Not Quite Dead


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Scene Title Not Quite Dead
Synopsis A bizarre isotope sends two agents headlong into Staten Island.
Date September 23, 2009

Staten Island

The message sent to Agents Martinez and Dahl was clear. Investigate the strange, and supposedly dead agent's isotope that is wandering around Staten Island. Len's note might give indication that he thinks this should fall along the lines of urban legends or at best, something faulty on the Tech side, but Tech is reporting that there are no problems with the system. Everything is running smoothly, they said. As if they would actually report it if they screwed something up. Some photos of the dead agent have been provided to Colby just to verify that something is awry in the system, however Minea Dahl would need no such photograph. Of course, no plan was given as to what to do if by chance this particular dead isotope was actually alive and well.

Urban legend and all.

Working in conjuction with Fort Hero, the duo would be guided towards the location of the isotope and updated whenever there was movement. June would be observed wandering away from a group of folks after spending some time together and then for no apparent reason June wandered on. The tech team would tell the team of agents that the target was wandering on, so at this point they would have their target. June would head down the street and turn a few corners as if going somewhere very specific and when she arrives, she would stop. Along the way, June would be watching the ground and being very careful where she walks, as if talking to herself. Closer inspection would notice that she's avoiding stepping on the lines that divide up the sidewalk into blocks, being careful only step inside the block and never on the line.

She would stop at a thrift shop that June has visited each day just to stare at a nice jacket in the window. It's on display and the owner, knowing that June really likes that jacket and wants to buy it someday, leaves it in the window for her to look at. And there she is, looking at the jacket. Her brown hair is down today. It's gotten very long and hangs down in front of her face, though she occasionally reaches up to try and brush it aside. She's dirty, with dirty handprints on her jeans and t-shirt as if she would wipe them off there. She would definitely look different from the photo, and from who Minea Dahl would remember. Smaller is stature, and her face is concealed behind a mess of long brown hair — a closer look may be required just to be sure.

"Fuck me sideways" MInea murmurs, standing beside Colby and observing the woman as she chews on her lower lip. Hands on her hip and head canted to the side she glances between the supposed dead woman and Colby. "I need a closer look but.. but that's.. fuck. I don't remember her having a twin and last I knew, no one had the ability to rise people from the …. well no. Monroe could, I think. but he killed her, I don't see him bringing her back"

Minea frowns, lips pursing. "Sure as hell not acting like her" If it was her, why hadn't she tried to get in contact with the company? "Come on Martinez. Lets go see if that is my long dead to be partner" And with a gesture forward, Minea does as she's been told to do. Go see if that's Katherine Marks or something with her specific Isotope.

A dark brow pops over the wrap around glasses hugging Colby's features. She cants her head enough to observe Minea's response to the situation from the corner of her eye, all the while keeping the 'target' within her line of sight. "Dead partner?" The note had briefed her on the mission, but not the relevance of its past…

Calloused hands find freedom from the Latina's jeans pockets, fingers flexing before falling to a still, casual set at her sides as her boots pick up a natural, easy posture that leads her at Minea's side.

If anyone is approaching June, she's oblivious for the moment. Her eyes are set dead ahead through the large pane of glass that houses a light tan suit jacket that she's been eyeing for weeks now. Her pocket holds nearly 35 of the forty dollars that it would cost to purchase this jacket and the owner of the shop promised to hold it for her. June has been wandering around picking up loose change, then of course the nice girl from Labor Day gave her twenty dollars. She has almost enough to buy it. She rocks back and forth on her heels as she looks into the window. She doesn't even notice the woman inside watching her with a small smile on her lips.

"Katherine?" Try with a name first as Minea eases up to the side of the woman, just out of reach. "Hey, Katherine. Hows it going?" Minea searches around the womans neck for the telltale mark that all the evolveds who work for the company and even Minea herself bears. The two hatch marks between neck and shoulder, towards the back. "Long time no see"

Colby's boots crunch over concrete, gravel, and even the lines that mark the separated blocks of sidewalk. She nudges her chin to banish a few hairs, that seem to have escaped her braid, from her face, as she watches Minea and stroll around to the other side of 'Katherine'. She appears to be observing the jacket as well, pinching the stem of her glasses and pulling them up overhead with a false, easy smile. If acknowledged, she offers only a simple nod and a little gesture towards the suit teasing from the pane of glass. "Nice jacket, huh?"

June glances first to Colby, then to Minea as they seem to take a spot on each side of her. If she's nervous about their approach, she doesn't show it. Probably because she's not. There's a brief flicker of recognition as the looks at Minea.

"Minea Dahl." Though, she's not entirely sure how she knows this.

Then she turns to look at Colby. "You're Katherine." Since it's fairly obvious that Minea was addressing Katherine and there are only three of them there. Of course, as Colby takes interest in 'her' jacket, she looks a bit nervous as she bites her lip. "You're not going to buy that, are you? She was going to save it for me," she notes of the woman inside. "I almost have enough, see?"

Reaching into her pocket, she pulls out a wad of cash and some coins fall to the sidewalk as she reaches down to pick them up. She stands back up and shoves her fistfull of cash back into her pocket, then reaches up and brushes some hair out from in front of her face. Indeed, this is the woman in the photo.

