Not a Factor


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Scene Title Not a Factor
Synopsis Messiah has a reunion, a new family member, and some complications.
Date April 06, 2011

Confucius Plaza — Nadira's Apartment

Nadira's apartment is very well kept. The entryway leads into an open living room, where two matching green couches sit 90 degrees from each other around a black coffee table that looks like it might have been bought at an antique store. The walls of the apartment are rich in color, though they tend to stay in the darker hues, with several bookcases filled with books, most of which are on mythology from various different countries. There's a moderate sized TV with a small collection of DVDs under it, though the thing doesn't appear to be used very often. Of all the rooms, the bedroom is most decorated and complete, with a rich, almost muddy dark red on the walls and a bedspread with almost a quilt-like pattern of black, red, and gold. The four-poster bed is complete with several yards of see-through black fabric which decoratively drape along the top without hanging down too far.

Even though they've just come back from a trip to Pollepel, Nadira's managed to clean the place up quite well. It's spotless. Griffin's a great help for cleaning (who else can get cobwebs from up so high and have so many extra hands to do things all at once), but it was mostly the Egyptian who had cleaned everything to perfection. Having dashed down the street to grab the Chinese food, by the time they got back, Nadira was already hungry. Which is why she was glad they got plenty of food.

"Do you think they would find me terribly rude if I started eating?" She asks Griffin, hands already scooping a large portion of fried rice onto a plate.

Luckily all of the others show up in one big lump. Junie's been left with a non-Messiah babysitter, and the rest piled into the car and over to Nadira's place. And since it's the first time Mel's ever been to Nadira's place, she's brought a gift! (She loves giving gifts, doesn't she?) In this case it's a potted plant, lavender, so it'll make the place smell really nice! And up to Nadi's door they go, Mel rapping on the door before glancing to Devon. "Nadi's good people. Was one of my bartenders. Griff's not too bad either, and was a bouncer, until he had to lay low," she murmurs to him, giving him the rundown.

Yay for field trips! And this one isn't taking Devon out of the city as far as he knows. Despite having to ride in the back seat, the teenager was almost happy puppy like to be going somewhere other than work or home or work related errands. Almost, defined as in less reserved and a little more talkative than he usually is. Of course, that all changed come arriving at the destination.

With hands thrust into the pockets of his blue jeans, since he's not at work the suit and tie has been shunned for hoodie and blue jeans, the teenager once again resumed the more quiet and contemplative persona. Devon glances toward Melissa as she speaks, listening to the brief explanations of the two residing beyond the door. A small nod follows as his eyes turn toward the entryway once more.

Griffin helped out as much as Nadira would let him. When his pregnant fiancee expressed a desire for food, Griffin quickly ducked in and out of the Chinese restaurant, avoiding view for the most part. Being able to climb out of a window and traverse the rooftops is a definite advantage when you need to not be seen. Which Griffin has gotten good at, these days.

"I don't think they'll mind in the slightest." Griffin chuckles softly as Nadira begins to scoop herself some food, hanging back to let her have first dibs on the food.

While Nadira is usually quite happy to assert her independence, claiming she doesn't need any help, don't get between a woman eating for two and her food. As the knock comes, she looks up from her plate before she hands it to Griffin. "Fill that up with everything," she comments before she's scurrying for the door.

Peeking out cautiously, through the peep hole, the door is unlocked and opened as soon as she sees familiar faces. She beams. "There's Chinese food in there on the table. It's one of the perks of living in the area, come in and help yourselves."

Perry does a fine job of looking grave and purposeful when he stands before the door, ready to bring his revolutionary zeal and partisan resolve to bear tonight. But when the ever lovely Nadira answers the door, smiling so brightly, he has a hard time keeping it up. He lapses into a smile of his own, a little befuddled - what was this all about again?

Reuniting with friends, really, at least in the beginning stages. Camaraderie is of central importance, and Perry allows for his seriousness to fade in favor of a, "Thank you so- so much," with a little bow before he steps aside, letting Melissa and Devon enter first. Old fashioned New England breeding, there.

Melissa smiles. "Chinese? Excellent." And in she goes! She glances around before spotting the food and Griffin. "Hey Griff. Looks like you've managed to keep ahead of the bad guys," she says, smiling again. She nods towards Devon. "This is Devon. Very logical, has common sense, the zeal to do what needs done, and he's part of the family." She doesn't introduce Nadi and Griffin, but then, it's easy to tell which is which, and she's mentioned both names already!

