No More Homeless


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Scene Title No More Homeless
Synopsis Kaylee and Molly chat it up while the telepath unpacks.
Date April 20, 2010

Lower East Side

Peter's Apartment

"I know I said I was going to get my own place." Clothes are folded neatly as their pulled out of the duffel and tucked into a drawer, Kaylee pauses looking at the clothing in the drawer, brows furrowing a bit. It felt odd doing that.

Glancing over to the bed and the young teenager sitting on the edge, the telepath gives her an apologetic smile. "I… just couldn't say no." Kaylee admits as she moves to the duffel next to the girl. It felt good to be out of the mansion, and out from under the eye of Peter's mother. When Molly begged to come along, she agreed. What is she gonna say no? Not like Molly can't find her.

"Now I just have to find all my friends in all this." There is a pause and Kaylee frowns slightly, mouth pulling to one side. "After my ability is working again." Blue eyes move to Molly, eyes narrowing slightly as she knows there is something there, but can't hear it, like trying to hear under water… then it's gone.

"Yeah I get it, I mean.. if I was asked by a guy with a nice butt to live with him.. I'd say heck yes! Though my dads might have a problem with it.." Molly scratches her head as she swings her legs, though she's not that short so she has to sit back farther on the bed to make her legs move. The young teen looks really good, better then she ever did before. Angela let her buy some new clothes.. soo.. hello fashion!

"I'm just saying.. am I gonna be able to come over and visit?" Mol tilts her head towards her friend and then looks around the room. "And your ability.. that sucks. Hopefully, it'll return in time. So! Let's see.. how do we want to do this? What friend should I find first? Colette? That Santa Jason man?"

Molly is always going to be ready and willing to help her friend.

"I'd have a problem with it too, young lady.." Kaylee protests giving her a matter of fact look, a smile playing on her lips. Another shirt is pulled out of the duffel bag, she's been living out of them for months know, adding to the surrealism of the moment. The shirt is held there, brows furrowing again. "Way too young. Eighteen at least, pretty please?" She almost sounds motherly when she says that, a flash of teeth as she grins at Molly.

"As for looking for them. I can easily find Colette… It's Jason I'm not sure about." Kaylee says softly. "Before I got sick, he disappeared. Kind of dropped off the face of the earth. I thought maybe he was tucking himself away cause of some of the stuff that happened between him and Colette. He's not calling back when I voice mail him, so… I don't know what is going on." Her eyes are a bit distant as she holds the shirt against her and starts folding it, brushing wrinkles out as she does.

The telepath feels a touch homesick for them.

"Oh, duh. I'm not getting involved with 'boys'." Molly wrinkles her forehead and then looks up towards the ceiling. "Well.. we can find Jason soon then. If you want." Molly offers to Kaylee and then she's looking at Kaylee put up her stuff. "You haven't had a home in a while huh? Just like me." She says with a light sigh. "I.. I think I'm going to see my dad soon.. well both of them.. do you want to come?"

She's not sick anymore, so it's time to just go on and see her parents. Get yelled at, the works.

Hands work slowly on the shirt, but she doesn't put it away, she settles it on the duffel, an odd expression on Kaylee's face. "Not for several months." She admits softly. Turning, she sits heavily on the edge of the bed. "I had an apartment before my world turned upside down and I ended up in hiding."

"But yeah… once my ability is back, we can hunt down Jason." Kaylee agrees, a smile returning to her lips. "I promised Peter I'd wait that long at least. Tried to get me to wait til the weather cleared, but it sure doesn't seem any closer to doing that."

Hands rub on her pants as she considers what Molly offers. Meeting her fathers, one being much like Kaylee is herself, a telepath. "I…" She stops, glancing at the young teenager next to her. "Are you sure that's a good idea? They might just accuse me of kidnapping you or something. You know how grown-ups get." Says the grown-up herself.

"Nah, they'll listen to me. I'll tell Matt I was staying with Angela. Matt might be a little pissed, but he can always read my mind. When I let him." She sage nods and looks up at Kaylee with a brief smile. "Don't worry your world is turning right side up now." A wink shot in the direction of the telepath. Then she tries to project her thoughts very loudly. Can you hear me?

She looks at Kaylee expectedly.

If Kaylee heard her, there is no indication of it as she slides off the bed to stand, reaching for another shirt to fold. "Well, can't say that I blame him for being pissed and you shouldn't either." She chides gently adding the now refolded shirt to the pile, another pulled out.

"Not sure I agree it's turning right side up, just yet." The shirts are scooped up off the bed and carried to the dresser, tucking them inside neatly. "I just know something is going to come along and screw it up." The drawer is pushed shuts with a sigh. "Lord knows this city is a total mess, something is bound to happen."

