Not A Game


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Scene Title Not A Game
Synopsis Something that Ash doesn't think Thalia understands, but she understands all to well.
Date May 6, 2010

Thalia's Home

She's been sitting in this condo for a few days and now it's time to leave. Dressed in a pair of dark jeans and a dark red sweater, the sleeves rolled up as her booted feet clunk on the floor of the place as she walks towards the couch to throw another item in her messenger bag.

Thalia returned to the city and moved into the condo just in time for the blizzard. She didn't even get a chance to call Abby or Katherine. Oh well, she'll see them soon.

Long wavy hair falls down past her shoulders and her baby blue eyes scan the place. It's home.. for now and she just wanted to get used to the place before she had to leave it. "Damnit." She says as she tugs on her fingerless gloves and makes to grab her heavy jacket.

Ash is in a grey tactical outfit. It's a smooth body glove with armored spots in the major areas, over his stomach and chest, biceps, thighs and knees and down part the way onto his calves. His feet are covered with a pair of thick tabi with firm rubber soles for gripping what he walks on. There are weapons on his outfit, but they're covered in the dark grey webbing that covers them completely from sight at the moment, but leaves them in easy reach. His face is obscured by a full mask with a pair of goggles over this eyes.
He has made his way up the fire escape of your building to one of your windows, then with a bit of deft wire work unlocked the window before sliding it up and slipping into the apartment. Wrapped around his right wrist is the only thing that doesn't blend with shadows, a red scarf, wrapped around like a bracelet might be. He looks about a moment, crouching in the corner of the living room, and watches as Thalia makes her way into the room, the man uttelry still. Then his voice is heard. "Don't panic, I won't hurt you. I've come with a message and an offer." Despite his statement, the man skirts along the wall in case she turns and throws a fireball or something like her sister could do.
Solstice: Thalia's Home

"Fuck." She breathes out and a knife is thrown at the man but when the man skirts to the side, she smirk and lifts a hand. That open window only helps what happens next. The wind currents in the condo pick up and then Ash would feel very strong winds pinning the man against the wall.

She walks fast over to the knife embedded in the wall and she wrenches it free. Taking a closer look, Thalia then backs away before leaning against the couch. "You have five mintues.. five minutes to tell me who the fuck you are and why in the hell you think it's okay for you to just walk into my home."

Eyes narrowed as she studies the man, that expression.. it's so.. Isabelle.

Ash is not a normal human though, the man is incredibly strong, and he steps away from the wall, eyeing Thalia evenly, not that she can see a hint of his face behind his mask. Unless she can summon gale force winds right there in the apartment, which would be a bad idea, she won't have the strength to keep him pinned to the wall.
Ash does not reach for any weapons, instead he crosses his arms over his chest and settles his goggle covered eyes upon her. "You are your sister's sister." He pulls in a slow breath, then reaches to a pouch on his waist, pulling free a red scarf which he wads in his hand, holding it. "Your sister was a strong woman, a fighter, with a cause and a purpose. I knew her, not extremely well but I knew her. I met her when we were both in Moab, and I met her again here. She was a part of something, a battle for our survival and for our future. I am a part of that battle as well, and we want you to be part of it with us. TO continue your sister's work, and to fight and stand for something. You’re powerful, and you have a lot of your sister in you. We could use you." He lets the red scarf unfurl from his hand, trailing downwards.

"Don't you dare think you can bring her up.. never." The winds die down, she could summon gale force winds, but she doesn't want to destroy her new home. Maybe in a few weeks. The young woman chuckles and runs a hand through her hair. "What makes you think.. I want anything to do with you. Someone who likes playing dress up?" Thal circles around the room, flipping the knife up and down as she walks and stands back across the room.

"Who is in this fight? And use me?" another laugh. "Ah ah ah, I don't get used. Not ever." She says before she looks the man up and down. "Show your face."

Ash slips away from that knife when she comes near to him, his eyes on her, but not keeping himself within easy weapons reach. "You'd do well to put the knife up. My weapons have remained hidden. And I don't play dress up. This is not some fairy tale bullshit. This is real. I risk my life on a regular basis to make things better for our kind. Either you want in on something like that, or you don't. We take down groups like the Company, and what the government has been doing. They've been hunting us down like animals, in white suits, with negation gas and rubber bullets. This group saved me from one of those squads. I killed 8 of them, half of the men that came after me, but it wasn't enough, they'd have taken me were it not for this group. And I bring her up because her loss is hard. I wish I could have done something for your sister. But I wasn't part fo the fight then, and she was. I miss her. I wish I had gotten to know her better." He doesn't turn his face, away, nor does he show his face yet. "Thalia… please. Be a part of us. And I didn't say we were going to use you. I said we could use you. Very big difference, and if you're so angry that you're willing to attack me for making that statement then maybe you should take that anger out on those that really deserve such a thing." he looks down at the scarf in hand. "This is cut from one piece of cloth, just like mine." He raises his right hand to show his. "It's a symbol of unity and sacrifice. We are growing, and we are going to strike back. We have been striking back, but soon it will be on a whole new level. Be part of that… please."

As the word Company is uttered..

"Yeah yeah, shut it." Thalia says with a roll of her eyes. That's all she needed to hear, her eyes widen slightly at the thought of bringing the Company down. Striding forward she reaches to take the scarf. "Sounds like you need my help." She folds her arms and walks over to put her heavy leather jacket on. "Where's the leader? I'm assuming I'm meeting them soon too as well, huh?" Thalia asks with a tilt of her head.

Hair taken and she quickly ties it into a high ponytail, strands falling into her face.

Ash doesn't stop her from stepping forwards to take the scarf from him. "No. Most of us haven't met the leader. We operate through contact with a entity known as Rebel." He pulls a cell phone out of that same pouch, then pulls a copy of it out of another. He hands the first one out. "These are Rebel's. Speak into it and he will answer, maybe not right away, but he will. He can also connect you to any of the rest of us. My number is programmed into your phone already. These phones don't really work for contacting anyone that is not Messiah." He puts his phone back, then folds his arms over his chest. "This is not a game Thalia. People die. Or they're taken, prefer that you die before being taken." he turns then, moving towards the window, the handles of his twin khukri showing from beneath the webbing on his back, and the handles of his twin .45's as well. As well as a bunch of small pounces holding various items. "This is a war." he mutters over his shoulder before he starts to slip out of the window.

"No one said it was a game." Thalia says to Ash's retreating back before she slips the phone and the scarf into her messenger bag. "Oh and, young stud.. slip into my home again unannounced and you'll see just how powerful I am." She winks as she opens the door to her apartment and slips out.

As soon as she locks the door and makes her way down the hallway she shakes her head and swears. "This is some shit." She mutters as she hurries down the stairs.

Ash glances over this shoulder and snorts rather loudly. "If I had wanted you dead you'd have never known I was there before your body hit the floor Thalia. I don't gloat over kills. I don't hesitate. I just do. You hesitated. Had I been out to kill you you'd be dead. As I said, it's not a game." He shakes his head, then clambers out onto the fire escape and slips off into the night. Should she have a response he'll be able to hear it before he’s gone.

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