Not A Pizza Person


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Scene Title Not A Pizza Person
Synopsis This is why Huruma avoids the masses. Surprisingly, nobody gets eaten.
Date October 19, 2008


For once, Magnes has some free time, taking his off hours when Panucci's Pizza isn't doing long distance deliveries. He's mostly cutting through alleys, grinding his inline skates against walls, and avoiding main streets as he enjoys some 'me' time, without strippers trying to con him out of pizza, angry guys with bats, and sexy pajama girls making him drop things. "I really needed a break, but I wish I could go to a pool…" he says to himself, his voice echoing through an alley. Who knows why one would want to go to a pool when it's beginning to get cold out.

In the city, there is always bound to be someone- or something- lurking down the alleyways and around the corners between buildings. No matter what time of day it is, it is a given, because shortcuts are often just shortcuts, and alone time is easier to find back here.

Huruma is doing her part in lurking around a few corners from where Magnes is heading; her attention to the emotional field around her has been turned elsewhere, and so while she does not actively feel him coming closer, the tall, dark woman can at least feel that there's someone else around. The only visible thing from under a long black jacket are the bottom halves of her legs, with heeled boots that quite possibly look angry, if boots could look that way.

Just when she feels the need to turn her senses back onto where that set of emotions is coming from, Magnes is already just around the same corner that she is moving to pass into. The woman tenses, at least, but she does not move aside on the turn. Maybe she even speeds up, just a little. Collision course, y/n?

If she's feeling anything from him, it's likely a sudden spike of shock. It's too early to avoid bumping into her, so Magnes does a quick spin, bumping into her but not hard enough to knock her over. He doesn't stop though, he just keeps going, now out of control he goes right into the side of a car and yelps loudly in pain when he slams into it. "Crap…" he says under his breath as he tries to reach behind himself and rub his back. "Are you alright? Did I hurt you? I'm sorry, I should have been paying attention…" he apologizes, sounding concerned, in pain, and embarrassed all at the same time, somehow.

Huruma speeds up just enough to be able to also stick her elbow out into his path- that is likely what he bumps hard into. The woman turns her head to watch Magnes spiral out of control into that parked car. Today, she has also forgone the contacts, and so the eyes that meet the young man when he rights himself are a shimmering ivory. Staring, though not necessarily in anger, nor shock. Just staring.

"'M fine." Comes the short, smooth response. "Yes, you should've been."

Magnes straightens his glasses, which have tiny bugs smashed into them for some reason, then slowly skates over to her and stops a few feet away. He stares down at his skates nervously, completely unable to look her in the eye.

"I was just really into it, I haven't been able to skate for fun in a while and I've been so tied up with delivering pizza and stuff. I'm just really sorry, if there's anything I can do…" he continues apologizing, fingers twiddling nervously at eachother as he slowly begins to roll backwards without realizing it. He's on a slant.

Huruma lifts one side of her lip as Magnes makes a poorer job of explaining himself. Why is he coming closer, anyway? She finally allows her sensory field to be unblocked again, picking up the other traces of people within the buildings and streets around them. As for the boy, she merely tries to pick up his own emotions. Nervousness mostly.

As for the slant his wheels are on? Huruma says nothing of it, just gritting her teeth inside of a tensing set of cheeks and narrowing her eyes in annoyance. "…You can silence yourself." Her voice is prickly. There, that's what you can do.

"Sorry ma'am…" Magnes goes quiet, just kind of staring at the ground and quickly stopping himself when he realizes he's moving. He appears almost petrified, nervousness and embarrassment completely surrounding him, not to mention an intense amount of intimidation and fear. "Ah, um, maybe I could treat you to pizza?"

The soft hum of a car becomes audible in the alleyway. The white 91 Dodge Spirit rolls through the alleyway slowly the headlights turned off as the car rolls on. The car pulls up to a stop . Inside the car, the young man looks down the alleyway at the two individuals about twenty feet away.

The young man takes off the seatbelt and slides on his sunglasses as he leans back in his seat. For now the young man stays still in his car, just watching.