"Yeah we'll see what he says. If Mohinder is there, he'll go easy on me." She says with a soft chuckle and then she's standing and looking over the place. "Don't say that, you receive what you project to the universe. So. No negative words, means.. maybe no negative situations."

"We should redecorate. Maybe some stripes! That'll make this room interesting." The teen snickers behind her hand.

Chuckling, Kaylee pulls a few loose items out of the bag, things for the bathroom, so she heads that way. "I like the way his place looks just fine. In a few months, maybe I'll think about redecorating, but not til I know for sure this isn't temporary." Slipping into the bathroom, she starts looking for places to put things.

"Never know, he might come to his senses." Pausing, she catches a glance of herself in the mirror. "Though it's nice to have someone that trusts you to live with them, even despite what you are." Brows furrow, but a smile plays on her lips and she opens the medicine cabinet to put a thing or two there.

"Okay.. later." Molly agrees and she smiles up at Kaylee and then follows her with her eyes. "Ah, you're the perfect friend and a great girlfriend I'm sure. You have nothing to worry about Lee."

Molly looks at herself in the mirror that is in the room. "Maybe, I can stay over some nights? If Peter would think that's okay?"

"We'll see." Kaylee says with an edge of humor in her voice. The cabinet shut, another glance of the woman in the mirror before she steps out of the bathroom. "Though I don't feel like the perfect friend, being gone so long, despite it not being something I could prevent."

Resting her shoulder against the doorway of the bathroom she studies the younger blond with a small smile. "And we'll see about the sleep overs. The couch is comfortable at least. For a few weeks, I stayed here as a roommate when I got evicted."

"Ah, you know Lettie doesn't blame you. She loves you." Molly says to Kaylee as she turns her gaze to the telepath. "Okay, I'll sleep on the couch. Just no.. ya know. When I'm here, okay?!" her eyes widen and then she bursts out into laughter.

"I didn't mean.. I meant. Uh yeah." She scratches the back of her head and then grins widely at Kaylee.

At the younger blondes awkwardness, Kaylee can't help but burst out in laughter. A hand quickly moving to cover her mouth. "Molly…" There is a disbelieving tone in her voice. "…I think you can rest easy about that, but it's up to Peter when you can stay over, since this is his place." The telepath unable to think of it as her home too.

"Even though I don't have a place for you to stay, Molly." Kaylee moves over to sit on the bed again, studying the girl. "I don't think it's a good idea that you stay at the mansion." Keeping that ability close to Angela doesn't seem a good idea. "Have… have you thought about moving back to the Lighthouse maybe?"

"But.. you don't trust Angela?" she tilts her head at Kaylee and wrinkles her nose. "She's always done what's best for me. Always, but I can't stay there exclusively. And I can't really stay with Matt, he's been ridiculously busy with work. So.. the only place I could go.. is the Lighthouse. I miss Joe and the others." Molly gathers her long blonde hair and ties it into a tight ponytail.

The teen looks thoughtful, "I really miss them actually. I'll go out there tomorrow or something. See what Gillian thinks." She says and then she's looking out the window to the weather outside. "What are you gonna do? Work? School?"

"I like her and I respect her… just not one hundred percent sure I completely trust her." Kaylee gives an apologetic smile to Molly, hands folding into her lap. "Just… don't tell Peter or his mom that I said that… Or anyone really."

Eyes follow where Molly looks, "I… don't know. I need to start looking for work again, but with this winter weather, I doubt anyone is hiring and countless more are losing their jobs." There is a soft sigh, "But once things straighten up, I'm being doing work and school."

"Okay, I won't tell anyone." She says to Kaylee and nods softly. She blows a loose strand of hair out of her eyes and she looks back over to Kaylee. "Don't worry, you'll find a job. Maybe my dad needs a partner. You know, someone that can help him in his investigations." Molly shrugs lightly and stands.

"I should head back to the manor, I'll go visit Gillian and the kids soon."

"Yeah… I need to finish unpacking." Kaylee's brows furrows a touch, "Sounds so weird to say that cause I was homeless for so long living out of the duffels. There is a soft sigh and she glances over at Molly, giving her a soft smile.

Leaning over she hugs the younger blonde. "You be safe getting back, okay? You have my phone number if you need to get a hold of me."Kaylee's concern showing.

"Well, no more homeless for you." Molly smiles softly and then she returns the hug tightly. "I love you Lee." She says softly and then she's looking up towards the telepath and giving her a kiss on the cheek. "You be safe, I'll talk to you soon." She says and then she's walking towards the front door. Ready to brave the weather.

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