Not Even Mostly Dead


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Scene Title Not Even Mostly Dead
Synopsis Samara and Brian visit Tahir. It goes… well?
Date December 22, 2010

Dorchester Towers — Tahir's Apartment

The snow lightly dusts the outside of Dorchester apartments, blowing softly to the ground with that all familiar twinkle of the visible flakes— each unique. Samara had been in complete wonderment on the walk here, shifting this way and that to catch stray snowflakes on her tongue, and emitting a very contented mmm with every shift in the falling flakes. Dorchester should've been harder to get into, but for whatever reason, Brian and Sami had managed to enter the front door without the admittance of an owner— a kind older lady had let them inside no questions asked.

When the pair reach the door to Tahir's apartment Sam turns her head to face Brian, "You must have an innocent face. She didn't think we were here to steal anything or nothing. And I look like a kid sooooo— " she shrugs nonchalantly. Her cream coloured hat and scarf are wrapped cozily around her as she undoes her coat. In one of her hands she holds what Brian had called 'fake' booze— Belini mix. Yet Sam had insisted she knew what she was doing…

She raises a gloved hand to knock on the door only to lower it moments later, "What if I scare him? Do you think he'll be happy to see him? Maybe mom and dad called him? Is this a bad idea?" So many questions all asked with one breath, but there they are just the same.

However, even with the questions, she raps heavily on the door.

"I usually you have to sneak in here." Brian brings his hand up scratch a little at his chin. "Cameras in the lobby." Dropping his hand from his chin, Brian places his hand back into the pocket inside his hoodie. Wearing a black sweatshirt and dark jeans, Brian is busy looking at whatever that thing Samara has wearily. Twisting his lips to the side, he gives a light shrug. "Maybe I should have talked to him first…" But it's too late for that. "I semi remember telling your mom that we would surprise your brother too. I might have had a little of that wine. And I think I was joking. She might have thought I was serious." Brian gives a little shrug. "So they might not have called him."

"If he really believes in ghosts? He deserves to be scared." Brian's tone melts somewhat, as his glance slides over to take in the more nervous figure beside him. Reaching up, he goes to slide his arm over her shoulders. Leaning in a kiss is planted against the side of her head. "It'll be fine." He lies with a comforting smile.

"Get Down! Get Down! Get Down, Get Down!"

That's right. Some FUNK is blasting all up in the apartment that belongs to Tahir Avery Dunham. To be perfectly honest, it's like he was born in the wrong color skin. Right now, though, he's dancing around his apartment,, half dressed in one of his many suits of awesome. He's currently in the process of trying to select a tie and glasses combination that's going to work for whatever it is that he's going to be getting up to. He's that much of a damn party animal!

There's this really annoying knocking coming from his door. Frown.

"Aight! Hol' up! Damn!" Tahir sets both pairs of glasses back on their shelf, before slipping and sliding around his furniture, grabbing one of his open wine coolers (He's such a Pretty Boy) and sipping on it as he tosses his ties over his shoulder and zooms it to the door to grab the handle and yank it open…

"Mom probably knew you were joking. Probably. I think. Maybe…" Samara cringes slightly and smiles brightly at the kiss and the arm around her shoulders. Now is the time to relax. Finally. She clears her throat as the door starts to move and has the good sense to stick one of her heavy rubber boots in the doorway; there's no way he's going to slam the door on her…

Seeing his face is enough to calm at least some of those nerves… and then immediately jack them up. She twitches slightly before taking a deep breath and recounting her story a million miles a minute, "Tay— it's Sam, I'm not a ghost anymore and now I'm here to tell you I was never dead in the first place because I like had this ability and then I went all invisible but I'm okay and this is my boyfriend Brian and he like helped find me and I really hope you don't shut the door in our faces please." And breathe. Again.

"I hope she thought I was joking when I made those… other jokes. Don't let me have alcohol around your parents again. Or I really will become your new dad, ok?" Pulling her into him tightly for a moment, his arm lifts off of Samara's shoulders. Brian has a sister, he knows what it's like to meet her boyfriends. Even though most of her boyfriends are mass-murdering, multi-powered, sociopaths… But still. Minimize the shock value, increase the relationship with the future… boyfriend.. in law. That's what Brian will be. The boyfriend in law.

