No Two Weeks Notice


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Scene Title No Two Weeks Notice
Synopsis Quinn gives Melissa a break, then takes one of her own.
Date January 7, 2011


Outside of the small office at the back of the building that houses Tartarus, it's business as usual. A normal Friday night, which means it's absolutely packed, it's loud as hell, and the alcohol is flowing fast and easy. Inside the office, however, is a woman who has been holing herself up several hours a day more thna usual, trying to get work out of the way in order to leave for a week without keeping important business waiting.

And it's taking a toll.

Who likes being holed up doing paperwork, after all? Not Mel. Which shows in the wrinkled brow as she alternately checks papers, taps on the laptop keyboard, answers the phone or scans spreadsheets. Not fun at all. So when there's a rap on her door signaling that someone wants to talk to her, she replies too quickly, "Come in!"

THe door creaks open, and the person that steps in may not immediately be recognisable to Melissa. But then, cutting one's hair short, dying it, and dressing to match ninstead of in colourful corsets might do that. Adorned in what looks a black, somewhat lacy and frilly (and assuredly cold) shirt) shirt, what almost looks like a business jacket slung over her shoulder and a dark grey skirt coming to her ankles, RObyn Quinn might look better dressed for a fancy dinner service. Or a funeral.

"Hey Melissa," she greets with a weak smile. "Jesus, you look busy. I feel bad for interruptin'," she continues, looking around the office. Unfortuantely, what she has to talk about can't exactly walk. "But, uh… we kinda need t' talk."

It takes a moment, but then Melissa's brows lift. "Quinn? Like the hair. And don't be. I needed a break. Just trying to get all of this shit taken care of so I can leave on monday. What's up though?" she asks, nodding towards the couch in front of her.

"Well… this may not be the best break ever," Quinn replies with a bit of a nervous laugh,already off to an auspicious start. Her hands search for pockets slip into, but failing to find any she takes a seat on the couch and pulls black cloves out of the pocket of her coat, slipping them on. "Did I tell you about the job offer I got?"

Job offer? Melissa sighs then shakes her head, grabbing for her coffee cup, which has more Irish than Coffee in it, and that she takes a big sip of. "No, but I'm guessing that you've decided to accept it and that you're quitting here. How close is my guess?" she asks, putting the cup down and exchanging it for a cigarette.

"Not entirely right," Quinn notes, quirking an eyebrow - but pretty close, and Quinn tries to hide a visable wince when Melissa gets it right so quickly. "You remember the woman who bought me at the date auction? Kristen?" The Irishwoman slouches a bit in her seat, though her gaze stays on Melissa. "She offered me a job at Studio K working in production and shows and stuff. You know, on top of my music stuff, so I'll probably end up working in the radio division." Which means, yes, she did take it. "But… I don't really know if that's my thing or not, so I made Kristen agree to a bit of a trial period, or no sale. Which… she did agree to. But aprt a' the terms are I can't work anywhere else for the trial period." And she doesn't know about after, but she'll cross that bridge when she comes to it. "Considering I've barely been around lately… I dunno. I feel really bad about it, but I think this is something I need t' see through."

At the mention of Studio K, Melissa's expression darkens. "Do not mention that studio to me," she nearly snarls. "If I had my way that whole place would go up in flames with the exception of Kincaid. But if you wanna quit to go work elsewhere, I can't stop you. When's your last day?" she asks, picking up a stack of papers and turning her gaze to them.

There's a curious look from Quinnm her head tilting as she regards Melissa. "What did-" And she stops, raises a hand and shaking ehr head, as if to say nevermind. "I don't want t' quir, I love it here. An' I may be back after a month, I don't really know how all a' this is going t; work out. But like I said… this is something I need to see through. It just feels right to give it a shot, like if this goes well it could be the bridge I need t' the stars." She sighs a bit, quirking her lips side t' side. "I dunno. I kinda wish I could work soemthing out, but I'm running out of favours and I've already been gone from here for too long. But technically, I signed on right before Christmas. I think technically, I'm supposed t' allready have quit. But I've barely been in townthe last two weeks."

"Fine," Melissa says abruptly, continuing to look over the papers rather than looking at Quinn. "You can pick up your last paycheck anytime after Monday. I won't be here though. At least if I can find a babysitter for next week. Good luck with the new job. I'm sure the devil is a much better boss than me anyway." Wow. Catty Mel is catty.

