Not Too Late For Reinvention


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Scene Title Not Too Late For Reinvention
Synopsis Looking for someone to talk to, Kaylee brings Joseph a home cooked meal.
Date November 06, 2009

Grand Central Terminal

The clock on the wall suggests that it's either early in the morning, or headed for sunset. The electric lights above beam on in monotony of the hour, glaring its brightness off the tile and concrete of the lower level beneath the Grand Grand Terminal and New York streets, and for now, the area is more or less deserted. Not to say that Joseph is the only one down here - occasionally, there's the sound of a thump of something heavy being set down, or even a rumble of a car engine below feet, as opposed to above.

Not so long ago, the freight elevator had come grinding upwards through the floors, adding its own distant cacophony when Joseph had moved from the dark, impossible basements and into the progressive domain of the train station concourses and foyers.

For now, he stands beneath the bright white fluorescent. A couple of small cans of paint are huddled together on the tile floor, sitting upon old newspaper that might catch drips of bright blue, schoolbus yellow, firetruck red, though only the first one is open. His sleeves are rolled up to the elbows, bending down briefly to reload his brush with the gleaming blue, before dragging its laden bristles up and down the canvas of grey cement in front of him. Expanding the small mural of the aquarium, pushing its edges out all the wider - it's a good four feet in length by now.

The knowledge that a prisoner is not all that far away, somewhere below, is where his mind continues to be. He'll have to go check on him, or tunnel outside the room, again soon enough.

"An artist too?"

The softly spoken words, touched with amusement come from behind the pastor. Turning would reveal Kaylee standing a little ways off a brown bag held in her arms. Wearing jeans a size or two too big, a white tank top with a blue and green plaid shirt over it, she looks like the unemployed, homeless person she is. "A surprising man. How you holding up, Joseph?" she murmurs taking slow steps in his direction, offering him a bright smile and tucking loose hair behind her ear. "Felicity made extra food, I thought you might like some of her home cooking." Good excuse as any to visit the place for no reason. "Though she does want to Tupperware back."

It's easy to sneak up on someone when their mind is some scores of feet underground, whether their feet fall softly or not. Joseph doesn't startle, although the look he turns to her is as sharp as her greeting seemed sudden, but his mood eases easily, eyebrows raising at her observation and glancing towards the brush in his hand, still smeared against the wall. He catches where a drip of it was coursing its way down and threatening to ruin the rectangle of sea blue, pushing and spreading it back up.

"Not an artist. Just keepin' busy." Within the dry portions of the painting, small sea creatures have been illustrated. A seahorse of muted pink, a black and white sea snake, a disproportionately sized navy-toned whale, a small ship wreck closer to the bottom, and closer observation would indicate that they've been done by many hands. He allows the brush to glide up and down twice more before he's letting it settle in the tray at his feet, inspecting his hands.

Despite all caution, paint is still smeared there, and he carelessly wipes his hands off on his jeans. He wears a sweater of a dull blue, the collar of a white undershirt visible at his neck, and he pushes his sleeves back down into place as he casts an automatic smile towards her. "You didn't have to go and do that, but goodness knows I could do with some real food. Does it need heating?" He's taking a step away from the mural, towards where the corridor rounds off into a corner.

Eyes travel the ocean scenery, Kaylee's mouth tugs into a lop sided smile."Keeping busy is a good thing. My employer use to keep me busy to keep me out of trouble. Looks so out of place in there, but it does bring a smile. Always a good thing, life is so damn serious anymore." She moves to follow him, her eyes staying on the mural for a time. "I might be okay." She runs a hand under the bag, feeling it. "Don't know, you'll have to check. It's pot roast… potatoes, carrots things like that. She's a great cook, for a while there I didn't know how much so. Just the smell made me sick to my stomach." Her nose wrinkles a bit at the memory. "Now.. I probably over eat. My thighs do not thank me I'm sure."

Foot steps fall companionably against the tiles, and echoes as they head into the main basement concourse with curving acoustics bouncing off the arc of the tiled ceiling. It's an unusual place, with its rounded edges and sprawling expanse, and what is usually a hall has been converted into something of a living area, if communal. Joseph heads past couches and the portable kitchen towards where the card table is set up, neatly pushing a used cigarette tray aside and gesturing with his hand for her to sit down, set things out. "Uh huh," he responds, with friendly cynicism at her assertion that her body is at all suffering from getting too much food. "Let's not nuke her cooking if we have to, then."

The small kitchen is headed back to, cutlery and plates taken out from where they're stacked exposed on the gleaming metal shelving. "Would you like a drink? We got— water, mainly." The cooler lid is flipped back, and it's with resigned surprise that he adds, "And beer."

Moving to set the bag down on the card table, Kaylee opens it and extracts one of the containers to check the temperature. "Oh yeah, still feels good and warm." She pulls out a couple of containers and a bag with some cookies in it, which she hold up with a rather impish grin. "Snuck you some of her cookies too." That is set with the rest of it before she works to neatly fold up the bag. "Got silverware? I didn't think to bring any." Spotting the pastor has said item, she blinks. “Oh! You do. Good!”

