Not Good News


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Scene Title Not Good News
Synopsis What Quinn receives when she stops to see Kendall and Melissa on a whim.
Date August 28, 2010

Little Green House

Staten Island isn’t really a place Quinn makes an effort to be unless she has to. But today, there was no Ferry call (not yet at least), no special event, no special reason. Today, Quinn had made her way up to Staten Island simply to pay a bit of a surprise visit to some friends. Both times she’d seen Kendall since his birthday party, he’d bugged her about hanging out, even in jest, and it’d been a while since she’d seen Melissa anywhere but at work.

What more reason does she need to stop by to say hi, and maybe play a little Guitar Hero?

Knocking on the door to the Little Green House, Quinn waits several moments (mostly for someone to be closer to the door) before she announces her presence. “Heeey~ It’s Quinn! Anyone home~?” She speaks in a sort of sing-songy voice, whistling while she waits for some sort of response.

It takes a minute before anyone comes to the door, though the barking of Jerry is heard much sooner. When Mel opens the door, she looks like death warmed over. Someone hasn't slept. She blinks a few times, then frowns and shakes her head as though to clear it. "Quinn? What's up? Something wrong at the club? Isn't it too early for the club to be open?" she asks, tugging her phone out to look at the clock on it.

When Melissa appears in the doorway, Quinn’s eyes narrow as she peers at her. “Christ, Melissa. Looks like someone had a late night last night!” The words are spoken mirthfully, arms crossed across her button up black shirt. “Nah, nothin’s wrong at the club. I have t’night off, even. Actually…” She smirks, leaning against the door frame. “I’m here on Staten for somethin’ later, but Kendall’s been sayin’ I should come by an’ hang out the last few times I ran int’ him, so I was thinkin’ I’d come by an’ see how you guys were doin’!”

There's a wince, faint, but noticeable, at Kendall's name. Melissa shakes her head slowly. "We're…I…" She sighs and runs a hand through her hair. "Maybe you ought to come in," she says, stepping back and opening the door further.

Quinn’s head tilts at Melissa’s sorta request, the Irishwoman pushing up and off the doorframe with a frown. “Is somethin’ wrong? I’m not interruptin’ somethin’, am I? ‘Cause I don’t mind comin’ back another time if I need t’.” Despite this, Quinn steps in, a hand reaching down to brush something off of her dark blue skirt.

"No…You're not interrupting anything, but something is wrong," Melissa murmurs. "So come on in. Don't wanna talk about this on the front porch."

That has a worried expression over Quinn’s face, complying with Melissa as she moves further into the Little Green House. Somewhat automatically, she turns and takes a few steps towards the living room before turning back to Melissa, a frown on her face and an eyebrow quirked. “What’s up, Melissa. If you need t’ talk about somethin’, you have an ear.”

The door shuts behind Quinn then Mel shakes her head and moves towards the couch. "It's not needing to talk, Quinn. You should probably sit down. It's…not good news I have," she admits, sighing softly.

Uh oh. That kind of request and warning usually mean one of two things: Someone is blowing something totally out of proportion, or something terrible has happened. Quinn finds herself hoping for the latter as she gives a slow nod to Melissa and a growingly worried expression, turning and silently making her way to the couch, taking a seat. “What’s up, Meilssa?” she repeats, sounding markedly more worried now.

Melissa is quiet for a minute, then she looks up and over to Quinn. "There was an accident a few days ago, Quinn. Kendall is…he's dead, Quinn," she says softly, getting it out as quick as she can, like pulling off a bandaid.

It’s almost like Quinn doesn’t register this news at first, simply staring at Melissa, blinking a few times. And then, rather suddenly, her expression falls and her face pales, eyes widening. “W-what?” she says, choking on the word a bit. She’s ask if Melissa’s joking, but that’s totally not funny. “I-h-holy shit, Melissa…” Quinn actually shakes a little visibly for a moment. “How?” She’s moving a bit closer to Melissa, arms open and offering a hug, if she wants it.

The question gets a shake of Melissa's head, but she doesn't try to move away from the hug. Then again, she doesn't openly invite it either. "I can't get into the how, Quinn. He just…" Her eyes close and she takes a few deep breaths. "It was quick though." God, she hopes it was quick.

Hands instead move to Melissa’s shoulders, peering again at the older woman, squeezing gently. Quinn just… nods, knowing better than to press. “C-Christ, Melissa. I-I’m sorry.” Her gaze dips, looking down and away, then off to the side – there’s a tear at Quinn’s eye, a sniffle to match. “Lord, I just saw him the other day too. I… .Jesus.”

"You did? He came to the club?" Melissa asks, sounding confused. Kendall never comes to the club, and she's sure that if Quinn had stopped by, he would've mentioned it. "And…Thanks. It helps, sorta, knowing that so many people liked him." She tries to smile, and almost manages it. Almost, but not quite. "Raquelle's bringing by ice cream later."

Quinn chokes a bit – he hadn’t told her about his antics yet. A quiet chuckle follows, and a shake of Quinn’s head. “Well, I saw him a few weeks back at his job. He sold me some comics Magnes told me t‘get. But… yeah. I guess you could say he was at the club the other day.” She looks back up at Melissa with a rueful smile. “Promise not t’ be mad at him. You remember the guy who bought me at the auction?” She chuckle again, this time a bit sadder. “He learned on our date not t’ drink, it breaks his illusions. We had fun, though. It was a cute trick.”

"How can I be mad at him?" Melissa murmurs softly. Then she's frowning, Quinn's words not quite penetrating her grief for a minute. "He…what? I don't understand."

Quinn grimaces, reaching up scratching her cheek nervously. A similar bit of laughter follows, and she shakes her head. “God, he would be so mad at me for tellin’ you this, I bet. The guy who bought me at the date auction, Daniel? It was Kendall. He was usin’ his illusions.”

