Not A Prank


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Scene Title Not A Prank
Synopsis Quinn suspects a prank when she goes to visit Tess at work. The truth is just as amusing.
Date October 9, 2010

Strip Club: Tess's Work

Though Tess hasn't gotten the equipment yet, or at least a good camera, she did call Quinn. More to chat and let her know where she was working than to set anything up. And Saturday night just happens to be one of the nights she's working! At a strip club. High class, yes, but not the highest. Certainly not up to Burlesque's standards, but still, it's a nice place. The women are pretty, the drinks are pricy, and the decor is tasteful and comfortable. Not a bad place to spend a few hours a night working if you're twenty and alone in the big city.

When Quinn arrives Tess isn't on stage. Instead she's sitting at the bar in a slinky black dress, halter style and reaching her ankles, laughing and drinking with some of the customers. Her drinks, likely, are non-alcoholic. But the customers don't have to know that!

To say Quinn is a little nervous when she arrives at Tess' place of employment is a bit o an understatement. She doesn't exactly make a point of going to strip clubs save on very rare occasions usually involving birthday parties. IN fact, she half thinks Tess, for whatever reason, is totally messing with her. Given how the last few days have gone, she wouldn't be totally surprised either.

Taking a moment to glance up at the stage (she can't not, it's one of the main reasons she avoids places like this - people taring at the girl staring at the girls on stage), she looks around the establishment for a moment before she finally spots Tess, looking positively surprised. "Tess!" Quinn half shouts, not wanting to draw too much attention to herself as she approaches the woman.

Hearing her name makes Tess pause in her conversation and glance around until she spots Quinn and beams. "Quinn!" She looks back to the customers and gives them all bright smiles. "If you'll excuse me. I need to go say hi to a friend. I'll be back 'round later though, boys," she says, patting one's cheek before she slides off her stool and moves to meet Quinn halfway.

"I didn't expect you'd actually show up here! This is so cool! How you doin'? Did you find the place alright? Was the thing at your work awesome? Did you bring any friends?" she asks in her normal rapid-fire mode, glancing around as though expecting to see friends popping out of the woodwork.

"Wow, you really work here," QUinn states as she looks around, a bit of a nervous smile on her face as she looks back at Tess. "I honestly kinda thought you were screwing with me!" SHe laughs, reaching back and scratching the back of her neck. "No friends. I came straight from- stayin' away from home for the night. Busy, busy night last night." A pause, and QUinn grins, rocking back and forth on her heels. "So what do you do here? Serve drinks?"

Tess laughs and hooks an arm through Quinn's, leading her to one of the tables furthest from the stage. "Of course I work here. Why would I lie about it? And nah. I mean, I might bring a guy a drink but I'm a dancer. Like the chick on stage. Dances up there, lap dances, that sorta thing. It's fun, and the money's good. Plus, dancing! It's a good gig for now, until I become a world famous photographer to the stars and the beautiful!"

Quinn gives a bit of a smile and a shrug. "I dunno. A prank? That'd actually be a pretty funny one, telling someone you got a job at a strip club, and then leaving them on their own when they get there…" The Irishwoman gives a bit of a chuckle, one she chokes on when Tess gives her dancer. "Y-You actually dance?" This clearly was not the answer Quinn expected. "Ah, well, I imagine it's fun, at least!"

The reaction has Tess looking highly amused. "Well, yeah. What's wrong with that? Oh, don't tell me you're a prude! Though that would explain the blushin' the other day, with the talk of nude pictures and all that. But it's not really so bad. It's not like it's full nude. And I'm hardly the only person in the world who has boobs. Everyone here's seen 'em, and all the other dancers have 'em, so it's not like it's wrong. It's natural!"

Amusement all around, Quinn laughing as she reaches over and places a hand on Tess shoulder. "I can promise you, Tess, no woman I've ever slept with would call me a prude." She winks, and then gives a bit of a shrug. "Nothin' wrong with it. Just surprised, is all. Cool, though. I'm not sure it's something I could bring m'sel t' do, but…" ANother shrug, and Quinn grins. "So, how've you been?"

"Oh, not too bad. Ran into another friend at the zoo the other day. We bonded over pictures. She has a boyfriend who's big into photography and she's gonna introduce us and I might be able to get some pointers from him, but I'm still gonna take some kind of photography classes or whatever so I can get awesome'n all," Tess says, beaming at Quinn before she settles down into a chair. "What about you? Prank that wasn't a prank, aside?"

"Hey, awesome! A mentor of sorts, then? Always wonderful t' have something like that about. Evven if they kinda piss you off sometimes." Quinn takes a seat in a char across from Tess, crossing her legs as she smile. "Well… it's been up and down." Sort of an understatement, really. "But the Ball at work went quite well, I got t' put on a show for a bunch of people, with the help of a friend. It was quite nice."

