No Quintets


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Scene Title No Quintets
Synopsis Brian and Sami shoot the breeze and discuss Koshka.
Date December 27, 2010

The Garden

"If we were the couple in paranormal activity. I would let you call the ghost-ologist guy right away."

The dogs have been fed. The Koshka's been fed. Brian's sexual appetite has been fed. Everything in the Garden has been fed. Except for Brian's unsatiable desire to talk. About nothing, really. Right now he has entered into a contest of how much he loves her and things he would do differently because of his love than people in movies.

"And if I was Robin Hood. I would not enter that archery contest. I don't need my pride to be affirmed by a fat friar and an effeminate prince. Just you."

The night hangs over the garden. Christmas has come and gone. It's been a rough few days, but Brian is starting to recover. At least a little. He's still exhausted. And doesn't move a whole lot. That's mostly because he has other copies moving around still. And he feels like if he just lays down a whole lot, that will make it better. He did however walk the dogs. That was his activity for the day.

"If we were in Fight Club. My schizophrenic hallucination thing would be you not Brad Pitt."

He falls silent for a moment to observe the things he had just said. Rolling onto his side the half naked young man smiles over at the woman in the bed with him. "I'm just kidding. I wouldn't trade anyone for Brad Pitt." His head collapses into the pillow as he watches her quietly.

With a dimpled grin, Sami is far too content to confirm pieces and attempt to one-up others. "Well I kind of needed a ghost-o-logist type guy right away. Or a shrink. Or… something. Seriously. I don't think like anyone just thinks they're dead. Except me. Because I disappeared."

Her lips purse slightly, "And if we were like in Star Wars and you were Han and I was Leia, I would never kiss Luke because…" she frowns and shudders miserably. "And we'd skip that whole frozen in chemical stone stuff part" she waves her hand dismissively as she tugs the sheet closer around her. "Also, I wouldn't wear my hair like bagels around my head…"

The one-up-man-ship dies shortly as it came as she rolls towards him to meet his gaze, resting on her own side. "So Brad Pitt is like the one guy you'd go gay for then?" She shoots him a mischievous smile, "Everyone has someone. I would totally go lesbian for Ellen Page." Pause. "I think. Although, maybe not if I was actually faced with the choice. But maaaaan, she is sooooo pretty."

Quietly, like if she speaks it too loud the ways may hear, she whispers, "I love you too." Even if it's not exactly what he said, it's all inferred.

"If I was Cameron Diaz and you were Ben Stiller. I would never date Brett Favre. You would be my favorite stalker from the beginning." Rolling onto his back, he stares up at the ceiling. "And I like bagel hair. So don't knock it til you've tried it, ho." Rubbing his face briefly, he hugs the sheets around himself as well. "And if we were the three amigos and you were Chevy Chase and I was Steve Martin, I would shoot Martin Short in the back and we would be the two amigos and ride each other off into the sunset. Or ride together off into the sunset. Whichever is more practical at the time."

A little laugh comes up. "One of Sameye. One of. There are a lot of great guys in the world okay." He attests bringins his hands up. "Like Shaq for example. Monster of a man. But I think he's a tender munchkin trapped in a black barbarian's body."

His eyes flick over to Samara instantly. "So what you're saying is.. If we ever meet Ellen Page. And the sparks start flying… We are going to have a threesome with Ellen Page." Brian lets out a little victory cheer before covering his mouth quickly realizing he might wake Koshka. Speaking of Koshka…

Brining his hand down slowly he decides to whisper to make up for his past loudmaking. "I told her she could be a Lighthouse kid. Did she tell you at all about our trip to old papa's?" Before she can answer, "Holy shiiiitstorm Sam. That was rough."
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"Fiiiiiine. One of." Sam chuckles as her head shakes slightly. "I suppose, if I'm honest Scarlet Johanssen is also— HEY! No— " the victory cheer, however, brings more of that cupped over her mouth, laughter, concealed by a fan of fingers to keep it inside, particularly at the mention of Koshka.

"She didn't give me details. We talked a little about guilt. And choices and how other people's choices are their own… not hers." Sami frowns at the last. "She wasn't… happy today. But she's interested in Lighthouse. And belonging somewhere. Having a family." Her lips quirk into a small smile, "She knows that community is about responsibility so I think that's a good start— "

Her voice lowers even more, if at all possible, with her next question, "What happened with her dad?"

"Scarlet Johannssen?" It's muffled from under his hands but it sounds very excited. His features lighting up. "Ohmygod. i'm going to send her an e-mail right now and tell her you said it was okay." He reaches over and gives her shoulder an excited pat. "We're going to have so much fun! The four of us!"

But Koshka is a more serious and less sexy topic. So his excitement levels drop.

"She's a good kid. I don't think she would endanger any of the other kids. She might make stupid choices. But so do all little girls. Who haven't turned twenty one yet." His face becomes angelic as he looks over to the other side of the room. The side that won't potentially hit him for things he says.

