Northern Roosevelt Island
Northern Roosevelt Island

The northern end of Roosevelt Island has seen its fair share of troubles in the years since the bomb. Most notable is the visible crater of concrete just on the other side of the East River river in Long Island City. What residents will remember was once the Consolidated Edison Power Plant was destroyed in early 2009 by terrorists, signaling the destruction of Roosevelt Island's electrical grid. Only a handful of industries on the island were able to maintain operations in light of this destruction, among which were the Coler-Goldwater Hospital whose complex dominates the northern end of the island until it tapers out towards the picturesque landscape of the Lighthouse Park.

The northern portion of Roosevelt Island is by and large the most spacious, occupied by the dominant Main Street that runs like vital artery down the middle of the island's struggling market district. With the reconstruction of the electrical infrastructure and construction of the Suresh Center on the south side of the island, there is considerable effort to rebuild and revive the businesses and residences here.

A visible landmark of the northern side of Roosevelt Island is the distinct blue-gray stone of a facility known as the "Octagon", formerly a derelict mental institution turned into a luxurious residential building.

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