"Oh, no one pisses me off. At least not for long. Dad managed it for a few seconds. And this mean chick at Burlesque managed it for maybe half a second. But I got over it like super quick. Bein' pissed just spoils life and it gets spoiled enough as it is," Tess says, shrugging and leaning back to relax. "What kinda show?"

Quinn's grin widens as she gives a quick nod. "See, you now how t' do this whole life thing. I should bring you t' give life lessons to my friends. Bucha depressin' folks sometimes, an' I can't always seem t' shake 'em outta it no matter how hard I try." Quinn leans bac a bit still looking around the room. "t' tell the truth?" she says with a half smile, "An Evolved show."

"Pfft. Depressin' people just aren't tryin' hard enough. Or they hang around depressin' places with no outlet. Me? It's like my life's goal to undepress as many people as I possibly can while having as much fun as I can! Mostly 'cause depressed people are boooooooring," Tess says, wrinkling her nose. "What kinda evolved show though? Oooh. You a pyrokinetic? That'd be an awesome show!"

"I dunno about boring. But deifnitely frustratin' every now an' again, which is almost worst if you ask me." Quinn leans forward a bit, chin rested on her palm, elbow propped on her knee. A quick laugh is given, and a shake of her head. "Nah' nothin' like that. I'm pretty sure I would've burn someone alive if I was. I'm… well…" Quinn holds both of her hands forward, hands folded together. "I do things with light." When she opens her hands, a handful of small balls of light float out and over to Tess - it's clear Quinn doesn't have that big an issue with using her ability in public. "My friend, she's a hydrokinetic."

"Oh no, definitely borin'," Tess disagrees with a shake of her head. Then she's beaming at the light, reaching a hand up to try to touch one of them. "Oh man that's so fuckin' awesome! And someone with water was workin' with you? Oh man, now I really wish I'd gone! I'm sure it was fan-fuckin'-tastic! I wish my ability was somethin' visual like this. I mean, it's awesome, but not cool, if you get what I mean."

"It's a fun place. The next time we're doin' somethin' fun, I'll make sure you know!" Quinn grins as Tess reaches up to touch one of the motes of light, the small sphere vanishing with a bitof a flash as soon as it's touched - Quinn's way of amusing herself, to be sure. "It was a good time, though. Wish you'd been there, you could've met a few of my friends!"

Tess looks like a kid who's candy was just stolen when the light disappears, but the pout only lasts for a second. "Well, there are other opportunities to meet your friends. I mean, you've got my number. I'm always up for hangin' out or a party or whatever. In fact, I could come over after I get off work?"

"That's good, I love thowin' parties." Quinn looks thoughtful for a moment, before giving a bit of a frown. "Maybe for a bit. When do you get off? I have t' go see a… sorta friend later, he wants me t' stop by. And there's a block party in th Park I was plannin on stoppin by a bit, but not all night!"

"About an hour. What's this about a block party though? When's it start? And we're talkin' Central Park? I ran through there a few days ago so I know where it's at. Shouldn't take too long to get there either. And partying? Totally awesome way to end a work day!" Tess says, grinning impishly.

"I forget what time, but maybe we can meet up at it, if you don't come by for a bit after you get off." A pause. "Hell, even if you do. Sounds like a fun time t' me, an' a fun time's something I'd really like,you know?' Quinn gives a bit of a grin of her own, nodding. "Whatever works."

"Sounds good. It'll take me a bit to change and wash the warpaint off," Tess says, making a motion to her make-uped face, "but then I'll head thataway. I'll look for a block party shaped group of people. That way you don't gotta wait for me or anything."

"Awesome! The block party isn't until t'night, so no need t' head over there immediately." Quinn smiles wide, relaxing as she slinks back into her seat - she's actually forgotten she's in a strip club by now, likely due to facing away from the stage. "Call me when you get there. We'll hook up."

"Awesome. And now, I'd probably get back to work. I see my manager givin' me the stink eye. Which usually means that it's about my turn to go up on stage. But I'll totally see you there!" Tess says, beaming and bouncing back up to her feet. A trick with the heels she's got on.

Quinn looks excited, having made plans for the evening. She's sai a few times recent l that she misses getting out, aprtying, and having fun every night. "Sweet!" Quinn hops up to her feet as well, giving a bit of a nod. "I really look forward t' it! gimmie a call later, we'll get things finalised!" She starts walking away,apusing after a moment and turning bac with a wry grin. "Or if that's the case, maybe I'll stick around a bit," she says with a wink and a bit of a blush.

"Did you think to … ask the person running the safehouse?" Now perhaps this is getting too much to talk about around the children and the tone that the woman is taking. "I can't visit a safehouse right now, but I can see that someone comes to visit you and see about where you'd best fit in with the network, if you're planning on staying. The garden is a lovely place, but I can understand how those who are more inclined to their electrical run needs might not take joy there. It's quite peaceful really. But, that's just how it is" She points out.

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