Not The Smartest Move You Ever Made


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Scene Title Not The Smartest Move You Ever Made
Synopsis Adelaide registers thanks to her own actions.
Date Aug 9, 2009

Police Precinct

Adelaide smiles. "I guess I was pretty stupid." she said softly to the officer. "I mean, I've become a target. I wasn't thinking… at all."

As she escorts Adelaide into the precinct to get all the paperwork the girl needs to Register, Elisabeth just shakes her head. "Clearly not. You're lucky things didn't get out of hand," she comments mildly. Not accusingly, just in a tone of calm acceptance. She ushers Adelaide to a small holding room that's empty at the moment, and when she comes back, she's got a soda with her and the papers with a pen clipped to them. "I'd say that it was a brave choice… and frankly, I think the mayor or someone from the PD maybe should have stepped up to offer the fact that all us 'freaks' on the force risk our lives for assholes like that guy every day. But it just adds fuel to the fire… and honestly, you just won't change people's minds with those kinds of speeches."

Adelaide nods. "I know. But someone's gotta do or say something. I'll admit the police officers and firefighters, yeah, you guys have heroic qualities, and sometimes powers to match… I don't. And what about all those house mom's and school kids who are just beginning to understand their powers. Someone's gotta make a stand… the politicians and lawmakers forget those people. I only got my power recently…" she begins filling out the forms. "

Rubbing her forehead, Elisabeth says quietly, "I'm all for the idea of someone's gotta do something, kiddo — but I'll point out that standing up on a stage by yourself and ANNOUNCING your status in the current climate? You're just as likely to get shot as have shoes thrown at you. I highly recommend that you work on a smaller scale to start. Maybe form a support group at your college."

Adelaide nods. "True. I've tried… and it was a super stupid moment. I didn't think I would do it, but once I got up there and I had there attention and no one stopped me. I rolled with it." she looks away a bit tapping the pen as she looked at the question.. "This is weird… I know practically nothing about my power and yet the expect me to fill out a form.." she licks her lips, sighing.

Elisabeth laughs at that. "Yeah. Kinda dumb. Just fill out what you do know. In a couple days, you'll get mail with an appointment time to go in and be tested." She eyes Adelaide and says quietly, "At the risk of losing my job… I'm going to give you a bit of advice. If you can do something really flashy or dangerous… you might want to downplay it a little. Don't… feel that you need to show off, know what I mean?"

Adelaide shrugs. "I don't know what I don't. It's not flashy.. it happens all inside my head really. From what I understand- the gist of it I mean." she begins scribblign down things. "Memories of others I guess. I don't know if I retain them… Oh I hope not…"

With a bit of a shrug, Elisbeth merely says, "Just do what you need to." She leaves the soda on the table and says, "I need to change clothes. If you need a ride home, I'll grab a uniform to make sure you get there all right. Okay?"

Adelaide nods. "Thanks. I'll take, the ride home. I'd rather not be a target in the dark. Do you think anyone actually will remember?"

Elisabeth's blue eyes on the girl have shadows in them. "Oh, I think people will remember. Whether they opt to try to do anything about it? Anyone's guess with people like Humanis First. My guess would be they'll leave you alone. But watch your back out there."

Adelaide shrugs. "You know I've decided I won't live in fear. I mean yes they can hurt me.. but I won't just live in fear because I've stated who I am. Plenty of people fighting for a cause, who'd been vocal and died. If I have to add my name to the list just to make the world a little brighter for others. Then I will. I am not looking to be martyr. I want to live and grow and a have a nice wedding and stuff and have a few kids. Live in a nice house… be a wonderful doctor…" she smiles. "I wonder if this scare men away…" she says with a smirk. "Or attract all the loonies.."

Elisabeth actually laughs. "Can't give you an answer to that one. But for what it's worth to you…. I seem to have found a reasonable number of guys who don't care about the Evo thing." She grins. "I'll have a uniform waiting to take you home. Use a little more common sense out there, hmm?"

Adelaide nods. "Yes." she says quietly. "I know… And thanks." she finishes the paper work. "I guess I'll have to be tested." she finishes and hands the paper work. "Well at least…" she licks her lips and hands the paper back.

Taking the paper, Elisabeth nods. "They'll send you the appointment, all you have to do is show up. It's pretty simple." She watches Adelaide, a faint smile at the nervousness. "C'mon. Let's get you home."

Adelaide chuckles. "You're welcome. And thanks," she says hoping up. Still such childlike movements for one who spoke so eloquently.

Elisabeth grabs a uniformed officer from the hall and directs him to make sure that Adelaide gets back to her place safe and sound. And then she goes about her business for the evening.

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