As the door is opened, Brian's smile lights up brightly. A vast collection of gleaming teeth displayed proudly for Tahir. A little wave is given with his free hand. Hiii, I'm the boyfriend! That's what his wave says. Though the smile that is formed on his lips hasn't been that broad in a long time and is probably slowly doing damage to his cheek bones. So the smile starts to fade gradually as Tahir comes to the door. So.. At this point the smile probably looks more like a grimace, or even like Brian is in some sort of pain. Or that he's really angry and about to bite. One of the two.

Tahir can't exactly do anything even remotely close to forming words at this exact moment. In fact, the only thing that he can do is let the door finish opening and stare. This staring goes on for the longest short eternity in the history of short eternities. He just… stands there. It's not a pretty sight, unless you're the type that actually enjoys looking at the awesome hotness factor that is Tahir Avery Dunham.

Whatever thoughts are running through his head as he regards the sister that was dead and apparently isn't anymore and then there's the fact that she has brought her boyfriend oh and let's add in the fact that she was never really dead in the first place, even though she was here and haunting him weeks ago… it's all a little much and heavy for Tahir to process. So, instead, his body does the only thing it can think of to do:

"Oh Lawd Jesus!" Tahir's voice has vlew up twelve octaves to a high-pitched squeal, which is followed by the removal of him from the space in the door. Because his body hits the floor, his wine cooler bottle rolls to the side and spills the deliciousness all over his floor.

That's right. He fainted.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Samara's eyes widen considerably as she reaches out for her brother even though she has no hope of catching him. "Taaaaaay!! TAY!" within instants she's welcomed herself into Tahir's apartment. She crouches next to his head, "That's gonna leave a mark… I'm sorry, I shouldn't have— Tay… you're gonna be okay…" she cranes her neck to peek further into the apartment, half-expecting one of Tahir's many trysts to be sticking around, but seeing nothing, her gaze turns back to Brian.

"What am I supposed to do?!" she taps Tahir's cheek expectantly, "Waaaaake up— pleeeeeeease— " Her eyebrows knit together tightly. "Brian, what do I do?!"

"You killed him!" Brian squeals. Peering into the apartment he looks back down at the body and gives a light chuckle. "He fainted. What a pussy." Flinging his hand dismissively, Brian steps over the body. "Well first we have to stop yelling and making the neighbors think you killed him." Going into a crouch, he goes to pull Tahir out of the way of the door's trajectory. "Close the door." He instructs Samara, glancing around the kitchen. He gives another little laugh. "Okay, now pick up his legs. Just elevate them a little." Getting on his knees, Brian lowers his ear to Tahir's mouth. "Yeah, he's breathing."

"Supposed to loosen anything tight.. like collars or belts. But.. you can do that. Here. I'll hold his legs. He should be up in a couple seconds. Then we can move him to the couch." Straightening, Brian goes to pick up Tahir's legs and elevate them above his heart. "Just get the blood pumping back to his brain. It's probably so used to flowing to his penis that it forgot where to go." He motions with his chin for her to help out with the collar/belt thing.

Tahir stands in the middle of a world of Vomitted Technicolor. He's clutching his cell phone to his chest, while the arrival of a bright light… that's being heavily weighed down by something, comes floating towards him. Soon, the light flashes and the glowing visage of Pamela Anderson is standing there in front of him. She's waving a magic wand. "Hello Tahir!"

"Mmmmmmm. Paaaaaaaaam." Tahir's practically drooling.

Pam whaps him across the head with her magic wand. "Pay attention!"

Tahir isn't even looking at the fairy Pamela Anderson at this moment. He's looking at her boobs. Obviously. "Oh, I am."

"TAHIR!" Pamela zaps him in the chest with her wand! "Look. Click your heels and go home. The Hasslehoffs is on." And with a cloud of magical smoke, Pamela Anderson is gone!

Tahir frowns, but his eyes are looking down at his feet by this point. And, sure enough, he's wearing some Ruby Red Jordans. "Nice!" And with that, he's clicking his heels, "There's No Place Like Pam! There's No Place Like Pam! There's No Place Like Pam!" And the world spins and spins before Tahir lands right in Pamela Anderson's lap!


"Sorry!" Tahir cops a feel, before rolling off and making a break for the door! Lighting is being shot at him the entire way!


