Not Like It Seems


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Scene Title Not Like It Seems
Synopsis A ralley promoting pro-evolved turns deadly for some.
Date December 13, 2010

Battery Park City - In Front Of DHS Building

It was all caught on camera.

When all was said and done and the recordings by the various news teams had been scoured, video's from youtube that were held by rally folk in the crowd and pictures snapped by photographers for the newspapers that would inevitably splash them across their front badges in black and white, it wouldn't be known who had started it, who had been responsible for what had happened on the front steps of the Department of Homeland Security.

Word had gotten out through the social networks, word of mouth, digital means, voicemails, message boards, you name it. Pro-evolved rally. Department of Homeland Security. 4pm be there or… be somewhere else. Unsurprising, most of Manhattan decided to be somewhere else, but then, a couple hundred people decided they were going to be there. Didn't matter that it was below freezing. THey bundled up, stuck heat packs in their pockets and came to express their displeasure and make demands.

Which is where a handful of news crews are, video cameras hoisted onto shoulders from their vantage points while reporters primp, take statements from those who are present or watch. Wait. Cops are everywhere, walking in and around the throngs of people who hoist their own signs, calling for the government to abolish registration, give the evolved rights! HUmans are humans no matter the gene! On and on the signs go, people yell, thrust their fists in the air and the atmosphere just waits. Riots are made from this, news is made from this and all the reporters wait salivating. THey know something's coming.

Aude and Christine are two of the cops of plenty who are out and about in the milling crowd, Aude scowling at some woman who has had the audacity to bring her pre-school aged child, the kid parked on it's mothers shoulders and waving a sign that it can barely support and thinking it's a lark. "This is stupid. Who brings their kids to this sort of thing. That's just asking for them to get hurt" Christine oblivious like many to the feelings of her assigned partner for the day. "DHS's damn building, can't they just drag out their own agents and take care of this. Or FRONTLINE" What Aude wouldn't give for FRONTLINE to be here.

And DHS is out here, some of the agents milling about, keeping an eye on things as people gather on the steps and spilling out into the street. Steel barricades up to keep the crush away from the building proper, protecting the people who work inside it from any potential threat. Evolved or otherwise. Audrey Hanson is one of those, standing just outside the front door, watching the collected people with her arms crossed and leaning against the wall, lips pinched in the customary fashion. She is unamused.

Not everyone is there to cause trouble. Some just believe that the evolved have rights and are showing up to, well, show their support. Like Tess. She's found a nice concrete wall, which she's standing on, her hands gloved, her head hatted, her torso covered by a nice, fluffy coat that looks warm. Black, blue and red. She's colorful! For now she's quiet, just looking around and grinning like a loon.

While not quite strictly finished with her training. Former Army, current member of FRONTLINE Zavia made sure to be present. She has her trusty Glock, as well as a first aid kit, with her. She's not taking part of the rally, She is herein an official capacity, but she's planning to make sure this doesn't run out of control.

With her ability being what it is, she is confident she could shut down the rally rapidly if she desired to. And that without killing anyone to boot. As she overhears the comment about FRONTLINE, Zavia heads over to Aude, "I'm still technically in training, but I am FRONTLINE. Just not in the Horizon Armor." She extends her hand, "O'Reilly."

Christine shakes her head, rolling her eyes slightly. She's got a limp still, from where a bullet got her a few days earlier. But she's walking. Luckily. It wasn't that bad, really. A day in the hospital, a couple days on desk duty and she's back. Of course, they wanted to put enough people out here just to make sure that the crowd stayed in order and all that jazz. "Well, hopefully this remains as a peaceful protest, instead of being a riot." She murmurs to Aude. "I doubt they'd wanna bring FRONTLINE out for this. I mean…FRONTLINE deals with evolved crimes mostly, right?" While she's worked with them before, on Staten Island, she's never really bothered to ask in detail. There's a glance to Zavia as she introduces herself to Aude before Christine's attention goes back to the crowd once more.

There would be disapproving looks from Kam later, but Savannah couldn't resist going out. There was something about seeing things firsthand, watching people shout, the passion in people that made writing things that much easier. It was inspiring. That, and it was a cause Savannah Burton could get behind. She's been cautious, but there was too much of a draw, too much curiosity. Still, she stays back, not joining the crowd but lingering nearby, smile on her features. They were fighting and not letting themselves be unheard. It was something to be proud of.

