Not A Company Trap


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Scene Title Not A Company Trap
Synopsis Ryans sits down with Abby to discuss a few matters, mainly Darren Stevens and 'the' list retrieved from Darryl Lincoln's apartment.
Date July 25, 2010

The Nite Owl

For once it is Benjamin Ryans that is waiting for Abby to show up at their typical meeting place and join him at their normal booth. He sits straight on his side of the booth, hands clasped around a tan mug of coffee. His fedora rests to one side of him on the table, covering a small manilla folder, his suit jacket unbuttoned for comfort.

He sits quietly, watching the door of the establishment, though his thoughts are turned inward. A lot has happened since the two of them met, she might be surprised at some of it… or she might not. Today was going to be interesting.

She's late, not normally so, coming in through door after Ryans could see her pulling up in her SUV. Parking something this big in the city was always a chore, but there she is. Half her uniform on, apparently on call it would seem. Doesn't take her long to locate Ryan's table, parking her rear across from the company agent with an expectant look on her face.

"How are you today Agent Ryans? Family all well?"

A corner of the older man's mouth tilts up as she settles across from him. "Better then I was the last time I saw you." A hand brushed a the sleeve of his suit jacket shirt to show that only a tint of yellow remains. "And while Lucille is still on the war path, I finally talked to Delia." The smile fades a little. "She… is going through a rough patch. It would take too much to explain right now, and I don't want to keep you too long.

"I'll start with the worst of the news. Doctor Stevens is gone." The words come out flat, brows dipping down slightly. "While we have an idea of where he went ans who took him, well… " a hand leaves the mug in a helpless gesture, "the people that took him covered their tracks very well. Even the security tapes are missing."

No. "Oh lord" Her hand pulls away from where she was checking out the bruises on his arm that were quickly becoming faded memories. "Institute then. After we tried so hard to keep him out of their hands. Benjamin, he can ressurect. He can bring people back from the dead" The tweezed slender brows crimp down, down, down. "He got made by the President to bring his baby brother back to life after he'd been dead half an hour. I mean, that's just one part of his ability but.. it's not something that he advertised last I knew"

"I am aware of his ability… And I know for the fact they are using him for such." Ryans sighs softly, he glances over at his hat and reaches over to extract the file folder from under it. "There isn't much we can do to get him back either… or at least not the Company.

"Few days ago, they tried to take another of our targets." He opens the file and extracts a single photo, "What I am going to show you… for the moment is for your eyes only." Just one look at his face means he's deadly serious. Then gently he lay the photo on the table turns it towards her and slides it across.

It's a photo of window and the list of names, not easily readable, but the important ones she will see: Joesph Sumter and Gillian Childs. "This photo was taken in the apartment of a man who is a lead in one of ours cases."

"I'll keep what I see to myself then" She promises, taking the picture from him, fingers pinning it to the table top as she looks at it. Names, names, names… "Joseph Sumter, he's a pastor. Church burned down and he's a pre-cognitive. Networks managed to find out that he was the one, in tandem with Gillian" Gillians name is tapped "and who knows who else, caused the visions that everyone saw. Not that he can normally do that, normally you gotta touch him you see, but Gillians an augmentor and when you get a hold of her, what you can do can supercede anything you've done before with an ability. I'd likely.. oh.. I dunno, burn much hotter, maybe ignite the atmosphere if I was up high. Maybe. She's still missing"

"What you see there is a list of Institute kidnapping targets." He scoots forward on his bench, pushing his mug aside so he can taps at others. "Only reason I know is cause of you and Sawyer telling me they were in their custody. Had I not known that.. this list would mean nothing." He settles back studying her. "One of their agents withing DHS showed up and saw it.

"While one of my agents was picking up this man up and bringing him in — he's not a suspect, only has a lead in the case — an Institute van rammed into my agents car and ran her off the road." Benjamin doesn't even try to hide the anger in his voice. "I and another agent only just got there in time to stop them and… take him off their hands.

"Needless to say. Things have just gotten hairy, but… he's valuable. The reason I'm telling you this." He opens the file again and places a hand written note on top of the photo. Reading: Parmenter, Theresa/1062 Cedar Drive S New York NY/7282010

"This is their next target. I don't have any information on her, but now that we know… she needs to be help. I'm hoping you might know someone that can get to her before they do." Clearly, the company agent is concerned. "If not, I'll get what few people I trust to deal with it, but I can already tell you Messiah has it's hands too full."

