Not Ten Anymore


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Scene Title Not Ten Anymore
Synopsis Ryans and Lucille get into an argument over what happened to Delia.
Date May 12, 2010

St. Luke's Hospital

It took longer then he expected to find time to check on his oldest, but Senior Agent Ryans didn't find her at the hotel. A call over the radio told him that she had shown up at the hospital, so that is where the old man is now. His leather shoes tap softly on the linoleum floors, his trench coat floating gently behind him.

The young agent posted at the door stands from the chair he's lounging in quickly, giving Ryans a sharp nod. "Ryans…" He offers politely, his gaze dropping away from the tall man. With everything that has happen, the elder Ryans is worn and tired, eyes darkened around the edges. It's clear that he is not getting much sleep at all.

"Morning…" He offers softly, moving to grip the door knob, only to have it turn and the door open wide, to show Lucille standing there. "Lulu…" He sounds a touch surprised, even if he knew she was there.

"Dad." She says with a touch of surprise herself, but it doesn't last for long. The young woman shuts the door silently. Delia is sleeping, then she moves past her father and is walking down the hall. Blonde hair pulled into a loose bun. Her dark roots showing more and more, it'll be time for a dye job soon.

Dressed in a pair of heavy dark jeans and some black boots, along with a dark green sweater. Her jacket and mittens and such are hanging on her arm. Lucille doesn't really look at her father, it's like she doesn't want to talk to him at all. If Ryans follows or not.. is up to her father.

Left staring at the door, his eyes still in a way looking at the young woman in the bed beyond. Eyes suddenly narrow, hands curl slowly into fists. "Lu!" Comes the sharply spoken name, the disapproval in his voice. The fact that she walked away like that hurt and at the same time pissed him off.

His steps are slow, but he turns and takes a step in her direction, but doesn't follow right away."Lucille. Stop." Ryans isn't the type to go chasing, so he waits to see if she moves on.

"What." Lucille's tone is thick with venom, her head swings around but she doesn't come back to daddy. Oh no, that's not in her plans today. Her arms are crossed and her gaze narrows towards her father.

"If you want to talk.. then I suggest it be in a less busy hallway." She glares at the young agent at the door to her sister's room and the nurse and personnel walking around doing their jobs. And then she's moving again, around the corner to a bunch of chairs that are grouped together. She doesn't sit though, she leans against the wall. Waiting.

Probably a good thing Huruma isn't there, or she's feel the flare of anger, though nothing changes on his features. Jaw clenched tight, Ryans starts walking towards her, there is soming in the walk he walks that clearly says he's not happy. Or maybe it's the way he grabs a door handle wrenching the room open, glancing in and then back to her. His head gives a jerk and he waits for her to go into the room.

It takes everything in the older man not to grab her arm and jerk her into the room, he is just that upset at the moment. ]

With a snort, Lucille walks into the room and she turns her back quickly. "How.. fucking dare you. Explain now." Her arms are crossed and her feet are planted. "You.. argh!" she throws her hands up in the air, throwing her things on a nearby chair. "I am not as naive as Delia is when it comes to you. What is this dad huh?"

She's settling against a desk and looking directly in her father's eyes. "Something happens to Delia and you post guards outside her room.. like.. like it's some operation? Like someone is after her? Why would someone be after her!?" The oldest Ryans girl is not happy with her father and if she gets any angrier, whose to say she won't grab her father herself. "What is going on.. don't lie to me." She breathes out the last bit with a sigh.

As soon at the door shuts behind him, Ryans eyes narrow, creasing the corners of his eyes making him seem a bit older. "You will be civil with me, Lucille Amelia. Do you understand me?" He make look younger, but he is still her father through and through. A finger points at the ground as he manages to growl out a, "I do not have to explain anything to you."

The finger curls back into that fist, before it drops to his side. "She isn't the only one getting guarded, so… are you." Ryans whole body is ridged as if he's having to work to keep himself that imposing figure. "People are trying to get back at me over something I did on a case. It happens." His hisses between clenched teeth. He doesn't plan to tell her they are after him, that people have tried to kill him.

"It will be fine." He says roughly, his head turns to the side to look over his shoulder at the door. "The department and I are handling it."

"I'm not ten years old anymore. You can't just use that tone with me and think everything is going to be fine." Lucille says and she shakes her head at her father. "I trusted you! How am I suppose to trust you if you don't trust me?" Lu's hands shake and she balls them up into tight fist. "I.. you should have told us. If you.. if you thought anyone was going to come after us. Instead of just placing guards on us."

Not something Lucille is happy about at all. "You don't have to explain anything to me.." she snorts and then nods her head. "Then don't." she says simply, "I'm done following your orders like I'm under your command or something. I'm a grown woman now, you'll treat me as such, or have nothing to do with me." Yeah, she's pretty pissed as well.

"I knew, they knew I had daughters, but didn't know for sure it would get this far." Ryans growls out, taking a steps towards her, the anger and hurt now showing in those blue eyes. "It has been a nightmare out there getting anything done, I literally have not had the time to just drop everything. I have been working hard to prevent this very thing from happening." The last thing he says echos off the walls as he very nearly yells at her, this whole case is effecting his control that much. His eyes move over her face, as he is silent for a very long moment.

He pivots on the ball of his foot, suddenly, a glare leveled at his oldest, before she gets his back and he's moving towards the door, "One of the agents outside will escort you." There is no room for arguing in the tone of his voice.

"Tell them to keep up." Is all Lucille says to her father and then she's grabbing her things and pushing past him to open the door and walk out to the hallway, turning to make her way towards the stairs, not saying another thing to her father or looking back for that matter.

Lu slips her heavy coat on and zips it up along with the mittens and then she's redoing the bun in her hair. Time to make the journey back to the hotel. Ugh damn cold.

He's slower to step out of the room, eyes watching his oldest in stoney silence. A hand lifts and he snaps his fingers looking down the hall to the Agent at Delia's door. When the young agent look at Ryans, the old man says gruffly. "Go with her." The young man gives Ryans a firm nod and moves to follow Lucille quickly.

Ryans will be at the hospital for a time with his youngest, waiting for a replacement, but it's worth it to make sure his girls are safe.

Whether they want it or not.

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