Nadia really isn't sure that she should even be here today. She is, after all, the face of registration, and her face was all over the country, telling folks to register. She even had a video posted on YouTube to make fun of her. Heck, some of the people who made that video are probably here now. But then, she's been questioning things, lately, and at the very least, she can see what the other side is all about.

The terrakinetic is bundled up today, with a faux-fur lined coat. She stands at the fringes of the group, further back, her hands shoved into her pockets as she watches the goings on with a faint frown on her face.

Mina is watching the rally from a slight distance. It's not that she doesn't agree, it's just that she has better things to do than get herself in trouble.

Still, this was as good an excuse as any to leave Bannerman for a while. So she watches the goings on of the rally with a keen interest.

FRONTLINE, speak of the devil. Or Satan, whatever tag you want to slap on those who have the SLC gene and are approaching Aude. Zavia's hand is looked down to and then back up, sheer contempt dripping off the officers face. "Why don't you try on the other side with the ambulance ms…" Aude doesn't even really mean to get Zavia's name, turning her back to the officer and diverting her attention back to Christine. "Looks like they did"

Elsewhere in the crowd, people move, here and there individuals break out thermos's, sharing hot coffee, hot chocolate, tea, even just broth, organizers of the rally who are working to make sure that people don't freeze off little toes, or worse. One such person, a matronly looking woman all bundled up and crooked smile is passing out little paper cups then tipping over her big thermos, pouring out the hot chocolate. "One for you" She offers to Nadia. "Cold as all get out today, there's more out at the table out on the side" She offers other cups to people around Nadia who take them, hands huddled around the paper cups to suck out the warmth and sip at the meager offering.

A news reporter is tapping on Savannah's shoulder, recognizing the woman and a smile on her face. "Hello, I'm Ciara, channel four news, could I ask you some questions. I've been just dying to get to meet you!!" She effuses, her husband the camera man rolling his eyes behind the lens.

Mina and Tess mill about, some small pockets of individuals are joking, stamping feet and making plans to booze it up after they leave. Both get flashed a wink by some of them.

Oh hey, it's a person she knows! Tess takes a moment to flash grins at some of the people paying attention to her, before she hops down from her little wall and starts heading towards Christine. "Hey, Miss Donut Lady! Um…" What was her first name again? oh yeah. "Christine! Hey!" she calls out, waving towards the cop.

Grinning slightly, Christine gives Aude a little wink and shakes her head, looking about the rest of the street…the parts that she can see anyway. And hey, did someone use the words 'donut' and her name sorta in conjunction with each other? Yes. Yes they did! She catches sight of Tess and gives her a wave. "Hey!" She offers the woman a little smile.

It's cold out. Burying her hands in her pockets, Savannah turns as her shoulder is tapped. Ah, news. She smiles a little broader, nodding a little towards the woman. "Sure, Ciara. It's nice to meet you. Ask whatever you'd like." Her eyes flicker towards the crowd before her attention turns to the reporter.

With a shrug, Zavia turns around and places her offered hand back on her holster. Not that she hopes using her firearm will be necessary today, but you can never be quite sure at events like these. And then Zavia notices Savannah, and she takes up position near the author. Subtly.

The FRONTLINE soldier is - and she makes no secret about this - a fan of Burton's works. And while she doesn't intend to interrupt the interview, nor does she strictly have time for a chat with the author, she intends to make sure Burton doesn't get hurt. After all, whose works will she write fanfiction about if not Burton's?

A warm smile is cast to the woman passing out hot chocolate, taking the cup as she offers a murmured thank you to her. She pulls her hood up a little more, presumably to fight the cold, when it's moreso to hopefully keep anyone from seeing her and noticing that hey, the Face of Registration is here. They all seem like nice people, though…

Quietly, Nadia sips at her hot cocoa, enjoying the warmth as she watches the crowds, as well as the cops on the opposite side of things.

Mina winks back at the guys, she's in a good mood today, and a little flirting never harmed no-one. She giggles a little, and drinks a bit of tea from the thermo she took along with her.

The camera is moving, Ciara is smiling into the camera cut as a button in her winter gear. "I'm here with author Savannah Burton, standing in front of the Department Of Homeland Security during what is being touted as one of the largest pro-evolved rally's held this year" The bubbly blonde turns the microphone to Savannah, head tilted just so and grinning to the author. "Tell me Ms. Burton, are you here observing or are you participating. Or even better, gathering material for your next book?"

