No Running


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Scene Title No Running
Synopsis Kaylee visits the Filatov Clinic needing her twisted ankle looked at.
Date December 04, 2009

Filatov Clinic

The largest, most obvious feature of Dr. Filatov's clinic is that one wall, an entire wall has been almost completely with what appear to be tall hardwood china cabinets, or possibly some other form of storage furniture from a bar, or kitchen or apothecary that have been nailed to the wall and cobbled together into some kind of uniformity. The last one may be the most likely, because every row of shelves that no run the length of the wall are covered with jars and bottles containing all manner of drugs, medicines, tonics, ointments and tinctures. The drawers below the shelves doubtlessly contain more supplies necessary for the operation of the clinic, so perhaps it's best not to question exactly what can be found in them. Besides that, the room is dominated by two large examination tables, which are really just old, well-worn wooden dining tables, with some of the matching chairs resting against the wall opposite the medicines, the closest to a waiting room the clinic has. A simple wooden screen in one corner serves as a dressing area. The unadorned wood paneling and scuffed hardwood floor are not the doctor's doing; he freely admits that whoever occupied this place last had both a thing for wood, and poor taste. The only other seemingly permanent fixture of the clinic is Ranger, Dr. Filatov's absolutely ancient bulldog, who spends most of his days lounging by the dressing screen, or wherever the sunbeams happen to pass through the steel window shutters. Besides a short hallway leading to the rest of the building (most of the space of which is taken up by the enormous examination/emergency/operating room), an unobtrusive door with far too many latches takes up a portion of an inside wall. 'Employees only' couldn't be spelled any more clearly.

It's been a couple of days since since Kaylee got injured over at Summer Meadows and as she promised, she's finally going to a professional to have it looked at. It took a lot of nagging from some of the residents of McRae's safehouse, but now on a borrowed pair of crutches, the blonde carefully makes her way towards a familiar clinic. Approaching the door, she reaches out to test it to see if maybe, just maybe the doctor is still in.

As the handle turns, Kaylee sighs with relief, she hadn't wanted to go to the mainland really. Such a hassle sometimes. Inching the door open, Kaylee makes her awkward way into the clinic. "Hello? Dr. Filatov?" She calls softly once inside letting hte door shut firmly behind her.

The inside of the clinic now stands in stark contrast to what it was before. It's almost completely empty; only one of the examination tables remains, the cabinets are completely devoid of anything, and most tellingly, the over-secured door that for so long was, well, secure, now stands shut and unlocked.

But there's Ranger! The old dog lifts his head up when Kaylee enters, and with a snort, clambers to his feet and pads over to her as excitedly as an old bulldog can. "One moment," comes a voice from the back, very plainly belonging to the doctor. Looks like he really is packing up for elsewhere, wherever that may be.

"Ranger!" Kaylee calls out to the dog as he approaches her, "Hey cutie." Not that a bulldog is all that cute.. but hey.. personality and all. Pulling one of the crutches out form under her arm and leaning it on one of the bare wall, Kaylee make an effort to bend down, bad foot held up and give the dog her full attention. "Alright.. take your time. I got some good company here." She calls out, voice colored with amusement and she scritches the dog behind the ears. "Ain't'cha.. perfect company."

A mischievous smile goes in the direction of the voice, before he hand dips into her pocket and pulls out a meaty dog treat. She glances at the dog and brings a finger to her lips to makes a 'Shhhh.' before giving it to Ranger. "Don't tell the doctor, I gave you that." She whispers as if the dog can understand her.

Happily, Ranger gobbles the treat up and like magic, there is no evidence of anything. It's a secret.

After another moment, the doctor emerges from the back, looking about the same as he normally does, albeit this time with an AK-47 hanging on a sling from his right shoulder. Even moving out, he takes no chances. "Ah, I would say 'nice to see you again,'" he begins, "But it looks as though the conditions bringing you here are not, favorable."

Giving the dogs ear a rub, Kaylee straightens as Constantine enters the room, "No no.. it is nice to see you again, Dr. Filatov. I was a bit worried you might have finally got off the island." She offers him a bright smile, if a bit embarrassed. "Sorry it has to be more of a professional call."

Kaylee holds her injured left foot out before her, balancing on the crutch. "Been volunteering some time out at the Summer Meadows project. Had some punk kids try to drop a huge banner on my head.. Some of the other works tried to pull me out of the way.. and well.. landed on my foot wrong. I don't think it's anything serious, but people I'm staying with insisted I get it looked at." Her words trail off and she adds quickly. "If your able.. I know you've been packing and all."

Constantine offers a half-serious shrug. "I can always look," he says, "My eyes haven't gone yet. And luckily, I still have a table left. Up." When the pettings stop, Ranger settles back down on the floor to resume his nap.

