Not A Social Visit


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Scene Title Not A Social Visit
Synopsis Cardinal has Abigail take him to see Kaylee so that he can ask her about Ash and Jet. He comes away with much more then that.
Date October 10, 2009

McRae's Safehouse, Staten Island

It hasn't been one of Kaylee's better days. She slept the whole night for once, but with dire consequences. Her medication wore off sometime during the night and she woke up that morning in serious pain with vomiting. Took awhile for the medication to take effect, but eventually everything was calm again. She looked worse then death after it, so they left her alone for the day letting Kaylee rest up and doze the day away.

That is where she is now, sprawled on her cot. Kaylee is fully dressed, like she just flopped there. She's dressed for comfort in jeans, a dark green t-shirt and her boots. An arm is thrown across her eyes and her heels are hanging off the edge of the cot. One foot moves to an unheard beat the only indication that she is not sleeping.

7 bags of cotton Candy don't sit well with any stomach, so pepto bismal, hot tea, making sure Hokuto was tucked in after she woke up from her short sleep, ABby was out to meet up with Cardinal and take him to where he'd asked to go. Specifically, to a safehouse that Kaylee was sequestered in since the defunct healer was a ferryman herself and could get in without questions. The backseat of the SUV had about 5 more bags of cotton candy, one open on her lap when she had driven over to pick up Cardinal and drive towards staten as opposed to taking a boat. Woe be to anyone who tried to jack her, the shotgun was stowed away within the depths of the hybrid SUV. She looked very much at home in her new vehicle.

The open bag in her hands as well as she exchanged the requisite safewords with the proprieter of the safehouse, and an opened one. There's a gesture to Cardinal for a detour to the kitchen so she can pick up a tray of tea and coffee to bring with them since she suspects they might be there for a long conversation. It's a foot to the door, short taps that indicate someone wants to gain entrance. "Kaylee?" Likely a voice she never thought to hear outside of the bar actually, Abby's sure. "It's Abigail"

So, too, is Cardinal's face probably a surprising one as he steps in after Abigail, meandering along over into the kitchen after her at a casual stroll, hands tucked into the pockets of his jacket. As his companion calls into the next room, he cranes his neck, looking over Abby's head to try and catch a glimpse of the blonde.

The arm lifts off her eyes slowly so that Kaylee can stare at the door with a frown. Did she hear? Curious, she pushes herself up to a sitting position, sits there for a moment, before leaning way over, stretching her fingers out to give the handle enough of a flick that it opens. Finger tips pull it enough that it swings open and thumps lightly against the wall. "Abigail?" She looks as surprised as she sounds. "What…..?" The question goes unfinished when she sees who is with her. "Hey, Richard." She glances between them, both and her expression is suddenly one of concern. "Let me guess… you guys heard I was here?"

"I'm a ferryman" Duhhhh, not that Kaylee would really have a clue. "Richard mentioned you the other night and it clicked in as to who you were. A message went around. I brought tea and coffee and…" The pepto pink fluff in a bag is held up. "Cotton Candy. Heavens, I done nearly made myself sick, literally, eating this last night and I think I drove Hokuto crazy cause I was just all crazy and jumpy like a bunny on crack what with the sugar and all, ya know. But then comes the crash" Abby tracks in, putting the tray with the drinks down and tosses the bag on the bed and subsequently, Kaylee's lap. "Richard begged me to bring him"

"If you consider 'I asked her nicely if she would' to be begging," Cardinal corrects in good humor, his eyes rolling briefly as he leans against the wall near the bed now; arms folding over his chest, a faint smile curving his lips, "Lola sends her regards, by the way, she thinks you're cute and naive. Of course, right now she's in hiding."

Eyes drop to the cotton candy and she looks a little ill. "Um.. thank you. I know the kids here will love it. Not sure the adults would love it." A small smile tugging at her lips. "Kinda of a big kid here too. He might enjoy this, me though…. My stomach doesn't hand much right now." She sets the bag aside and scoots back to rest against the wall. Studying Cardinal, as he leans there, "Lets just say it hasn't been the first unusual visit. I had one of the Scooby Gang here the other day… Cat I think her name was."

