No Justin Bieber Experience


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Scene Title No Justin Bieber Experience
Synopsis Plans for a date get changed midway and Tahir seems to actually have a heart, somewhere, in that chest of his. Or maybe just doesn't really want that cold Hortense has.
Date April 10, 2011



That was the only thing that Tahir would agree to when it came to letting Hortense start to pay back her debt. Granted, he had built the debt so high in his head that he was pretty sure she would be paying it back to him in so many spades he might as well open his own playing card factory, but that's neither here nor there at this particular moment.

Tahir Avery Dunham is dressed to the impeccable nines, in another of his finely tailored suits of deliciousness, as he's leaning on the shoulder of one random security guy and watching the door.

"You think she's gonna' show? I mean, she does owe me. And I plan on collecting."

Security just stares at Tahir: Go Away.

She will show. If the woman in barely there flats is any indication, the brand new minidress and sparkly everything, dressed to the nines. She feels like crap, she's got a cough that has picked up since this afternoon, but fuck it. Life was crap the last week and she was going to go out and party. A god damned chest cold from being stuck in a empty bar in just her pyjama's was not going to stop her.

The ER had cleared her after all, to get on with her life, they couldn't figure out what the mysterious woman had done.

So after a rest, it was nails, hair did, a massage and she was now out. "Hey" She calls out to Tahir when she spots him - likely to the relief of the security guard. "Fuck, I need a drink. Nice choice of place, I haven't been here in a bit"


Oh, Tahir. He pretty much has no concept of what may or may not be hot when it comes to dealing with a female. He's just addicted to T&A of all calibers and sizes and whatever else. So when things are sparkling and there's a minidress involved… Tahir Avery Dunham is like: "So Hotness."

Moving right along, though, he's pushing off the Security Guard (not hard enough to be assault!) and he's practically dancing over to Hortense to make sure that she sees that he's happy to see her. Er, not like THAT. Not yet. Anyway. Ahem.

"Hol' up. Was that you need to drink before you fuck or… you wanna' fuck and then drink? Because, well, you know I'm pretty cool with either direction you wanna' go with that." Beam! He's just kidding like Jason…

Unless she gonna' do it.

"We'll see, after I get a drink in me, I've had a super shitty week. Haven't happened to find a boat have you?" ID flashed, she's soon in with him on the business end of the line, heading in to where the music plays loud and makes your chest reverberate. "How's your week been playboy? How's it over at Studio K?"

"Moi? Playboy? You know me so well already." comes from Tahir's lips as he's very much happy to be chatting it up with the hottie he's chatting it up with right at this moment. He hasn't even looked at that redhead off in the corner that keeps adjusting her mountainous cleavage. Nope. Not even once. Or twice. "Hol' up. You lost a boat? How the hell do you lose a boat?" Tahir is actually stopping in his mental process to see if he can't figure out how someone loses something bigger than they are.

"Two people board it in the middle of the knight, knock you out and take it. Don't ask, just know, that I need a drink and deserve a drink. Fuckers stole my granddads boat" Which is akin to they stole her home. "I'm going to have to get an apartment until insurance can get a new boat and those boats aren't like, a dime a dozen. But enough whining."

Hortense reaches the bar, dragging him along with her with a pause only to cough away from him. "I need a screwdriver" She wants her orange juice to help kick the cold. "On the upside, my table was in my car, so i can still totally run into you again with it. owe you another four dates"

"Uh. You do know you're talking to the closest thing you've got to an actual superhero, right? I mean, I could maybe be persuaded to get you your boat back." Tahir Avery Dunham has no idea what he's talking about, but since there's an opening for getting some favors in return for such a heroic act… he's jumping right on it.

"And for the record, you could just owe me another four dates. Without the violent precursor." Tahir finally looks up at the bartender and gets his Long Island Iced Tea order on. Top Shelf, baby!

"Right, as if you could find my boat Tahir" Considering as of this moment, it's sunk to the bottom of the river somewhere. Not that Hortense really knows that yet. "The cops will find the assholes ohhh long island" That sounds pretty good to her. "Is uppose I could, we could just get through date 1.5 since I totally bailed on you for family crisis"

Drinks are forthcoming, tipping heavily. "So who's number did you get after I bailed. Because if you didn't get at least one, I'd be very disappointed in you Tahir Dunham"

"I can honestly say I don't remember." Which is Tahir's motto. The honesty angle is the best one to try and spin whenever he's being honest. There's no reason for him to get all up into the lies and deception. It just gets messy. "Wait. You're gonna' put the fate of your boat… in the hands of the NYPD?" Tahir rolls his eyes a bit and nods, mostly to himself. "Yeah, you're gonna' need an apartment. Kiss that boat goodbye."

