Not So Perfect


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Scene Title Not So Perfect
Synopsis When the batteries finally fail in their lamp, Magnes learns that even his mentor has flaws.
Date June 30, 2009

Carrie and Magnes' Camp - Woods near Fort Hero

It's getting later into the evening already, and Magnes is wearing a faded green t-shirt with the Green Lantern symbol on it, and a pair of loose-fitting jeans. His shoes and socks are in a corner, as he's just laying in his sleeping bag, reading a random Superman paperback.

Carrie is already curled up in her sleeping bag, it's been a long day for the woman running around making sure everything is in place for the next day. So earlier then normal, she snuggled up into her blue sleeping bag and tucking the pillow under her cheek. "You know… you should be sleeping." Her exhaustion is evident in the soft spoken words. An eye cracks open to look at him from her side of the tent. "Tomorrow is going to feel like hell and if you stay up all night your going to be exhausted tomorrow."

"I'm not gonna stay up all night, it's just, I usually read a comic before bed, it's my ritual." Magnes casually explains, though he doesn't sound very tired as he continues reading. The light begins to flicker a bit, but it doesn't go out yet.

"Well, don't say I didn't warn you." Carrie murmurs blandly, tucking the pillow a it further under her cheer. There is a long yawn, only broken by the flickering of light. Eyes open full to look at the lamp, her stomach clenching a bit. "You replace the batteries in the lamp like I told you?" When the flicker settles, the woman settles with a soft sigh. She let's her eyes drift shut again, curling up move on her side, willing herself to try and sleep.

"Batteries?" Magnes asks, as if he'd completely forgotten. "Oh, the batteries…" And that's the last thing he says before the light just goes completely dead. "Uh, the light's off, I can't even see my hand in front of me."

Even with eyes shut, Carrie knows the light is off, every fiber of her being knows. She opens her eyes to the pitch dark and her whole body goes cold. "Fix it." The woman snaps suddenly, unable to mask the fear in her voice. She screws her eyes shut again and pulls the pillow closer, trying to calm herself. When she speaks again, she speaks slowly trying not to sounds completely freaked out, "Magnes.. I.. need you to get that light on." Memories of being locked away start invading her reason. "Please."

"Carrie, it's alright, I'm right here." Magnes says as his sleeping bag suddenly slides over, lightly bumping into her's. "I'm right next to you, just lemme see if I can feel around for the batteries." Which he does, not actually moving from his spot next to her, but he starts to feel the floor, hopefully having actually brought the batteries with him.

Carrie jumps as he bumps unto her, even though she knows she heard the sound of the sleeping bag moving. Her fear makes it hard for her to process what she's hearing of fearing clearly. When she realizes it's him, she wills herself to relax some. "Just… hurry." She says between clenched teeth, fingers curling into her pillow with a hard grip.

Magnes, unable to find the batteries quite yet, reaches over to gently place a hand on her arm, when he actually manages to find it. "Carrie, what's wrong? It's just dark, and I'm out here with you. Nothing's gonna happen, I could fly us away in a second. You're safe."

"I know it's stupid." Carrie snaps, with a flash of anger as she jumps again as he touches her arm. Realizing she he doesn't deserver her anger she tries to calm herself. "Sorry. It's hard to explain," sounding exasperated. "Just.. get the light on." Those words in the darkness, make her sound younger then she really is. One of her hands move to grasp his hand on her arm, at least she's not alone in this dark this time.

Magnes lightly squeezes, not letting go. "I've got you, Carrie, just hold on and I promise you're safe." He keeps feeling on the floor with his free hands, then, there's the package of batteries, promptly grabbing them. He doesn't say anything yet, he just starts to open the package, slides two batteries into his mouth, then reaches up to make sure he knows where the light is.

Carrie almost doesn't let go of that hand, but when she hears that battery package, her hand lets go of it's death grip so that he can move faster. As she listens to the sound of him working, other sounds reach her, like the memory of a lock clicking and the muffled sound of giggles. She wasn't in th box.. she was simply in a tent in the middle of the woods. But why does she feel like she is? As fear grips her again, she breaths slowly through her mouth as she chants in her head. 'Hurry.'

After a few minutes, the light is suddenly on again, and Magnes turns around with his hand still resting on her arm. "What's wrong? You're my mentor, we can talk, and I can keep secrets."

When the light flares to like again it's not hard to see the fear on her face, her skin pale, her lips pressed in a thin straight line. Eyes snap open to look at the lamp as if it was the best thing ever and she sighs heavily. "Thank god.." Her eyes moves to the man laying next to her, she gives him a weary smile. "Is this where I call you my hero?" She tries to joke lightly, thought she's slowly looking more and more embarrassed. As a grown woman, she shouldn't still be afraid. "I've had this problem since I was a kid, " said lamely. "I was locked in a trunk by some cousins when I was little. Took them hours to find me in that truck, tucked in a closet."

Magnes tilts his head, then lays down on his back again, not bothering to move his sleeping bag as he stares up at the ceiling. "You know, I was expecting like, behind enemy lines box torture or something."

Carrie shakes her head as best she can from where she is laying there, there is a small sigh and then a small chuckle. "No…. nothing so macho or cool." She sounds rather embarrassed. "You mentor has a silly childhood fear, she can't shake. So much for beign perfect, huh?" Watching him she asks, "You… won't say anything to anyone… right?" Last thing she needed is someone to find out I have this fear.

"You're still perfect, Carrie." Magnes says as he turns over and rests a hand on her sleeping bag, which is on her waist. "You're as perfect as a human can be, anyway, which means you have flaws, just like everyone else. Besides, it's kinda cute." he teases with a slight grin, visibly more confident at the sight of her vulnerability. "You're my mentor, you can trust me."

"Cute?" Carrie says in a flat tone.. "Remove that hand before I break it." There is a narrowing of her eyes at him, even though she is smirking. "And thanks, Magnes." She means it. With a small sigh and she moves to tuck that pllow back under her chin again. Trying to relax back into sleep she suddenly says, "And if I hear that you told someone.. I will hurt you. I won't tell you how, but know it won't be pleasant."

"A few months ago I don't think I would've been able to sleep this close, let alone touch anything, you should be proud that I've grown!" Magnes protests, more teasing as he ducks under his sleeping bag, sighing tiredly. "I'm glad Minea chose you."

Carrie chuckles softly. "That is great progress, Young Padawan." There might even be touch of affection in her tone. She tucks the sleeping bag under here chin and yawns. "I think by tomorrow night you'll be telling me how much you hate me." Her hand slides out from in her bag to gives him a light push against his shoulder. "Now will you please go to sleep?"

"Alright." Magnes finally closes his eyes, getting comfortable as he pulls his arms into it. "And if the light goes off again, just remember I'm here, and nothing's gonna happen."

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