against the bed railing and begins to look over the paperwork. "Well ya can' go tellin' the state nothin' Ah tell ya either, yeah? Cause Ah ain' sayin' nothin' unless Ah got that attorney-client thing." She begins to fill out the paperwork. After all, it's not valid until it's signed, and she won't sign until he agrees to that. "Yeah," she mutter,s reading over still, her attention mostly paper-side. "Far as Ah know. Ah done did mah time fer poppin' that fellah already, an there ain' nothin' else against mah name that Ah know of ta charge me with. Unless gettin' 'lectrocuted in the park's a crime these days. Might be fer all Ah know - ya'll Yanks got some screwed up laws, ya know."

Tilting his head a little, he grins, "Yes, you definitely have confidentiality. Whatever you tell me, stays here with me. The more you can tell me the better chance I have to give you the best defense possible. I, personally, haven't been fond of this new registration act, so if I can help you beat it, so be it."

Silver takes a chair and scoots it closer to the bed. "Now, tell me more about this person who electrocuted you? Was it a tazer or someone who has that ability? Did you see who it was? Description maybe?" He has a few contacts who might be able to help him find someone who could manifest electricity. He just needs to know if that's what it is, or if it could be any damn body.

"Sorry sugar, don' know nothin'." Last thing that Lola wants is to alert the enemy that she's alive. No, she'd much rather keep it quiet. "Stole some of my stuff," she lies. "Figure it was just a muggin'. Anyway, that ain' why ya got called here." Papers signed, she hands them back over. "Ah'm callin' ya here cause Ah wanna go home an go back ta my life without goin' ta jail or havin' Big Brother breathin' down my back fer the rest a forever. Ah never registered. Say it was…oh Ah dunno. After mah mom was kilt fer bein' Evo, Ah spoze Ah didn' wanna register cause Ah was scared. Or somethin'. Can we say that? Will that work?"

Silver has pulled out his notepad and is scribbling notes as she speaks. His first point of contest is down the drain as he was hoping to at least steer this away from Lola and to the assailant. But either she doesn't know, or she knows and isn't talking.

Silver listens to the rest of her story and nods his head. "Could keep you our of jail, but it will still cost you, probably. You might get probation. I'd like to try and get this dropped as unconstitutional, but everyone's running scared of those with these powers." He glances up at her and shrugs. "It'll be a extenuating circumstances that might help with sentencing, but only if you plead guilty. If we go to court and try to fight, it won't help much at all."

"Whatever'll keep me outta jail, sugar." Lola says, reaching up to look over the IV bag dripping into her arm. She squeezes it a little. Maybe get a little bit more drug in her system. It's nice being back in the drug-boat. "Ah'll plead if Ah gotta. Ah ain' registered, caught red handed, all a that. But Ah don' wanna get swallowed whole if Ah try ta make a big deal 'bout this. Personally Ah don' give a shit 'bout registration, Ah just never did it cause Ah never cared."

He closes his notebook, "Fair enough, Ms. Mayeux. I'll do the best I can here. I know someone in the district attorney's office who might listen to a plea. I'll be in touch." He leaves his card on the table, "If you need anything." He gets to the door and starts to open it then turns back with a curious expression on his face, "Did they process you into the registration process?"

"Yup," Lola admits easily enough. "Ah'm on the books, now. Don' know what it matters, really, Ah ain' nearly so special. Weren' fer registration, folks wouldn' know one way or the other 'bout me." She lays back on the bed and closes her eyes. "Thanks sugar. Keep in touch." so long as he keeps her outta jail…

Silver nods his head, and smiles. "We'll get this squared away." He exits the door and starts down the hall. Well, this won't be his big case, but he can at least give this one what she wants. To get it over and done with, and not to go to jail. That, he is certain he can do.

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