The reporter doesn't pay attention to Zavia, maybe if she'd been in horizon armor, but someone else does, a bubbly teen who's just gushing over the uniform and nearly bouncing into Zavia. "Oh my god. I am soooooo.. I'm just.. Like… lookit you" She's nearly trip over her words. "Frontline. That's just.. that's just wow" She holds up a thermos with a sheepish grin. "We're so happy you're out here and helping, it's really cold out here, would you like something to drink? My mom, she's like, told me not to bother you guys but I'm like.. god, I just hope that some day I might actually get my ability, like I tested red, and then I can go join Frontline. There's this speedster, Ivanov, and I just love him. I know them all by heart."

Frontline groupie.

"Don't you look a dear. All bundled up and out here. What are you rooting for love? Are you hoping that they'll get rid of registration? Nasty stuff, terrible really" the matronly woman seems to dig her chin into her scarf like a turtle burrowing into it's shell. "At least it's not snowing"

Mina gets another wink and soon one of the boys is peeling off from the group, bumping into a few people as he goes before he settles in beside her, hands in his pockets. "Hey" Hey. "what you doing here?" Shaggy blonde hair and doe eye's, he could give Justin Bieber a run for his money on the lips and the haircut. He's at least legal age, if not college age.

Audrey looms, by the entrance, pausing to look to the door when someone from inside the building joins her, os that they can smoke. The scowl never leaves her mouth.

There's a pause at Savannah's name, and Tess looks around until she spots the named woman, which makes her grin, then laugh, before she hops back up on a wall. Christine looks like she's working, and Tess is having enough fun people watching, it seems.

Working schmorking. Well…yes, actually. Technically Christine is working. Though for the time being, she's probably people watching just as much as Tess. There's recognition to Savannah's name, but hey, you work long enough on the police force, even if it's just for a few years, and you end up working jobs where famous people are hanging about. That's just the nature of New York City, right?

"I like to show my support, though I can't say that I'm participating. I am getting some material, yes, these sorts of things tend to… catch my attention in terms of research." Savannah replies. "And really, it's a good cause. Speaking out and getting your message across is important, if I didn't believe that… I don't think my books would have quite the impact that they have."

"Really, you know us all be heart?" Zavia chuckles faintly as the teen grabs her attention. Though she still maintains her attention on the scene that's unfolding, "Who am I, then?" Her eyes twinkle with amusement, even if she didn't take the job for the attention, some recognition is always nice.

But nonetheless, Zavia is not giving the groupie her full attention. She's here to make sure things don't escalate, and that means she can't afford to be distracted by people like this team. "What's your name, if I may ask?" That's still no reason to be impolite, anyway.

Nadia offers a faint smile to the matronly woman, fidgeting with the fur-lined hood. "Ah, well— I'm mostly here trying to figure things out for myself, you know? I don't really know where I stand, these days. So I thought I'd talk to some people, or just…listen, you know?" A warm smile is offered, now, Nadia sipping down more of her cocoa.

Nadia's eyes turn toward the sky. "I hope it stays like this. Snow would be awful right now. It's already way too cold out here." She idly breathes on the cocoa, smiling faintly at the steam that comes from her breath and the hot drink.

Mina isn't legal, but she doesn't quite care. "Just here to support the ideal of the rally." She responds to the boy, clearly enjoying his attention. "Yourself?"

'Well, I don't know you exactly, I mean not yet, you must be new. They get new people all the time. But I know the uniform and so I just, I had to come over here" The top is unscrewed off the thermos, pouring out the fragrant liquid, offering it up. It's verging on Justin Timberlake adoration here "I'm Odile. I know, stupid name right? Someday it'll be Frontline officer Odile. Some people right now, they call me odile the corcodile, but you know"

Aude gestures over to Tess, jutting her head in the blonde's direction. "Why'd she call you donut lady? She come in the precinct and you hog them all? Come on, we can go by her, she obviously knows you and i"m tired of just standing here" She starts heading off towards Tess expecting Christine to follow.

The group that birthed blondie are dispersing, one bellow out "trey" a wave to him and then heading off into the crowd, pack over shoulder and sullen looking, working their way here and there, one meeting up with another to take a sign and lift it, letting his voice join the group and shouting out the demands for evolved rights!

"It's only going to get colder love, but don't you worry none" The older woman smiles, patting Nadia's shoulder. "I need to get around, more people to get warm, before they get cold. Ta love, you make up your mind soon now you hear?" She smiles, all rosy apple cheeks and she's gone, passing out more cocoa to those bearing signs.

