No Leads


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Scene Title No Leads
Synopsis Elisabeth takes Rebecca out to the scene of Gillian's abduction.
Date June 11, 2010

Staten Island

It's hard to believe standing on this desolate stretch of chunked-up roadway that we are less than ten minutes as the crow flies from the skyscrapers of Manhattan. It's a lot further than that by ground transport or even water transport, but here amid the weeds, Staten Island might as well be an example of what the end of the world will look like. The white Dodge Spirit sits on the road, sort of off to one side, and Elisabeth eases the battered pick-up truck that she paid 'rent' for to a stop behind the vehicle.

"Her brother's report said that the supplies she'd gone to pick up were still in the car when he got here," the blonde tells her companion. Blue eyes skim over the mud as she climbs carefully out of the vehicle and steps carefully — it's slick out here. The fast melt of the snowpack has left grotesque potholes all over the place. Elisabeth's jeans and denim jacket are not out of place over here, and she warned Rebecca to wear her oldest, grubbiest clothes as well.

"I don't know if you're going to be able to pick up anything, but right now…. we've got nothing, Becca. She's just gone. And that's not like her." Elisabeth's brows are yanked together in a frown, worry and a hint of fear in her expression as they look around the scene. Any tracks that might have been of use have long since been obliterated, from what Liz can tell.

The entire ride over, Rebecca has been somewhat quiet and subdued, which says alot for someone who rarely has alot to say. After yesterday's chaotic lunchtime, there are still more question then there are answers, especially for Rebecca Nakano. What she saw continues to bring chills to her spine and causes her to go pale everytime she even thinks about it.

She really is paying attention to everything that Elisabeth is saying as she wanders around the scene. Her eyes are automatically scanning the area for something they may not have caught before, but so far there's nothing telling that hasn't already been shared, which literally is nothing.

She sets her bag down on the street and takes a long deep breath of the air and wrinkles her nose up, "I'll do what I can, you know that." Her eyes find Liz's and she offers a sympathetic smile that her friend is missing.

After walking the scene a bit, Elisabeth returns to the pickup to lean against the hood of the thing and watch Rebecca. "Anything I can do for you while you try this?" She does recall that it can cause Becca massive headaches and such.

Rebecca actually hasn't had any headaches since she was in the hospital last during her rehab. The surgery they performed has done wonders for those headaches so she actually has no ill effects from having flashbacks. She glances at Liz though, a touch of worry on her own face and shakes her head. "I'll be fine." With that, she kneels down and reaches into her bag, pulling out her handheld mirror. It's small, so she'll have to move around, but she's gotten rather good at it. Even to the point of following someone walking away for a good distance to see where they've gone.

Lifting the mirror up, she moves back the few days needed to witness the event, watching for the car. When she finally stops and begins to watch the scene, the road itself is vacant, though as she turns the mirror she can see Gillian's car coming down the road. It isn't long until the vans show up. Rebecca witnesses them shooting at her, though from this distance there's no real way to tell if the rounds are real or not. The reaction given by Gillian to being hit leans her to believe they were more meant to stun her. As she witnesses the event, she's giving a play by play as to what she's seeing to Liz. Gas is tossed and soon they are carrying her away in a container of sorts. Before both vans drive off, Rebecca pauses the scene and shifts herself around to see if there are any visible plates, but they've been clearly covered for this particular incident. As the vans finally move off, Rebecca breaks the vision and is a little light headed before coming back to the present.

"I am not sure it's much help."

If it's even remotely possible, Elisabeth expression goes even grimmer as Rebecca talks. And the more words the postcog puts together, the deeper the scowl goes. Christ…. the Ferry's going to shit a brick. Richard's going to shit a brick. BRIAN is going to shit a brick. The list goes on and on and on. Flipping her phone out, Elisabeth sends a text to Brian, and then one to Cardinal.

Postcog confirms GC kidnapped; gas and tasers apparently in use, no faces available for ID. No plates on vehicles obtained. Target appears to have been alive when removed from scene in a container. Additional details if I can obtain.

She knows that if the technopaths are watching — Hana or Rebel — the information will be quickly spread through the networks. Looking up to Rebecca as she tucks the phone away, Elisabeth says simply and softly, "Thank you."

Tucking her mirror back into her back, Rebecca rises and places the back over her shoulder by the strap. She brings her hands together and rubs them a little, a little fidgety today. "It's okay, really. I'm glad to be of help." Typically, she's been able to give her readings with a clinal demeanor but today there's definitely something off with her. "I've been thinking.."

Not exactly surprising. The last time they talked, Liz gave the other woman a lot to think about. Not to mention the craziness of half a city blacking out. She gives Rebecca her full attention and simply waits quietly to see what's going to be said.

There's an internal debate going on with her as to whether or not she needs to share the details of her dream. There is plenty of speculation going on as to whether or not they are just that.. dreams. Whatever it was she saw, it does drive her to make the decision she has, spending all night worrying over it.

"I've decided I want to take you up on your offer. I've had some time to think about it and with things such as these going on, I want to use my resources for something for more substantial." Plus, if she works with others, perhaps there'll always be someone watching her back. This is definitely not the Rebecca at peace that Elisabeth saw just a few days ago.

Elisabeth tilts her head to study Rebecca. "Why?" she asks bluntly. She's seen too many things recently to dismiss half the city blacking out as anything but some kind of Evo event. Whether it's a glimpse of things to come, a glimpse of someone's fears of things to come — none of that she has answers for. But she's taking it seriously enough right now.

"During the blackout yesterday, I.." She feels a little foolish putting stock into a dream, but it seemed so real. "I dreamed I was killed. Assassinated, really. By someone I knew. I can't tell you who it is because I don't really know myself." Rebecca wrinkles her nose up and shrugs. "I think it would be in my best interest to be around people, rather than to be on my own with things."

"That being said, I need you to know," she interjects before this conversation makes a weird turn, "I was already leaning towards saying yes before all this occurred yesterday." This much is certainly true. Looking at it from a purely financial standpoint, it seems to be the best business move for her. Shut down Nakano Investigations and go all in with this new venture.

Elisabeth purses her lips thoughtfully. And then she nods slightly. "All right…. then it's time you meet the other major partner." She pulls out her phone and sends a quick text. When the reply comes, she looks up at Becca and says, "C'mon."

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