Not A Visit


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Scene Title Not a Visit
Synopsis Melissa drops by Magnes's place, not to visit, but with purpose.
Date April 10, 2010

Dorchester Towers - Magnes's Apartment

Evening, and Magnes is in a pair of blue jeans with no shoes or shirt, but pained groaning can certainly be heard outside his door as he applies cream to his burns. When he hears the knock, he opens the door, wincing as he applies the medical tape to the white bandages on the left side of his stomach. It seems to cover everything over the side of his ribs and a bit below. He also has white bandages wrapped around the upper part of his left arm. "Oh, hey, Melissa!" Other than the bandages, this will be the first time she's seen him with two perfectly brown eyes.

Melissa has a sling on her left arm, and her hair looks…singed, as do the back of her hands. But it's mostly her arm that seems to be injured. "Hey Magnes. Can I come in for a few?" she asks, not seeming to notice the eyes.

"Sure, Melissa. I'm surprised to see you." Magnes smiles, and seems rather pleased that she's visiting. He invites her in, then locks the door behind her and heads back to the bathroom, leaving the door open while he continues checking his bandages. "I'll be right out, just gotta make sure this is on correctly. So, what's up?"

Melissa shrugs her right shoulder a little. "Not much. Kendall's been wanting his PS3 and stuff that he left here. He'll be getting out of the sick ward, so to speak, soon, and I'm trying to gather his stuff up. Wanted to get his parents address from you too, if you had it."

"Oh, he's gonna stay with you? Tell him I won't forget our agreement." Magnes brings out the Gamestop bag with the PS3 and the Final Fantasy game after he's done with the bandages, then sits it in front of Melissa and takes a seat on the couch. "I bought him the PS3 and the game on the condition that he keeps his grades up and finishes this last school year. I'll get you their address too, just let me rest a moment."

"Oh, he'll be going to school. That was the one and only rule I gave him when we talked about him movin' in with me," Melissa says with a faint smile. "He keeps going on about how he's an artist and doesn't need it, but he'll go, even if I have to drag him there daily. He will have a good life."

Magnes laughs and shakes his head, wincing slightly and placing a hand on the bandages. "He tried the same thing with me, so I told him every school subject and why he'd need it for art." He finally takes a look at the cast, and the singed hair. "Oh, right, you were at that fire last night. It's not good to run into burning buildings." he notes, despite seeming a lot more wounded than her.

"Yes, I did notice that, but I had friends in that building," Melissa says dryly, giving another slight, lopsided shrug. "And I'm still better off than some people there. There was one person…I still don't know if it was a man or woman, they were burned so badly."

"This is the first time I've been burned. I've felt worse pains, but this is… a new pain. A bullet graze you get used to after a while, but this is just… I would not want to burn to death, ever." Magnes sighs, laying his head back on the couch, looking a bit exhausted. "I tried to rest as much as my job would allow today, well that and seeing the kids. My head just needs a break from using my ability. I strained it twice in the span of like three days."

Melissa sighs a little and closes her eyes. "Yeah, yeah. Shut up for a second. This is still hard to do," she mutters before she falls silent herself. Her face shows that she's concentrating, and after a few moments, the pain starts to ebb, until it's gone. Of course there's a tell-tale trickle of blood from Mel's nose, but the pain is gone for Magnes!

"That… feels a lot better." Magnes looks down at his bandages, then over at her. He quickly digs into his pocket for a tissue, moving it up to wipe her nose. "You alright? You don't have to strain yourself for me."

Melissa leans back and takes the tissue from him. "I can deal with my own blood, thanks. And I'm fine. It's just still more difficult to help than hurt. And if you get me that address, it'll be worth it, anyway."

"Soo…" Magnes stands, stretching, then grabs his wallet from on top of the entertainment center to look for the number. "After this, I still won't be seeing much of you?" he asks with a hint of disappointment already evident in his tone.

Melissa arches a brow. "Probably not anymore than you have been. I've got a life, you know, Magnes. A very busy one."

"Yeah, I know, it's alright." Magnes still sounds disappointed, but he doesn't protest, bringing her a piece of paper after copying the address, and holding it out to her. "There. I was already over. His mother gave me his textbooks for school. His father might pull out a shotgun on you if you say the wrong thing or something, so I'd be careful with him."

Melissa takes the paper and glances to it, then back up to him. "Where are the textbooks then? And I don't want to talk to his parents. I just wanna get some of his stuff. He wants some sort of cards for some game. I'd like to get as much of his stuff as I can. It's gonna be weird enough for him as it is. Familiar stuff would be good."

"Yeah, I tried my best, but his father isn't exactly the cooperative type. If you could get his mother when his father's out, that'd be ideal." Magnes heads into Sable's room, leaving the door open. In contrast to the rest of the house, there aren't a bunch of superhero posters, there's classic rock posters and girl clothes laying about. He carries a large bag out, turning the light off, closing the door, then holding it out to her when he returns.

Melissa takes the bag with her right hand and nods. "I'm guessing the father at least works? Guess I can find out the details from Kendall if I have to, but…I'd rather not. Poor kid's been through enough as it is."

"I'm not sure, actually. I could easily find everything out without actually talking to them, if you wanted." Magnes plops back down on the couch, yawning. "I've had to figure out daily schedules before, figuring out the schedule of a random working guy shouldn't be rocket science, and I do know a little of that."

Melissa nods. "Sure, that'd be great. Just give me a call and let me know? It'll be a few days before I need the stuff, so no huge rush on it or anything."

"Sure, I'll see what I can do." Magnes has Rebel now, so luckily getting this kind of information doesn't involve sitting on a roof for ten hours anymore. He crosses his legs on the couch and grabs the remote, glancing over at her. "So, I'm guessing you're leaving now?"

Melissa smiles faintly. "Lots to do. And while I'm sure you're loving the lack of pain, I do gotta get some sleep after I take care of a few more things."

"Thanks for coming over though, even if it wasn't for a visit." Magnes waves his hand over the textbooks and the PS3 bag, as if it were an idle gesture to take them. "There, they're lighter now, for the next hour at least."

Melissa gives him a grateful look. "Thanks. I was wondering how I was gonna manage to carry all this with one arm." She shifts them around a bit and heads for the door. "Can you…I can't really open the door."

"Oh, sure." Magnes stands and heads over to open the door for her, nodding politely. "I'll see you later. Maybe my car will be finished by the time all this snow clears up, and we can go for a ride."

"Yeah, maybe," Melissa says, before she slips out the door and off to do whatever it is she does.

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