"Thank you." Kaylee quips lightly, grabbing the other crutch and gimping her way over to the table. Taking a moment to lean the crutches on the wall, Kaylee comments. "So how is the real estate search going? Any promising places?" Balancing on one foot, she turns her back to the table, pressing both hands on it and hops up to sit, sliding back a bit to get comfortable. She leans down to start unlacing her boot as she adds. "You seem pretty close to being all packed up."

"If you look in the right places, not so bad." For the moment, Constantine is content to unslung his rifle and place it on a short bookshelf behind him. Safe, but not far out of reach. "I have a place, at least, to store my equipment. I'm not sure if I'll stay there, but it's better than nothing, certainly. I take it there hasn't been much swelling, if you can wear a boot over it."

"I can't lace the boot as tight, but not real bad… hurts to walk on it and it's been a couple of days." Kaylee offers as she lets the boot drop on the floor, with a clatter. There is a bit of a grimace as she tries to carefully move the foot, "Plus… I don't exactly get a lot of footwear options." She sounds more amused then anything. "Like I said.. probably nothing.. but people get worried." She offers him a bit of a lop-sided smile, while she rubs lightly at the ankle.

As doctor's are wont to do, Constantine inspects Kaylee's ankle visually, experimentally pokes it in a couple places, and carefully tests its range of motion. "And you did ice it when it was injured, correct?" he asks, although whether she did or not is irrelevant at this time; nothing broken, nothing that won't heal with time and some light stretching. He doesn't exactly wait for her to answer his question, either, but launches right into the treatment, speeding up the flow of time for her injury, and like magic, several days needed for recovery shrinks down to… well, not zero, but a heck of a lot less time than needed originally. "How's that feel now?"

"Umm… not… right away." Kaylee states sheepishly, "I didn't do anything right away, went back to the island first.. but they made me put it up after that. There was a doctor at Summer Meadows.. but" She grimaces a bit, "He doesn't exactly think much of me, so I figure I'd stay away." Fascinated, she watches him curiously. His question gets a lift of her brows and she slowly rotates the foot. "Much much better.. Still stiff and a little tweak if I move it too much, but wow." She gives him a bright smile. Then her eyes narrow a bit thoughtfully as they drop to her ankle, toes wiggling some. "What did you do?" She asks without thinking, as it's her nature.

"Magic," is Constantine's answer, "Stay on the crutches for the rest of today, take an anti-inflammatory tonight before bed, have some protein with dinner, no more ice. You can try walking on it tomorrow, but I would recommend the crutches for one more day. A warm bath with epsom salts will be good for it." To ensure, absolutely, that Kaylee understands the next bit, he forces points his finger at her. "No. Running, of any sort, for at least four days."

"Magic, huh?" Kaylee gives him a highly amused look, but the point is not pressed… she at least knows better. Instead she gives a nod to each point, grinning at the running comment. "That shouldn't be too hard…. unless someone decides to try and drop something on me again." She attempts to keep her tone bland, despite the grin. "But yes, sir.. I shall follow your orders to the letter… though the epsom salts might be a bit difficult.. I'll see what I can get my hands on."

Glancing at her foot again she gives it another gentle wiggle. "This is great.. I can still do painting for the reconstruction project." There is relief at that thought, her shoulders slumping a bit with it. "You.. are a life savor as always Dr. Filatov."

"What do I owe you?" Kaylee asks as she moves to slide off the table, to retrieve her boot, being careful not to step on the injured one.

Constantine thinks for a moment; does she owe him nothing? No such luck. "Well, Ranger and I need to eat at some point tonight. We'll say… twenty dollars?" Not much more than an insurance co-pay. And a lot less of a hassle, too. Dr. Filatov, you will be missed.

"Only twenty huh?" Leaning on the table,Kaylee carefully pulls her boot back on. "I can do that.. gimme a second." She came prepared to pay, she doesn't expect it otherwise. Boot tugged into place, she doesn't bother to tie the laces, just tucking them in the boot. "Okay…" She straightens and reaches into her pocket and extracts a twenty, offering it to him. "I appreciate your assistance. You'll let me know where you move too?" She asks with a slight tilt of her head. "You I don't have to worry about you sneaking a blood test or something. Plus, I like your dog." A glance going to the dog sprawled out. "He's a great host."

The bit about sneaking a blood test may not be true, but damned if Constantine is going to point that out. "Of course," he says instead, "After all, your organization seems to be in short supply of doctors, and I expect that on the mainland, I won't have the same supply of patients that I do here. Maybe someone will try to drop a banner on you again." He doesn't sound very serious about that last part. Not very. "Remember, no running."

"We are.. So I'll make sure to recommend you to whoever I can." Kaylee says with a smile, reaching over to pull the crutches close and fit them inher her arm. "So make sure I know, hmm?" She comments softly, as she starts making her awkward way to the door. "Alright.. I'll get out of your hair." She stops by the resting bulldog and dips down to give his side a quick rub. "Don't let him work you too hard, Ranger." She comments, grinning at the owner, before making for the door. "I promise, no running."

With a nod and a wave, Constantine sees Kaylee off, although actually leaving is still up to her. "Have a good night."

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