Not Drunk Enough For This


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Scene Title Not Drunk Enough For This
Synopsis The agents have news to share on their respective hunts.
Date June 06, 2011

The Gym Parking Lot

It's not uncommon for Jane to get calls asking her to meet somewhere. Sometimes it's job related, sometimes it's spontaneous fuck-I-need-a-drink-come-get-drunk-with-me kind of call or a fuck-I'm-drunk-come-pick-me-up sort of deal. Today, was neither. Today was a "Jane, get to the courts, I need you" No hello when the asian woman picked up, no goodbye when she hung up or any timeframe given. Audrey expected Jane to get in her car and get there - or taxi.

So it's probably little surprise when Audrey's leaning against the hood of her ubiquitous black SUV with a scowl on her face, hair that's just this side of damp and her gym bag on the hood of her car with her arms crossed, thumb punching buttons into her blackberry.

Jane arrives not too long after the call, being dropped off by a taxi and still in her work clothes. Which is to say, she probably wasn't home when that call came through. And she's probably armed, just in case.

And in that vein, her first order of business is checking out the area and the car and Audrey for any damage and/or hidden bad guys. But she eventually comes to a stop in front of Audrey, her hands moving to her hips. "Are you okay?" Worried, maybe. A little. Some.

"Prides a little fucked, but physically I'm okay. Not every day that your shower gets supervised at gunpoint by wanted fucking terrorists" Odds are th at she's already gone to security of the place and asked to see footage of anyone coming and going. "Fucking spurling cornered me in the shower at gunpoint. She must have followed me from work" or something.

"The girlfriend? In the shower?" Jane blinks, but after a moment, she gets a hint of a crooked smile. "She's ballsy. I like it." There's a glance toward the building, but then back at Audrey. "And she didn't shoot you? What the hell'd she corner you for?"

"To tell me that it wasn't her boyfriend working it out in Maryland at the Naval Academy and to try and strike a deal with me" Audrey gestures to the car, an indication for Jane to get in. Likely out to go drink now, since she needs to knock back a good stiff whiskey. "Swears, that it wasn't him, says it was one of the others, the one who posed as you and dressed me up all pretty like at the party"

Jane does move to get into the car, as she is never one to argue with drinking time. "Oh does she. But she would, girlfriends always do. Unless they're setting the guy up. But, that being said, I hope it is that other one. I'd like to smack him a little for wearing my skin." There's a brief pause as she puts on her seat belt, looking over at Audrey with a raised eyebrow. "Do you believe her?"

Her own seatbelt clicks into place, key into ignition as she starts the SUV and the process of backing up so that they can get out of here and head off to a relatively nice drinking place. By nice, she means a place where they don't care that they carry badges and won't bother the two of them.

"Based on what she decided to leave on my plate after stating that it wasn't him, I'm inclined to. She hasn't really lied to me before. Who do you trust in the government Pak? If you had to, right now, place your life in one person, besides me, who would you trust?"

Well, that's a pointed question at the moment. "Besides you?" Jane taps a figure for a moment, her head tilting this way and that. "Depends on what you want to trust them with. If you're talking about trusting someone to follow the law and do the right thing… Sebastian's a good egg. If you're talking about someone you could trust with a proverbial smoking gun?" She let's out a sigh there, possibly because she doesn't have anyone on that list besides Audrey.

"Gabriel gray, she says, hasn't been killing, that it's the other one, Sylar. Not only is he the one" Audrey glances over at Jane. "He's got someone in the government who's protecting him, covering his ass" The last bit, bit out, the back teeth grinding at the thought that someone has been protecting the very man she's supposed to be collaring.

"She wants him dead, and in exchange for passing me the name of someone to start looking at, she told me what she wants" Which means, Audrey took it.

"Someone in the government to look at? If you snatch up Sylar instead of Gabriel. What'd you swap that for?" Jane doesn't seem to be judging, not in the least. She might be a little surprise, but it doesn't last long. "Frankly, I couldn't even begin to guess at whose name she might have. Not because everyone's so squeaky clean, because right now? The list of possibilities is very long."

"He was supposed to get a pardon during Apollo. Not that I approve of the pardons" Jane's seen the files, knows of Audrey's thoughts on the pardons and the people who just blew them off after getting them. "She doesn't want the pardon. In exchange for the name of someone to go start looking at, she wants a death certificate in Gabriel Gray's name, when Sylar dies. Says the killing will end, when we go for that clone, and not for Mr. Gray. They were at the Gala to protect Ms. Davingnon from Sylar. Or that's what they call him, how she differentiates between them"

"I see. Sylar's dead, no one's hunting for Gabriel, everyone goes home happy. That's a secret I wouldn't trust anyone with, besides you, Hanson." Jane is quiet for a moment, fingers fiddling with her seatbelt.