"Ahahahahaha!" Tahir's eyes jerk open and he works on sitting himself up. By this point, he's probably having to shake his legs out of the grips of those that would dare to be trying to lift him up! "What the fu—" Eyes dart this way and that way and he finally remembers what knocked him the hell out in the first place. "Sam?!" Gawking happens and he's trying to do this weird scramble-tackle-make-sure-this-is-not-a-dream-hug thing towards his sister.

Samara took the legs when instructed and managed to close the door (after giving up on leg duty) to the apartment to conceal the inner workings from the world outside. She frowns slightly as she bolts the door closed. "I'm sorry Brian, I should've let you go first. Ugh." Her lips press tightly together. "And he's not completely like that. He's a good brother… he like looks out for me."

When Tahir wakes up, however, her arms open widely to him. Easily she is tugged by her brother, her little dainty self actually stumbles under the tackle. Evidently she's still not as sturdy on her hands as she used to be. With a broad grin, she lets her eyes turn somewhat glassy at the reunion. Happy reunions are on the menu, it seems.

"I'm kidding Sam. I'm sure he's a great…" Brian's voice trails off as Tahir bamfs back into conciousness. Legs are dropped, and Brian's heet dance back rapidly. Gray blue eyes latching onto the brother and sister reunion, his lips pull back. He can't help himself it's just so touching. Folding his arms and secretly hugging himself, Brian watches in relative silence.

Tahir doesn't even look like he's ever going to let go. He's not getting teary eyed or anything. But he's squeezing as if he's never going to let Samara out of his sight again. "If you ever die on me again, I will kill you. Do you understand me?" He sounds like he's about as serious as one can get when talking about this particular subject. It's a very dangerous subject to be talking about. Especially, with evil people in the room with them. That's right, Tahir notices everything. Even when his sister has arrived back from the never-was-really dead. This is very awkward.

"And how the hell did you get a boyfriend when you weren't even not-not alive?"

While Sam drops her arms from the embrace, she isn't so easily released. "I… I'm okay, Tay." A small smile edges her lips as she sniffs loudly, suppressing those emotions she'd so easily lost control of around her parents. With her brother she insists on being brave lest she be teased. "I take it mom didn't tell you anything then? Like a week ago we went to Chicago and visited mom and dad and I told them everything. I'm like…" Sami turns her head to face Brian, "What do they call it?" She's not good with the terms ands tuff.

Her tongue rolls over her lips as she regards Brian. "Brian saw me when only Rue could. He… he rescued me. With some help, but Brian made it happen." Her cheeks flush slightly.

"SLC expressive." Brian finishes for her. "Evolved." His eyes level on Tahir as he takes a step over to the two. Outstretching his arm to Tahir, "Brian. Good to meet you." Again. He smiles gently, his eyes dipping down before zipping back up. "Nice suit." Offering to help the other man up, he takes a step back.

Glancing over to Samara, he starts to explain some of it for her. "She phases. She went completely intangible and invisible during the bomb, which allowed her to survive. I think. Rue survived.. So I'm guessing she didn't actually need to phase. Unless Sam made Rue phase… I hadn't thought about that." He closes his eyes for a moment. "Anyways, she didn't have any control of her ability so she was stuck in it for four years. And she thought she was a ghost." Which is silly.

"Whoa. Wait. My sister's…" Tahir blinks and turns to look at Samara. "You're Evolved?!" There is a very awkward silence that happens as he just kind of looks at his sister and helps himself up. He doesn't need any assistance from any weird ass boyfriends of hers! He throws his hands into his hair and looks around the room for a moment, as if trying to ponder the perfect response to this. "That's… I mean…" He takes a deep breath. "That is so Fuckin' Awesome! Haha!" He's holding up his hands into the air, as if he's totally having the time of his life! "You're like… holy shit. You're like… you can totally do all kindsa' shit with that! Phasing, huh? Nice!" Well, someone is certainly excited about this news. Overly excited. "Whew. So glad you're not a ghost though. I joined the army because of you. I was totally thinking you were haunting me…"


"Wait. That day. Did you uh… see me and uh… that girl uh…?"

"Thanks Brian. Yeah… that pretty much sums it up. I'm not strong with what I can do anymore, but I think it's really neat and I'm pretty pumped about y'know… not being dead." She shrugs a little as she slides over towards Brian. Awkward or not, she doesn't intend to leave copious amounts of space between them. She reaches out to hold his hand and issues him a large toothy content grin.