Turning to sit, Kaylee settles into a chair testing it a bit to make sure it's sound, only then does she answer the drink question. "Ah — water please. I don't drink alcohol." Is announced lightly as she turns in her seat so that she can rest her elbows on the rickety card table.

There's a traitorous, minute flicker of a relief at her assertion, and Joseph retrieves two small bottles bottles from the cooler. "Me neither," he states, juggling these, plates, forks and knives in efficient stacks in his hand as he returns to the table, determined to tip nothing over as he carefully sets these things out. If there's reservation in regards to her and her ability, it doesn't manifest visibly, except in maybe a superstitious unwillingness to meet her eyes as he seats himself, twisting off the cap of his water.

"Thanks for this, I know it's a ways out for you. To answer your question, I'm okay." He starts serving out food onto the plates, rather than assign them to eat from containers, a spoon spared for dishing. The lines in his eyes shadow weariness, and his movements, while careful, or mild and lazy. "How are you?"

"I use too." Kaylee admits with a sheepish smile. "When I was like.. 13.. I was a hellion. Drugs.. alcohol." She takes the bottle from him with a soft "Thank you." Before giving the lid of the bottle a sharp turn, snapping the seal.

Reaching to the Tupperware in the center of the table, she peals off the lid of the bigger container and pushes it towards him, the scent of the pot roast filling the air. "Me? I'm doing good. Ever since I was able to pull a Company Founder out of a nightmare filled coma and told her what Adam was doing… I started feeling better." Glancing at the man, she peels the lid off of the vegetables drenched in the the gravy of the roast. "You luckily didn't see me at my worst. I was a pretty sad mess. But.. it was the best thing that happened to me really, even if there is no cure of it."

Leaning back so that he can serve himself, Kaylee watches him, "I… am sorry I didn't come right out and explain my ability… It tends to make people go the other way." There is a small grimace as she mentions it. "Everyone assumes if you can read and manipulate minds, you spend all your time peeking into their heads trying to dig out all their deepest darkest secrets." Her voices sounds rather bitter as she talks, her eyes dropping to the table between them. "It's not true though. If I hear something it's cause a person is thinking too loud. It's like shouting, can't ignore it."

He focuses more on getting food on his plate than her, though he listens, with small glances upwards as he pushes the container back to her, and digs a fork into the still steaming meal. There's a minute movement to his posture, sitting up almost attentively if not for the slight lean into his chair. As if, perhaps, such a small amount of distance would assist in buffering her power. "I hope I'm not," Joseph says, looking down again to his food before taking a bite. There's an approving head tilt at the taste, a gesture to confirm that Kaylee is correct as to the skills of the cook.

"Just. Not that I don't trust you. But it's somethin' of a broken record, what goes on in my head these days. Anyway." Joseph's fork scrapes against the plate. "It ain't your obligation to walk around with a nametag that says 'I'm telepathic, ask me how'." He smiles at her genuinely enough. "That's what the Registry is. Ferry don't particularly agree with that kinda thing - on the most part, anyways. You don't know my ability either."

"Seems like being a telepath people get upset if you don't.." Kaylee shrugs slowly, reaching to drag the container her way so that she can dish some for herself. "And.. No your not thinking loud enough for me to overhear… So relax Pastor.. your secrets are safe." The tone is teasing as she picks up her fork. "I just don't want you to be afraid to be around me, like others are."

Pushing the bits of cooked carrots around on her plate she turns thoughtful. "That Registry.. it scares me." She actually looks uncomfortable about the topic, "I've heard of people registering and disappearing. Stuck into holding cells cause their abilities are considered too dangerous." Guilt passes over her features as she stabs at one of the carrots. "If they knew what I could do… have done, I'm sure they would have no problems locking me away for life." She puts the bit of carrot in her mouth and chews slowly. "Only reason I haven't registered." Her eyes lift to look at the man across the little flimsy table, "I like my freedom."

Joseph mouth twists in a small, guilty frown, but says nothing of fearing her, just forces a smile back into place. "Most do. Freedom is God's most treasured gift to man. I…" He tilts his head, takes another bite of food and a briskly tipped sip of water, before he shakes his head. "I'll admit, the idea of your power would make me nervous. Did. Does. I— " He chuckles nervously, again guilty, and shrugs his shoulders. "On its own, anyway. I'm not nervous about you, and that's the point. That people can be trusted to with their own capabilities."

A pause, before he sips from water again, as if his mouth had gone temporarily dry. It's with renewed confidence, though, that he adds, "Know what I used to preach?" The question being rhetorical, he continues.

"That any power can be set towards good or evil, and no one power is either on its own. What you— what you mighta done with it is your own responsibility, but by the same token that means you should be able to use it for somethin' better too. I used to counsel, when— I actually had a flock to speak of. Being able to know what goes on in people's heads would be helpful." He gives her a half smile.

