Not For Children, Yet Childish


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Scene Title Not For Children, Yet Childish
Synopsis Kaylee and Diogenes meet to catch up. A philosophical debate soon spirals out of control and they're talking about a donkey's genitalia.
Date November 2, 2009

The Nite Owl

The Nite Owl is a survivor from ages past - one of those ancient diners with huge plate glass windows, checkerboard linoleum floor, and a neon owl over the entrance that blinks at those entering. Inside, there's an L-shaped main counter, complete with vintage soda fountain and worn steel stools. All of the cooking is done on the ranges ranked against the rear wall. The outer wall is lined with booths upholstered in cracked scarlet vinyl, tables trimmed with polished chrome. Despite its age, it's been lovingly maintained. The air is redolent with the scent of fresh coffee, vanilla, and frying food.

She had been a bit uncertain when she called Diogenes the night before, since after all she had been told about his adventure in homeless killing, but Kaylee decided to go ahead and arrange a meeting in person. She was feeling like some breakfast, so she invited him to join her at the Nite Owl.

Dressed in a pair of jeans that looked a size or two too big, a maroon turtle neck sweater, and wrapped up against the cold in her leather jacket, Kaylee waits just outside the diner for the man. Her head is tipped down and her shoulders hunched, so that she can tuck her nose in her jacket to keep it warm, a silly sight, but something make people do at least. Her eyes wander the faces of the people passing, feeling more and more like she should leave before he should show up.

As unusual as it might seem to those who have met Diogenes more than once, he is running late. Or walking, really. At a leisurely step, this young uncaring man is making his way to meet Kaylee in a certain locale, the name of which is rather ironic when one considers the time of day when the two meet. Dressed as expensively as usual, the self-proclaimed philosopher seemed to be in what could vaguely be described as a good mood, even if in his terms, that simply means he's slightly less morbid than usual.

It also means a larger amount of snide and potentially offensive remarks, some of which Kaylee was gifted as a form of reminder what she has been missing out, probably intending to make her think she has made a mistake calling him. Yet, she persevered, and he was more than happy to oblige. Even if he is three minutes and twenty-two seconds late, he still arrives, taking intentionally slow steps inside the Nite Owl, his eyes resting on Kaylee, and a subtly faint grin saying much more than any greeting would have.

Straightening, Kaylee follows him into the diner looking a bit less… certain about something. He'd of course notice that she looks healthy again, "Table for two." She tells the waitress and moves to follow the server to a spot. "I had every intention of slapping that damn smug look off your face, but… I admit… I'm glad to see you." She doesn't sound at all happy about that fact. She slides into one side of the booth, taking the menu and flipping it open to look over her options. "I have probably gained a tone of weight… But food tastes so good anymore.. Ah.. can I get coffee? Thanks." The last told the the waitress.

All Diogenes initially offers is but a mere shrug. Once he occupies a set in front of Kaylee and orders himself coffee with milk, however, he intertwines his digits and places his interlinked hands unto the table, leaning slightly forward to the blonde telepath to speak. "I'm a sissy when it comes to taking pain, so I am thankful you did not slap me. I'd hate it if I suddenly squealed in public", he notes, before addressing much more serious matters, ones that are spoken in a predictably lower tone. "I see I'm infamous, now. Doesn't feel as good as I thought it would. You need to either get past it or screw up my brain into thinking I'm a harmless fifteen year old schoolgirl. You can't have both. So, which one is it?"

The addendum comes quickly enough. "If it's the latter, at least spare me the preference for all things pink."

"Hearing you squeal like a sissy if I had slapped you would probably make me feel better," Kaylee murmurs, not looking at him for the moment concentrating on find something to eat. "And yes.. your name is getting around in certain circles, that's what happens when you take out a whole shelter of homeless." Her voice is low as she speaks, not wanting to draw attention to them. Blue eyes flick up to give him a once over and then she arches a brow. "I'm pretty much homeless living on the generosity of others, you gonna take me out too, Dio?" The sarcasm is in there of course, even if it won't phase him. "And no… I'm going to do the world a favor and not scramble your brain. You acting like a fifteen year old school girl is a much more disturbing image."