"Messiah's busy on other things" He knows how she knows. "I can bring this up to the appropriate people in the Ferry, see if we can't get someone to help this … Theresa" The note is taken up, tucked away after a glance. "Do you know her ability? So that we can be prepared. I'll let you know if we can't do something. If she doesn't want to go Benjamin, we can't make her. Can only offer her a chance to escape"

It hits her that maybe the others might not like it. "This isn't a trap right? Because if I bring this to the others in the Ferry and it's.. a trap…"

"I will go with whoever it is, if you are worried." Ryans sighs softly, "I have maybe… two… maybe three agents I can trust. One isn't really made for this kind of work." Reaching over he slides the picture back. "I know trust is a problem… so I knew it was a long shot. Like I said, I would be willing to go with whoever. I don't know if it'll end up an Institute trap… but it's not a Company trap.

"If you doubt me… about the incident… talk to Rebel, he assisted in the death of four of the Institute's men and was present… in a way… when I was talking to the man in the apartment." He gives a little waves of his hand, "Not that I know how much your lot trusts Rebel." He reaches over to pulls his coffee back to him. "I don't exactly trust him either, but he had helped me twice."

"I don't know what our standing relationship is with Rebel, but I'm sure that i'll pass along the name to them as well. I'm sure that your willingness to help will likely help some in the smoothing things over department. Am I allowed to take this picture, or is there a way that you can get me a copy of it Benjamin? It might help, they might know the other names on this list as well or whatever else is in your folder"

Note tucked away safe, palms rest on the table.

"Don't suppose that you know of any police in Manhattan that might be amenable or willing to pretend on a registration test, that what's red, is really blue, on occasion, do you?"

"I can let you write down the names, but I don't have permission to hand off the photo, yet anyhow." His head shakes slowly, giving her an apologetic look. "Not because I don't trust you, cause I do… because if this photo ends up accidentally in the wrong hands. It could ruin whatever edge we have.

"They may not even hit that target now — or maybe they already have — because we have the name and the date of pick up… so if anything, maybe your people can keep an eye on her. They may choose a different place to pick her up. I just don't know." And that frustrated Ryans more then anything, mainly cause he doesn't know how Darryl's ability works. "It's a tricky situation."

"As for police contacts…" The Company agents eyes narrow slowly as he thinks. "I have none. Most of my contact has been with DHS members and none of them would I trust with it."

She can write down the names, that she can do. notepad in her purse and a pen, flipping past scribbled note of vital signs and names, allergy information, things she has to scribble while Peter's getting busy and she's taking the immediate history. A blank page is found and she's writing down the details on the list in the picture.

"Don't suppose I can take a picture of the picture? or of the list in the picture?" It's a long shot but she can try. The negative on anyone in DHS or cops that can look the other way on registration is taken with a nod. To be expected. It was an off chance that there might be someone they knew.

There is a small shake of his head about the picture of the picture. "I can't risk it, yet." Ryans pauses for a moment to take a sip of his coffee. "This right now is my shield. They can't touch us on this without having to admit to the kidnappings. Though life will get very difficult in other ways, unfortunately.

"But with hope if we have a way to know who they are going to pick up, we can curtail the kidnappings for a time… at least until they find a way around what we have." The assistant-director hopes it'll be for sometime.

"Understandable Benjamin" No picture of the pictures. Though yeah, that would have fallen under a copy of them. "Anything else? While you have me pinned down, I got a million things on my plate right now, but… if you need anything else, let me know?" She looks like she has a million things too on her plate.

"I believe that's all you can do for me." Ryans sighs softly, setting his mug aside and takes up the photo to put in the file. "I appreciate you seeing me. There is no knowing how long Bennet will keep me waiting. This incident with the Institute may have shortened the time table, and this mater couldn't wait for him to decide to grace me with his presence.

"Have a good day, Abby and do not forget to rest. You look like you could some." Not that the Senior Agent looks any better.

"When I see Mister Bennet again, I'll prod him. But he moves at his own pace and goes as he will. Super ninja Noah" Abby makes spooky motions with her hands, pushing herself up from the seat and dropping a couple ones on the table to make up for not ordering things. 'Take care, god bless and I'll try. No promises"

Towards the door she heads, digging up keys and taking a look at what she wrote as she goes. Lyentte. There's another name to add to the list. Gun hill.

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