A polite nod is offered to Nadira once the door is opened, and Mel leading the way inside has Devon inevitably following. He glances toward Perry in passing then turns his attention on the realm beyond the door. "Hey," he offers in general, brows arching up a little while his eyes scope out the room. It's when his attention goes to Griffin that his eyes narrow in some form of cognizance. Whatever his thoughts, the teenager keeps them shelved and out of sight.

As Nadira opens the door, Griffin is obliging, and everything is being piled onto Nadira's plate in plentiful portions. He's more than happy to let Nadira eat to her heart's content after the nightmarish boat ride back to the mainland. Boats and pregnant women don't tend to mix too well. Now that her appetite is back, he'll give her as much as she likes.

As the others enter, he raises a faint smile to the trio, brows raising. "Perry, Melissa." He chuckles faintly, dipping his head toward the pair. Then, green eyes turn toward Devon, the man raising his brows as recognition crosses his features. After a moment, he offers Devon the same faint smile he offered to Perry and Mel, albeit less friendly and more reserved. "Nice to meet you, Devon."

The Egyptian woman's greeting to Devon is certainly warmer her counterpart's, and Nadira offers him a genuine smile. "Welcome," she offers, letting them all trail in before she shuts and locks the door. Can never be too safe! Her hands adjust her shirt, a mental note taken in regards to buying some new clothing. Her gaze goes to her plate of food (oh, and Griffin too) and she heads in that direction, accepting the plate from him with a kiss on his cheek.

"Devon was with us under the Dome," Perry states, putting forth the young man's achievements - Griffin isn't wrong to be wary, you can't be too safe, it's true - for consideration, "he fought alongside us. He was even captured by Humanis First. He's dedicated himself to the cause," a pause here, "B- but I'm being very- uh- very grave, aren't I? We- we should eat then-," he pats a messenger bag that hangs from his shoulder, "I have something to- uh- to discuss."

Melissa tries to help ease the bit of tension, slinging an arm loosely around Devon's shoulders and grinning. "Yeah, he's a good guy. Trust him as much as I trust Perry." Though it's Perry she gives the gooey, almost sappy smile to. But then she's releasing Devon and heading towards the food.

No smile for Griffin, just the same reservations reflected in the teenager's own visage. Perry's speaking for him draws another nod, and Melissa's efforts relieve some of the tension. "Pleasure to meet you both," he says quietly, remaining near the door. "Thanks for letting us come over."

The man smiles faintly, offering Nadira a kiss on the cheek in return as he hands off the food. Then, he turns his eyes back toward Devon, brows raising faintly. A small nod is cast toward the younger man, before Griffin is looking back to Melissa and Perry. "Glad to have you on the team. Welcome to the family." Don't mind Griffin, he's difficult to get close to.

Then, he's serving up food for the three newcomers; he'll serve himself last. He notices the sappy smile that Mel offers, glancing between the pair as he piles some lo mein onto a plate and offering it to Melissa first. "We can discuss over dinner, I'm sure." This is said with a friendly tone to his voice.

Settling in on the couch, Nadira is already digging into her food as politely she can without shoveling it in. Peering back over at the others, she looks intent. "No need to push off business, we can talk it over dinner, yeah."

Perry isn't all that hungry, mostly because he's been going over the plans he's forming, the pitch he has to make. Still, he acquires a drink of water and settles in, beginning to tug papers free from his messenger bag, drawing out diagrams and, after some consideration, getting up and placing them on the floor, flat. "It's- well, it's what you suggested, Griffin," he says, tapping one amalgam of print outs, linked together by clear tape, internet acquired info - the schematics for an armored truck, "I- uh- I think I know how we can tip it quickly and- uh- cleanly."

Melissa sits down and has no problem digging into her food. Neatly, of course. She doesn't look too surprised at Perry's words though, and more glances over Nadira and Griffin's faces, judging their reactions.

Devon takes a plate for himself, mostly to be polite. While picking at the selection on his plate, he looks over at the papers as Perry lays them out. He's not terribly surprised, far more curious to be honest.

Finally serving himself some food, Griffin settles in on the couch next to Nadira, picking up his fork and beginning to dig in to his own food. Cleaning is difficult, and works up an appetite! Meanwhile, eyes are set on Perry, the man allowing a brow to pop up on his forehead, wrinkling it. "Do we have the manpower? This is something…this will mean trouble, if not done properly."

A bite of his meal is taken. "I've been working amongst the Ferry in the months since Marjorie's death." he mentions Marjorie with a sort of reverence; he still holds her memory dear to his heart. He supposes it won't be too much of a stretch, to do this, though recent developments have him wondering. "We've done a few things of this sort." He nods toward Perry, indicating for the man to continue.

