Not Quite As Planned


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Scene Title Not Quite As Planned
Synopsis A very brief phone call, during which Helena EPIC FAILS.
Date December 2, 2008

New York Public Library: Rooftop

It's been close to an hour since Helena left the cryptic voicemail. It was beginning to look as though there wouldn't be a response. But after the sun sets, Helena's current TracFone starts vibrating in her jacket pocket. Bzzz, Bzzzz. Being a new disposeable phone, no one else should have the number now, save for perhaps Wireless, only because she's simply that good. Bzzz, Bzzz. Fishing the phone out of her pocket, the number on the glowing front screen is prefaced with "DEMSKY, J."


Helena is on the roof of the library when it goes off. She clicks the pickup button and brings it to her ear. "Colette?" she inquires. If it's Judah, she's prepared to hang up the phone.

There's a long, awkward silence. In the background of the phone, the tinny report of something that might be a television can be heard. "Who's this?" The voice on the other end of the phone is small, hushed and distinctly femenine. "The only person I know with a Lee in their name doesn't go by it." There's a bit of frutration there, and suspicion. She sounds more than put-off.

Helena lets out a small sigh. "That's true." Helena admits. "I'm in a bad position Colette, so you'll have to forgive me for being careful. You may remember me - I spoke to you about our mutual aquaintance, Abby. I told you not to force the issue with her. And I was in Chinatown recently. Do you know who I am now?"

Another long silence, this one more so than the last, "Oh. Yeah, I remember — " She cuts off her sentence and her breathing becomes shuddering for just a moment. "Chinatown?" There's another pause, heavy and uncertain, "Go to hell, and don't call me again." There's an echoing click after her sharp words, followed by a flicker of light on the screen as text pops up.

Call Terminated - 1:47:33

That didn't go quite as planned.

Helena stares at her phone a moment. "Huh." she declares. "Well, then. Trask it is." She wipes the phone's memory, and retreats back into the library to dispose of it.

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