Not Guaranteed


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Scene Title Not Guaranteed
Synopsis Live this day as if it were your last. The future is not guaranteed.
Date April 15, 2019


The buzz of activity fills the airport. People leave customs, familes enter to wait for the ones who just got out. Luggage bangs around, some people stand to wait. Among those waiting would be Gillian Petrelli, wearing sunglasses and a hat, thus trying to disguise herself at least a little, and a man in a suit, a body guard or driver. Or both. She watches the exit from customs, waiting for a specific person. The hat is lilac in color, a stark contrast from the black dress suit she wears.

Then after a family of four moves out of the way, a woman can be seen making her way towards Gillian. She looks.. much different than the woman Gillian has come to call her best friend. With her midnight dark hair that cascades down to her waist and her familiar light grey eyes that scan the crowd. Her face, is one that is extremely different now though, at least in the expression.

Visible pain can be seen on the woman's face, she holds her stomach as she walks with a bag on her shoulder and another bag she is rolling. Dressed in a pair of black cotton pants and a red tank top, the woman is not wearing her usual attire of dress and boots, but that's because she hasn't been in the right environment for the long time to wear that kind of outfit. Her eyes look tired.. a very tired look.

She hasn't spotted Gillian yet, but Eve bits her lower lip as she looks around. She looks anxious about something.. what's wrong?

Anxiety on the face of a precog can usually never be good. Gillian looks toward the driver, "Go bring the car around." There's a hesitation in his stance, one that she notices and lowers her sunglasses so she can glare at him. "We're in a fucking airport. One of the safest places in the whole world. A plane would sooner crash on me than anything major happening." She does shove her purse at the man. Her ID, phone and other important things are in the inside of her dress coat, but the purse theft would be around the only thing she could really see happening in this location.

The man nods and starts toward the doors, as she strides quickly to her friend. The sunglasses are pulled off, so she can see her face better. If anything she too looks tired, but not haunted. Lonely, but not broken. "Eve, it's… you look like you could sit down." There's so much that she could be seeing, so much that had happened already. "I have a driver, we can just go get your luggage and…?"

When her best friend comes to her, it's like Eve has finally just given in. Her body sags a little and she stops walking. Her eyes lock on Gillian's. "Oh Gilly.." she says and shakes her head. The hand that was previously on her stomach goes out for Gillian's hand.

"I can't dream her anymore.. she doesn't come." She says weakly as she begins to walk, they have to get her luggage. Her legs are shaky and it isn't too long before her shoulders as shaking. "

Eve closes her eyes and then opens them to look at Rian. Her eyes being watery and such from unshed tears, "It's all wrong.. /everything/."

"What? What do you mean you can't dream anymore?" Gillian rasps out in confusion as she can't help but follow beside her at a similar pace. It's quick, but at a reasonable step. They have luggage to find, but something in her words has caused quite a bit of surprise from the younger of the two women. It's been a long time since they've seen each other in person, but they had kept in contact. And the thought that she can't…

"You've dreamed for as long as I've known you. Did you… did something happen? To make you lose your ability? Like… are you hurt?" There's been power losses for people in the past, and those are the much nicer options.

"Besides the emotionally baggage I now have.. nope. I'm right as rain." Eve says with a shudder at the thought of just /what/ brought about this new emotional pain. Eve's hand tightens around Gillian's.

"It's like nothing is there.. everything is gone. No more possibilities." Eve's expression goes hard. "I was hoping you would be able to tell me if something happened here, something that would cause this." The seer runs a hand through her long thick hair. It's been rough for the woman for the past two months.

"That's— impossible." Gillian rasps out at first, even as they approach the far more efficent luggage turn of the future. It won't take nearly as long to get her luggage and move it to a carrier and them then the car, but it still has problems. There will never not be problems. Even in the future. "How are things supposed to get better if there's nothing…"

Her tone of voice is odd, as if all the hope has drained away. "Fuck…" she says, cursing in public for once in her few moments. Pain in her voice, worry. "When did this happen? Just… recently? Within the last week?"

"But happening, so /something/ has made it possible." Eve replies and as she pushes the carrier. She then takes a pair of sunglasses from her pocket and slips them on. Nobody has noticed that the once famous singer is back, she wants to keep it that way.

"Things are bad?" she asks with a tilt of her head, she had no idea. With Gillian's questions, Eve nods her head. "Last week is when it started.." Eve turns her head to look squarely at Gillian. "Peter and Gabriel, we need to see them. I have to tell them." The two being among the only three that knew where Eve went exactly, "I'm back.. for good I think Gilly. But I'm not ready for /everyone/ to know I'm back yet. So we meet with Gabriel and Peter, from there.. we will take /steps/ to figure this out." Eve is a different woman now. Not the same crazy singer she once was. "Do you agree?"