The Egyptian glances towards Perry's diagrams, spearing a piece of sweet and sour chicken as she looks intent. Nadira peers back at Perry after a moment. "Alright, what've we got to do?" There's no questioning in her voice. Her eyes go back to Griffin. "Sometimes a small team is better, if you want to do it quiet."

Perry settles into a crouch over the diagrams. "Well- uh- I- uh- have been considering how all our unique gifts might- uh- be leveraged in this situation," he says, glancing up at the faces of the others, "my- uh- my initial thought hinges on- uh- your ability, Griffin." He catches the telekenetic's gaze then turns to indicate the wheel axles of the truck. "Could- uh- could you bend these? Enough to force- to force the truck to stop?"

Melissa stares at Griffin before she laughs. "The Ferry? Do something like this? They must've gotten someone with balls in the hot seat instead of the fuckers who just wanna sacrifice kids for the cause." And grinning, she nods at Nadira. "Smaller can be better. Too much can go wrong with you have large groups of people."

Eyes lifting to move about at the others gathered, Devon merely observes. As his his habit, he'll speak up when he's ready and has something to say. He pushes a bit of food around his plate with a fork, more interested in the discussion than eating.

Griffin tips his head toward Perry; his eyes briefly flash white, and the papers lift up, floating in front of him as he quietly spears a piece of his lo mein, chewing thoughtfully. "A lot depends, really." He tips his head toward the man. "Speed, the methods we're using, whether it's strike from a chosen point, or converge on the armored truck." He peers thoughtfully at the diagrams, before returning them to their spot, one brow raised. A glance to Melissa, and a smile is offered. "Benjamin Ryans." That's all that needs to be said in that realm.

"Trust me, I'm more experienced with smaller groups and stealth… much, much easier. Sure, make them think you have more than you do, but… a lot of danger with big groups," Nadira agrees, tapping her chin as she continues to look at the papers. She scoops up some fried rice, falling silent again.

Perry dips his head, standing to move next to Griffin as he lifts the diagram to him. "See," he points at the axles, then the tires themselves, "I was thinking our access point could be- uh- up through a manhole. We put up some- uh- delay, stop them long enough for you, positioned under, to make them immobile. They- uh- they should be stationary over the entrance so you could- uh- act with some precision, unseen."

The muddy eyed young man turns his gaze to Nadira. "I- uh- I would want you there with him, under the truck. Using- uh- native water and whatever we need to bring, I- uh," he kneels back down, grabs another diagram, this one detailing the lock mechanism on the truck's door. "I- uh- don't know how universal or up to date these are. It's uh- hard information to get. But I was- uh- hoping you could either break the lock with water pressure, or pick it clean."

Now Devon. "I'd- I'd want you on lookout, and the radios. Staying clear of trouble unless- uh- unless trouble comes down on us. I'll cover with my rifle and," he nods at Melissa, "Mel can- uh- can keep watch by the road to- uh- to disable the guards if they try to interfere, and then to grab the contents and slide them under the truck for Nadira and Griffin to transport to safety."

The name has Melissa mmming softly. "Yeah, a guy who'd go into space and work for the Company wouldn't have a problem with a little armed robbery," she agrees, nodding. She looks back to Perry and smiles. "It's what I'm best at. So count me in."

Devon nods, lookout is something he can do easily. Even if he'd rather be getting his hands dirty. Leveling his attention to Perry, he nods again. "You got it. How soon are we looking to do this?"

A long glance is cast toward Nadira. Griffin worried about this part. The white fades from his eyes as he turns back to the diagrams, a frown creasing his features. "You can probably count me in, but I—" He glances back to Nadira, suddenly quite unsure of what to say. But he looks rather conflicted over this. Reluctant to say why he is so hesitant, he just frowns at his fiancee.

He'll let her break it to them. Unless she doesn't, then he will.

"Mm, well, I will see if I can practice a bit. Lock picking wasn't my expertise but… I did plenty of it back in Egypt," Nadira murmurs, studying the diagram carefully. "I'm hoping it's similar to this. We may need to make sure there is more time if it's different than this." Her gaze flashes to Griffin quickly, eyes narrowed just a little. "I'm in."

Griffin's hesitation is no small concern. Perry frowns as he look up at the other man. "Is- is there something I- uh- I'm not aware of?" he inquires, "I- uh- I would appreciate knowing your- uh- your state of mind, Griffin." A glance towards Nadira - she'd know, wouldn't she? "I- I need you for this, Griffin. I promise, what we take won't be wasted."

