No Oprah Recommended


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Scene Title No Oprah Recommended
Synopsis Kaylee brings the injured Henry a bit of breakfast and announces that he is ready to get his own apartment.
Date September 21, 2010

Gun Hill: Clinic

The arrival of Company folks has made her curious, but the insanity of her life hasn't given her much time to really looking into it all. So with her morning open, and a lull in activity, Kaylee's decided to check in on one of the newer residents of Gun Hill, maybe help get him settled.

Stepping into the clinic, Kaylee is slow taking the stairs, her head ducking a little to see further ahead of her. A covered plate is held in one hand and a glass of orange juice in the other.

Her boots are heavy on the stairs, so her arrival is warned in advance. "Hello?" She calls softly, brows furrowing a bit. Who had she been told was down there? Oh! Wait that's right. "Henry Webb?"

It's….sort of like what he read in school about the Underground Railroad. Or the Shoah, though he's far more morally culpable than those hidden by such organizations. Perhaps ODESSA's a better analogy. But either way, Henry's taken to that self imposed captivity with decent grace. He's quiet to the point of nonexistence, as his wounds heal. "Yes," he says, after a long silence.

"Thought you could use some breakfast." Kaylee explains stepping into the clinic finally, spotting the man and offering a small smile as she holds the items in her hands up where he can see them. "I'm… not a great cook, but it's scrambled eggs, some sausage and toast." Her eyes drift to the plate."Should be edible at least."

Attention focusing on Henry, she adds, "I'm Kaylee Thatcher. I live in the building and I'm a member of the group that is hiding y'all."

Henry ventures a smile that's shaky and uncertain, but bright, nonetheless. He's in a t-shirt and jeans and sneakers, to all appearances just some ordinary thirty year old. There're still bandages on his shoulder, but he doesn't seem to be sickly, or in much pain. He rises from his seat, and offers a hand. "Thank you," he says, simply. "Ferry?"

"Yes, sir." Kaylee offers brightly, as if proud of that fact… and she is. Handing over the plate, she waves him to sit and enjoy, he'll find a fork under the foil. "Have been for… oh… pretty much a year. You'll find me a touch more sympathetic then some of them." Moving to set the orange juice near him, she continues, "Mainly do to my dealings with the founders of your own group." There is a bit of a rueful smile. "I knew Adam Monroe and Angela Petrelli." There is a bit of a grimace at the mention of Adam, but the smile easily returns.

His smile fades, replaced by a somber attentiveness. "Really?" he says, quietly. "I never knew either of them, not well. I met Petrelli once or twice." He keeps his gaze fixed on her, even as he sets to the food. Starving, by the way he inhales it.

"Mmm. I was one of Adam's lackies, did his bidding… that is until I was able to break away from him and.." Kaylee holds out her hands motioning to the safe house around her. "Ended up with these good folks."

Kaylee's smile fades a bit as well, "You are in good hands. The fact that council even lets you all stay, seems like a good sign to me." Her head tilts a little to one side as she studies him. "You know… you don't look too bad off. I'd say your ready to be shuttled off into one of the apartments."

By the way his face brightens at the idea, he most definitely is. Had he a tail, it would be wagging. But he contents himself with a polite, "Yes, please." Might've been his mother, might've been the Corps, but -someone- beat manners into Henry Webb.

"There are several really, so you have your pick. Your… I guess he's former boss?" Kaylee finds the term slightly amusing, "He's been getting people to work on fixing up the rundown places. I imagine he'll be cornering you before long." Teeth flash briefly in a quick grin, before it settles into a milder smile.

"How you holding up otherwise?" She asks, brows tilt up a bit. "Anything you might be needing? I help run supplies for the Ferry as well, so I might be able to help you with this or that."

"I heal real fast, so honestly, the enemy here is boredom and worry," Henry says, with that painful earnestness. How'd an apparent Boy Scout like that end up in this situation. "And the sooner I can get to some sort of work, the better off I'll be, thanks. I've got all I need. 'cept maybe more books."

He brightens at that, painfully transparent. "You're a Godsend," he declares, grinning. "Adventure novels, honestly. But I'll read anything, so long as Oprah didn't pick it."

That last gets a short laugh from Kaylee, "No… no Oprah recommended." The telepath wrinkles her nose a bit at the thought.

"So, Mr. Webb… any questions you might have?" Kaylee asks out of curiosity. "Not sure what answers I can supply, but… I'm willing to try." Settling back in the chair, legs are crossed and her hands fold to rest on the top of her knee.

"Let me know what I gotta do to get out of here. And what I can do to help the Ferry once I have," he says, simply. "I know we're kind of a burden, with the law hunting for us. But I figure y'all are used to that."

"Right now there isn't much you can do, other then keeping who we and where we are a secret." Kaylee falls into more of a serious look, eyes thoughtful as she considers her words. "That Ryans guy is has what Company he can working on fixing up the place, it's a start on the helping front." There is a slow shrug of her shoulders. "Right now, I think the higher ups are attempting to figure out what to do with you all.

"Honestly, you can't blame them, it's not an easy decision considering who you all are." A glance goes back towards where she came from. "But, you all are not really a burden, we hide many many people. Just doing the little you can to help." Kaylee's attention shifts back to Henry. "Like what your boss is doing, is a really good start."

Henry nods, solemnly. "Yeah. And i'm sure he'll put me to work as soon as he can, like you said." HE offers one of those lopsided grins that makes him look about thirteen.

"I do not doubt it." Kaylee says, mirroring that grin of his, before letting it fall away. "I am sorry what happened to you all. The Institute is… yeah… not the best people. The kidnapping and all that." Her eyes drop to her lap, her foot bouncing a bit. "Lost a lot of people to them, got a few back… They still have my father tho."

Quiet for a moment, Kaylee unfolds her legs and climbs to her feet. "Anyhow… when your finished up there, I can help you get settled into an apartment."

"It was a long time coming," Henry says, philosophically. "Good intentions aside, we did some shady, shady stuff…." He shrugs broad shoulders. "Not that it makes the Institute any better, no."

"Maybe…" Kaylee says thoughtfully, eyeing Henry for a moment. Finally, Kaylee motions up the stairs. "I'm… Gonna go get some of the keys from the buildings owner." She motions to him and the plate. "You go ahead and finish up your breakfast. I need to go check on my dog and then I'll be back and.. we'll get you set up." The young woman smiles brightly. "Sounds like a plan?"

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