People must be getting jaded, or this guy already was. Huruma breathes out through her nose, turning to face Magnes with a pulse of added fear drilling into his mind. "If I were hungry, you woul'certainly know." Her voice has escalated into almost a growl. That means no pizza. She is not a pizza person.

Fortunately for Magnes, the strange woman's attention is pulled back behind her, to the car idling in the alleyway. It doesn't look like she's making any moves to get out of the way if that is where Brian wants to drive; white eyes are narrowed at the man in the driver's seat.

Magnes holds his stomach and slowly backs away from her, though he is curious when he hears the car moving. "Ma'am, maybe we should get out of here, that might be a dangerous person…" he suggests, sounding as if he's a naturally fearful person, with her fear piled on top of his making it worse.

Peering out the windshield, Brian gets a glimpse of the man behind Huruma. The rollykid! Opening the door, Brian grasps the top of the door and stands up slightly out of the car. "Magnet!" He calls out with a smile to the young man he had met a few days before.

Huruma snorts loudly. She is surrounded by normal people. This bodes ill for someone, even if that someone isn't even here. "No self-respecting villain drives a Spirit." And as Brian opens the door and looks out, that's doubly certain.

"Really?" Magnes asks Huruma as if she were stating an actual fact, grasping at anything to calm his nerves. Brian helps a little, though he barely knows the guy, he seemed nice at least. "Oh, um, hello. I forgot your name, but I just met this lady, she seems nice…" He nods his head over to her, afraid to even ask her name so he can introduce the two.

"Forgot my name?" Hmph. "Brian." He calls out, shutting the door behind him. He eyes the woman for a moment. She doesn't look nice. Nor does she look very sociable. He doesn't say anything to her for now, he is cautious and suspicious of the woman.

Excuse me? There is something amiss here, and it doesn't take a genius. Huruma grits her teeth slightly, turning back to Magnes at the same time she delivers a mind-deafening level of fear into his system. No nervousness, no embarrassment, just textbook Fear permeating every part of him, all of a sudden and without a visible reason. "Mind your tongue, boy. Out o'm'way." Her voice is a seething hiss, and one of her hands moves out to grab Magnes by the front of his coat and shove him aside into the alley wall.

Fear drives him over the edge when he gets shoved into the wall, then instinctively Magnes just begins to crawl up the wall, then gradually stand and starts skating as quickly up as possible. "Oh god oh god oh god oh god!" he loudly repeats, trying to get as far away from her as possible, not even thinking that everyone can see what he's doing.

Brian doesn't see what's going on, but he does see Huruma go to grab Magnes, and he hears the young man start to freak out. Brian acts instinctively, and before he knows it, there are two more people in the alleyway. Two more men.. pop out of Brian behind him. They are identical to the first man. Except, they are both naked. The two go into the door, grabbing a duffle bag out of the back of the car and start getting clothes out.

The first Brian takes a few steps, raising his hand up to Huruma and Magnes. "Hey!" He yells as if to demand attention. "Don't hurt him." He commands.

Josh makes his way along the street in regular guy clothes: no tie! Jeans! It's a whole world of awesome for him. One hand is in the pocket of his jacket, while the other is quickly thumbing through menus on a cell phone.

Huruma gives Magnes' escape only a cursory look of confusion before turning her head back to Brian. Her lips curl in a sneer, and her chest sounds a rather feral growl as she also sends Brian and his apparent clones an overwhelming dose of fear, knocking bravery and foolishness aside so that it takes over.

"«You will stand down like a good soldier.»" Huruma speaks again, hissing out the words in an African tongue and baring sharpened white teeth. "«Idiots.»" A click of those teeth precedes a quick, angry spit at the ground before the woman turns on her heels to stalk back off into the alleys from where she had come in the first place.

Josh nears the mouth of the alley of the altercation, stuffing his cell phone back into his pocket. He's probably really easy to get bumped into, especially since he's busy with his phone.

Magnes rolls up to the roof quite quickly, as if he were rolling /down/, then he's suddenly on the roof, skating away as quickly as possible. All of his theories have been proven, women are scary beasts and he should avoid them!

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