Blonde Beiber guy shrugs, gracing mina with a fierce smile. "Here to cause some trouble. Fucking freaks" He leans in, leers. "You one of those freaks? You're too pretty to be a freak, god I hope your not one. Come on, we should go, things are gonna get interesting" Hard to be heard by anyone else over the din that the people present make.

'What are the chances of a beautiful reporter being a focal point in any new novel that you come up with? Can you give us a hint of what you might be planning for the newest book?" The channel four reporter bats her eyes unconsciously towards Savannah as she says this. Clearly, she's aiming for something.

With Savannah busy with the reporter, and the troublemaker unable to be heard, Tess just stays put and grins, pulling out a pack of cigarettes and lighting one up, before her free hand disappears back in a pocket where it can be nice and warm.

Christine grins at Aude and shakes her head a little, limping a bit along as she quickly follows the other officer toward where Tess is standing. "Oh, I met her in a coffee shop. You know, one of those ones that sell tonnes of donuts? And I was working with Officer Kirkland that day. And well…I don't know if you've met Officer Kirkland. He buys tonnes of donuts just for himself. And he kinda looks like a donut too. But yeah, that was her introduction, so I'm officially 'Donut Lady', I suppose." She chuckles softly.

Savannah's still got a smile, even if the reporter's got an odd way of fishing. "Well, I can tell you that I hope to have it written by Christmas. And that it's pretty dark, but it's got a good message buried in there somewhere. But that's about all I can give you."

"O'Reilly." Zavia responds with a smile and a nod, "And while it is certainly an unusual name, I don't think it is stupid." She grins faintly, "Good luck with your attempts to join FRONTLINE when you're older." Yes, she did just imply Odile is too young still. "And don't bother with those nasty boys who call you names, you're better than them. That's why they feel the need to denigrate you."

A warm smile is cast over to the woman, and Nadia offers a slow wave. "Thanks for the cocoa. You have a Merry Christmas!" She beams after the woman. Maybe this side of things isn't so bad after all. After all, that lady was nice, offering cocoa to people. Dark eyes turn, watching the woman depart merrily.

But something isn't quite right with Nadia. She can't quite seem to catch a breath. Frowning, she pulls at her scarf, loosening it, and the hood with it. She takes a few deep breaths, and coughs a bit, trying to clear her lungs it seems. Maybe she was just breathing wrong, or something. If there's a way to do that.

Awkward. Spying Zavia from the corner of her eye, Mina leaves bieberboy alone, and sprints towards the FRONTLINE officer. She turns around to point at bieberboy and his friends, "They plan trouble, ma'am."

Nadia isn't the only person who's feeling a little short of breath, or even more than a little short of breath. The little girl that's perched atop her mothers shoulders sorta slumps over, her mother reaching up to grab her child and then lets out a scream heard above the chanting, and starts pushing past people towards the DHS building. Here and there, some people mimic exactly what Nadia did, loosening their scarves, yawning a bit, coughing in the hopes that it's just them and the cold air stealing their breath.

Aude glances to Mina as she tattles on the guy who puts his hands up, shoulders shrugging. "I ain't doing anything. I just asked her if she wanted to go have some dinner and she started calling me a pig. Ain't no accounting for tastes officers"


Something thuds right beside Tess and a half instant later, smoke starts pouring out from what looks like a canister.





Everywhere in the crowd, canisters are going up in the air and then down, some hitting people, others hitting ground. One rolls to a stop between Savannah and Ciara, one beside Zavia and starts to spew out the smoke madly. Odile? Gone. She's worming her way out of sight, disappeared and no longer the frontline groupie fawning over Zavia. Chaos is starting to erupt and screams, all caught on tape.

The thud makes Tess glance down and frown. "What the fuck?" She looks up, towards Christine. "I swear to god I didn't do it! And I'm not touchin' any of those things!" she calls out to the cop, before she covers her mouth with one arm and looks around for an easy out. Easy outs are good things. Especially when they take you away from the smoke!

Christine doesn't quite hear the mention of the suspicious man. But it's hard to miss smoke pouring out of canisters. "Maaaaaan. Right when I was hoping that today was going to be a quiet protest with nobody causing any amount of trouble. Can't we have one protest in this city that doesn't cause trouble?" She pulls out her gun slowly and starts to look around. "Where're those smoke bombs coming from?" She asks, most specifically to Aude, but also to anyone around her might see better than she does.