There is a grimace at the mention of Lola though, "She finally get herself in that much trouble. That woman.. I swear…" Her words trail off and she folds her hands in her lap. "So what's up? Doubt it's a social visit." A blonde brow lifts with a small smirk.

"Lola can go die in a puddle of napalm and cat, well, if you don't want cat to know anything, don't tell her. She remember everything. Literally. But she paid me a visit the other day too." Abigail mutters as she takes the bag of cotton candy back and substitutes it with tea instead. Cardinal's the one that wanted to talk with her, so she just makes herself busy in another corner of the room so that she can nurse a cup of coffee and listen.

"You know Lola?" A hint of surprise as Cardinal glances over to Abigail— and then he exhales a faint, wry snort, "Yeah, apparently she was a Linderman plant. Someone blew her cover, Adam tried to kill her, she went on the run and went smack into some asshole serial killer on the Island who paralyzed her or something. I've got her holed up in one of my old boltholes right now until I figure out what to do with her."

A look back to Kaylee, and he admits, "Not, unfortunately. Well, maybe on Abigail's end."

The tea is taken with a soft 'thank you' and an apologetic look as Abby takes back the cotton candy. She doesn't seem all that concerned about Lola's situation, except a grimace at the fact that Adam tried to kill her. The mention of asshole and paralyzer, Kaylee glances back at Cardinal, curious. "Serial Killer?" No.. had to be someone else. "Sandman?" Since she does that too and is a serial killer. She gives the tea a sip and sighs softly, looking like it was the best tasting thing in the world right now.
Someone blabbered to Adam. Well, that's a suddenly innocent look on the red heads face and she occupies herself with shoveling the cotton candy from her already open bag into her mouth with great gusto.

"No, it wasn't her, it was a guy. Actually, I've got a picture," Cardinal rummages through the pockets of his jacket, finally producing a wrinkled sketch on a napkin— but an amazingly detailed one— and he holds it out for the two women to examine, his tone wry, "Real sick fuck, took out a whole homeless shelter on Staten."

"Son of a bitch!" Kaylee exclaims, handing the tea to Abigail so that the telepath can snatch the photo from him with hands that tremble with weakness. She stares at the photo. "He did WHAT?! That… oh my god… Diogenes. Damn him." She growls the words out. "See if I take him out prophecy hunting or help him investigate stuff again." She offers the photo back in disgust. "He's… not exactly a friend, but we did work together on several occasions. WE kinda worked like that… we liked a good mystery."

"I'll make sure not to mention that to her," Cardinal murmurs as an aside to Abigail, giving her a wry look, "Although I don't think giving him that much information is a very good idea, the murderous bastard…" Then, he reaches over to take the picture, brows leaping up at Kaylee, "Diogenes? Seriously? Must be an affectation. Who is this guy?"

Taking back the tea, Kaylee pales a bit at the mention of Adam. "Yeah.. Next time he comes to you… Don't mention me. He's why I'm hiding, and I'm pretty sure he'd like to get his telepath back." Sipping her tea to calm herself, her eyes look at the back of the photo. "He's…. weird. Odd.. a curiosity. I blocked his memory of me at one point, and he ended up hunting me down. Course I unblocked the memories, and somehow we got along after it." She gets an amused look at the memory, before she continues. " He was really interested in the Sandman for awhile there, and I helped him. Put up with me dragging him to Jersey to look at a mural about the end of the world, and was tolerant enough to listen to me babble on about this old guy in central park going on about eclipse and world burning in fire."

"But really all in all he is an ass, but not that it ever really bothered me." Kaylee glances up at Cardinal and smiles a bit. Beyond that.. I don't know a whole hell of a lot. He was the first person to tell me I needed to get away from Adam, cause it was probably why I'm… dying." There is a slow shrug and a thoughtful look. "We kept in touch via phone…. not sure if Adam broke into my apartment yet and found my iphone or not. If you can get in you can see if it is there. Dio's number will be on it."