Even though it was sarcastic mockery, Diogenes makes sure to address it, regardless. "If you were as pathetic as they are", he replies, "It's highly likely I'd give in to the temptation and— yes, I would kill you."

Silence arrives then. The man lowers his gaze, and his haughty demeanour fades; although the shift in his appearance and tone of voice is most likely temporary, it is peculiar nonetheless. "I have killed before. Mainly— Pretty much just thugs and cheap cut-throats who would have screwed me over if I didn't do it first. It felt… Kind of good. It felt like a merciless claw tore you open, and then sewn up the wounds with a mother's care", he explains, and at the end of this morbid elaboration, he clears his throat in a manner that suggests pain, even if there's none. "To refine my ability— To understand what I have… It was just a pretext. I think I wanted to feel that again. And it was different. There was the tearing, yes… but not the sewing."

And then Diogenes looks up at Kaylee again. "I held myself above such primeval needs. I failed. But even Gods make mistakes."

"I've killed before, Dio… So your not the only one. The only difference was they were trying to kill me in return." Kaylee doesn't seem disturbed by the fact that he'd have no qualms killing her, in fact she's unsurprised by it… So why does she even bother to enjoy is company if she knows he could one day turn on her? Same could be said about another rather portly guy she's ended up hanging out with.

She doesn't say anything else for the moment as the waitress arrives, "I want the number seven. Eggs scrambled. I'd like to replace the bacon with sausage… thanks." Kaylee flashes the woman a bright smile and watches her leave before turning to Dio again. "And I know what you mean by it feeling good." Again she doesn't sound happy about it, her tone flat. "There is this… deep satisfaction and… I dunno how to explain the feeling of taking control of someone's actions. I should ask Jason, he can control people in a way… but I also don't want these people to know about that side of me."

The moment Kaylee confesses that she has killed before, as well, yet under different circumstances, Diogenes scrunches up his grimace and nods several times in what clearly is a mocking fashion. Disapproving, he wags his hand from left to right dismissively and murmurs: "Yes, yes, you're the anti-hero, I'm the villain, I get it."

A pause needs to be made as the waitress arrives with his coffee and to take Kaylee's order. Once Kaylee falls silent, Diogenes makes sure that the waitress is not interested in their hushed conversation by speaking up rather loudly with a displeased grimace: "What's so bad about a threesome? God, you're such a prude!"

As the waitress leaves, Diogenes turns his attention to Kaylee once again. "I do not want to take enjoyment in it. I have the ability to disarm and to disable. I am above the archaic system that is morals, an arbitrary map many hold onto, deluding themselves into thinking they have it more 'right' than the others at the other side of said map. I've made a mistake. So, let's get past that— Tell me where to you've disappeared."

"I'm not a hero, of any sort." Is all Kaylee says to that, before moving on. "Where I disappeared? I can't say exactly, but…. have you heard of the Ferrymen?" She asks the last curiously, as she hadn't even known they existed before then. Her own coffee is tended too as she talks, sugar and creamer added till it's a rather pale coloration. "I went to them, or I was directed to them, so I could go into hiding. I figured Adam would look for me and being around him was possibly killing me… So, I figured hiding was my best bet while I tried to find out how to get rid of the issue."

Kaylee flashes Dio a bright smile, "It's been a rather interesting experience to say the least."

"I've only heard some whispers. Rumours. My focus currently lies in Humanis First; I have not paid attention to what is possibly just some wild urban legend. But, now that I know that it's real - I'm listening."

And, indeed, he would listen, for his coffee awaits him. He seems to have a sweet tooth, when one would consider the amount of sugar he would toss into the cup, even if the amount is within reason. He also seems to be one of the very few who are highly intolerant to hot drinks and food, for it he blows into the drink for quite a while before taking an overly careful sip. It must have been at least as amusing as watching a lemur in a zoo.

And at the end of the explanation regarding Ferrymen, Diogenes would make sure to ask: "So, are you returning into the spotlight? Or are you still in hiding?"

