No One Tips The DJ


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Scene Title No One Tips The DJ
Synopsis As Tartarus winds down for the evening, the DJ chats with one of the remaining patrons.
Date July 30, 2010


Nights in Tartarus. Busy as ever, and even despite Quinn’s prolonged absence from work at the club, this hadn’t changed. If anything, it made the night feel that much busier, music thumping and lights flashing as she took to her task in the DJ booth, dressed in her “traditional” purple and black corset and long silk skirt – business as usual, really.

But now, the night was beginning to wind down. It was growing dangerously close to curfew, and tonight, Quinn felt she should end the night among the crowd, as she often enjoys doing. Maybe a little dancing, maybe hanging out by the bad, she hadn’t decided yet. An automated playlist had been set up on the digital console, and as the sounds of I:Scintillia ring out over the dance floor, the Irish DJ steps out from the DJ booth and down to the still rather busy dance floor.

Now, to figure out how to spend the rest of the work night.

Sydney didn't look like a regular at all for this club. Her outfit was for warmer weather, thank god it is summer, and just bright colors showing a lot of tanned skin. She didn't seem to care overall, she danced the night away and tipped well. She's missed last call and some of the lasts leaving as she was in the restroom freshening up. Coming out to a mostly empty club she looks like a spot light in a black night. Still she just fluffs her hair and struts out to settle up her tab, tushy wiggling to the beats as she asks about the DJ to the bartender about tipping her.

Perhaps coincidentally, Quinn has decided to wander over towards the bar, just in earshot enough to hear Sydney as she asks about the DJ, a grin crossing across her face as she slips over next to the woman. “The DJ doesn’t take tips,” she remarks, chuckling. “The thought’s appreciated though, trust me. She’ll take numbers, though.” The last part is a joke, of course, but perhaps an ill advised one. Still, it makes Quinn chuckle at least.

Sydney looks over at the woman, "why not though?" She is sure the club pays her well but still the idea of rejecting tips seems strange to her. "Not my usual tastes but had some great base lines and sounds." She asks with a laugh, "seven numbers?"

“Because no one tips the DJ?” Quinn says this like she’s genuinely unused to this concept, shrugging afterwards. “I- well, yes, though I imagine my boss would kill me if I wasn’t jokin’ about that.” Her Irish accent is more noticeable the more she talks, and after a moment, she extends a a hand. “DJ Ravenfall. But you can call me Quinn, it’s much easier t’ say.”

Sydney huhs! "Must be different here then at home." She speaks English in that almost too perfect way of someone that is from somewhere other then America. "Nice to meet you Quinn, call my Syd." She takes the hand in a light shake.

“Syd? Nice t’ meet you!” Quinn smiles, leaning up against the bar. “Where might home be, if I’m allowed t’ ask?” The Irishwoman does give the other woman a quick look and down look before settling down into a stool. “Though, I’m guessin’ you enjoyed the music? That’s tip enough for me, honestly.”

Sydney smiles's her gloss covered lips catching the flashing lights. "The Caribbean actually. I was here once before a year or so ago, but was winter and I froze. So I migrated back for heat." She takes a seat next to Quinn. "Yes I did, the music more then the words but that's fine, all cheer is bad for you I think."

Quinn snickers, nodding. “You would have hated the past winter here. I thought it was never going t’ end, ran up until May it did!” She swivels in her chair so that she facing the bar, making a motion to the bartender. “Normally, I’d disagree with you, but for a place like this, the beat is the most important part a’ the music. If it ahs the round sound, an’ it can be danced to, that’s all that matters, right?”

Sydney is still sort of bouncing to the background beats as she nods along, "So glad I left if that really is the case. Because that sounds like a form of hell to me. So I'm sorry you lived here then. I was on the beach diving and enjoying the ocean with warm weather. You been spinning long?"

Quinn snickers. “I spent a fair amount a’ it stuck in a hospital that they were usin’ as safehouse during the storm. Most of the city was under… Jesus, what was it? 20 feet of snow? Power out all over town? It sucked.” Her foot taps against the stool, mimicking the beat that Sydney is also bouncing too. “A few years now, mostly freelance. Been workin’ here since it opened last month, first steady DJin’ job. What about you, been divin’ long? That sounds like fun, I don’t get t’ go to the beach often.”

Sydney wrinkles her nose and pouts some. "I'm really sorry that happened to you but if you have to wait out a winter like that in a hospital may be best." She sounds sincere too with her words about having to endure what Quinn did. "Diving is more a hobby. I've picked up odds and ends jobs giving tourists guided dives and stuff. But been doing it a few years now. I love the ocean."

“It was kinda worth it,” Quinn says happily, a wistful look in her eyes. “I probably wouldn’t a’ met the people in my band or my girlfriend if it hadn’t been for that storm. Chain a’ events and all that jazz.” Quinn shrugs, and peers a Sydney with amusement. “Sounds like me an’ music. I’ve been playing for years. Outside a’ DJin’, that is. It’s somethin’ I love with all a’ my heart, to be sure.”