"Peter's out of the country," Gillian rasps out, putting her own sunglasses back on. "He has been for a month now," she adds, sounding a little bitter for a moment. How can things get better when there's no future to dream of? There had always been the future to hope for. Now there's…

"And Gabriel and I aren't exactly on the best of terms…" There's something angry in her voice. Perhaps they'd had a confrontation of sorts, recently. "I'll try to get a hold of them." There's no point in waiting til it gets better anymore. Maybe there never was.

"Do you need a place to stay?"

Peter gone? Well that will have to be fixed. "Yes, please do get them both. They need to be here." Eve won't say why they do, but it's because out of everyone she thinks that could help Eve have an answer, it's Gillian, Peter and Gabriel she would depend on the most. "All isn't right. To make it right again, we need to do this together." Eve says as she takes a deep breath, they've reached the sliding doors to the airport, she tilts her head towards Gillian.

It does make sense. The two have a connection to the future and the past that no one else in the world can possibly have. Not since other time travelers vanished from the public and private eyes. Gillian may not seem to like the idea at all, but she doesn't protest it much more than that. "You can stay with me until we figure out what to do about this," she finally says, insisting on the other woman staying with her. Keeping her close might be important right now.

"We can also try boosting you tonight— see if you can dream anything with my help." And if not, then maybe the future really is… "I think I might have an idea what happened. I'll tell you what I know when we get somewhere more… private," she adds, glancing around at the people milling around. There are a few people staring at them, but they aren't being approached. Yet.

"Of course I'd love to stay with you." Eve smiles softly at Gillian for the first time since she's gotten back. Looking a bit like her old self. "I don't think I feel.. comfortable being alone at the moment." Just as fast as it came, the smile vanishes.

"I was hoping you would say that, maybe your ability can knock some visions into me." But Eve's hopes aren't high, this feels like something bigger than that, something that Gillian's ability won't be able to fix. She merely nods her head at Gillian knowing what potentially might have brought this along.

As Eve sees people begin to notice them, she puts her head down. A woman not to far from them can be heard saying. "Is that Gillian Petrelli and.. Eve Mas?" Eve's hair falls in her face and she looks to her friend. "Looks like it's time to get home."

Not wanting to be alone is something she would understand, especially right now. "There's plenty of room in the house, and the cook will make you anything you want," Gillian says, putting a hand on her friend's arm as they get to the luggage and can carry it away. Of course she hears the whispers… that's bad enough.

"That's our cue, yeah," she says, not even calling for assistance with the baggage. The bodyguard driver can help them load and unload, but they can make it out of the terminal at least. That's what the shiny carts are for.

Petrelli Mansion

Once back at the Petrelli Mansion, Gillian relieves the driver to his quarters and moves into the kitchen, shooing out any additional help. Tea, at least, she can prepare for herself. "I ran into someone a few nights ago. At first I thought I was hallucinating, drunk, seeing things… But then… the weathers been changing. There's…" With a cup slid over in offer, she settles down into a chair of her own, leaning forward on the table, shoulders slumping. The lilac hat has been removed, the sunglasses ditched. "Helena's here. Alive. From ten years ago. We have a time traveller. More than one I think, but I just know she is one of them."

The woman Gillian is talking too, is stirring her tea when she hears a name.. "Is she now?" Eve closes her eyes as she sips her tea. "Then it must be them, the travelers. They are.. disturbing their future with their present selves." Eve goes through the list of time travelers she knows. "Did Peter of the present.. or maybe.. Hiro send them? It's a message perhaps? But I guess if it was a message or a good thing that they were here.. then I would still be able to see."

"I don't know," Gillian admits with a moment. Peter of the present… her present or theirs? Time travel is a crazy thing… "Helena doesn't have to face her future self, at least." But who knows about the others. There's bigger problems. A lot bigger. "She said there was a … Moab raid. We did a Moab raid to try and get them out of there, ten years ago, but failed and Phoenix barely made it out of there. There certainly wasn't any time travel as a result." And that means… "The future has changed. Our present. Because they're here instead of where they're supposed to be."

The shock of it all. "Gill.. they have to go back then." Eve says finally, "Have any idea who the others are?"

"No," Gillian admits, with a shake of her head. "I know Helena's staying with Cat, maybe with whoever else there is. But it— I don't know if it matters if they go back. It's already going to be different. It's like… Gabriel went ten years into the future. A future where everyone, nearly everyone was dead. And that isn't here anymore. It was gone. It was changed when he travelled back and forth. But now…" There's a small sigh as she looks down at her tea. "Maybe the reason you can't dream… is because we don't have a future anymore."

The weight of Gillian's words come down on Eve. "Maybe.. maybe we don't." Eve blinks and looks at her. "It might be message that the future is going to change again."

"Maybe," Gillian says quietly, shaking her head. "Maybe it always changes. I just don't know what it means for us when it does." Moving, she stands up, "Finish your tea. I'll try to leave another message for Peter." Maybe this one he'll actually answer… "I'm glad you came home, I just wish there were better news…"

"Glad to be home, I'll figure it out. Promise." Eve's face is one of grim at the thought of just what might happen in the future. It's not known.. which scares the hell out of her.

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