No One Told You?


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Scene Title No One Told You?
Synopsis Quinn is forced to deliver bad news to Magnes
Date May 06, 2011

Siann Hall: Magnes' Apartment

Siann Hall isn't really a place RObyn QUinn tends to frequent. Much less after a long day of work - a Friday, no less, so she's jsut gotten off from her radio show as well. bBut as her scooter putters to a stop in front of the building, she doesn't really even take the time to pull store her helmet, instead stuffing it under her arm as she unties a rectangular case from the back of the vehicle. Once before, not too long ago, she had talked with Magnes about maybe starting their own musical project - something alongside Mad Muse, and her own work. For some reason, today seemed like a good day to finally see about actually following through with that.

With the black soft case tuckecd under her other arm, she makes her way up to the apartment, knocking on the door several times with her helemet, creating a hollow sounding knock. "Maaaaaaaagnes!" she annoucnes, looking up (for whatever reason) into the peephole. "I came all the way out ehyre, you better be home and ready t;' rock!" Not that he should be expecting her. She kind of forgot to call, in her excitement.

The shuffling of papers can be heard on the other side of the door, and Magnes opens it to motion Quinn in. On the coffee table there's a large stack of assorted pizza menus, newspaper clippings, and loads of weird writing about his own alternate timelines and possible personality differences. "Hey, Quinn. Sorry I haven't called or anything."

"No worries," Quinn says - her eyes move immediately to look at his hair when she sees him, as if to make sure. "I've been… really busy with stuff of my own lately. Work, radio, shows… Probably have to make a trip outta town soon." She shrugs her shoulders a bit, tossing the helmet past Magnes and on to the couch, before setting her case down across the floor. "Haven't had anymore encounters with that other you, thank god."

"I haven't either, I've been trying to find him, who knows what he's doing right now." Magnes rubs the back of his head, running fingers through his hair. "I feel really helpless, having you all just… out there. I can't protect you, I can't fly fast like Superman."

Offering a small smile, Quinn reaches over and pats Magnes on the back. "It's nice t' know you care, Magnes. But unless he pulls out some big guns… I know Sable can handle herself, an' I'm sure he knows if he lays a hand on Elaine, he's going to ahve at least the thre eof us wanting t' end him." She rolls her shoulders a bit. "I'd like t' think I could handle m'self though. I've got my share of tricks. Helped drive off Sylar once, you know! An'… Raith showed me how t' shoot, an' I've been practicing. So… we can at least hold him off until you get there." She nods, moving to take a set and pull her case into her lap.

"So, what did you want, again? Just wanted to talk?" Magnes asks, having been out of it until a moment ago, taking a seat near her to look at the case curiously. "I'm starting to second guess this Institute stuff. I'm thinking of talking to Eileen about being involved with the Ferry again… and I really miss the kids. Hailey and Mala must miss me reading Runaways to them."

The case is unzipped, Quinn pulling out - her keyboard. Clearly, she has mucic on the mind, pulling the instrument into her lap. "Well, last time Iw a s over, we'd talked about maybe doing out own little music thing. So… I thought I'd come by after my show, an' see if you had any ideas? I dunno, I wa sin a music mood and I thought…" The mention of Mala gets her to trail, eyes dipping down towards the floor, an unhappy look on her face. "You're really behind on events, aren't you?" she questions after a few moments, voice significantly quieter than it was previously.

"I guess I could use something to keep my mind off of the other me. I haven't gotten to think about music much, I've been worrying about you all." Magnes raises an eyebrow, appearing a little confused. "I don't hear a lot of Ferry stuff. I mean I occasionally hear rumors, but not much lately.

Well, maybe it was a matter of time before something spoiled Quinn's good mood, it would be par for the course lately. The case and keyboard are set aside, Quinn's hands folding in her lap as she looks down at the ground. "I thought someone would've told you about this," she says, voice still low. "Mala, she…" A deep breath, mostly because it still makes Quinn sad to think about. Sad enough to cry, if teh topic lingers. "Mala an' Lucy died, Magnes. The 5-10 got them."

"What?" Magnes stares at Quinn, his expression still neutral, just staring as if the words don't quite reach him. "But, that… I mean, that's not true." His face suddenly begins to shift, and his posture sinks, staring at the couch cushion as not even tears seem to come, just… a sudden darkness in his entire demeanor. "That's not true."

"No… it's true," Quinn says, curling her legs up against her body. "I got to the island the day Mala died. I felt bad, I had t' talk to lynette with red cheeks an' watery eyes. It was awful." A hand reaches up, rubbing at her eyes. "Tehre was an outbreak on the island. I heard a few different stories how, but… alla them involed one of our patrols getitn' ambushed by the government an' redressed. I'm… amazed no one told you. I guess maybe they didn't want you getting angry…"

"They…" Magnes balls his fists, and she'll notice his clothes starting to pull down a bit more than normal, his body sinking a into the couch a little more. "No!" He stands up, pacing to the right of the room, then to the left, hands on his forehead. "Stop saying this!" He knows it's true, he just doesn't want to hear it. "They're not gone…"

"Why would I lie about this?!" Quinn replies, her voice raising just a little, only in response to his. "Christ, you think I want it t' be true? That girl was adorable, an' I'll miss her forever, Magnes." Now she's starting to cry a little, face pressed against her knees.

"I can't, Quinn, I can't…" Magnes isn't sure what he wants to say, he just starts to head to the door. "I'm not, I mean… I'm not mad at you, I just need to go. I need to be alone." He opens the door, shaking his head. "I don't want to talk about this right now, just, lock up when you leave." He's holding any tears back that he might have, but his voice is beginning to waver behind what little composure he's managing to maintain.

When Magnes starts to make his way to leave, Quinn's legs uncurl and she hops up to his feet. He's jsut to the door when she moves to him, wrapping arms around him from behind. "I'm sorry," she says quietly. "I don't wnat t' be the person t' deliver that news. I-I'll leave you alone. I just…" Needed a hug. More for her than Magnes, though hopefully it helps him too.

Magnes runs around to better position himself, wrapping his arms around her as well. "It's not your fault…" he whispers, resting his chin on her head for just a moment, then begins to uncurl himself from her. "Come back in a day or two, alright? Just… not tonight." He then really does go out, closing the door behind him, unable to hold himself together in front of her much longer.

Quinn doesn't offer any further resistance to Magnes, her head still a bit hung as she lets him makes his way out the apartment. She stands there still for a few moments, before finally letting out a sigh and movnig to collect her things. She'll head out, and be abck in a few like he asked. But first she just needs a few miutntes to sit and get back her composure.

Then she'll leave.

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