"Uhh.. Well. I was exhausted. And I decided I would tell him she was in witness protection. Because I had those FBI badges I got the other night, remember? It was a stupid idea. I didn't think about it. He wasn't the just believe people type. He just told me he didn't believe me then started yelling and yelling at her in Russian.. I'm trying to learn Russian now, by the way. He hated me, a whole lot. He wouldn't let me be in the apartment, just went super sonic crazy. Poor Koshka, she had to go through that. Her dad is a psycho though. And his girlfriend or whoever the lady that was in there, set my creepy alarm off to.. super creepy. She was pretty though. So.. Should we have a threesome with her too?" An adorable innocent little grin is turned onto Sam, his eyebrows lifted high. "I guess it would be fivesome now. A quartet. What's more than a quartet? What's a fivetet?"

Sure enough, as if on cue, the part of the room prone to hitting does just as predicted. It's not a hard slap against Brian's shoulder, just a small one, girly and a little gentler than it probably ought. "Nooooooo! Ahhhh!" Not that Ellen Page and Scarlet Johanssen would engage in sexy times with Brian and Sami— that's just a little more than she can imagine. "I told you, there's only one— er— two women that— that's not what I meant and you know it!" dramatically her arms are tugged across her chest in an act of open defiance.

The smile melts away, however, at the story of Koshka's dad. "So.. he's insane, then? Guuuuuh." Her arms are unfolded and she presses a hand tightly to her forehead. "Pooooor Koshka. Pooooooooor Koshka. She deserves better than that. Ugh. I can't understand that at all— like… " she sighs heavily while she leans closer to Brian. Her opposite hand is slapped to her forehead, "Ugh. I'm terrible at this whole being supportive thing. I told her there was hop… that her decisions were her own and she couldn't be responsible for others' choices… ugh. I shouldn't have encouraged her in— " and then the mention of the hot girlfriend. "Hot people are great, but crazy people? Yeah… the line has to be drawn somewhere…" Beat. "And I think five people are a quintet." She nods sagely.

"We'll have a quintet." Brian muses happily. "You me, Ellen, Scarlett, and, CrazyFace." He smiles brightly, going to rest his chin on top of her head. "She's a good kid." He repeats. Sighing a little bit. "Yeah you really screwed the pooch on that one Sam. Greaat job." He lets out a quiet lagh, craning his neck up to kiss her cheek. "He was just.. I don't know. I've never seen so.. He was so intense about me not being in the room. If I was just separated from my daughter, I would allow a thousand strangers in if that's what it took, right? He was saying he wanted a happy day with no stranger watching. Or not at all. Kind of.. Crazy."

"You're hot and crazy. I don't mind you." He reaches down to trail his hand down her arm. "Dead." He gives a psshaw sound. What sort of crazy person would think they're dead.

"There will be no quintet," Sami declares matter-of-factly, her smile broadening further with the contact. Her eyes close gently as her cheek receives a kiss and the smile softens considerably with the same action. "She's a good kid," she agrees again, "And I'm sorry. I should learn to say nothing, but… " she chuckles ironically, "… but I couldn't imagine a world where a parent wouldn't be thrilled to see their child. I could imagine a place where someone like you," she reaches up to gently tap his nose, "would be seen as nothing but good intentioned when reuniting a family— " the smile fails her as she leans forward, straining just a little to softly kiss his cheek. "And I know you're a fugitive, but— you are caring and kind and sweet and gentle and funny and good-natured…" Her cheeks flush a little. Not everyone gets glimpses of other people like she did; she was allowed to see those things that no one is permitted to see— the things people do without audiences.

"I'm not hot or crazy! So Ha! Wrong on TWO counts." With a triumphant rueful grin she tilts her chin upwards, "You would've thought you were dead too. Everyone believe it…" Partially because Sami played her role well… for FOUR years.

"No quintet." Brian repeats reluctantly. He gives a little shrug. "Her dad was a total dick." He sits up in the bed just to make sure Koshka hasn't ferreted her way in to listen to them or.. something else. The thought has him a little creeped out which may explain the sour expression on his return back down to lay with Samara. "Total dick. I mean. Most of the Lighthouse kids don't have parents. Parents are dead. Like me.." He pauses for a second. An epiphany washing over him. "Holyshit, I'm Peter Pan. Okay. Sorry. Anyways. Most of the kids don't have parents, but Koshka. I don't know maybe he was drunk or stoned.. or something. But from what I saw. She'd be better without him. We can't tell her that though. We have to support her wanting a relationship with him. That's important."

"I just need to find out more about him. Who he is. What he does that sort of stuff. I should have found this stuff out before going to his apartment. Rookie move." He exhales heavily before flinging his hands on top of her. Grimacing at her. "Until you met the gentle and sweet and funny and good natured and dashing and super sexy and alpha maleish.." He'll give it up there. "Detective guy, who can shoot a fly off the wall a hundred feet away." Or mabe not. He leans in to kiss her deeply. "Who knew instantly that you weren't dead because he was sooo fucking smart."

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