Not So Easily


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Scene Title No So Easily
Synopsis Sable pays an overdue visit to Holly, bringing some personal news to the newshound.
Date June 16, 2010

Holly's House

Where has the time gone? Days have fluttered by in a flurry of calendar pages, like those page-a-day things they used to depict in movies to express the swift passage of time. What do they use to express that nowadays?

Don't ask Sable. She's not even sure what's going on in her own head. She called ahead, just to give Holly fair warning, a courtesy she doesn't always remember but in this case is able to rise to. It's not cold anymore. In fact, it's quite lovely, and Sable's tanktop shines clean, bright white as she descends from the bus to the curb. A short jog, and she's at Holly's door, a loose fist lifting to knock at the door then, for good measure, she rings the doorbell twice. She's here!

It takes a short while before Holly appears at the door - she's in a light but modest dress, perfect for the sunny weather after all that ridiculous snow. Her hair is done up and her makeup tended to, and she looks a little winded after coming to the door. She tugs it open and beams, "Hey. Just wrapped up a video thing." She leans on out the entrance, and plants a smooch on Sable's cheek

Sable grins a bit bashfully as she's greeted with the kiss, and loops her arm around Holly to give the other girl a hug. "Thanks f'r takin' time out of yer busy fuckin' schedule," she says, with no hint of irony - Sable isn't entirely sure whatall Holly does, but she imagines its time consuming, like most bourgie jobs are. She sidles inside, cricking her neck a bit, looking around. "What sorta video thing d'you mean? Is it somethin' I c'n see?"

The girl's arm drapes around her younger friend, smiling, "Well it's converting and stuff right now for uploading, I can give you a link and stuff. I do some news stuff for the Internet pretty regularly. I've been using my mom's room old room as a mini studio kind of thing." She peers out at the bright light of the sunny day, and sighs pleasantly, "Mind if we sit outside, it's so warm out after all that cold.."

Converting? Uploading? Linking? Sable is familiar with these words as words, but has remained grossly undereducated digitally. "Yer talkin' way above my head, hon," she admits, "That all sounds mighty fuckin' technical, though mebbe that's just 'cause I hear it through th' earwax 'f ignorance." A charming turn of phrase, that. Sable lets her own arm slip around Holly's waist, and she shakes her head, "Don't mind at all. Dress like that deserves t' have some breeze runnin' through it. Y' look fine and fair, if y' don't mind me saying so."

Holly is all smiles as she lets her free hand move to let out her hair a bit, letting it fall about her shoulders. She beams, "Well I like to look good when I'm on screen you know, keeps at least some of the boys and girls coming back I bet." A bite of the lip and she adds, "Plus I knew you were coming so I was hoping to impress a little." She gestures to a porch bench nearby, leading over to have a seat and enjoy the light breeze

Sable bumps her hip lightly against Holly. "That ain't hardly fair," she says, "You tryin' t' render me senseless, hon? Bad enough you look as you without tryin' to look better. Have mercy on me!" The yellow eyed girl grins. As they approach the bench, Sable waits for Holly to sit first - a little dash of Southern gentility, expressing itself in the rare moments its permitted to. "What t' report, then? What news in the world? I mean… besides all this crazy business with everyone blackin' out and havin' strangeass dreams or visions or whatever it is we're supposed t' believe those were."

Holly frowns at that, and shrugs, "That's the big one I think right now, the whole blackout thing. I know I experienced it, and I kinda tried to share what I felt. Other stuff here and there, you know? Even a few movie releases and all that. I have pretty broad focus." She settles back a bit, keeping her gaze toward the dark haired woman with a smile.

Sable takes her seat next to Holly, turning in place and tucking her legs up under her so she can face the taller girl, her head tilting to one side. "Then what's yer take on it, then?" she asks, "What didja see when you went under?"

Holly tips her chin, thinking for a moment, "I didn't think a lot of it at the time until I heard everyone else's stories. I was at home trying to write up some scripts and stuff. It was..weird. I was more or less doing what I was doing now, but kind of on the run. The Government didn't like what I was doing and they caught up with me." She shakes her head, "Before I woke up again they had me cornered."

