Not Going Back


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Scene Title Not Going Back
Synopsis Kaylee meets with Brian late at night to thank him and to ask him to return an item to Adam.
Date October 26, 2009

Roy Wilkins Park

Located off of Merrick and Baisley Boulevard, the Roy Wilkins Park is a plot covering just over fifty acres of land, with a number of features to entertain those from the very young to the very old. Boasting four outdoor tennis courts, a quarter mile jogging track that circles the rec center, and a wheelchair accessible basketball court, anyone visiting the massive park can find a reason to spend hours idling away their time. In addition to these features there is an indoor pool open all year round, and a number of baseball fields - two towards the northern area of the park with a smaller field towards the south end, in the Nautilus Playground, which is just south of a small pond.

For convenience of the park visitors, restrooms are located both in the playground and at the rec center. Pristine, with a relatively clean pond, the facility also hosts a summer day camp, a counseling center, and hosts a variety of community events. Along with the rec center and play areas, there is a jogging path and a series of picnic tables scattered throughout the park, complete with nearby barbecue grills for outdoor eating. Far more than an ordinary park or recreation center, the Roy Wilkins Park is a cultural landmark, home to the Black Spectrum Theatre, an acting troupe given to perform socially conscious drama. The most famous feature of the park, however, is the four acre vegetable garden that gives locals an opportunity to grow their own produce, which is often donated to charity.

It's been awhile since her and Brian were last face to face and it wasn't a good meeting, so Kaylee is a bit nervous about seeing him. She hadn't been nervous when she called from a pay phone to arrange the meeting, asking him to name the place and to bring a certain item. Bundled up against the cold, Kaylee stands near the appointed place, bouncing on the balls of her feet, huddled down into the jacket. Hood pulled up, hands shoved in pockets, she waits.

He had maintained the it should be late. After curfew late. Dodging cops isn't all that hard, especially for trained Company agents and girls who can tell cops to look the other way. Brian's shoes clap against the moist ground lightly as he makes his way through the park towards the bench he had specified. Hood brought up, the black clad Brian slows at the sight of her. Balling his hands up, the young man simply looks up at her, arching one brow. They're alone here. And unless cops do an inspection of the park, it'll remain that way.

Hearing the footsteps, Kaylee turns towards Brian a small smile touching her lips. "Hi." Her tone is rather bright even if she's a tad nervous. Pulling her hood off, he can see she looks a lot better then last he saw her, in fact she looks the picture of health. "Thank you, Brian. I mean for meeting me." She glances around the nervousness showing for a brief moment.

Glancing back at him, she seems hesitant to ask, "Did you bring the necklace?" Her voice is soft like she's asking something bad.

"You don't look sick." Brian says, pleased. "You made no contact. It wouldn't be that much of a stretch to think you condition was gettin' worse, or…." He trails off, just shaking his head. "You should have called. To me at least, you know I wouldn't tell Adam." The young man frowns slightly, before tilting his head at her. "Why do you want it?"

"I know, but for awhile there it was really bad. It was hard to go long distances or stay on my feet for long. Was hardly eating or anything." Kaylee gives him sad, yet apologetic smile. "I know I should have. I left my phone in my apartment when I fled though… plus, I wasn't sure you'd talk to me.. I mean… Last time we did have it out a bit. " Her voice trails off and she looks down.

"I don't want it." The shadows hide her pained expression. "I look better, but I'm not cured. There is no cure according to one of the Founders I talked too." She glances up and sighs. "I wanted to know if you'd makes sure it got back to Adam? I figure it's the best way to let him know I'm not coming back." The light catches a glint of gathering tears. "I feel bad about how I did it, but it was for the best…. and I found out so much stuff about him." Her voices catches a bit and she has to take a moment to sniffle. Her words sounds more sure when she speaks again, "But I'm out. I'm not coming back to the gang. I can't risk it. I finally feel good again."

Brian watches her for a long quiet moment, letting his thumbs slide into his pockets hands hanging out. Giving a soft nod. "You're never going to speak to him again?" Winters asks softly, lowering his head. "I'm glad you're making this decision, Kaylee. Adam is a bad man. A terrible man. Heartless." He sucks in a breath as he raises his gaze to her. "So much so that people would lie and manipulate to get close to him to try and stop him." A moment passes to let that sink in. "I'm an Evolved."

"I don't want to get near him. I don't think he'd be too happy with me." Kaylee gives a little shrug of her shoulders. "I've had to do somethings that kind of undermine what he's doing. If he found out I betrayed him, he'd probably want to kill me." She smiles a bit. "I've learned a lot about him during my time with the Ferrymen." Her smiles fades away some at his word, only to return again as he states he's evolved. "Yeah, I kinda got that impression when that arm came out of your chest and shoved me up against the wall."

One hand comes up to scratch at his head thoughtfully. "I guess that would give it away." He lets out a light chuckle. "Right. I've had a lot on my mind that… yeah. Right. I shouldn't have done that." He pauses. "When we stole from the Company. It wasn't real." It's confession time, apparently. Coming clean now that she's for sure out. "The agent was a friend of mine. We set it up so you would convince Adam I was legitimate. We stole information I personally compiled and set up for you to steal." He sucks in a breath. "I'm sorry."

Kaylee winces a bit and looks torn as to how to feel. "So… you used me." She states blandly, her head slowly shaking. "Seems to be a theme with me." She smiles a bit and turns thoughtful, "But, I forgive you…" She gives him a look over and smirks, "Had you confessed that a couple of weeks ago I might have tried to slap you, but considering I've been saving the life of a Company Founder and doing my own thing against what Adam is trying to do… I think I can forgive you." She is quiet for a moment as she studies him. "That mean you don't really like family movies?" That she looks potentially hurt about.

"What? I hate family movies. Wall-E and Happy Feet aren't family movies they are awesome movies and I love them." Brian enthuses, looking a little harsh at that like it should be a well known fact that these should not be called 'family' movies. It degrades them! "I did use you." Brian admits, looking slightly sad at that. "Some things I said weren't just playing. You really are a great girl." Is he attracted to her as he claimed before? That is not said in the slightest. "Thank you. I'll give the necklace to Adam."

Chuckling, Kaylee can't help but grin. "Okay.. well, fine they are not family movies, but…. I'm glad at least that part wasn't a lie." Pulling up her hood again with a sudden shiver, Kaylee looks sad suddenly. "I'm going to miss it.. Well.. some of the people. You… for one. I could always count on you for fun and you were a good friend when I needed one. Thank you for pushing me to leave." She reaches in her pocket and extracts a torn corner of paper and offers it. "I debated giving you my new number… it's not under Kaylee.. It's under the name Ethal." She wrinkles her nose at the name. "Need anything, call me… And… be careful giving him the necklace. I'd hate for you to get killed over something so silly."

The paper is taken slowly and pulls it into his hoodie. Taking a step back, Brian nods softly before grinning. Shaking his head as he turns his back to her. "I've tried telling you before, Kay. I'm pretty hard to kill." And with that he's walking off into the night.

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