Sydney has a bit of a sadness in her eyes but it doesn't dim the smile. "Yeah. You never do know where one little thing can change your whole life. It's pretty amazing how things work." She smiles remembering that famous line about webs and deception. "Well the only thing I don't like about diving is often you have to do it with someone. Makes it hard to just relax, but that's what snorkling is for."

“Really, you do?” Quinn raises an eyebrow, curious. “I’ve never been diving before, but it certainly looks fun. I guess if you get a friend, though, that’s not so bad?” She leans over, propping her chin in her palm as she looks over at Sydney. “I try not t’ over analyse stuff like that, the whole one moment changin’ everything stuff. I think this is about the only time I’ve really left myself think about it like that.” The DJ shrugs, eyes cast back up to Sydney. “So, how does snorkling help you relax that diving doesn’t? Generally, as long as I’m around music, I’m relaxed. Doesn’t matter if I’m writing, listening, or playing.”

Sydney offers with a smile, "Suppose to, but I never did everything mama said and don't follow every rule. What about yourself? You don't look like a conformist to me." As for the introspection she offers, "You get time to think when tanning on a boat. Mostly to yourself with an iPod and the world is nice and quiet but for your own thoughts. Diving you have to watch your air, the currents its… just different. So you met your girl in the hospital?"

Quinn snickers, nodding her head. “Well, I’m lucky enough t’ have a mum who’s not big on rule either,” she says with a wink and a laugh. “I wouldn’t say I’m nonconformist, but when I’m goin’ along with a trend it’s usually coincidental.” She leans back a bit, balancing her chin on finger. “On a rooftop on top of a building after the snow melted, actually. It’s a bit of a long story, but the short version is that I had someone pull me out of the snow during the storm. We became friends, I join his band, an’ if I hadn’t been at their building hanging out, I never woulda met her.”

Sydney puts her two hands together to make the outline of a heart. "Sweet story, Quinn. She come to hear you spin often or she doing her own gigs or whatever you music people call them now? I'm mostly coming here for a change of pace actually. See what's going on in the world again you may say."

Quinn tilts her head a bit, smiling. “She comes by every now an’ then, but she’s not a musician. More of an athlete than anythin’ else, really. Or, well, used t’ be.” Quinn sits up a bit, crossing her legs in her seat as she turns to face Sydney. “It’s a nice club, though I understand if it’s not quite your scene. But do stop by again, from time t’ time. It’s always nice t’ see a familiar face.”

Sydney motions a hand toward the door. "Saw it when passing by during the day so put on a club dress and came out. I sort of stuck out though. Felt like a flower trying to grow in a swamp or something." She stirs her melting drink with a straw with a casual shrug of shoulders. What can you do? "I just may poke my head in again sometime."

Quinn laughs, shaking her head. “There’s always a few who stuck out, so don’t feel so bad about it. At least you tried somethin’ new, right? That’s always worth somethin’.” Quinn nods confidently, a smirk forming on her face. “Besides, you look good, an’ having attractive women around never hurts a club, right?” Quinn actually isn’t trying to flirt this time, and yet she still is.

Sydney smiles and dips her head in polite return of the compliment, "Thank you. Given you have a girlfriend I'll take that as higher praise than normal. I always dance better when I know I'm being watched anyway. More fun on some level. The only thing that comes close to it is just grooving in your own home in just underwear right?"

Quinn actually snorts a little as she laughs, raising a hand to cover her face in embarrassment. “Most things are better when bein’ watched. Part a’ why I love bein’ a DJ and playin’ music, I love bein’ up on stage an’ being the center of attention. Keeps me from bein’ too self centered everywhere else.” She quirks her lips into an awkward smile, leaning back a bit. “That sounds somethin’ out of a movie, dancin’ around the house a unbuttoned shirt an’ underwear. But that does sound really fun.”

Sydney laughs, "Hey I love getting comfortable and just shaking it without a care about a damn thing." She glance toward that dance floor. "When you dance like that you can forget about what all is messed up and wrong in the world. Other then DJ what do you do for fun here?"

“Here?” Quinn repeats with a raised eyebrow. “Talk t’ people. An’ not just the ladies or the cute bartender. I like chattin’ people up. It’s fun. Seein’ what they think a’ the club, the bar, the music… everthing, really.” She smirks, sifting position to face Sydney better. “I’m a people person. I like just… mingling, when I’m not spinnin’. Great way t’ meet new people. Like right now!” She laughs at that, shrugging.

Sydney mirrors Quinn's body language with that same smile on those glossy full lips. "What do you do when someone deflects and redirects all the time? I don't know a lot about you yet. Like where in Ireland were you born? It is Ireland right don't tell me it is Boston or Wales and I'm just horrible with an accent."