"…wait, this is the asshole that was threatening Tuck?" A furrowing of Cardinal's brow, "Shit. Now I've got a personal reason to punch him in the face. Yeah, yeah, I can hit the apartment and grab your phone, there isn't anywhere I can't get into." As she knows, assuredly, having seen what his power can do." His gaze focuses on her face, then, "Prophecies?"

Grimacing at the mention of Tuck, Kaylee's voice is kind of small, her eyes dropping to her mug, when she admits. "Yeah… that was my fault.. it was cause of me blocking his memory. I apologized to Tuck.. I still feel like shit about that whole thing." There is a bit of hesitation before she looks up again, a small smile there. "That's right.. shadow man." She sounds somewhat amused. "Yeah, should be on my dining room table. I was afraid he'd find a way to track it. Kinda miss it, all my music is on there."

"Yeah.. the prophecy. Dunno if you remember the Humanis bombing of Central park?" Kaylee glances between them, her smile becoming a touch smug. "They news crew said it was an evolved man? I made them think that.. There was this evolved woman there and I changed everyones memory to think it was the bomber." A brow arches, curious if they remember.

"Anyhow… " Her head ducks down a bit and Kaylee pushes on, "There was a little old man there that day going on about how December 12th the moon was going to be swallowed up by darkness and we'd all burn. I got it written down in a folder. Lisa Frank folder, brightly colored.. yellow puppies… in my book shelf. If your curious." She gives an embarrassed smile as she mentions it. "It's got some print outs of stuff I found online about it. Seem the Jersey mural not only was a copy of the one the little old man carried.. but it's all over the world." A hand sweeps in a circle gesture to indicate the world. "Kinda cool. Big black circle with 12-12-2009 across it in red.. Same all over."

She takes another sip of her tea and then makes an Mmm noise like she's remembering something. "Also stuff about Cain and Abel.. since in the Jewish histories the anniversary of their thing is that day." She gives a dismissive wave of her hand. "It was just stuff I looked up online when I was down sick on a trip. I was bored so started looking."
"Eclipse? An.. eclipse on December 12th?" Abigail looks to Cardinal then to Kaylee. "I mean, that's the only reason you couldn't see the moon, yes? I mean, you can see it sometimes during the day, moon and sun up at the same time, usually in the winter but…" Abigail shovels more sugar fluff into her mouth.

"Aw, fuck." Cardinal brings one hand up to his face, fingers rubbing against his temples as he murmurs under his breath, "Munin… swallowed up the moon… burned up the land." His head lifts, gaze sharp upon Abigail's face, "The Beaches of Thirty-Fourth Street. You've heard it, I'm sure. Else Kjelstrom?"

Kaylee gives a short nod. "Yeah, I looked online. There is an eclipse of the moon on December 12th, 2009. Visible in North America." She sounds like she's quoting something. "Kind of eerie if you ask me. I mean.. an eclipse on the day Cain killed his brother? The first murder. I couldn't find anything else beyond all that… sooooo I kinda gave up.. and then next thing I know the doctors were telling my brain is strangling my body and I totally forgot about it." She gives Cardinal a curious look. "Who?" Obviously someone isn't up on the latest.

"They play her song at the bar" Abigail proffers up, launching into singing the first few refrains of the song for kaylee's benefit. "Munin."
"Swallowed up the moon?"
"Burned up all the land,"
"Seen it all here? The lapping shores of the Empire State."
"Building a new day from nothing?"
"Woke me up to a world, that I am not a part of, more than in dreams!"
"It's strange?"
"Why you swallowed up the moon?"
"Cast it all to ash and dust - washed it all away to staaaaaart again!"
"Standing on the shoooores of the empire state!"
"beaches of thir-tee-fourth street!"
"Lapping shores of the Empire State! Building a new day from the remains, of all that we have been,
for the nothing left behind!"

She's no Else, but Abigail has a more than decent singing voice if she ever took training, she could be else.

The song's listened to, Cardinal's smile faint and bittersweet now. "Yeah," he says quietly, "That one. Fuck. Well, we have our time limit to save the world, ladies…" He closes his eyes, "…let's hope we have the time to do it."

A breath's taken in, exhaled, and he turns to Kaylee, "I need to know about some've Adam's little boys and girls. Ashley and Jet, specifically, if you know either of them."