"I have… some reason to believe there might be several members of Humanis First in various branches of the government, Audrey." First name, serious business. Her voice drops lower as she notes, "I've been looking into Mayes. I plan on poking over at the Commonwealth Institute, too. Whatever name she gives you… I don't know. At this point, I'm not sure who's playing what angle, but it doesn't seem like much of a stretch to me, that someone would find Sylar… useful."

"You have got to be kidding me" Audrey applies the breaks, easing to a stop at a red, looking over to her friend. "Mayes? Georgia Mayes, sweet grandmotherly looking, Georgia Mayes is suspected of Humanis First?" Not that Audrey's really dealt with the woman, different agency and the DoEA that she tends to deal with is Jane here.

"Humanis First wouldn't want anything to do with Sylar, save shooting him dead and making sure that he stayed dead. but Mayes wasn't the name given. Ave Epstein, the one from the Apollo files. He's in DC right now and that's where she pointed me. I'm thinking about going, bringing an old retired NYPD officer with me when I do. Lie detection is his evolved ability and I figured that will come in pretty handy since I'm tired of people lying their asses off at me"

"Yep, that's her. You know what that means? If Humanis First is calling the shots in the department that's suppose to be helping the Evolved? It's some serious shit. I have to dig into it, too, because who knows if I'm the only one that gives a damn what this department is supposed to be doing." Jane spreads her hands a bit, a bit of a helpless gesture.

"Unless they want to keep people afraid. Sylar's the boogyman. Keep the people reminded that he existed and there are others like him out there? People forget how much their liberties mean to them when they're afraid. They agree to all sorts of horrors. However. Epstein isn't on my list of maybe Humanis First people." She shakes her head a bit, crossing one leg over the other as her arms fold across her chest. "But like I said. I don't know who's playing what angle in all this."

"If you look at it that way, yes. They'd want him alive and well, so that he can keep doing what he's doing, but to the best of the general publics knowledge, it's a copy cat. They don't know that he didn't actually die, or that we caught him twice and the second time, he actually had a hand in saving humanity as opposed to obliterating it or some chunk of humanity"

Mayes is still bothering her though. "So you're telling me, that the english lady, the one who's charged with helping Praeger ensure that evo's don't get treated like dogs, is actually… one of the people who wants to see them treated like dogs or worse? The fuck did that not come up in a a background check for the department of Evolved Affairs upper echelon position?"

"And they definitely don't know there's more than one of him. And that we're not entirely sure how many." Jane gives Audrey a bit of a look there, but as the topic turns back to Mayes, she can only shrug. "Don't ask me, I wasn't the one recruiting. But I'm taking this on in a legal way. Find proof, bring it to the right people, get them out of my department. The last thing we need is the other side trying to take them out and this whole mess erupting messily."

"It'll kill the DoEA's credibility if it gets out Pak, you realize this right? It's mayes. Only worse person it could be is Praeger. Who the hell would you take this to? We already know that someone in my department is watching me, and sniffing around me when I went sniffing around things involving aric Gibbs for you on the side"

There's another shake of her head, purse of already thin lips. "Anything you need me to do when I"m not cavorting off to washington to sniff around this Epstien agent?"

"I know it. I can handle it delicately." There's a pause. "Really! I can. Problem is, there are people in this who couldn't care less if the DoEA survives a reveal like this. So I'm up against a deadline that… I have no idea if or when it is. It's been fun so far." Jane looks over at Audrey, her head tilting a little. "I'll take it to Praeger. Eventually. When I have enough that he won't be able to deny it." Provided she gets that far.

"You're going to run off to DC without me? After dragging me into the Sylar hunt? After he dressed up like me and made you go to the ballet? Hanson."

"You got bigger fish to fry here Pak. Besides, I don't think my wallet or your wallet can pay for another last minute plane ticket. Besides, I'm bringing the lie detector with me. I think I can handle sniffing around Epstein without needing you holding my hand. Besides, who's going to keep Cooper in line while I'm gone? Cooper Duper needs walked, and I don't mean my dog."

"Okay, but I'm not scooping his poop. Not for you or anyone." Jane unfolds her arms there, opting to lean against the door instead. "You keep me up to date on how that goes. And while you're gone… try to think of a hiding place no one would think to look for my evidence. I got a… tip, sort of, that my typical hiding places probably aren't good enough."

"Get a waterproof sack, the kinds that survive just about everything that mother nature can throw at it. Put a cent block in it, waterproof seal your documents or whatever, and sink it somewhere in a lake, or bury it somewhere. Like buried treasure. Or there's the tried adn true, mail it off to some place to shove in a box under a pseudonym. Safety deposit box, with a duplicate key given to someone to access upon your death." She points out. "And I don't think Cooper will need his pop shoveled, he's abig boy, he can use a toilet. You can always call his ex, Daisy. She's still got a think for him. She'll keep him busy while I'm gone. She owes me

"Not bad ideas. Maybe I should make copies and put them in several places. I'll think about it." Jane lets out a heavy breath there, something on her mind that she's not adding to the conversation, but if anyone can tell, it's Audrey. "Daisy. I'm not cruel enough to sic his crazy exs on him. However, I do know a gay bar or two I might just have to drag him to while you're gone. He's going to need the company, I think."

