Not Really Hawaii


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Scene Title Not Really Hawaii
Synopsis In between Tony's flirting, he and Melissa manage to talk about several important topics.
Date May 12, 2010

Little Green House

Tony snores. Things you never knew, eh? His face also remains unchanged whilst he sleeps. Assuming he's really asleep, of course, rather than making you believe he is.

Melissa comes down once she finally wakes up, yawning and moving directly to the fire to add more wood so it doesn't get chilly. She glances at Tony, looking sleepily amused and shaking her head. "Of course he snores," she mumbles to herself.

Now, those with bad consciences sleep light, or so they say. Certainly Tony does. He rolls half upright, still in the sleeping bag, even at that mumble.

Melissa arches a brow at his reaction. "Paranoid much?" she asks with another amused look. The fire dealt with, she slips into the kitchen to get coffee going. Mmm. Hot coffee.

Tony emerges from his sleeping bag. Oh, how nice. Muscled torso and boxer shorts. Well, probably better than the other way around. "Is that coffee? And I'm not paranoid. People _are_ out to get me."

"It's not coffee yet. It's coffee in the making," Melissa says without turning back. "And I don't doubt that, but none of them are here, and I seriously doubt anyone is combing the city looking for you in this weather."

Tony shrugs, "Yeah. Yeah, but in my sleep I was somewhere nice and _warm_. You know? Somewhere _other_ than New York City. How the hell does anyone live like this?"

Melissa shrugs and leans against a wall while waiting for the coffee. "Hell if I know. Southern girl, remember? By now it would be hot and humid where I'm from. Not the negative version of what the temperature should be."

Tony chuckles, "Hot and humid, huh?" He gives a wicked grin, "Sounds kind of preferable."

Melissa groans. "Does everything have to be an innuendo with you, Tony?"

Tony tilts his head, "Did I say it was an innuendo, Mel?" He tuts, "Sounds like you have a suspicious mind. I was kinda missing a decent climate."

"Bullshit. You don't grin like that unless you're thinking of sex," Melissa argues with a shake of her head.

Tony says, "Well, it's interesting that it's where _your_ mind leapt. Feeling frustrated with me almost within reach?"

Melissa groans and lets her head fall back, eyes closing. "You…are incorrigible Tony. Horrible. What frustration could there be? If I wanted to jump you, you wouldn't exactly fight me off."

Tony's brow lifts, "I wouldn't? Sure of that? Maybe I would. How can you be sure?" He chuckles, "I meant, though, that you seem determined not to let yourself have meaningless fun. And the frustration would be the clash between that desire, and the refusal of it." He shrugs, "Me, I'm simple. I want something, I try and get it. But you know me."

Melissa winces a little, but then her eyes open. "I'm the same way, Tony. I just don't always get what I try for," she murmurs softly.

Tony says, "Well, that's fair enough." He reaches out to put a hand on your shoulder gently, "But sometimes you just need to grab what you _can_ get, and enjoy the ride."

Melissa glances towards him, and allows his hand to remain on her shoulder. "Maybe. But what if grabbing what I can keeps me from getting what I'm reaching for?"

Tony shrugs, "That's a risk, sure. But sounds like you've not managed to get that anyway." He clears his throat, "Besides, I don't kiss and tell."

"Maybe you don't. But what can you really give me, Tony? A quickie before you move onto the next chick willing to spread her legs or bend over for you?" Melissa asks softly.

Tony shrugs, "I wasn't really thinking of a quickie, this time. I was thinking a bit more… slow and relaxed. And yes, I might move on. So might you. But in the meantime, is there any point both of us having blue…. well… bits?"

Melissa arches a brow. "Might move on? Tony, you strike me as the sort of guy who thinks commitment is sleeping with a woman twice."

Tony laughs, "Well… you might have a point. But that's in the future? Why wait for the future? Live in the moment, babe."

"Been there, done that. And I've found that I'm greedy. I want more," Melissa says, shaking her head. "I don't just want a quick fuck or two. Sex is great, don't get me wrong, but I want more than orgasms."

Tony says, "You do? Such as what, exactly?"

Melissa nods at the first question, and shrugs at the second. "Someone to go to bed with, and know he'll still be there in the morning. Someone to laugh with, to experience life with." There's a long hesitation, then she says, "Someone who actually gives a damn about me. More than friend, or someone they can fuck."

Tony removes his hand, and makes a gesture with it, "Well. Best I can offer is friendship with benefits. Up to you, doll. You know? I don't think _anyone_ would be wise to spend their life with me."

"I wasn't meaning you, Tony. No offense. Just speaking generally," Melissa explains with another shrug. "I've never had anyone love me, or anything normal. I want them both."

Tony says, "Don't stress it, you know? I mean, no offense, but if you worry about it, it won't happen, anyway."

Melissa shakes her head. "I'm not. There's…I've decided to just let things happen as they happen. Mostly."

Tony nods, slightly, "So. Stuff happens. Fair enough." He reaches for the coffee machine. "We going to see what happens?"

Melissa laughs. "Tony, you've already admitted that you're not the kinda guy I'm lookin' for. You just want sex."

Tony says, "Well not _just_ sex, sure."

Melissa arches a brow. "no? Then what?"

Tony says, "Like I say. Friendship. I reckon you need someone around, you know?"

Melissa studies him for a long moment in silence. "Maybe…but while a friend with benefits isn't a bad thing, I don't have any desire to be one of many."

Tony's brow raises, "Well, I'm not sleeping with anyone else at present. Okay? There's been some interest, but I've been too cold and tired."

Melissa doesn't quite look as though she believes him. "You? Too tired for sex?"

Tony snorts, "This ain't great weather to be traveling around the city in, you know?"

Melissa grins. "What's that gotta do with being too tired for sex?"

