No More Innocence


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Scene Title No More Innocence
Synopsis Robin Hood tracks down Elisabeth to see if she's willing to give him the info on those who murdered his parents in the future. She tries to talk some sense into him, but the issue is not as gray for him as it is for her.
Date July 6, 2009

NYPD Headquarters

It's late in the afternoon, and Elisabeth's doing what every cop in the area is doing if they're not working on a particular case — she's shaking down informants by phone and picking up calls from the front desk when she's able. Sitting at her desk currently, she's updating information in a couple of case files that she's been working.

Wade is on his lunch break, having himself a sandwich. It's been a couple months since he inquired about the status of his request. He has been poking around a little and knows that Detective Harrison is still looking in on his request. He's not certain he's going to get any information from her, but he tracks her movements as best he can so see if it leads him anywhere interesting, but so far no such luck.

He doesn't plan to incur the wrath of Wireless by going to Harrison's cell phone, that has her touch all over it, so instead he waits until she's on her computer at her desk then reaches out through his own PDA to pop up an instant message window on her desktop, which doesn't seem to have an instant messenger installed on it.

Robin Hood: Hello, Detective Harrison.

Okay, now that just…. aw hell. Elisabeth glances around, but no one is paying any attention to what she's doing on her computer. She'd have been shocked if they were. So she turns her attention back to the screen and starts typing.

Wondered when I'd hear from you again, she replies in the window provided. Thought you must have given up on me or something.

Robin Hood: Some are not as efficient as others. Besides, I've been keeping tabs on you. You're getting close. Perhaps too close. Why are you still looking for me, when I've told you I'll give you what you need if you give me what I need?

The response comes back almost immediately after she types out her message, almost as if he can see what she types before she even hits enter.

Robin Hood: Seems like you're more interested in protecting killers than the innocent.

There's a pause and Elisabeth purses her lips. If he were standing in front of her, she'd have words for him, but he's not — and he just gave her the answer to the question she'd been wondering about from the start. Actually, I have zero interest in protecting killers who've actually killed. If we were in *your* time, I'd turn the boys over to you in a heartbeat. But in this day and time, they actually haven't done that yet — and if I can intervene, it won't ever happen. They won't become killers and *you* won't become trapped in the machine. The latter effect, actually, I have every intention of being a hundred percent certain of. The question is… would your parents believe me if I approached them now to let them know of your gift and that you're in danger?

He considers for a moment. How long has it been since he spoke to his parents. What does he actually remember? Part of him would love to see his parents saved from death, at least at the hands of a trio of killers. Of course, he were to find a way to eliminate them, then there'd be no need for her to warn his parents.

Robin Hood: Doesn't look like you've quite narrowed it down to one yet. What it you warn the wrong parents? What if you're made to look like a fool? Are you just going to walk up to them and say you talked to their son from the future and he's in danger? Please. It would be so much easier for you to just give me the information I need and let me take care of it.

In point of fact, you don't have any idea how close I am to *any* of the names given. I'm only putting the bare minimum in the computer, the rest I'm just doing on foot, Robin, Elisabeth fires back. And if you really don't want me warning the wrong ones, why don't you just verify which one is the correct one for me? Then I can get your younger self *and* your parents the hell out of the line of fire. Look…. I know you're pissed, and justifiably so, about what happened to you. But the way you're planning to handle it? That's not fair either — you're planning to have your revenge against kids who, as of this point in time, have done nothing worse than be bullies and annoying. They've not hurt anyone in this day and time — punishing them for something that they won't do for years to come is not something I'm comfortable with. So I'm willing to go the extra ten miles to try to save ALL of you. And no… I won't be mentioning the future. I'll be merely taking a test with me, unless your parents are of an anti-Evo mindset.

That night flashes through his head again. The sounds of gunfire that woke him from his sleep. Rummaging going on in the living room as they begin to loot the place. Him crawling out of bed and going to the living room against all wise judgement. The gun pointed at him as he tries to protect himself with a laptop. That brief flash of pain as the bullet hits him and he falls backwards, then.. nothing. It's a nightmare that reoccurs on a frequent basis.

Robin Hood: Doesn't matter if they are or not. They're going to think you're crazy if you tell them this story. My way is the only way this'll work.

You let *me* worry about what your parents think, okay? I'm goddamn good at my job, Robin — and I'm good at the convincing part. For your younger self, it's a simple matter of warning your parents that you're Evolved; all that entails is bringing the test and telling them 1) to keep it quiet unless or until it becomes necessary to register you, or 2) to let me help them get on the Evo underground railroad and get 'em out of here to a new life. What I *don't* want is to make things worse for the younger you, so I need to know if your folks are anti-Evo. If I'm just pulling him from the frying pan into the fire. Elisabeth hesitates and says, Give me the *chance* to get to all of you, okay? If I don't manage it, you've still got plenty of time to exact your revenge. But all kids — even bullies — deserve a *chance* to turn it around. Please?

Robin Hood: They had their chance. Their path has already been laid for them and they chose wrong. If it's not me and my parents, it'll be someone else. If your conscience can handle that, so be it. Mine cannot. I want justice, Detective. I don't want to just pass the problem onto someone else. With or without your help, I'm going to take care of this in my own way. My parents are not anti-evolved, but my father is anti-crazy, so when you go to him with this far fetched story from the future, don't say I didn't warn you. You do what you have to, but you leave Phelps, Tangent and Jacobs to me.

Elisabeth sighs heavily. NO. Her jaw clenches. "I'm not going to let you kill them based on what they *might* do, you little bastard." Your father can be anti-crazy if he wants — if he chooses to disbelieve the Evo test kit, that's his call. The best I can do is tell him there's a credible threat. Don't underestimate the weight that cop's word can have, Reed. I'll work this from both angles; the only thing I ever wanted from you was confirmation on how to help the younger you — but I'm *not* handing you three other currently innocent kids who happen to be acting like little bastards that I may be able to scare straight to kill or whatever the hell it is you think you're going to do to get justice.

Robin Hood: You just don't get it, Detective. There is no more innocence. There is nothing innocent about these three individuals. They are killers now, even if they don't pull the trigger. In my mind, they will always be nothing but cold blooded killers. One of them pointed a gun at me and shot me and would have killed me if it were not for my ability. I have no mercy for any of them.

Believe it or not, I do understand that. Because he's right — for him, it's already happened and he's lived nearly a decade with the consequences. Elisabeth sighs. It just means she's going to have to move on it now rather than later… and it means doing what she can to get those idiot kids out of the line of fire just as much as getting Taylor out of it. You gonna at least narrow my search for you, even if you don't agree with me about *them*?

There's another long pause. Then an address is shown. Followed by:

Robin Hood: I guess the race is on. There's your lead. I'll deal with the others. Don't get in my way.

The final warning is followed by the disconnect message as Robin Hood drops from the server. He has things to do.

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