There's another blank look before it finally sinks in, then Melissa stares for a moment. "He…was at the auction? Daniel…He was bid on. Bought. That was Kendall? My Kendall?"

There’s another bit of nervous laughter from Quinn, reaching up to wipe away that tear that had formed. “God, he’d kill me,” she reiterates, shaking her head. “Don’t be t-too hard on ‘im, Melissa. He… he was fun, when we went out. I was lookin’ forward t’ hanging out w-with him again…”

That has Melissa looking pained in the moment before she looks away. "I can't be hard on him, Quinn. Or easy on him," she reminds in a soft whisper.

“I-I’m sorry,” Quinn says quietly, shaking her head, hands withdrawing from Melissa’s shoulders and falling limply into her lap. “I- “ She takes a deep breath, exhaling sharply. “I am so, so sorry. I didn’t mean t’ see, like…” Insensitive is what she’s getting at, but instead she just trails off. “Is there… anythin’ I can do? I mean, like… you know…” Her head hangs again, shaking.

A hand lifts and is rested briefly on Quinn's shoulder. "It's okay. I know you didn't. And…I don't know. I can't think of anything. I wish I could. It'd help if I could do something, you know? But I have no body to bury, I don't know…" She doesn't know who to take revenge on, but she can't tell Quinn that.

There’s an audible gulp, and Quinn nods slowly, a hand moving over her eyes. “I just… damn. He was a fun kid. It seemed like he wanted t’ hang out. He mentioned coming by an’ playing Guitar Hero at least twice. Jesus, I wish I’d come by earlier, but I just hate comin’ out here unless I have to…” A sniffle – somehow, Quinn’s largely composed – even though she honestly didn’t know Kendall that well, she still feels rather heartbroken. Two new friends, now.

"Yeah, he was," Melissa murmurs, her hand falling into her lap as she glances towards the stairs. "He was the first family I ever really had." Which has her wincing a bit and thinking about the other family related bombshell that's been dropped on her recently.

“God, this is a terrible week for this kinda thing,” Quinn grumbles quietly, shaking her head. But at Melissa’s asertation that Kendall was her first real family, Quinn can’t help but lean forward and hug the other woman, once again repeating how sorry she is. “I swear t’ God, Melissa, if you need or want anythin’, just… give me a call. Please. You shouldn’t be sittin’ here alone dealin’ with this.”

"I'm not alone. I've got three roommates. And Raquelle'll be by," Melissa says, shaking her head and accepting the hug. It's not really returned, but it's taken. That's something, right? "But thank you. I just…need some time, that's all. It's still too fresh."

“Raquelle?” Quinn repeats, smiling a bit. “That awesome guy who did my hair?” She had no idea Melissa knew Raquelle, and she doesn’t really know anyone else with the name. “That’s good. I hope your roommates are good t’ you now.” She leans back, releasing Melissa, eyeing her carefully. “I, just… I understand. I’ll, um… I can take off, if you want. Just don’t spend too much time alone, okay? That’s only going t’ make it worse.” Quinn offers a small smile and a nod as she scoots back, before looking off to the side. At this point, she can’t help but reach up and rub away some more quick forming tears, looking like she might really start tearing up soon.

"Yeah, guy who bought my date at the auction. He's a sweetheart. He…he called last night, asking why Kendall didn't show up," Melissa answers, slumping back. "So I don't think I'll be allowed to be alone, or neglect myself. Crackers and ice cream," she murmurs, shaking her head slightly.

“Good. Good…” Quinn closes her eyes, sighing. “I know from experience, it’s not good t’ be alone.” The reiteration comes with a hand placed on Melissa’s knee. “Ice cream also probably good thing. Ice cream makes everythin’ better,” she remarks as she cracks a hesitant grin.

"I don't know if I'll be able to eat it, but we'll see," Melissa murmurs, shrugging. "But I should…go shower, or something. I'm sure I'm getting ripe."

Quinn pulls back her hand, giving a slow nod. “I… alright. I’ll leave y’ t’ that, then, cause I know you’re not the type otherwise,” she remarks with a grin, trying to use a little bit of humour to lighten the moment. Straightening her skirt, Quinn rises to her feet, offering a hand down to Melissa. “Give me a call sometime. Or stop by my place at Gun Hill, room 403. Door’s always open, unless I’m at the club, or the new bookstore I work at in the afternoons.”

The hand is taken and Melissa rises to her feet. "I will. And…thanks, Quinn. I appreciate it," she says, managing a tiny smile, but it's superficial, not reaching her eyes.

Quinn nods slowly, letting out a long sigh. “Alright, Melissa. I’ll talk to you later. At the club, if nothin’ else.” A hand reaches out again, a comforting squeeze on Melissa’s shoulder. She lingers amoment, before giving another quick, silent hug. “I’ll miss him. He was a good kid. If you do somethin’ for him… let me know. Until then, please. Be… as well as you can be.”

“I will. I…haven't decided yet. If I'm gonna do anything," Melissa admits, pulling free of the hug, gently, and glancing towards the door. "Guess I don't have to show you towards the door?" It's said more absently than meanly. Playing the good hostess, as she normally would, is just not quite clicking with her today.

“Yeah, no. I got it,” Quinn replies quietly, hands falling rather limply to her side. Her gaze lingers on Melissa moment longer before she turns and wipes a tear, beginning her way towards the door. She pauses before she leaves, almost saying “she’s sorry” again. She doesn’t, however. She’s said it plenty. Another time won’t help things any.

Melissa watches Quinn head towards the door, then closes her eyes and again takes a deep breath, before heading towards the stairs and up. Time to take care of a shower, at least.

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