Even if June has no clue she's Katherine Marks.

The woman knows her name. That's good. Show's promise. Minea looks at the jacket in question and nods. She recognizes the tailored jacket then down to the money in June's palm. Minea reaches into her back pocket to pull out her wallet so that she can pull out a five dollar bill and passes it over. "I think you'd good in that jacket Kat. You're Kat. What do you think your name is if you're not Katherine Marks?"

"Well, if I'm Katherine, who're you?" Martinez replies with a tilted half-smile, echoing Minea's more clarifying remarks. It's easy to see that there is an appealing comfort and ease even in Colby's hard demeanor. Her right hand, the notably less dominant hand, is shitting like Minea's - to find and retrieve a few bills. She passes the folded notes over and nudges her chin towards the jacket. "Nah. I'm not going to buy it. It'd look better on you, anywho, chica."

There's some confusion from June as she looks from Colby to Minea. Obviously Minea is addressing her, but calling her by the other woman's name. She shakes her head, dirty unkept hair weaving back and forth. "They told me my name was June." The money is taken, though hesitantly so. Everyone seems to have lots of money to pass around, and yet she barely has any. She is happy to get the five and she adds it to her collection as she lowers herself to her knees on the sidewalk and begins to count her money, laying it out on the dusty concrete, coins clinking as they fall and start to roll off before she catches it and scoops it closer to her into the small mound of coins. "One dollar. Two dollars.."

It's Kathering, and yet, it's not. June. She calls herself June. When the agent formerly known as Kat bends over to start picking up her coins, she looks close. Yup, there they are. The isotope mark. Minea purses her lips in thought, wondering what exactly to do, how to go about this. She can't leave the woman on the island, the company is going to want to see this, and talk with her. Dead agents walking around very much alive. "Hey June, if I go buy your jacket for you, would you take a trip with me? I know some folks who know you, and when they found out you were here, they were surprised. They're worried too, but I'm pretty sure it would make them five times thrilled to see you again"

Now to more serious business it seems. Colby glances up at Minea as the woman addresses the matter of bringing June back. With a sigh that is by all appearances casual, but in reality a sign of subtle tension, the Latina hooks her thumbs on the pockets of her own black-leather coat, redrawing her lips into an half-smile, and fixing dark eyes on June. "Come one, kid. Who couldn't use some more friendly faces, right?"

Wait. What? Leave the island? "I'm supposed to stay here. Doctor Allison told me to come here and stay here because it was safe. I'm not done cleaning it up and fixing it. It's dirty and broken." June scoops up her money and crams it into her pocket unceremoniously. She can feel the tension suddenly in the air and the talk of taking her away from here causes her to start to fidget. She stands up and chews on her lip looking from one to the other. Her eyes move to the jacket. The bribe is very tempting for the young woman. When Colby speaks, June inches away from her, more towards Minea who is for some reason a more familiar face. "Thalia might worry if I leave.."

"Don't worry June, we'll come back tomorrow. just overnight. I promise. I'll let you sleep on my couch if you want. We can stop by where Thalia is and leave a message for her as well June" Thalia's name is shoveled away in the back of her head. Minea notices the edging closer and glances to Colby. "It's okay. Colby here is cool. Come on, lets go buy that jacket and on the way to see our friends, you can tell me who Dr. Allison is. Sounds like she's been taking care of you"

That Latina lifts her hands as Minea makes a reference to her. She opens her hands, pinkies and ring fingers curled ever so slightly inwards in a casual gesture of surrender and innocence. "Cleaning up the Island, eh? That's hard work, chica.Some brave, hard work. I'm sure you could use a break?" A soft lilt embellishes her accent and turns the statement into a friendly question.

"It's not that hard." June eyes Colby. "It's the right thing to do. The island is going out of business soon, so it needs to be clean." At least that's what she overheard someone say. June turns to Minea and tilts her head to the side. "I'll go, but just for one night, then you have to bring me back, okay?" Let's make a deal. She reaches up and brushes her bangs from her eyes, leaving a dark smudge across her forehead. "Do you promise?" At least she didn't ask for a pinky promise.

"I promise June, that I'll bring you back tomorrow" SHe'll do everything in her power to do it, though once the woman gets back, that might be a different thing altogether. "Wanna get that jacket first? And Colby's right, you should take a break, just for today. Not like the broken stuff won't still be here tomorrow" There's a gesture to the window, the jacket therein. "Lets go get it and then go find the boat. We'll phone Thalia and leave a message" Thank god, she wouldn't need to tranq her old partner.

Colby's smile is notably more genuine as her gaze slips back to Minea before she pulls her glasses back down. June, or Kat, seemed nice, young but nice - it was better things worked out this way. With a small turn of her fingers, combing them back through dark locks, she takes a single step back and leans against the storefront's door to ease any lingering tension between the trio.

June's eyes linger on the jacket for a moment, then she turns and nods first to Minea, then to Colby who she still thinks is Katherine. "You should always keep your promises," she points out. Whether it's about the promise to buy her the jacket or the promise to return her to the island, well it's probably both. She turns to walk into the store to get the jacket, after which she'll go with Minea and Colby.

Perhaps the truth is not too far behind her. June or Kat. The fact remains, she's not dead. This'll make life interesting for some folks.

In more ways than one.

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