Sable's brow furrows at this. "'n' are you worried it is as some say, glimpses of what's to come?" It's a flowery formulation that Sable uses, but it doesn't lack her diction. Maybe her anxiety over what that might portend (like, actually portend) pushes her into poetics.

The ligher haired girl shakes her head a little, and she smiles, "Nah, I don't really put much stock in stuff like that and all probably isn't just a coincidence, that's for sure." She leans in closer, hugging onto Sable and murmuring, "What about you hon?"

Sable lets her own arms slip around Holly, though her grip lacks some of the forwardness one might expect from her, in her rapacity. She seems to be letting Holly set the terms of their interaction. Any number of factors add towards this, one of which is signified by the black bandana tied around her upper arm. "Uh… some blonde chick givin' me a dog t' take care of. Seemed like I knew her. What I said t' her didn't make any real goddamn sense, though."

Holly's brow raises at that, curiously, "Well, at least yours wasn't quite so scary huh? It's what I get for being all outspoken and such." She rocks slowly back and forth on her seat, thinking as she nuzzles against Sable's side, "So how's stuff going anyway? Working hard on music and stuff?"

Sable looks down at Holly, her fingers scratching lightly at the other girl's side. "Yeah… best I can," she says, "When I ain't bein' carted around by the lunatics I play with. I even got m'self talked into, like, fuckin' puttin' myself up for some charity date auction or somesuch," she wrinkles her nose, "I know that shit ain't gonna go well. Ain't precisely my element, if y'know what I mean."

A light giggle escapes the girl at that prospect, although for her part she quickly covers her mouth so as not to humiliate the girl. She beams though and declares, "Oooh that should be amusing, I have to see that. Maybe I can throw in some bids if I save up my ad money. When's it at?"

"I don't rightly know," Sable admits, "I just got suckered into it by one've my bandmates," there's a moment's pause, during which Sable gives Holly an studying look, like she's seeing something, or trying to see something, she hasn't seen before in the taller girl, "She's a sweetheart, Quinn is. She'll be there too. Someone worth meetin'. How's about I let you know, soon as I know? Mebbe you could cover it. Charity, like I said, and publicity f'r the openin' of this new, like, club."

Holly seems to light up a bit at the prospect, giving a quick little nod and declaring, "Oooh that could be fun. Have to dig out the bigger tripod and such but I bet I could do some promos and get a bit of extra attention there." She seems giddy from the idea of it, getting some more field work done and having a good night out to boot. Meeting the southern girl's friends of course, is also a big plus.

Sable shifts her legs, pulling them into a cross in front of her and fixing Holly with a steady look. "B'fore I lose my nerve, or otherwise get distracted by you in all your fairness, I've got somethin' I think needs communicatin'," she says, "Havin' t' do with, like… whatall I can offer in closeness and particular kinds of tenderness you inevitably stir feelin's of in one such as myself." Here comes that anxious way of speaking again…

While it takes a good while for Holly to process the word scramble into a sentence that makes sense, soon her cheeks are flaring red again. Her eyes take to locking on Sable's uniquely colored pair, and she breathes heavily, nervously through her nose. That's not to say she looks unpleased, just a little on the spot and out of her element. Eventually she does manage a few words, though, "Well I, uhm. I can't say I don't find the idea appealing. You and I, you know." She lets a hand move to grasp at the shorter girl's, squeezing.

Sable's lips tug down at the corners. Goddamnit. This can't possibly be easy, can it? "And t' be sure, any sane person would see you as a saving grace 'n' a blessing," she agrees, "And only a fool wouldn't try. But neither sanity nor wisdom have ever really been whatcha might call my, like, province." She looks down at Holly's hand, squeezes it, "In th' name of honesty 'n' decency, hon, I gotta draw a clear line with y'. Much as I'd love t' be yer gentleman caller, 'n' much as I enjoyed what we've shared 'n' all, I'm tryin' t' make a stand f'r somethin'." Which is all just to say, "I'm mighty fuckin' fond of you, but I can't, like be with you."

Sable closes her eyes tight. "Y' can smack me 'r shout at me 's much as y' like. I'll bear it, if that's what y' need."