The blonde telepath's brows lift slowly as Abigail sings, and by the end of it she gives a soft.. "Huh.." as she pours over that in her head. "Wow. I wondered what they were getting at, but none of the ones I found online mention anything like that. Just the big symbol with the numbers and that it was important. Yeah.. well… If I'm 'alive' long enough." Kaylee says a touch bitterly. "I still am dying away from Adam or not, but the process has slowed some at least."

"Ash? I know Ash. But Jet.. no. I don't know anything. Now Ash…" Her tone is somewhat affectionate. "Is a big brute of a guy. Should have seen him ripping through all these twisted things that.. that guy, Arthur? He had control of and making them kill everyone? It was bad. And just bare handed at times he was taking these things on." There is a touch of awe as she remember Pinehearst. "He's got a temper and all. Another one of Adam's gang that was all over protective of me. Threatened to beat up my boyfriends and stuff. Hates Dio for taking away his girlfriend Isis." There is a roll of her eyes and a chuckle. Tilting her head slightly, she asks, "Why?"

"Dio's connected to Isis too? Curiouser and curiouser…" Cardinal's hand drops back to his side, and he looks at Kaylee through the shades he's usually wearing, noting with a tip of his chin up to her, "Word has it that he's starting his own little… vigilante gang. I'm just curious if this is one've Adam's dumbass plans, or if he's actually going this on his own."

"Yeah, though I dunno where Isis is." The look on Kaylee's face says that it's news to her what Ash is up too. "Really? He did?" She tries to consider this, chewing on her lower lip, and then shrugs. "I don't know for certain. If you want to talk to him, his number should be on my cell.. Plus, check around the illegal street fighting.. fight club thingies in the city? He does those when he's totally stressed out. The one I saw was in a warehouse. Not sure if he's still doing that."

Abigail just sits quietly, bits of fluff going into her mouth, letting it melt there, roll it around her mouth and listen.

"I have his number already," Cardinal admits, his head shaking a touch, "I just wanted to get some idea of what he was like before I contacted him. I don't know how close or loyal he is to Monroe, after all…"

"That I can tell you.. He's pretty damn loyal and Adam trusts him as much as Huruma, another of his trusted members. As far as I can tell anyhow." Kaylee studies Cardinal thoughtfully, nails tink softly on the side of her tea cup. "If you decide to talk to him, do your shadow thing… I know you were able to talk that way, cause of that thing at the bar. Ash does really have a short temper and he's… dangerous."

"Alright." Cardinal offers her a tired smile, pushing off the wall, "Sorry for bothering you this late, but… thanks for all the information. It's definately worth the trip, at the very least."

"Totally, alright… I wasn't doing much sleeping anyhow. Between the illness and being worried Adam is going to come drag me back.. well.. I don't often sleep through the night." Kaylee glances at Abigail and smirks. "Keep me in mind if you ever get a job opening.. I… have a feeling if Adam or this illness doesn't kill me, I'll need a new job." Then she suddenly look a lot more tired. "But yeah… Come back if you have any more questions… Or I'd love to know more about the prophesy stuff you have. Since it sounds like there is more out there." She gives a little shrugs. "I'm curious by fault."

"I'm sure they'll find someone to fix you soon enough" With Cardinal rising, Abby's standing too, ready to get out of the room, disliking actually being there. The redhead plucks up the unopened bag of cotton candy before slipping out the door and opt to wait downstairs for Richard, in case he has some last few things for the blonde upstairs that he doesn't want to say in front of Abby.

"You're in good hands here," Cardinal says with a firm, reassuring nod to Kaylee, "I'm sure the Ferrymen'll take good care of you. Thanks for the information— I'm sure we'll see each other again." He nods to the cot, "Get some sleep. Monroe probably has plenty've his own problems." That said, he turns, following the dyed red-head down once more.

"There are things in the works to try, at least. More then I had before." Kaylee admits, but doesn't go into the details, before waving after the pair. "See you later." Once their out of sight, Kaylee gives a heavy sigh and flops on her cot. "Dear lord… People find out your run away and they come swarming." There is another softer sigh. "Miss my bed."

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