The hesitation has Melissa glancing between Griffin and Nadira, before she looks back at Perry, arching a brow. A shrug later, and she's watching the couple again.

Leveling a look on Griffin and Nadira, Devon watches, still silent. Absently he sets his plate aside, onto some surface that looks like it won't topple soon or easily.

Griffin frowns at Nadira for a long moment. Nope, not going to happen, baby momma. An almost apologetic look is offered to his fiancee, before the hook-nosed man turns to peer up at Perry. He's quiet for a moment, clearing his throat like he does when he's nervous or got something to say. "Yes, there is something that you should be aware of."

He clears his throat again. "Nadira is pregnant."

"It is not a factor," Nadira says, promptly. "It isn't affecting my abilities or slowing me down in ways that would make me a liability." She shakes her head. "I am in for this." She peers towards Griffin intently.

Yes that… is a new development. Perry steals a surprised look at Melissa, a search for concurrent confusion. The lean young man looks back to Griffin, head dipping already. "I'm- I'm sorry, I didn't know," which of course was just the problem - his eyes cut to Nadira, and slowly he manages a smile through his shame. "Congratulations," a look to Griffin again, "to both of you." He offers his hand to shake. Again, that breeding.

Melissa blinks at the announcement, and tilts her head. "Uh…" Is she scooting her chair back a little? Yeah, she most definitely is. And the 'uh' seems to be as verbose as she's getting right now.

Devon half-points toward Griffin, looking at Perry. "I'm with him on this." Far be it for him, of all people, to say who should risk their life for a cause. But there's more at stake than just Nadira's well-being. "If things go wrong? I'm not just speaking hormones, but she's carrying a baby. Born or not, that's like bringing a child into the mix anyway."

An appreciative smile is offered toward Perry. Griffin frowns over at Nadira. "It is a factor, Nadira." He shakes his head slowly. "It's not just about you, Nadira. You're more than capable, and I'll be the first to admit as much. But…" He gestures toward her belly. "What about our little one?" A glance is cast toward Devon, the man relaxing just a little. Okay, the kid is okay, he'll grant him that. "If you get hurt, it's not just you who could be at risk…"

Nadira's not eating now, arms folded over her chest. "It is not as if I am waddling around or fragile. Isn't the point in this operation to be stealthy? It is not as if I am going to sit around in my apartment for nine months and do nothing. My job with this is not strenuous. If everyone is doing their job, then this shouldn't be a problem."

This is a thicket Perry had not intended to stumble into, and while he appreciates Devon being willing to weigh in- he needs his lock picker. Perry watches the dispute unfold, a conflict born of protectiveness - a virtuous enough reason. He laces his hands together, tapping his index fingers tip to tip. "I- I can't decide on this," he says, "one way or another. I can't- uh- can't insist she come, of course. But I- I can't deny her a place if she wishes to come." He gives Melissa another look, a quick need of reassurance, is he handling this right? "Nadira… do you need to- uh- to talk to Griffin about this more, first?"

At the look from Perry, Melissa reaches over, to give his hand a reassuring squeeze and a warm smile. Then she looks back to Nadira and Griffin. "Not to sound heartless, but this? Is your issue. Like Perry said, we can't decide on this. So you two talk it over, come to a decision," she says, backing him up. "Any sane person knows not to get in the middle of a couple's argument. Especially when that couple is evolved," she adds, smiling to take some of the sting out of her first words.

Devon's never claimed to be sane, at least not in recent days, and still looks like he might press his point. But instead he takes cues from Perry and Melissa and withholds further comment. Though his stance on the topic is still plain in his expression, with thinned lips and a small frown. His attention turns back to the printouts, hands returning to his pockets.

The telekinetic frowns, shaking his head and raising a hand to rub at the bridge of his nose. One hand is held up toward the trio of visitors, an apologetic gesture. Then, he glances toward Nadira. "If there's one thing I've learned in the past, it's to never hold absolute stock in a plan. It never goes exactly the way you planned it. Even if they aren't expecting anything…something could go wrong, and probably will."

Nadira glances back towards Melissa. "Smart woman," she offers, though her glance goes back towards Griffin. "I didn't say I had absolute stock in the plan, what I am saying is that I know I am capable of this, and you need me for this." She sets her plate aside, letting out a deep breath. "Griffin, we will talk about this later. These people do not need to be around for this kind of a conversation." She looks back to the others. "My apologies."

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