No Jumping Ship


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Scene Title No Jumping Ship
Synopsis Kurt stops in for a beer, and leaves with swimming tips.
Date October 21, 2009

The Rock Cellar

It's the late afternoon, and it seems like everyone that works nine-to-five has suddenly crawled out of the woodwork. There's a good sized group of people in the Rock Cellar already, though enough empty space for others to come or go without much trouble. In a couple of hours the shows are bound to start, but for now it remains a DJ'd experience. There's one thing admittedly different today, however, and it's sitting at the side of the bar wearing a harness and a rugby scarf. No, not any of the bartenders- somehow, Delilah convinced everyone that it was necessary for her to bring Samson downstairs. It might have something to do with the fact that he ate a ball of yarn this morning, and the vet said to keep an eye on him. Chances are that he's perfectly fine(except for the fuzzy colors that are bound to be in his elephantine doggie doos), but Sam is the closest that Dee has to a family that lives with her. Even so, he is as behaved as a dog could possibly get in a public place. He is hooped up to the side of the actual bar, so he's not going to go much of anywhere in the first place.

While the monster dog sits down and watches everything with a bored stare, Delilah is going to and fro finishing her last hour of shift. She's got on a dress over jeans this time, looking far more cozy for the weather and far more comfortable while she leans over a table to clear it of empty glasses.

Just off work Kurt hasn't quite made it back to his apartment yet and since he knows the roomie will be out the man heads to the bar for an after work celebatory beer. He isn't celebrating anything particular, just in the mood. The dark man heads to the main bar and raises an eyebrow at the site of his neighbours rather large dog/horse in the establishment, "Samson?" He asks like the dog is gonna answer back before looking about for Delilah, the brownie making queen.

For a few seconds, it seems like Samson is going to answer back. One of those moments where it feels like someone takes in that breath to speak- but nothing comes out. Instead, he just peers up at Kurt from his spot nearby. Delilah is near enough to hear Kurt before she sees him, turning to glance around before picking up the last pair of glasses and heading over, sidling behind the bar.

"Heya, Kurt. What's happenin'?" There is a distant 'whump whump whump' from Samson's tail as Dee gets closer, and it slows down when she walks further away from him. It's only a few steps, but he seems bored out of his mind, hopeful that she'll either let him free or take him back where all of his toys are.

Kurt shakes his head and raises an eyebrow again, "What's Samson doing down here? He even allowed in this place?" Kurt questions then just hsakes his head again and chuckles lightly. He holds out a hand testingly, palm up, towards the big dog trying to not show fear but be a little wary just in case he isn't liked, "Mind if I grab a pilsner?"

"Special case." Delilah begins, leaning her elbows on the bar across from Kurt. "He ate a ball of yarn, doctor's orders that I watch him. He's a good dog, though- nobody seems to mind tonight, but I'm probably getting lucky, knowing my …luck. But I hope this doesn't turn into a habit of his, eating my supplies." She ducks her arm down to find Kurt a pint glass before going to fill it and return. The moment she does, she passes it to him and moves to stand closer to where the dog is.

Samson is experiencing a sensory bonanza right now, but he knows a friendly hand when it is offered, bowing his nose forward to snuffle at Kurt's fingers very loudly, tail twitching. I know your smell! You are the hallway smell guy.

Kurt grins at the friendly responce from the dog and moves to scratch his head and ears, "Oh yeah was gonna ask you if Samson is good with other dogs? Joy wants to get a dog or cat but I don't wanna make Samson go nuts all the time or something." He stops the petting over the horse that is a dog and grabs up the beer. Taking a sip he smiels to the bartender and adds, "Thanks." Before putting down the money plus a tip.

Samson leans into the scratching, glad that someone is paying attention. "Joy? That your new roooomie?" Dee sing-songs and chuckles, eyebrows wagging once at Kurt. "He's good with other dogs, I haven't seen him around cats! I'm willing to bet he's easy with them too, as long as they're not after him first, you know?"

Kurt's face flushes a little, not to use to having something for others to poke at, "Yeah Joy, it's a long, long story that I haven't quite figured out myself." He slides into the seat by the dog to keep him company, "Maybe a kitten is the best idea then. Really not enough space for a dog. I'm gonna have to get a two bedroom the way it's going anyways." He rolls his eyes but smiles still before taking another sip of the beer, "How goes it, by the way? Other than supply eating dogs."

