No More Heroes Anymore


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Scene Title No More Heroes Anymore
Synopsis Hiro is there, but only seen by Daphne. Tony is not a hero, though he has to try to save the damsel in delirious distress.
Date March 29, 2010

The Den

Tony reaches into his pocket, producing a book. He pops it down on a table, and starts writing a note.

Down the hall, there is the squeak of rubber on floor as Daphne, hunched over her crutches, attempts to hurry down the hall. It's difficult, given that she has no braces on her wobbly, knock-kneed legs, the toes turning in and refusing to do what she wants. One crutch moves forward, and then the other, in the strange 'walking' motion that she's come up with. "Hiro!" she calls, staring at something that isn't there, and probably waking any sleepers in the rooms close by.

The Japanese man that only she sees lurches down the hall, gripping his stomach, blood leaking through his fingers. "You need to go to the hospital!" she says, insistence in her voice.

Tony pauses, "Uh….. Hi? No heroes here. I mean, just me. You know. Anti-hero to the core. Amoral adventurer."

Daphne, cheeks flushed with fever, platinum dreads sticking out in a wild version of "Bed head," shakes her head, hurrying — if one can call it that — into the living room, staring at the chair that in her vision, Hiro has sat on, cradling his abdomen in his arms. "You're going to die. You need to go. I'd take you but I can't… I'm broken…" she whispers, but only then does she notice Tony. "He needs to go to the hospital. I hurt him… he's going to die… Why are you just sitting there?" she demands.

Tony pauses, "Uh…. uh… there's nobody here, Daphne. You're seeing things. There's no Heroes here. Nobody dying."

Logic doesn't go over well with delirious and hallucinating people, unfortunately. "Not a hero. Hiro. It's his name, smartass," Daphne snarks over at Tony, and then shakes her head. "You need to help him — I can't, but I hurt him… he's going to die because of me."

Her eyes turn back to the chair with no one in it, and they get wide. "Don't… please… don't…"

Hiro has pulled a gun from behind his back, gripping it in a hand covered in thick blood, pointing it at her. "You did not slow down. Someone should teach you to slow… down…" Each word is enunciated in that Japanese accent. Daphne lets go of the crutches to collapse on her knees, and then back onto her haunches, covering her head, whimpering.

Tony starts forward, and then stops, suddenly. Ah yes. He's not infected. yet. "Uh…. help Hiro. Okay. Sure… sure. How would I need to help him?"

"Get his gun," Daphne says, with some irritation as if Tony is stupid for not seeing that the man he can't see is about to kill her. "Take him to the hospital. Can't you see he's going to die?" Her voice is heartbroken as she sobs, fingers gripping the ground as she sits crumpled, head down, afraid to look up. "I can't help him. I can't even help myself." This last is in a whisper, followed by a sob. "We're all going to die, aren't we?"

Tony moves in the direction indicated, and mimes taking a gun off someone. "No… no, we're not going to die. It's gonna need a hero. But we'll save ya all."

"Killing you would defeat the purpose. You can not learn so easily," the man with the gun says, moving away from the wall, and looking amused as Tony mimes taking the gun from a spot to his left. "He cannot help you."

"He's not there anymore," Daphne says with irritation, turning to watch the figment of her imagination move away, before he collapses in a heap in the corner. She begins to crawl toward him, slowly, hands pulling her useless lower body toward the corner to try to help the man Tony can't see.

Tony grunts, "Uh huh." He reaches into his pocket, and produces a mask and gloves, which he starts to put on. "Look, Daphne…. he's not there. You're imagining it." A beat. "Probably, anyway."

"He's gone," Daphne gasps, but not in the way that Tony means. Her hands rise above the ground several inches, but as if she were trying to staunch a gaping wound on a body that isn't there. "He's dead. Oh, god, I killed him. I didn't mean to, Tony, I didn't mean to. He was just in the way… I didn't mean to. I thought I saved him, but he keeps coming back and I couldn't get him to the hospital…" Her blonde head comes down on her hands as she sobs, the racking breaths then causing her to cough violently.

Tony finishes enswathing himself, and puts an arm on your hand, "Come on… lets get you back to bed. Huh? Dead guys will wait until tomorrow, won't they? They ain't goin' noplace."

The body disappears, and somehow Daphne knows that he will return, to haunt or torment her again. "He's gone now. You don't have to worry about it," she whispers, her body now too weak from her sobs and coughs to try to right herself. "There's still so much blood…" she whispers, her eyes closing as she slumps back onto her arms, eyes closing.

Tony says, “Uh huh. No blood left. Cleaned it all away. Yeah. That's what I did. Now, c'mon. Bed for you, girl.” Tony will indeed carry her. And then shower. A lot.

Daphne, it seems, is out for the count — she doesn't open her eyes as he carries her to her bed, nor when he lays her down upon it. She stirs slightly, a sad and pained moan as she turns her head to one side when it hits the pillow, and then back out like a light. Hopefully, Hiro will not follow her into slumber, to haunt her in her dreams.

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