Tahir then cracks a smile that comes with a shrug attached. "Yeah, you bailed. But you gotta' do what you gotta' do. Family's important, right?" Holy Crap. Tahir Avery Dunham cares about something besides sex. WTF.

"Family is what gets you through life when it turns shitty. And yeah. But I doubt it'll be found. These two assholes were the same ones who killed the cops outside (insert club name here because player is too lazy to look it up right now). Then the one crashed Smoov's party and he just tried to god all out and off his bodyguards. Guess the cops had to turn him loose, I don't know I was curled up on the couch watching ta-"

Wait, lets not confess to watching a disney movie.

"Tron and they shattered the windows on the boat and chloroformed me. Then add in a bunch of stuff that I'm not going to say because it is far from sexy and if I say it, you'll bolt because it's seriously that unsexy but let me say this"

Drinks are served and she's snatching up hers, gulping down half her drink. "That riding in the trunk of a vehicle be it an SUV or a small car, is not comfortable" And she turning away, coughing into the crook of her arm again. Fucking cold.

"Maybe you need some Chicken Soup."

That would be what Tahir's saying at this moment to make sure that he's not going to be the one being held responsible or whatever for whatever virus is climbing in her body and all of that craziness. Nasty.

"I mean, we can call it an early night and get you back home to get some rest." Tahir is focused on keeping his drink far away from the germs that are flowing in and out of this girl's mouth. Watching the Sick Hor is enough to stop him from worrying about her riding around in a trunk.

"No. We are to party, and dance, and get our groove on or whatever you want to call it and go deaf from music. I'll take a pass on kissing you, because I would hate to see you with a cold. Or maybe you'd do good with one. A nurse nightengale to take care of you" Hortense points out, beign kind enough to avoid coughing on his drink. "Or we can cut this place and go take in a movie" THat's an option.

"You do realize that kissing is like the best part of dating me, right? I mean… do you see this lips?" Tahir moves his glass from in front of his mouth to allow the view of his puckered lips of justice to be seen by the masses and especially Hortense. "I mean, if you think you can handle being here all night with me and NOT wanting me to kiss you into a blissful oblivion… well, first, I'd pay to see that actually happen. And secondly… fuck it. I'm in." He takes a quick sip of his drink at this point. "But! I'm also down with a movie. As long as it doesn't have either of my nemesises in it."

"Fuzzy yellow chicks and bunnies in it? Or would that be talking cars? Is it the best part of dating you though? I thought that just being in your presence and basking in the aura of your manliness was the best part. Just soaking it all up, wearing it like some sort of Tahir perfume" The last half of screwdriver thrown down her throat, cup placed back on the bar, waiting for Tahir to finish up his.

"Well, best part if we're keepin' this PG." Tahir has to correct himself, before he takes the rest of his Long Island and puts it away like a champ. He can't get drunk right now. He's the designated cab hailer. "But, no. There are only two things I hate in this world: Ryan Seacrest and Justin Bieber." His eyes are already lighting up with the prospect of this new product. "Tahir Perfume. I think I like this idea. I smell dollars!"

"Oh darn, there goes the justin beiber experience" Hortense snaps her finger in feigned disappointment before offering her arm for Tahir to take. Lets quit this Popsicle stand. "You pick the movie, I'll buy the food, and maybe, if things go right for you, I'll be a notch on your bedpost, deal?"

"Things always go right for Tahir Avery Dunham." Oh, there he goes talking in the third person again. But at least there's some sort of weird charm that comes along with his version of being an egotistical maniac… which probably has something to do with the fact that the ego is probably not as real as actual conceited bastards. "HOP it is." Tahir only hesitates for a moment, before sliping his arm through hers and is ready to make with the exiting.

"Because fluffy bunny's and easter chicks get you laid" Smooth move there Tahir. Getting out, getting a cab and seeing the movie will be a matter of sheer luck. Ending before curfew, enough time for both of them to get to their respective homes no matter how permanent or temporary their lodgings may be. Because by the end of the Movie, Hortense will be running a fever and begging for another rain check, poor Tahir.

By the next morning, She'll be parked in the ER.

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