The sheer amount of mind bleach Samara needs to clear her mind of that image is unreal. "Yeah. About that— I… don't want to remember that happened." Her face sours into a scowl, "I mean come oooon. You jsut learned I was alive and I was subjected to Miss America fawning all over you." The memory causes nearly the same level of disgust the original incident did, "I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit."

Recalling his hand, Brian doesn't seem overtly angry that he is the weird ass boyfriend of Samara and doesn't get a handhold from Tahir. But maybe he's deeply wounded and may never recover, he'll be constantly seeking Tahir's approval and trying to please hi—"Got anything to eat?" He asks, glancing around the apartment. "Sorry. We just.. Kind of decided to come visit you last minute. And once she decides to do something there's no time for jerk chicken on the way." Which is sad, honestly.

Taking Samara's hand back in his, he gives Tahir what might be an apologetic look. "So.. Merry Christmas man. Your sister isn't dead. And it's real nice to meet you. We should all go out to eat some time."

"Silence, Boyfriend. I haven't approved you yet. Sister being alive is more important." Tahir seems to be trying to be diplomatic about all this crazy romantic nonsense that's happening. He can't be having his sister just dating some random loser. "But. You can raid my fridge as long as you never call me a pussy again." Yeah. He heard that shit, son. Don't be hatin'.

Tahir can't stop his eyes from being focused on his sister, honestly. She's freaking alive, man. Unreal. "Whoa. This is like… I don't know what to do right now. Everything I thought I knew is like… unknown. This is crazy." He's running out of things to say. Which sucks for someone that's a game show host.

"Tay, play nice! Brian is good people." And then, as if to prove it and provide evidence she adds, "Mom likes him." Dad on the other hand? Yeah, Sami won't comment on that. Brian gets his hand squeezed again as she turns to face him, and then back to Tahir, "Yeah. We should definitely all go out sometime." With whatever flavour of the month Tahir is seeing.

"Good crazy though, right? I hope? And I'm glad you're glad to see me or I think you're glad… I wasn't sure what I'd done when you didn't" she pauses nearly dramatically, but actually chooses not to finish the thought, easily switching topics, "My visit to you earlier… it wasn't about Tyler Reid you know? He was kind of a jerk anyways…" Her lips press together.

Arching a single brow at his order to silence, Winters accidentally complies. Allowing Samara to stick up for him, he returns the hand squeeze before releasing. Turning he sets his sights on the refrigerator. Brian glances over his shoulder, before smirking a little bit. He opens the fridge and gives it a cursory look before shutting the door. Obviously Tahir doesn't have anything he want, either that or he was more hungry for looking at food then actually eating it.

Taking a step away from the refrigerator he glances down at Tahir. Crossing him off on the list in his head, he looks over to Samara. "Three down, one to go. Right? Merry Christmas Tay-Tay." Brian smiles sweetly at the other man.

"I don't think I like you." comes from Tahir's mouth as he just stares at Brian. It's definitely not something that he should be saying out loud, but since his sister is alive, he's going to have to step back into the Protector Box. Which is where people get knocked the F out of. Eyes are turned back to Samara, while making a mental note to call and talk to Dad about this 'Brian' fool. There must be a plan enacted. "Of course I'm glad to see you! You're not dead! Which… is like the best Christmas present of all time!" Tahir raises his hands over his head! He's hype! "Look. Finish making the Rounds of Doom and then we'll go out. Just you and me." Eye narrow at Brian, before soft eyes are returned to Sami. "We have about a billion years to catch up on." And he has to finish getting ready to go score some more chicks.

"Tahir Avery Dunham!" the reprimand and use of her brother's middlename should be warning enough. "Be nice." Samara trudges over to Brian to clasp his hand again, her eyes and smile turn apologetic as she give him a little tug, they can go now, she's ready. She shuffles slowly back to the door and peeks over her shoulder to catch Tahir's gaze. "We'll go out for real. And catch up." And she'll extoll her adventures over the last four years. "Just… take care of yourself until then, okay? I'm glad… I'm glad to see you again." She shoots him one last softer smile.

Brian seems unphased by the declaration of dislike. So far he's two out of four with the Dunham clan. If he can go over smooth with Adisa, then he's in enough. Samara only has to go through Gillian. Which isn't fair. Taking Samara's hand, he gives a sugary sweet smile to Tahir. "Nice to meet you Tay Tay. Have a good night, buddy." With that he's exiting with Samara.

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