Wow, what's that all about? Quinn wrinkles her nose at that, shifting uncomfortably in her seat. "You know it's not the last time I'll be here if I can help it," she says, tyring to be reassuring. "Even if I stay there, I'll be around here when I can. That's why I said I don't like quitting." SHe rolls her shoulders a bit, looking off to the side. "Where are you going? I hope it's somewhere fun. You could always get my roommate t' babysit. She's done it for Delilah. You've met Elaine, right?" Quinn can't remember off the top of her head, despite the fact that Elaine's been to several Tartarus functions.

"Yeah, I've met Elaine. She has the bad taste to be dating Magnes," Melissa says, nodding slightly. "Will you ask her for me? Junie's a good kid, and I really need this trip. It's to Hawaii. A friend is going with me, and another friend asked that I take some time away."

"Well, they broke up back in November, so that's one less thing t' worry about there," Quinn says with a bit of a grin. "I'll definitely ask her when I get back home, I'll have 'er call you. An' hey, Hawaii! That sounds… hot. But I'm sure it'll be fun. GOin' with anyone I know?"

"Yeah, well, it'll be getting me away from the cold here," Melissa mutters, jerking her shoulder in a shrug. "And I don't know. Do you know Perry Jones? I don't think he's been into Tartarus, but there are plenty of other ways to meet people."

PErry Jones. Perry Jones… "That name's familar, where have I…" She tilts her head back, looking up at the scieling as sthinks. And takes it a moment, but something comes to her. "Oh. I think I remember a guy comin' in t' Tartarus once with a name like that. Pericles? Somethin' weird, only reason I remember it probably. I think he was lookin' for you. I guess so, if you're goin' t' Hawaii with 'im!"

"Yeah, that's him, though you'll never catch me calling him Pericles," Melissa says, nodding and continuing to look over the paperwork. "He's worried about me or something so he asked to come with."

"Well, you have been working a lot, from the looks of it. I mean, I jsut took a vacation that I needed." One that wasn't to some island north of the city, at least, even if Quinnw as due for another visit to Pollepel soon. "Couldn't hurt. At least you're goin' t' someplace fun." Or at least, so Quinn's heard.

"Yeah, well, that happens when you have two jobs, a baby, on top of trying to give the evolved community rights that they don't have and should," Melissa says, shrugging and putting down the papers, switching instead to her computer.

"Yeah. You need a vacation," Quinn says with an amicable laugh. "Maybe hire an assistant t' handle some a' that shit. Sounds like way more than I c ould handle." Hell, she can barely handle everything going on at the moment as it is!

"I don't have enough money for an assistant. And half the shit I need one for I'd have to get someone I trusted entirely anyway." And from the tone of Melissa's voice, there are few she trusts that much anymore. "But the trip will hopefully help. It's a Christmas present to a friend anyway."

Quinn grimaces a bit, sighing. "Well, that's good, at least." She lets out a loud yawn, before rising back to her feet. Her coat is settled back on her shoulders, and there's a moment of pause before her hand reaches down into her pocket and pulls out a buned CD in a claer jewel case. "Oh, here. This is for you." She places it on the table in front of Melissa, a weak gin on her face. "I expect you t' buy that when it comes out." Which, actually… "That reminds me. You're open t' this place as a concert venue, right?"

"I had you guys play when we first opened, didn't I?" Melissa asks, taking the CD, glancing at it, and tucking it safely away in the top draw of her desk. "Your band wanting another gig or something?"

"No," Quinn sya with a bit of a broadening smile. "Me. Well. And part a' the band, but it's my gig." She points at the CD as it's tucked away. "It's almost done. Those are the unmastered tracks t' my EP. LIke I said, I epext you t' buy it when I have the CD release party. I'm thinkin' about havin' it either here or The Rock Cellar. Depends on a few things."

Now Melissa does look at Quinn, one brow arching. "The Rock Cellar? Why in the fuck would you have it there and not here?" Is she offended? Maybe just a little.

"Because I live above it," Quinn responds with a shrug. "I don't even know when it'll be yet, a lotta things are still up in the air. So, it's an option, so's Tartarus."

"Pfft. The Rock Cellar won't get you as good press as this place will, but whatever," Melissa says, shrugging. "Let me know."

"I'll keep that in mind," Quinn replies with a bit fo a grin, hand slipping back into her coat. "We should hang out when you get back, though. We haven't really done that in God knows how long."

"Yeah, well. Like I said, been busy," Melissa says with a shrug. "Take it easy, Quinn. And good luck."

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