"Maybe it's just me that's cruel enough. toss me copies, I'll shove them in my super secret sylar stash, or maybe coopers closet. That's where I stashed my sylar files when I was suspended. They'll never look in the closet of your friends partner." Probably, likely not. They're coming up to the place where they'll have a drink at least, but not get hammered, it's not a weekend after all and she's still gotta drive home after the allotted cool down time has gone into effect. That and she's hungry. "I approve of the gay bars, I don't approve of the silence, and unfilled air that you're not filling me in on. But if you don't want to talk about it, well, you don't have to Pak, but know I'll be a shoulder and an ear if you need it

"Well, you do get a lot more Cooper exposure than I do," Jane allows, as for reasons she might be a little more cruel. She glances out the window as familiar landmarks appear, and she seems to approve of the bar being chosen. But then, what bar doesn't she approve of?

That last bit gets her to look over Audrey's way, though, and she lets out a rueful chuckle. "I should never have given you the Jane Pak handbook." The chuckle dims into a similarly rueful smile, though, as she notes, "This thing with Humanis First? Apparently this is what I die for."

'What do you mean you die for it?" Audrey pulls into a parking spot, gears shifted but the car not turned off, shifting to look over at her friend with a confused look.

"I mean that sometime in the future, just as I'm ready to bring my evidence to Praeger and blow this thing wide open… I'm suddenly dead and my evidence is destroyed. Or most of it." Jane seems… accepting of the idea of dying, but then, with so many years in the military, it's probably something she came to terms with a long time ago. But. It upsets her. "Without finishing this. I didn't get an actual when, just that it'd be years."

"Well" Well. "A magic eight ball tell you this?" Serious, joking, not knowing what to make of someone knowing the future.

"I wish. No, it was a dream. Currently assumed to be one of many prophetic dreams going around. Something like those visions last summer. And as much as I'd like to laugh it off… eh. Seen too much by this point." Jane lifts a shoulder there. She can't help it, she's the opposite of a skeptic.
'Ever seen the pelican brief Pak?" Audrey speaks up after staring at her best friend for a minute or two before killing the engine, popping the door open and undoing her seatbelt.

"You know, I know I should have, as a lawyer, but no, I haven't." Jane follows suit, getting herself out of the suv and straightening her vest. Ahem. "What's it about? A witty and charming government official, no doubt."

"Go rent it Pak, and then, then if worst comes to worst, we'll do what they did, at the end. There must be some gray grantham somewhere in this city" She's grabbing her purse, getting out her wallet and tossing the rest back in the back seat. "Some hot denzel washington type somewhere out there"

"Well, I'll take a Denzel any day," Jane smiles there, and she shuts the door with a quiet slam. "Thanks for not telling me I'm crazy. Paranoid, maybe, but never crazy. I'll check netflix when I get home."

"Look at the job we do Pak. I've spent the better part of my career chasing down a guy with multiple abilities, and we live in an age where we're more likely, in this city, to die from someone manifesting an ability straight out of old comic books, than from being hit by a car. A guy with umbrakinesis swallowed a nuclear bomb and saved the world. You're not crazy."

Adurey pauses, looking over the hood at her friend. 'We're sane, the rest of the world is crazy, and it's our job to tame it just a little bit, where we can, so that the entire world can wake up to another day and feel alittle bit more safer"

Jane meets that gaze, a little smile on her lips for the little reassuring speech. But, of course, she can't let it go without teasing a little, even if she did appreciate it. "Don't get all mushy on me, Hanson, this isn't a chick flick." But she rounds the car to give her arm a tug toward the bar. "They should put that on the recruiting poster. And we should go have some cocktails."

'Nope, this is not a chick flick. This is a murder mystery with an action plot." Audrey follows the tug, not quite going arm in arm but walking right beside her. "We're a new york spaghetti western bitch and high noon, is just around the corner"

"Now that I can get on board with," Jane says with a grin as they walk toward the bar. "It's a good thing I've been working on twirling my guns," she says, even pulling one out in an attempt to spin it around her finger that ends up in her fumbling and having to scramble to catch it. But she slides it back into her holster with a grin and wink, like she had just totally pulled it off.

"Cut it out annie oakly, and lets just go get a drink" SHe's got dogs to get home to, Jane back to whatever she has going. Both of them likely to be alone. It's a hard knock life, bringing down Sylar, gathering the dirty secrets of others with the threat of a death sentence looming over ones head.

But both women do it, and in their own style.

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