"Returning to the spotlight? Was I ever really in a spotlight?" Kaylee gives a little shrug of her shoulder and smiles a bit as she stirs her coffee. "Am I going back to Adam? No. He and I have to be done. I — found out this thing that founder did to me — there is no known cure. That straight from the mouth of a Company Founder." Her lips press together into a thin line, "So that part of my life is done. It's a path I guess I was never meant to travel. I've kind of started throwing my lot in with helping this Ferrymen group. They help and protect evolved and those less fortunate, like kids with abilities that lost their parents."

Giving him a lop sided smirk, "Nothing you'd be all for…. obviously. But then I love helping those less fortunate or have found themselves in dire straights. Not to mention the people I've met." She chuckles and gives him an amused look… "Anyhow… how about you? How have you been faring without my presence to mock and annoy?" Not that he's ever really annoyed her.

"You know me, I love helping out the helpless." Beat. "Wait, Halloween's already over, isn't it?"

After taking another wary sip of the still hot coffee, and after lowering the cup back onto the small plate, he glances up to the blonde for but a moment. "I had my ups and downs. A guy invited me over to tea; turns out 'tea' is synonymous with 'snipers on the nearby rooftops'. He tried to intimidate me, but instead ended up banging his head against the wall, figuratively speaking. Even if the literal sense would have proven for a much more amusing spectacle." Another regal sip serves an interlude. "Still, have I not offered any form of 'yes', I'd probably have walked out with half of my brain missing - or wouldn't have walked out at all, considering that the blond had the sentience of a peanut. His goals coincided with mine. I am kidnapping a Humanis First member, interrogating him… and then letting my personal coroner slicing him up alive. Purely for scientific reasons."

"Sounds like you've kept busy as well." Kaylee muses and again nothing else is really spoken until the plate is set in front of her. The blonde looks like she could be in love with that food on her plate, but then she hadn't been able to enjoy even the smell of food for a long stretch of time.

Of course, Kaylee can't let earlier comments go so she speaks up for the benefit of the watiress. "I told you, that I'm not into all that guy on guy action, so quit trying to get me in on that threesome idea. You wanna sleep with a guy……" The words trail off as the waitress scurries away quickly, before turning back to her companion, "Anyhow… any particular Humanis First Member?" She frowns a bit, "Wait.. you have your own personal coronor?" Something about that seems highly amusing to the telepath.

As the waitress scurries off, Diogenes seems to bear a look of nothing but surprise. He makes sure to chime in as soon as her words trail off, words that complement his surprise: "You were a guy once, too, y'know." He ensures to add insult to injury in a lower tone, throwing in: "You'd actually pass for one."

"And yes, I have my very own personal coroner. Would you believe him I picked him up at a book shop? He actually has a hearse with which we'll transport the Humanis First member to our secret dungeon", notes the dark-haired one after a couple more sips of his coffee, the temperature of which is much more tolerable now. He takes note of Kaylee and the food that's been delivered, wondering whether she'll be able to eat it all. "I will try and go for the leader figure of any spot in the hierarchy of any cell. The higher the position, the more likely that I'll extract something from him. Nothing too heroic or outstanding, don't worry. Something like the Sandman ordeal, just wigh a higher risk and no omnipotent telepath at my side. I'm a big boy, now, mom, I'll handle myself."

"Yeah well.." Kaylee leans forward as well as fires back, "..if I could pass for a guy, you could easily pass for a very good looking woman." She gives him a wink and a grin before she straightens. She takes a stab at a sausage link and bites the thing in half as she listens. "A coroner with a hearse…. why am I not surprised?" She looks rather thoughtful as she pictures that, "It's so clich that it's rather pitiful and amusing at the same time."

The other half of the sausage disappears into her mouth, before Kaylee states. "Just don't go getting yourself killed. They are a mean bunch of bastards, been in the head of one of them. I think I had to take several hot showers to take away the dirty feeling I go from being in his brain." She gives a little shudder. There is no offer of help really, "Of course, you can take care of yourself. With your ability?" She gives him a significant look. "You'll do just fine."

