Not Merry


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Scene Title Not Merry
Synopsis Mallory turns to the person who helped her arrange payback last time.
Date April 15, 2009

Between Here and There

Robin Hood's been making the interwebs his own personal Sherwood Forest, and that has made Mallory unhappy. Simon's notified her that they're missing some inheritance cash, and Mallory wants it back. Pronto. No messing around on this one: she goes straight to the big guns.

I am not merry. Want to talk to you. — Scathelocke

Gnawing on one thumbnail, Mallory touches a laptop with one hand, not looking at the screen as she painstakingly pokes the message out without pressing a key.

After dealing with the headaches that are scattered Phoenix members, all of them at last accounted for and on their ways back to the roost, plus her own little game with Robin Hood on the side… the message that Mallory sends isn't exactly a welcome interruption. Nonetheless, Wireless replies promptly — even if, for once, it's a boon that pure digital text carries no emotional overtones.

Wireless: What do we need to talk about?

Malware: Robin Hood. He stole from my family. Need the money back. Need to smack him. There's a brief pause. Or her.

Wireless: I am guessing him. Behaves like an adolescent male. I haven't been able to trace him back to a location; he'll be hard to smack. But I'm working on that. Not for Mallory's sake, originally, but that provides some added incentive. As if she needed it.

Malware: Will help. Graverobber. The messages are coming slowly; somewhere in a small, dark room, Mallory has her eyes closed and is concentrating very hard to send. She might get a nosebleed after a while, but so far, so good. Maybe don't track. Set trap?

Wireless: That's the plan. I'm working on one. Haven't figured out how to draw him in yet.

Malware: What organization would a teenage boy love to steal from? And then, Thinking out type. Could ask brother.

Wireless: Any other pranks are also options. Hacking secure databases. Etc. Let me know what ideas Simon has.

A long pause. Malware: I gave his name?

Wireless weighs the question, and in the end chooses not to answer; there are altogether too many secrets lying tangential to the query. Mallory can draw her own conclusions from the unchanging screen.

Dammit. It's not really a surprise. Mallory mentally goes through what she remembers of conversations, scowls, and sends, His name stays out of this. Keep in touch, before withdrawing.

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