So much for discussion of her books. Savannah's keen eye catches ahold of those in distress. What's gotten a hold of them? She almost doesn't catch the canister that bumps against the front of her boot, but the spewing smoke is more than enough to get her attention. She coughs, covering her mouth with a sleeve as she attempts to kick the can away from her and Ciara.

As the smoke starts to pour out, Zavia's eyes turn white, and as a milky white liquid streams down her cheeks and starts to evaporate, the FRONTLINE officer makes her way to a point where the sleeping gas will catch as many people as possible. As far as she can judge in these conditions anyway. While she does this, she makes sure to send an emergency signal with her pager to ensure that the authorities know something went wrong here. But, there is no time to go into details. Additionally, Zavia draws her gun, just in case.

As the smoke bombs go off, Nadia stumbles back, away from the crowd and away from the smoke, coughing as forcefully as she can…which isn't very. The fresh air doesn't exactly help, but it keeps her from being completely unable to breathe. Coughing, the Face of Registration moves to lean up against a light pole a ways away from the crowd, tugging out her cell phone.

911 is quickly dialed by Nadia. The minute there is an answer, she rasps into the phone, "DHS building…people gassing protest…can't breathe. Need an ambulance." She tugs at her scarf a little more, frowning at the scene as she struggles for breath.

As Zavia starts spreading sleep gas, Wilhelmina topples over, the combination of sleep gas and smoke taking her out.

Authorities are aware, Zavia's pager or not, as smoke is forcibly ejected out, causing people to flee, making it hard for anyone to discern friend from foe. One individual with his scarf across his face bolts past Nadia, even as cops are rushing forward. One grabs Nadia, helping her away even as his partner is speaking into the radio at his lapel, calling for ambulances and backup.

Others are starting to come out of the DHS building, armed, unarmed, some with masks on and starting to grab people who are fleeing, knocking over the barricades that keep them from getting right up at the federal building. Audrey is one of those, grabbing a mask from someone who's tossing them to agents before exiting the building to help.

Zavia's ability works, that's easily enough for her to know and in her wake leaves some people drowsy, others are choking on the gas and from whatever else it is that is unknown to most at the moment. It's hard though, when ones ability isn't instant, and you're fighting against the tide to get to a central location to be most effective even though most are scattering to the four winds. They don't care about the uniform that they see - or don't see, the smoke is thick - and she's knocked about, people ricocheting off of her and stumbling from the gas that the liquid from her eyes turns into. This is the time to wish that ones ability worked faster.

Tess has an opening with the booting of the canister away from her, a clearing that she can take that will spare her the watery eyes and coughing and leave her unscathed for once. Wilhemena not so lucky the gas - both evolved in nature and not - overtaking the one legged woman, and she drops on top of one of the others in the rally. Ciara lets out a squeal and grabs Savannah by the arm, yanking her towards the cameraman and the van, away from the canister. "Oh my god, run! It's Sarin!" Never mind that if it was sarin, they'd all be dead by now. Christine and Aude are caught in a vicious puff of smoke and Aude grabs her partner, dragging her away, dragging her towards where she though there might be safety from the smoke and towards the federal building.

It's time for a game of kick the can! Tess takes a moment to see the safest place to go kicking, and…BOOT! Off it goes, away from her, but towards some other innocent bystander. And with the adrenaline of the smoke and everything, of course she has to start going all gooey, and this time she realizes it, trying to avoid being touched.

Amidst all the chaos and what have you, and the thick gas preventing her from seeing much, Christine feels herself being tugged away by none other than her partner for the day, Aude. She hooks her gun away for now. She doesn't want to accidentally drop it in the big kerfuffle. She'll only take it out once she knows she needs it. That way there's no chances of it being lost or anyone being hurt by it unnecessarily.

Well, it didn't look like they were trying to kill anyone, just smoke them out. Nice to know they were just scare tactics. Savannah's dragged away by the arm, her other arm still over her mouth as she uses her sleeve for cover, still coughing and sputtering a bit as she stumbles after Ciara towards the van.

The Face of Registration isn't faring so well. Spluttering and gagging and grabbing at her throat, she's unable to do much in the way of moving right now. In fact, just as she's watching the cop grab her up, the small woman is promptly rendered unconscious from simple lack of air, slumping against the police officer who is very likely her savior.

