No More Formals For You


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Scene Title No More Formals For You
Synopsis Len's pretty pissed. No more galas for Minea.
Date August 29, 2009

Fort Hero: Minea Dahl's Residence

When Len Denton was ten years old, he took a couple of candy bars from a family run grocery store in his hometown of Sweetwater Texas. Being a small community, the store owner allowed the theft to occur, then he called the Denton home and spoke to Mama Denton. Upon hanging up the phone, Mama Denton sat in her chair and waited.

Len enjoyed those two candy bars. He didn't often get candy, and he figured the store wouldn't miss two, so he ate them without any guilt whatsoever. And, he shoved the wrappers deep into his pockets. When he arrived home, his mother asked him where he'd been and he lied. She asked if he had eaten any candy. He lied. Not only had he stolen something, he lied twice. His mother tanned his hide. is mother spoke to him like she'd never spoken to him before. In fact, for the next three nights, she would kneel at her bed and pray to the Lord above to forgive her for the words she spoke to her son.

Yet, never in 28 years has Len forgotten that day.

After leaving Tamsine Whitaker's house, Len drove back to Fort Hero in silence and slept. However, the morning brought him news of the disaster at the Gala, which seemed to occur just moments after he left. His first concern was to ensure that his agent, Minea Dahl was safe and sound, so he took the walk towards her residence on Fort Hero and knocked on the door.

"Come in" Proof that the object of his attention is indeed made it home. Gone is the gown, likely hung up in a bag so that it can be taken to a cleaners for repair and for you know.. cleaning. Lights dim in the apartment, it's hard to see at first, but eventually, there's Minea laid out on her couch, ice pack under her, coffee steaming in a cup and a bottle of tylenol beside it. It's been a long evening and she's frankly surprised no ones come banging on her door sooner.

He's back to his typical attire, cowboy all the way. Len lets himself in and finds her laid out and he grabs a kitchen chair and pulls it over to the couch. "What is the extent of your injuries, Dahl?" His concern is for her first and foremost. Regardless of what else may have occured, he doesn't like to see his agents get injured. "We need to send someone up to patch you up?"

No hey dahl, or shit dahl. Len's in business mode. Who wouldn't be in business mode. "Moderate concussion, no bleeding. Canister was fired at my back, bruised, cuts, muscle strain. A few days I should be fine to turn in my badge and gun" Not that she had her tranq gun. That was somehwhere locked up as evidence of the hullabaloo. "Won't say no to a healer before then"

Concern takes precedence over pleasantries. Normally, he'd probably make fun of her and crack a joke at her expense, but just doesn't seem to be the time or place right now. He makes a quick call, and when he hangs up. "Got one coming. Tell me exactly what happened." Still business. He's heard a few whispers about what occured after he left the event, which may explain his more business-like approach.

"Emile Danko was present at the function. As were some other individuals of note. I took the opportunity to get close and take him down. IT went off without a hitch, Agent Ivanov was backing me up. Those around us were unaware of what was happening and we were going to get security to help us take him to an alternate location till it could be decided what to do with him" Minea's jaw is tight. She's fucked up. She knows this. And unlike some other agents fresh and old, she's also one who knows that you don't usually get another chance to fuck up. She'd already done so once.

"A few minutes after he went down.. individuals who I believe to be Humanis First opted to proactivly secure Mr. Danko. I remember an ice cream truck and tear gas as it hit my back but beyond that frankly Agent Denton, I don't recall as someone or something made contact with my head and I lost conciousness till I woke up in the emergency room"

"No one told you to try to bring in Danko. No one told you to try and take him down at an important government function." It's very plain that Len is trying very hard to maintain his anger. Len rubs his palms on his jeans, then stands up and begins to pace. "Did he make any sort of move against you or anyone else?"

"No one instructed me to do anything of the sort Agent Denton" Plainly spoken, no move made to deny or protest, to offer up some sort of 'but' onto the end. "My actions caused… The deaths of five people and the injuries of others, including that of Michael Spalding. I understand that Agent Denton."

"Folks are calling for your head on a platter, Dahl. Important people." Len explains, his anger is starting to show in his voice. He paces back and forth on her floor. "Do you have any idea if Ivanov is still missing? I haven't heard anything otherwise." Len does know that more than anyone, Minea Dahl always has her ear to the ground, gathering intel.

"I don't know if he's not, or whether he's show'd. I've been in a fucking hospital Denton. I had to phone here and have someone drive me back because I wouldn't drive on Narcotics. I can tell you how bright the hospital lights are, and how crappy their food is." Minea snaps out reflexivly. "And go ahead and give them my head on a platter. I fucked up. How the fuck was I to know that he'd have god knows what, and how many people waiting outside that damned place? Maybe he was planning on attacking the place and I was just a convenient catalyst. But if my head is needed on a platter, then by all means, hand it to them"

"Don't you dare go there with me. I thought you would have learned your lesson from Columbia. That was a necessary fuck-up. This was not. This was sloppy and greedy and you got folks killed for no reason. This isn't Danko's fault. This is your fault. You're damn right you fucked this up." Len starts to say something else, but pauses, biting his tongue. "I'm not going to let others dictate to me what I do. Nor more than I'm already dictated to. But you're going to fix this. I suggest as soon as you get yourself patched up, you grab someone and go out and find Ivanov." He starts for the door before he actually does say something he'll regret. "Stay the hell away from Danko." He opens the door and starts out of it, then turns around to her. "And I'm not taking you to anymore formals." He leaves her place, slamming the door behind him.

"I never said it was his fault" Minea fires back as the black man stomps out of her place. She didn't. She knew where the fault lay. There's no what if's or maybe. Stay away from Danko

But find Ivanov.

Minea's jaw is still tight as her gaze lifts away from the door and up to her ceiling as it slams shut making her wince from the sound.

Great. Find Ivanov but stay away from Danko. And if the two were in the same place? The brunette doesn't say a lick after, waiting instead for the healer to make his way over to her place from wherever he is.

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