No One Wants That


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Scene Title No One Wants That
Synopsis A Ferry councilwoman receives an invitation - and a message - from someone she didn't expect.
Date April 13, 2011

Golden Luck Dragon Restaurant

On the surface, there is little about the Golden Luck Dragon Restaurant that seems unusual. The two-floor and upscale restaurant is one of the finest eateries in Chinatown, serving traditional Chinese cuisine alongside the more Americanized "Chinese Food". The restaurant's ground floor is an open-concept structure, with the majority of the tables and booths visible from the entrance. Much of the decour is themed with rich browns of stained wood framework around the large doorways, deep crimson carpets, and gold trimmed curtains that give the restaurant a dimly lit and intimate quality even during the day.

The restaurant's second floor is a balcony that overlooks the ground floor dining spaces, usually reserved for large parties and functions, it is often closed off by a velvet rope.

3PM and Mr. Varlane has an appointment to make. Just as Barbara arrives, she'll find him sitting at the table in his denim blazer, jeans, and grey shirt with the cream-colored Oxfords on his feet. And on the table is a particularly expensive roast goose that he's cutting up and putting on their plates, with glasses of Pinot Noir on both sides, as well as the bottle.

He politely motions to her seat and smiles as if she'd arrived at his home, and he's hosting. "I'm glad you could come, Barbara. I'm always fascinated by the fact that there are three of you, well, figuratively speaking." His hair is slicked back with gel, and he has a neatly trimmed goatee, a bit different from the last time they met. "I guess God had a plan and decided it was pretty damned good."

Chinatown is not a place Barbara frequents. Magnes Varlane is not something she often speaks with, particularly once his situation and prohibition from visiting Pollepel Island and Ferry Activities were handed down by Eileen. She's in the city on her monthly run of supplies and items for the island, and having received the call - a large surprise to her - she was hesitant about going and meeting with the young man.

Still, as long as she was careful, and made sure not to share any Ferry business, things should largely be fine. So, 3PM, and she's walking in just as promised, finding her way to the table. Jeans and an oversized NYU sweatshirt mark her out among the crowd, nodding to Magnes as she approaches. His odd sense of… flattery? gets a quirked eyebrow from the triplet. "Hello, Magnes. I hope you've been well since the last time we spoke."

"I'm doing very fine, actually." Magnes motions to her plate again, nodding. "Please, try the goose, I hear it's good." He should eat dinner now since he's not so sure he'll be eating tonight. "So tell me, what is the story behind you and your sisters? Natural births, clones, anything out of the ordinary? It's curiosity, really, I hope you don't think I'm being rude."

As she takes her seat, Barbara takes a moment to eye Magnes. Well, considering what he had said when they met, she isn't too terribly surprised by the question - a little rude, but she doesn't so say so. "Natural births," she informs, looking down at the menu. Goose? Well, it's here. Might as well try some. "Not- clones, that much is for sure." A bit of a laugh. "No replicators or anything in the family." She shakes her head, a smile lasting on her face for a few moments before it melts away a bit. "So, Magnes. You said you wanted to talk? I'm afraid I can't stay long." Though she will help pay for lunch.

"Well, I have a letter for you to give to Mu— Eileen. But you're someone I can trust, an impartial observer, a person without much of an opinion of me that I've heard. I need you to keep something between us." Varlane leans in, looking very serious as he cuts his goose meat into small bite-sized portions. "I believe that Gabriel Gray is planning some sort of coup, or being manipulated into one. I'm not sure by who yet, but I was approached by Colette to join their underground group, something to do with Phoenix is all I know. Gabriel Gray is dangerous, and I'd suggest immediate action. I don't suggest telling Eileen, she feels strongly for him, it's no telling how she'll react, or if she's in on it. We have to be sure about her first."

Pulling a cut piece of meat on to her plate, it takes a moment before Barbara pauses in her cutting, eyeing her host for a moment. "I can deliver your message just fine, Magnes. But I'm afraid I know very little about Gabriel Gray, besides that he and Eileen are… close, yes." She shifts a bit uncomfortably, setting down her silverware. "Things are rough right now, Magnes. I can't tell you the details, but it's the truth. If you have some proof, I can look into the matter further, but stirring around rumours would… be unsettling to say the least. In particular since I don’t believe most people know what we know." About Eileen and Gabriel. Sylar, to most. "As for Colette, I'm afraid she's gone missing, as I hear she does sometimes."

"If she's gone missing, then maybe it has something to do with what I'm saying. But I understand what you mean, about needing proof." Varlane reaches for his wine, taking a light sip with his eyes momentarily closed. "Do you have full faith in Eileen? I mean, do you believe in her? I believe in her, and I would never want her to be hurt by anyone."

"As I understand it, she does this from time to time." This isn’t to say that Barbara isn’t worried. She certainly is. But she doesn't think its coup related. "Her girlfriend was still around the last I heard, so…" She offers a bit of a shrug, still eyeing Magnes pensively. "I believe in Eileen as a leader, even if some of her means are… not what I would prefer, at all. She's a smart woman; I don't think you have to worry about her getting hurt."

Unsavoury means? That's a good sign. Varlane smiles and sits back, his mood clearly elevated out of the blue. "I'm glad to hear that. I do look forward to working very closely with you in the future." He reaches into his blazer and removes the sealed envelope, with a V brand on the red wax. "Take this letter, and make sure it stays sealed. It's for her eyes only."

Te elevated mood doesn't really catch Barbara's attention, the woman finally cutting a piece of goose and taking a bite. It is pretty good, a surprise since it's not typically something she would expect to eat and be tasty. Today, it seems, is full of surprises. The envelope, when removed, is regarded with curiosity, Barbara waiting until she finishes chewing to reach forward and take it, eyeing the wax seal. "Alright. I'll make sure she receives it. Depending on its nature, however, I can't promise it'll remain just to her."

"Oh, that's fine, I'm sure you'll do your best." Magnes continues to enjoy the goose himself, even cutting a few more slices. "There's no need to rush, let's just enjoy our meal. You are rather radiant, even in such casual wear."

The compliment, while nice, is largely ignored. She shakes her head amusedly, taking another bite of the goose. "I'll do what I can, Magnes. But you know the position you're in right now. I can't promise anything will come of whatever you have in here. Just be careful. I would refrain from walking around, spreading word that you believe Gabriel is planning a coup or an attack of some sort. All it will do is cause panic." Not to mention piss Gabriel off horribly, she would imagine.

And no one wants that.

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