Zavia can take being roughed up. If she couldn't, she wouldn't have lasted through boot camp. That's not the problem, the problem is that her ability just isn't as fast as she'd like it to be. Sleeping gas needs a little time to kick in. Time she doesn't have right now. "Calm down!" She calls out as loud as she can without risking inhaling too much of the smoke. "Please, do not panic." People have already started to panic, but she has to try some basic crowd control.

People don't listen when they panic and they don't listen to Zavia. She can't know that a good chunk of them are afflicted just like Nadia, some worse than others and Nadia is spared by the sheer luck of having been on the fringes and being near cops. Sirens can be heard in the distance as cops, fire trucks and all manner of emergency aid is getting geared up.

A canister go twirling through the air, hitting some poor schmuck in the side of the head courtesy of Tess, not that it'll be seen or known by anyone in the chaos. It'll be another pair of clothes that Tess has ruined and by virtue of having been away from most people, she's at least not going to be ending up in the ER again and being eyeballed by the nurses.

Aude and Christine stumble out of the smoke, Aude letting go of the officer and scanning, dark eyes skimming over the people that seem to spill from the growing cloud, some making it fully out and others making it a few steps and then dropping. "Shit. Shit, what the hell is going on here" She asks Christine, even as someone runs from the smoke to grab onto Christine by the lapels, eyes wide with fear and gasping for air, lips turning blue.

Reporter, cameraman, author, all three go diving into the van, the door slammed shut behind them and safe from the chaos and turmoil that the wall of the van protects them from. "Oh my god. Please tell me you got that. Please //tell me you got that. Get up in the front and stick the camera out the window, get everything you can, oh my god, this is going to be great" Ciara is grinning like mad fool, breathing heavy in the back to suck in air.

Around Zavia, people start to drop, a little sooner than her ability should cause them too, a person falling at her feet and curling up into a ball, the woman with her daughter that been perched on her shoulders thrusting her limp child towards the frontline officer in the hopes that she'll catch her before she too goes down, lips blue like the girl in Zavia's arms.

"Shit, shit, shit. I'm gonna stop goin' out at this rate," Tess complains, backing away, knowing that trying to help would end up badly. She's already starting to learn the names of ER nurses. She doesn't need to be on a first name basis with them as well. Nor is she made of money. So…she's leaving!

Christine shakes her head at Aude, taking deep breaths of the fresh-er air that is not affected by the smoke. "I dunno. Could be anything. If I had to wager a guess, though, there's one group I can think of that'd want to stop a protest like this." Though she doesn't get to the point of naming Humanis First, because of the man who appears out of the smoke and grabs onto her. "Sir? Sir!" She's quick to lower him onto the ground, kneeling on her good leg. "Oh my god…he's having trouble breathing." Should she do mouth to mouth? Are there medics near? She frantically looks about, trying to find some sort of medical professional.

Savannah slumps in the van, leaning against the wall as she gasps for air. "That was… insane." She peers at the two. Well, they're dedicated to journalism, at least. "Figures that something like that would happen…"

The fact that the people are falling too soon almost doesn't register to Zavia. Almost. But she knows her ability, and years of practice in perfecting its use means she recognizes it, even if its after a few moments. "Fuck." She whispers, child in her arms. Immediately her eyes clear up, and the sleep gas starts to dissipate with its source gone.

Rushing over to one of the fallen people, Zavia's medical instincts take over. First checking for a pulse, if one is found, she'll follow it up by a quick symptom check. As soon as she figures out what's going on - if she does - she'll start to go over her training, figure out the best course of action.

While checking for symptoms, she's calling 911, and as soon as she gets their line, she'll say, "O'Reilly, FRONTLINE, I'll need medical support teams here stat. Multiple people passed out, and not just due to my ability. Smoke bombs went off, suspecting it was meant to cloud the real events. Suspecting involvement of Humanis First."

Medics are coming, agents pouring out of the building with weapons out and looking for threats. The threats are gone though, snuck away as unobtrusively as they came and leaving in their wake a horrifying event. The camera's will show the carnage, smoke clearing, some people laying on the ground, unmoving, victims of the cyanide that was in the drinks that were so helpfully passed out if they imbibed deeply, others not so and will be left with an unpleasant memory.

And in the morning, Humanis First will lay their claim, take responsibility for what happened there, even as a motherly looking woman sits in front of a TV watching the coverage, safe in some little apartment in new york with an unsettling and very satisfied smile on her face as she knits.

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