Not Been Behaving


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Scene Title Not Been Behaving
Synopsis Four days later, and Graeme hasn't precisely been doing the best at taking it easy.
Date March 24, 2011

Brennan Medical Group

Unfortunately, as much as Graeme tried, there are some things that are hard to do when not well in touch with the reactions of one's body. There's a faint frown on his face, frustration more than anything else. He's been wearing the sling, been keeping himself busy with reading and not doing too much by way of physical activity and not leaving himself alone long enough to forget his activity limits, but this morning found him finding that his shoulder was hurting a bit lot more of an annoyance than before, and so afternoon has found him back at Brennan's office, sweater across his lap now that he's simply waiting the last minute or three for the doctor.

Rap rap go knuckles on the door and followed soon after, Brennan sticking that peppered head of short hair in, followed soon by his body.

"Graeme. Back again, so soon. Something tells me you have…. not been behaving?" Brennan closes the door behind him, a genial smile and offer of his hand out to the teacher. "How you doing?"

There's a slight chuckle from Graeme, and the left-handed handshake. "I tried," he says, quietly. "but something like that." He looks a little bit subdued, actually, or at least like he's attempting to look subdued about things. "Started to bother me a bit more about ten this morning." At which point, both of his friends had pretty much said that he should go back to the doctor, that that'd be best.

"Worse than the first time? You know the drill." Off with your shirt, only Brennan's going to help him this time before he turns to wash his hands and get some gloves on so that he can take a peek at the wound. "So you tried. Something like that, which means a sincere effort was not made was it?" Bad Graeme, shame shame. There's that chiding tone, one can imagine he says it the same way with his kids when they err.

After the sling's off again, it's a button-down shirt that comes off easily, which Graeme's been favouring because he can at least mainly get it on and off by himself, unlike teeshirts, which he still hasn't figured out. "I did try," he says, quietly. It's the same chiding tone Graeme also once learned to use with his students, and he recognises it, and there's more than a hint that the man can see the irony that he's the one being chided. On the other hand, it also wasn't his idea to come back to the doctor. "I don't know, it hurts worse than it had since about Sunday, pretty much."

"Lets take a look then, see what you've done." Once he's done. "You've been changing the dressing, fill the prescription at all?" He's careful with his fingers, peeling away the front of the bandage, frowning at what he see's, brows pulling down at the few stitches no longer holding flesh together the irritated flesh. He inhales deeply through his nose, then out, looking Graeme straight in the face.

"You realize that I'm going to put you on negation drugs, for a week."

"I've been changing the dressing, yes," Graeme says. Or rather, either Aric or Jaiden has been doing that for him, since it's more dexterity than he can manage with his left hand. As he meets Brennan's gaze, though, there's a slight amount of surprise on his face. Not much, and Graeme's pretty sure that he knew this was coming. The surprise is followed by a wince. "I don't suppose there's any other options?" He doesn't actually think there are, it's obvious. He just finished screwing up the other option, really.


Straight faced from Brennan as he works to check the back one now.

"Right then," Graeme says. His voice is wry, though, he's caught the humour from the doctor, and for the moment, he's just working on sitting very, very still while Brennan finishes. Obviously, as distasteful as he finds negation, negation is better.

"Which is to say, amputation is not an option, this is just me, trying to get a laugh out of you. You're a very serious man Graeme. Seriously, we'll just replace some stitches, you'll need to fill out the antibiotic prescription and I'm going to prescribe a few days of the negation drug that's now out on the market. I'm hesitant, because it's so new, but with your ability, and that you've stated that you've never really been injured to this degree."

There's a bit of a smile on Graeme's face at. The humour's quite obviously appreciated, and Graeme nods. "Not even close, yeah. The worst I've done since I manifested when I was 17 was get a little more in the middle of a bad bar fight and get my head knocked," he admits. "Other than that, nada." Still, there's a hint of tension in his posture at the mere idea of taking the negation drugs, and a bit of a frown plays on his face.

"I …" Graeme looks up at Brennan, obviously both trying to figure out how to phrase his question, and trying to remember back far enough to before he manifested. "I've had my ability for nearly half my life. But before that, I remember, I had some more serious um, problems. Most of the issues, they pretty much faded soon after I manifested." He's uncomfortable with this, talking about mental health issues. "The negation drug, it shouldn't bring those back or anything, right?"

"Honestly? Unless your memory is directly affected by your ability, which I suspect it isn't, you shouldn't have any issues in that regard. What kind of issues are we talking about here?" Brennan inquires, turning to the file folder so he can write down some notes, write down what he needs to have done with Graeme when he leaves the room to fetch the PAs and the like.

"Mental health, ADHD predominantly," Graeme says, biting his lip. That he doesn't like admitting to mental health issues at past thirty is exceedingly clear. "I ask because I know that the … the time I first ran into you, and a time I met someone else whose ability was like yours. Negation, from what I can tell subjectively, it ends up feeling a lot like the ADHD and issues did, to a degree." There's, he's said it.

"I wouldn't say that it should bring about those issues. From the sounds of it, in truth, your ability has complemented it in fact and helped you to focus it and use the ADHD to your benefit. As given by the state that you find yourself in here, because you don't know how to relax and just be," Brennan points out.

"I think that, if you take the pills, at least five days, you'll be fine. I'll caveat that with, if you absolutely cannot stand it, stop taking them. But, you don't seem to be all that aware of your body and it's needs at this moment, a downside to an otherwise likely very useful gift. So I'm strongly suggesting, that just for five days, tough it out, and then, resume your style of relaxing for another week after and by then, you should be back on track. Remember, the sooner you take care of yourself, the sooner you can return to being your normal self."

Graeme nods. The slight frown of worry is mainly gone from his face. "Alright, I can do that." He'll just suck it up, and take it easier, and take them. Even if he will also play it on the cautious side, and try and keep himself in the company of his friends in the mean time. "And yeah. Usually, I like my ability." There's a grin on the man's face.

"I like mine too. And my wife's. Nothing like an atmokinetic to really cut down on the electricity bill." He grins at that, sticking his hand out for Graeme to shake. "Let me know how it is, with the negation pills. We've only prescribed them to one other in the office here and I was a little leery. New and all that. I'm really interested in just… your experience on it. What it's like for real versus what they tell us it's like."

Graeme nods, the smile on his face slightly weary. "Of course, that makes sense," he says, as he releases Brennan's hand. "And hm, guess it'll give me something to think about more than simply objectively disliking the experience." Graeme laughs quietly.

"Consider it a learning experience. This way, if I have more patients who come in with a genuine need, and ask me what it feels like, I can tell them. Helps me to know too if there's a difference between the pill and what I can do." But it seems he's done, he's got other people to tend to. "Darlene will be in to replace the stitches, you should be out of here within the half hour and I'll have the prescriptions waiting for you."

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