The news of him being able to pass as a woman brightens the man's mood. "Really?", he asks in disbelief before musing loudly enough for only Kaylee to hear. "At least I now know I'm going for Humanis First in an elaborate disguise. Have any cute skirts I can borrow?"

The awkward conversation is paused, even if both parties presumably wish by now that the long-running joke perhaps has run its course. However, it's highly likely both are too stubborn to let the other have the last word. "I am pretty sure you're sitting close enough to kick me in the crotch, no need for the tone or the glare", he mutters with half of a smirk tugging at a single corner of his lips. "Bait failed. I'll have to make do", he sighs softly, watching Kaylee eat. Eating is a dangerous thing to do in front of Diogenes. Like everything else.

"Is it my wild imagination, or does that sausage strike a disturbing resemblance to a donkey's penis?"

"Sorry, bucky, only jeans for me. Though I did wear a short frilly skirt for Halloween." Kaylee makes it sound like something she was impressed about. "Though if I can pass as a guy.. maybe I'll dress up like a lawyer next year."

The comment about her food is greeted with her stabbing another link and taking another bite. "If it is… then it's damn good donkey dick… Though if it is… " She looks at the half eat sausage on her fork with little frown tugging at the corners of her lip. Then her eyes move ever so slightly to focus on the man beyond it. "I'd feel bad for all the female donkey's out there." Then the other half is popped in her mouth, followed shortly by eggs.

"Definitely, miss being around you tho… Right now, all I have is a full grown man-child who likes to play with puppets to talk too. Not saying he's all that bad… but…" She gives a shrug. "Though I've met a lot of interesting people.. A guy with tortured voices in his head… A pastor, a woman who can talk to birds… It's been interesting." She falls silent again as she works on attempting to clear the plate.

Diogenes snorts. Yes, it is the closest the man comes to genuine laughter. A snort. A snort and a stupidly wide grin. He has desensitised himself with all the lies - both verbal and physical - to take pleasure in simple things, such as laughter or even tears. When they do come along, it is when his mind can no longer take the apathy and spills a random emotion at the most inappropriate time. Such lack of function bothered him every time he wanted to laugh, such as now.

Perhaps that is why the grin doesn't last long, even if that reason is hidden away from Kaylee. "You're keeping your phonebook populated, I see", he finally comments, watching her empty her plate, finishing his coffee. And once he does, he fishes out a banknote and a few coins to put on the table. "We should do this again, sometime, with donkey dicks replaced with hearts of our fallen enemies!", he cries out as valiantly as Mel Gibson in a certain film, albeit with a thick Scotish accent.

Why he is in such a rush is hard to explain, although perhaps he's simply not much for redundant pleasantries and drawn out conversations. They met, they caught up (according to his definition, at least), they mocked each other, and now they should part. Not to mention that Diogenes has actually missed the blonde, and such an emotion frustrates him. He is meant to be a God above petty human things, after all, even if Isis kept reminding him he's human.

"Try not to get too soft and pussy-like", he smirks.

"Awww.. already?" Any humor she had on her face is gone as she realizes the time has passed. Yes, Kaylee missed Diogenes as well, but…. "Okay.. well…" she picks up the final link of sausage and offers it to with with a wicked grin. "Want some donkey dick for the road?"

His own smirk is then mirrored on Kaylee's lips. "You try not to get yourself killed. Or caught, I won't be there to block their memories or make them think it was someone else." The smile falls slightly, she grabs the passing waitress and snags her pen for a moment writing down a number on a napkin, then offering it to Dio. "In case, you need to call and mock someone." Or need help… but she doesn't voice that, figuring that's a given.

The napkin is grabbed with that smirk still present, the substitute for a piece of paper shoved into a pocket. "A girl giving me her number without me even asking… I'm one of a kind charmer", he remarks, eyeing Kaylee curiously before hitting the road. "Glad to see you're still in one coherent piece, Kaylee." And as he turns around to leave, he suddenly stops to cast a glance over his shoulder at the woman. "Oh, and stop calling me Dio; makes me feel like a Fiat car."

With that, he would finally make his leave.

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