No More Happy Endings



Scene Title No More Happy Endings
Synopsis Samantha wakes up from her evolved induced coma.
Date June 18, 2009


The sun is bright when she awakens. She's still seated against the wall next to the dumpster. Surprisingly so, they didn't come after her when she crawled for cover. The other surprise is that she can see. Blinded after her episode.. and yes, that's what she's going to call it, an episode, she was almost certain she'd never see again. But thanks to the sun and a little bit of squinting, she recognizes that she can see.

She places her hand down on the pavement, feeling something metallic at her side and her hand goes around the steel of the handgun she had. The details are starting to come back to her as she tucks that gun into her hoodie pocket.

Samantha lets out a small groan as she pushes herself to her feet. Every muscle in her body seems to ache. As she recalls the incident that led to her being incapacitated and blinded she gives a small shudder.

"What the fuck was that?"

She knows she's going to need to hide out. Regardless of what Humanis First thinks, she is committed to her cause. To what she knows is right. Whatever it is that has happened to her.. it's not right.

As she pulls the hoodie over her head to hide her face, she steps out into the street, moving off to find her motorcycle that she stashed.

That guy that she fought in the rain. That guy that kept her in that room. That injection. What doesn't make sense is why would someone who's trying to stop her from killing evolved, give her a weapon in which she can kill even more evolved. Idiot.

Samantha finds her cycle, right where she left it. She hops on and starts it up, putting her helmet on her head. She doesn't get the carriage made from a pumpkin. She doesn't get the horses that were transformed by mice. She doesn't get the pretty gown made from rags.

Whereas the "Cinderella" story has a nice happy ending, it can only be that in this story, "Cinderella" did not get her prince.

Instead, she has the power to kill just by looking at someone.

And she's pissed.

If she has her way with it, Humanis First or no Humanis First, the evolved body count is about to start a steady climb.

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