This is enough to quiet Holly for a good long painfully awkward moment. The thought gears are running overtime to try to get through those words and meanings, struggling to fight off her own natural instincts - to burst into tears, though they threaten to well over anyway, moistening her eyes. No, today she's gotta try the whole being grownup bit, and instead gathers her will to try and lessen her voice's trembling. "I..I don't see why that is. I thought we were kinda..getting close and such."

Oh no. Oh God, please, let those not be tears. Sable hates making girls cry. It makes her feel like an absolute shit. The younger girl's insides roil inside of her, but she keeps a tight hold of Holly's hand. "I fuckin' know it," she says, nodding, "Which is exactly why I gotta come clean lest I end up playin' you somehow, or playin' someone else. B'fore anyone made any promises 'r anythin'. It ain't fair, 'n' y' c'n hate me as much as you'd care too, though I'd much prefer you not, but it'd be worse, I figure, t' let you know late, or not at all."

Holly can't really manage the tough act though, a bit of her histrionics slipping through the defenses and causing the dams to break, quiet tears laying paths down her lightly trembling cheeks. She hasn't quite the experience to take this all well, and she starts to move away, sliding across the bench to hug at her knees. Her breathing is unsteady and a little off as she panics, "But I..don't see why. I-is there someone else?"

This is all going exactly wrong. Pain is writ clear on Sable's face, pain bordering on panic. She gives Holly her space. She can't imagine she'd want to be crowded by her, however needy of comfort she may be. And what a question! Sable had no desire for the conversation to veer in that direction, though of course it is the obvious question. And Sable won't lie… "Too quick, you are," she says, "Yeah, hon, it's as bad 's all that. I pledge, though, hon, that I let y' know as soon as my mind was made up."

The girl seems lost, afraid after all that and still shaking in voice and body, "I..I.." She doesn't really have any thoughts, her tears still uncontrollable and ruining her makeup quite readily. She turns her head away for a while, pretending maybe there's something to see down the street

"You, hon," Sable says, scooting a little closer but no more than that little, "Are made f'r a better 'n' brighter sort of gal, not some fuckin' maniac such as m'self. Plus," okay, this is a risk, but she's got to do something, "Y' knew it could never work, what with me still bein' sore 'bout gettin' trounced in the snow, first day we met 'n' all." A joke. A huge gamble.

Holly makes a big sniffle, frowning a bit and murmuring to herself for a moment more. She tries her best to collect herself, and certainly the joke reminds her why she's around the other girl in the first place. She doesn't sound too confident but declares, "That's right, I still own you after conquering your fortress. You can't escape that easily.."

Sable is like… bottomlessly relieved. She gives Holly a smile and lifts her hands, "'s true. Tribute's due t' the conquerer, 'n' all that. Maybe that I'll never quite manage t' pay my wa t' freedom," her hand turns, spreading, "'nless y' intend t' be merciful…"

The girl creeps back towards Sable across the bench, and leans her head onto her shoulder, letting out a heavy sigh, "Don't think think being cute will get you out of this. I'm still going to have to think a lot about, you know, whether I can handle this kind of drama. Maybe I just am not made for being with people."

Sable lifts her hand to touch between Holly's shoulder blades, giving her back a gentle rub. "Y' take what time y' need, 'n' know I'll respect whatever and any, like, decision y' need t' make. But don't you go thinkin' just because I'm fuckin' useless don't mean you don't deserve someone fine," she puffs a breath of air into Holly's hair, "Come t' the auction, eh? Mayhaps y'll see someone that'll catch yer eye."

She sighs again, and looks to the house, pondering going on in to think, "I'll try and come anyway, but I can't promise I won't try and bid on you. I've really needed company since coming back here and you've been good company." At least the wellspring of tears has slowed to a stop by now.

"Well, hon, if y' don't want me banished 'n' all," Sable says, "I don't intend t' run off on you. 's long as y'll stand my company, I'm more than happy t' keep bein' good company. Just, like, y'know," she lifts her brows, "Not that good."

Holly leans close, and her arms wrap around Sable like a teddy bear, clinging on and nodding, "I'm good with that, I promise."

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