“About me?” Now, that does cause a look of curiosity to cross Quinn’s face. “Aye, Ireland,” she says rather stereotypically of someone from the area. “Though, I did spend several years in Boston with m’ mum. Been in the States a while, actually.” She chuckles, giving a small shrug. “It doesn’t happen a lot. People tend t’ either ignore me, go along with it, or stare cause the pretty lady in the corset is talkin’ to them.”

Sydney motions to Quinn's waists. "Have to admit I've got very little experience in those. Now bikinis diving vests and flippers sure! Corsets aren't exactly tropical wear. Least not that I ever saw."

When Sydney points down at her, Quinn’s gaze follows, giving a shrug afterwards. “I don’t either, really. I only started wearin’ them for work, originally.” She looks back up, a wide smile on her face. “They’re not as uncomfortable as you might think, I’ve grown rather accustomed to them. Now, a bikini’s somethin’ I don’t have much experience with. I go to the beach very rarely, considerin’ the only places I’ve ever lived are Ireland, Boston, an’ here.”

Sydney's skin gets visible little bumps all over it as the prickle of goose flesh shows, "Just thinking of diving in the Hudson gives me chills. The nastiness of the water and whatever may be in there. Not right or healthy." Hands start to rub her arms to chase the feel away.

Exactly,” Quinn remarks with a shiver of her own. “Actually, I’m not even sure I own a bathing suit. Maybe I should make plans for a beach trip before the summer’s out an’ get one.” She nods at this idea, as if reaffirming it to herself.

Sydney offers, "I can tell you some places to go that most don't know about. Little islands like Bonaire." She tries to focus on that idea instead of diving in the Hudson. "So is this your real job?"

“Well, I also work part time at a bookstore, but it’s very few hours these days,” Quinn remarks, looking back up at the stage. “Besides that, yes. Though I am considerin’ becoming a music teacher in the day. Like, at an actual school. That’s kind of a far off thing, though.”

Sydney perks up just a little. "A good one or some small private thing?" She is tempted to ask about cheaper prices but not having to order though intermediates will be a great start. "Lot of time to read on sunset porches."

“A big ‘ol Barnes and Noble in Brooklyn,” Quinn replies with a wave of her hand. “Nothin’ special, sadly, though the discount is nice for when I want t’ sit out on the roof and read with a new book. Been workin’ there a few years now, an’ really should be a manager, but with the music stuff I like t’ do I could never manage the rigid schedule for it.”

"Nothing special? My bookstore was the internet or this small one called 'Sheets and Leafs' that had maybe four small shelves." Sydney seems to have come from one of those small places in the world that isn't really on the maps. "You'll have to tell me where it is so I can show up with my credit card and make it scream for mercy."

Quinn blinks, scanning the bar for a second, and she cranes over, awkwardly reaching on the other side. After a moment, she leans back, a pen and a napkin in hand. She immediately takes to writing something across it, and after a moment it’s passed over to Sydney, an address and a phone number scrawled across it. “There you go. An’ give me a text or somethin’ before you stop by. If you’re stoppin’ by, maybe I can use my discount.”

Sydney offers with the corners of her mouth curling up more, "See. Now you don't have to ask for my phone number. I got yours." She doesn't have a cellphone yet for New York but will soon. The information is read and then folded carefully to be tucked into her chest carefully. "I won't say no to cheaper books. Means I can buy more. What sort of books you like most?"

Quinn shrugs, watching with perhaps too much attention as Sydney stores away the napkin. “Same as my movies – action an’ sci-fi. Which I get told seems really unlike me, but what can I say – I liked bein’ constantly engaged while I watch or read somethin’. Not that comedy an’ drama don’t do that, but there’s nothin’ like a good action scene, or a really compelling sci-fi story. I’m a bit behind on my books, though, I afraid.”

Sydney doesn't let on if she catches Quinn watching the motion. She shifts her body position, by uncrossing and recrossing her legs, the hemline too short to not cross them when sitting down. "You should work on that, I sure plan to. Not like my dance card is overflowing yet. And advice for new people here?"

“What, at the club? Or in town?” Quinn smiles, leaning forward a bit. “If you mean the former, just… come by, don’t sweat the music or style, an’ just dance an’ have fun.” She chuckles, tilting her head. “If you mean the latter, I’m not sure I have much help there. I’ve been here five years an’ I still haven’t seen all the sites or anythin’.”

Sydney twirls a finger in the air with a rolling of her wrist, "The latter. I tend to go to clubs and just do as I please and not worry about some things. Well if you think of anything you can tell me next time. However I think I must unfortunately say goodnight. I'm still rather tired and think a warm bed is calling me."

Quinn snickers, knowing full well what she might have said a month and a half ago to a comment like that. “I know someone who knows the sites better than I do, so I’ll see if I can get any suggestions from her.” She slips down from her stool, straightening her skirt and smiling at Sydney. “Have fun with the rest of your night, Syd. It was nice t’ meet you.” She extends a hand again, a smile on her face. “And do stop by again sometime!”

Sydney wiggles fingers in a little wave and blows Quinn a kiss before her heels klick klack softly on her way out of the club.

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