No Need To Pretend



Scene Title No Need To Pretend
Synopsis Elle reflects on recent incidents, and dyes her hair again.
Date September 27, 2010

The Octagon

Elle's Apartment

It's been another long, grueling day at the office. Paperwork, hunting for clues in this new assignment, making arrangements to interview witnesses in the Empath case. It's difficult for Elle, and while she knows what she's doing, it doesn't make it easy by any means. Elle drops her keys on the end table, shutting and locking the door behind herself, before rummaging through the plastic bag that she carries.

It's also been three days since the incident on Friday. Try as she may to ignore the thoughts, they consume her. He doesn't remember her. They erased her from his mind. They did to Warren, who she cares for more than she cares to, what the Company did to her. To make it easier. She could understand fixing him, but they made him forget her. Who else is going to remember her birthday? Who else is going to take her sociopathy in stride so elegantly?

Elle Bishop quietly carries the box of honey blonde hair dye into the bathroom, frowning. Back to blonde. Back to the way it was. It's not like she has any real reason to keep her hair brunette. Cardinal recent revealed that it's quite well known that she's Institute, so there's no use pretending that she's running. She was going to tell Harper, but…she doesn't even want to look at that bastard at the moment.

3 Days Ago…

Mortimer slumps against the couch, unconcious; Elle stands over him, her hand still extended, crackling with electricity. Slowly, she lowers her hand, clutching it to her chest as she stares quietly at the man. He looks so peaceful right now. Electricity does such an amazing job of neutralizing people.

Elle frowns quietly, leaning down and stroking the man's cheek. "I hope I don't end up regretting this. I know they'll fix you…but there's no telling what Harper will do when I'm involved. I don't know if we can trust him." She sighs softly, leaning down to pick up the snow globe that Mort gave her for her birthday. She frowns, and plants a kiss on the glass, before moving to gather the supplies she needs. The paper he wrapped the snow globe in is reassembled; the picture from their 'super date' is grabbed down from his bedroom mirror. A piece of paper is snagged, and a quick note is scrawled out.

All of this is put together, the package sealed around the snowglobe, the pictures, and the notes. Frowning down at her unconcious beau, Elle presses the snow globe down in between the couch cushions behind him, toward the back; it's conveniently placed so that when he sits down, he'll certainly feel the package, but he won't actually sit on it.

Then, with a sigh, Elle Bishop sets to work dragging the man's unconcious form to the bedroom, where she will strap him down and force him to go through this vital change.

Elle smears the bleach into her hair, frowning quietly at her reflection. It's back to blonde, the color she's so much better suited to. No need to be someone she's not. This is yet another transformation. Another new horizon has opened for her, this one ripe with promise of honesty. That's all she ever wanted. She knows the truth hurts, but it doesn't hurt nearly as bad as lies and betrayal.

Desmond Harper messed up on Friday. He could have easy done something to ensure the loyalty of one Elle Bishop. He was certainly amazing at playing on her doubts when the Company was involved, saying such beautiful words to make sure she would be charmed into following him. Into killing a friend for him. Into betraying her own father for him. Sure, he rescued her from being drugged and carried off by her father, but then she had to go and develop a conscience for once. Then he had to go and do this.

Elle stands at the mirror, watching as the harsh chemical pulls the color out of her hair slowly but surely. It's a long, arduous process, but she's just out of it enough to hardly feel the passing of time.

Very soon, she will go to Cardinal.

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