Tony laughs, "Well, I've been a bit tired out by it. Needed a good nights rest, someplace."

"Well, like I said, you're welcome to stay here. We've got plenty of food," Melissa says, nodding.

Tony grins lazily, "Trying to build up my strength?"

Melissa sighs. "Can you ever not think of sex?"

Tony laughs, and pours the coffee, "Doll, we were _talking_ about it. How can I not be thinking about it? But yeah… in all seriousness, I probably will stay here for a while. At least until I work out what the hell I'm going to do about this kid with the cold snap."

"I'm not sure there's much you can do," Melissa says with a faint grimace. "The Ferry could. The Ferry should have already done something several times over."

Tony shrugs, "Well, worst comes to the worst I can prod some activity in that direction. We've gotta do _something_."

"Believe me, I know. But you'd need to know where both Julie and Liette are, a way to get to them, and a way to subdue them. I could probably work for keeping Liette calm. She trusts me. But the rest…" Melissa trails off and shrugs.

Tony takes a swig of coffee, "Well, tell me everything you know about them, I guess."

Melissa shrugs and gets a cup for herself before sitting. "I don't know much about Julie, other than she's Liette's sister, and they can give each other abilities that they…collect. They can have more than one at a time, but they're temporary. Few months, Liette said. Liette…she's got the mentality of a child rather than a teenager, but she can throw dangerous temper tantrums. And she has my ability. Lemme tell ya…It sucks to have an ability like mine used against you."

Tony grunts, "Wonderful. And I hate violence, too. So. How old are they? You said teenagers?"

"Yeah, I figure they're about Kendall's age," Melissa says, nodding.

Tony rubs his chin, "And you said one of them was with the Ferry, and the other was with their dad?"

"Last I knew, yeah. I figure Liette's still with the Ferry since we've still got Day After Tomorrow weather," Melissa replies with a grimace.

Tony says, "Tell me about the other, then. Julie. And her Dad. You know anything else about them?"

"Not really, no," Melissa says, shaking her head. "Talk to Cat or Brennan about them."

Tony sighs, "In this bloody weather. I _hate_ this city!"

Melissa smiles faintly. "I share the sentiment, believe me."

Tony takes a big swig of coffee. "So. Where do you fancy going today?" He gives a cheerful gesture. "Name your city."

Melissa looks confused for all of two seconds, then she smiles. "How about someplace in Hawaii?"

Tony says, "Hawaii. An _excellent_ choice. I'm assuming you mean beach, rather than volcano?"

Melissa grins and nods. "Yeah, I want heat, but not that much heat."

Tony smiles, faintly, and as if by magic, it's a lovely warm Hawaiian beach. You can tell it's Hawaii by the faint ukulele strumming in the background. You're back in your bikini, but this time with a sarong around your waist. He's in swimming shorts, and shades. "How's this? I didn't stay long in Hawaii, but…. this place was nice, as I recall."

Melissa sighs as the warmth of Hawaii surrounds her, even if it's fake, and she leans back against the sand. "This is…nice. Very nice. Never been here for real."

Tony settles himself down with what was a mug of coffee, and is now an ice cold beer. "Yeah. Yeah. I gotta say I preferred Bali, but hell, Hawaii was nice." He grins, "You see, see the world. It's a perk of being a wandering rascal."

"Yeah, yeah. I wanna travel. A lot. Just doubt I'll ever really manage to do much of it," Melissa says with a sigh.

Tony says, "Why not? What's holding you?" He gestures, "The world is your oyster. All you need is the knife to prise it open to get pearl out."

"Well, for one, I have a sixteen year old adopted son," Melissa says with a wry smile.

Tony says, "Yeah? Well, at sixteen I was already on the road. He'll cope. And he's got his apprenticeship to serve, anyhow."

Melissa glances at him, brow arching slightly. "Be easy with him, Tony. He may not actually be mine, but I care for the kid. And he's had it hard with his parents being so anti-evolved and kickin' him out when they found out he was like us."

Tony says, "I am. Why do you think I'm starting with stage magic? It's useful, but it's legal. And it'll help him understand how his power _works_. At least, I hope it will."

"I just hope he continues to stop thinking of his ability as a curse," Melissa says with a sigh.

Tony stretches in the warm sunlight, "Do you think I might be able to teach him that?"

"I hope so," Melissa says, glancing towards him again. "I've been tryin', but have failed, it seems. You…you're like him. You have similar abilities."

Tony says, "More similar than he reckons, I think. He's limiting himself. And I'm not sure where that's from. But we'll see how things work out"

Melissa laughs. "I can't blame him for that. Until someone pointed out that my power could work both ways, I'd figured all I could do was cause pain."

Tony yawns, "Yeah…. I didn't know that either. I figure everyone's happier to see the dark in someone." He's starting to mumble a little.

Melissa cocks her head. "Didn't know what?"

Tony says, "I didn…. I didn'… know you could…. take away pain."

"Yeah, it's a new thing. Still tough for me." Melissa frowns a little. "You okay?"

Tony mumbles, "Fine. I'm fine." Hawaii flickers for a moment, then returns, "Jus' bit tired."

Melissa smiles faintly. "Sleep then. There's time enough to talk later."

He looks like he's a bit more than tired. Barely conscious, in fact.

Melissa gets up, waiting for the illusion to flicker again so she knows where a blanket is to grab it, and cover him up. "Sleep."

Tony mumbles, "Hawaii'll go away." Yep. There it goes again. Then it comes back again. "Gotta keep you someplace nicer than this."

"It's fine, Tony. Just sleep," Melissa murmurs, moving back to him, covering him as best she can, even when she can't see the blanket.

And it vanishes. He hits the floor. He _is_ still breathing, at least.

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