"Are you one of those guys that don't count dogs under fifteen pounds? Lots of nice little dogs too." Delilah fishes a napkin out of a holder to mop up some leftover condensation aver that third of the bar counter. "It's …going. Death, destruction, mayhem, uprising- the usual stuff. Been working on a Halloween costume idea, hoping that somebody has something I can go to for sure first. One of my favorite times of year is the beginning of the Cold Weather Holiday Trifecta."

Kurt makes a face directed towards Samson and says, "I think she's talking about dog-cats buddy, you know thoose cats that people think are really dog? A little wierd." He explains to the dog and chuckles, "Yeah a dogs gotta be a real dog in my mind, but then my dad was a cap so I got use to the german shepards they had." He raises an eyebrow then and shakes his head, "Always so much going on in this town it seems. I keep thinking I ought to move but can't seem to leave, I'll find someway to imporve it one day." He reaches out to pet the dog again absentmindedly, "Ah man I forgot all about halloween…"

"Really? How could you? It's the only night where we're all supposed to go commit to shenanigans." Delilah shakes her head, an inch away from a tsk. Meanwhile, Samson stares back, his silence possibly in agreement. That also could be because of the pettings. "People always say they think about moving… but they can't for several reasons. The main ones appear to be 'it's like a train wreck that you have to watch' and 'it's my Home, and I'll be here for it'. I'm from the latter, mostly. And my people are here! I can't just leave them either."

Kurt nods his head in agreeance as he takes another sip of his beer, "Yeah it's my home, born and raised her and I'll stick out this place come hell or high water." He shrugs with his admittance, "Can't just jump ship now can I." He chuckles at the halloween bit, "well I've never had a good costume idea in my life, the Rock Cellar not doing anything for the holiday?" He asks.

"If we are, I bet it's just going to be a generic party. I like big parties, so I may or may not be holding out hope for a bash of some kind." Delilah tosses her soggy napkin off into the trash bin. "And that's right- can't jump ship now, you might drown! And nobody wants that."

Kurt shrugs at this, "Halloween is never generic, persay. There are always costumes." He grins to her, "But good luck with the big bash finding, I'll probolly just watch monster movies all night." He reaches over to pet Samson again, "Drowning, good anology for this city. I'm just worried if I say I'll drown." He admits, "So much going on and I can't seem to find the loop to even try and stay in it. One second a building is bombs and the next a girl blows up or something."

Delilah slows her brain down enough to lean onto the counter again, looking right at Kurt and considering his words as he goes. "Maybe you just need the right swimming coach?" She makes the metaphor as softly put as she can. "It's a big bad world, and that's why we swimmers need to stick together, right? I've been told I've got a pretty mean backstroke…"

Kurt tries not to laugh at her metaphorical speaking and nods his head, "Sure I think I know what you mean, but all I keep getting is online lessons which when swimming doesn't exactly work all that brilliantly." He shrugs and takes a sip of his beer.

"If you want, maybe I can let you borrow my floaties?" Dee chuckles and taps at her chin, grinning. "Are you looking for more purpose, though? Or just wanting to stay afloat? I have different bits for each, and the former may be a bit more time consuming. Either way, if you really want someone to hang onto in the deep end, I've been swimming there a while now." A more colorful way of telling him that she's been places? Seems so.

Kurt hums and leans forward after downing the rest of his first beer, "Purpose sounds good, swimming in circles can be a touch useless I'm finding." He scratches Samson's ear again, "Just keep it quiet from Joy if you see her, I really don't want to have her drown." Ah neieve Kurt and his belief Odessa is innocent.

Delilah tilts her head knowingly, nodding. Truly, too much so. She could know more about 'Joy' than Kurt does. But she says not a word, not a peep. "Of course. If you want, I can put in a few words with my volunteer circles? There is always room for community service, if you're into that sort of thing? If not, maybe I can still help out some way that I've yet to think of."

Kurt nods his head at this and smiles to Delilah, "That'd be great De, thanks." He leans back and starts to get up, "I know computers don't mix with water but I'm pretty good at finding people new strokes." His metaphor fails a touch but he smiles anyways, "Talk to you later?"

Delilah appears to understand it, at least, and nods in response. "Okay, I'll keep that in mind. I'll see you around. Lemme know if you ever decide on an animal, or if you get one. Maybe we can introduce the two right off the bat." Her hand motions off towards Samson, who seems to be dozing off.

Kurt grins, "sounds like a good plan to me. Wouldn't want to offend the beast." He grins towards the dog even and seems in a much better mood as he heads off up to the apartment with a final wave.

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