Kaylee can't help to grin as he stumbles over his words, finding him amusing. Of course, he's not the same type of person she normally deals with… possibly the draw to seek his company. The mention of good or evil makes the smile fade a bit. "I — " She trails off and shakes her head a bit. "I've done both. When my ability came out… I made a man kill himself… When I worked for Adam I didn't do good…" Her words trail off again and goes quiet, giving a nervous swallow.

A few bites are taken in silence, before she straightens a bit. "I have to admit.. I feel like I'm coming late to the party for everything… so if I say or ask anything wrong or taboo, don't be afraid to tell me. I'm just trying to understand everything." Kaylee sits her fork on her plate and folds her arms on the table, leaning forward a bit. "You used the word 'had'. What happened?" The question is asked with hesitation, like she feels bad for asking the question.

He has wisdom enough to direct his gaze down to food when she starts to talk about her ability, what she's done with it, the name Adam as if it meant more to Joseph than the name of the first man to walk the world. It wouldn't be fair to let the conversation tumble apart, and so Joseph doesn't, just drags his gaze back up to her to acknowledge that yes, he heard her, and no, he's in no position to judge and condemn. Or if he did, it doesn't show.

Then, he shakes his head, as if to briskly deny any feeling bad for asking. "The man we took in is what happened to it. I guess I should be glad he only burned the church down when there was no one in it, but either way. The flock scattered. Without a building, it can still work, but I wasn't in any position to be a pastor afterwards anyway, which they'd made certain of.

"I'm still not." Another scrape of metal against porcelain, as he continues with dinner. As much as he might not admit it generally, this truly is the first real plate of food he's bothered with, and hunger is sharp if manageable.

"Ouch." Kaylee murmurs cringing a bit at the mention of the church burning down. "Burning down a house of God? Man he's not stacking the odds in his favor for Judgement Day." She gives a little shift of her jaw and can't help but ask. "Think you'll ever rebuild it? Would seem like letting them win if you don't." Realizing how that must of sounded, she snaps her mouth shut and clamps her lips together. Berating herself for what she just said. "I'm so sorry…" She says quickly, before he can respond. "I have no right saying something like that. That man.. is a monster. I've been in his head." She leans back in her chair away from her food, a hand moving to rub on her own arm. "Took a couple of very hot showers after that, wishing I could scrub out my own brain." She gives herself a little shake.

"Would.. it be too much to ask…." Kaylee shakes her head. "Never mind, I feel like I'm on touchy ground as it is. I do at least hope your able to find your purpose again. I know I'm working on mine." She pushes the containers back at him, a motion to encourage him to eat more.

Kaylee glances around the room their in and she grins. "Helping this group is at least a start I think. I know I didn't do much that night we picked up Danko, but I felt like I did something worth while. Though… Eileen sent this guy Ethan to try and teach me how to use a gun." Her tone taking on a more amused edge to it. "I suck.. really bad." She actually chuckles a bit, ducking her head down, "Really bad."

He hesitates, before scooping out a modest second helping with a thankful smile, which widens in amusement at her report of her shooting prowess. "You were plenty of help without a gun that night. If you learn how to use it, that'll just be a bonus," Joseph says, as he stabs at carrot, gathers potato on his fork, slower and more absent now that the edge of his hunger's been dulled.

"And— no, don't be sorry. You're right, it is like they won. And they did win. But I'll take defeat if it means not repeatin' the same mistakes, or stackin' up a new target for 'em to aim at. It's okay. I have the Ferry now. What did you want t'ask me?"

There is a pleased look as he takes more food, "Compared to you and that dart gun? Even a Pastor can hit a moving target.. I can't hit a stationary one." Kaylee offers with a teasing smirk, so obviously she was aware what was going on down there.

"So not rebuilding to protect the innocent." The words are soft and filled with understanding. "I can definitely respect that.. but…" Her tongue runs long the backside of her teeth as she tries to decide if it is wise to ask. Finally Kaylee decides to just go for it, "I.. was going to ask why you still don't think your ready to gather your flock back." There is a bit of a nervous smile, "I mean if it's not too much for someone who you barely know to ask." Pushing her plate to the side some, as she had actually eaten at the safe house, but didn't want to be rude. She sets an elbow on the table and rests her chin on her hand. "I mean.. I admit I never went to church a day in my life, especially after my ability hit… but your the type people look up too. Respect and look to for guidance."

Either the spices in the gravy or her compliment brings a mild flush to Joseph's cheeks, or perhaps something else. A pastor running around and hitting people with dart guns isn't— you know. Conventional. Rosiness is gone with a couple of sips of water, listening to her in a way that is inexplicably guarded. Or perhaps not that hard to explain after all, given the context. He sets his fork down, folds his arms against the edge of the table.

"It ain't— whether I know you or not, about it bein' hard to answer. I don't know if I got the words for it, exactly. I just have questions about everythin' I thought made me worthy of bein' a church leader. Lately. If I can't trust myself, I can't ask people to trust me right back. It's— "

He gives her a crooked smile, hands turning a little in a helpless gesture. "It ain't easy, or simple. But I guess it's never too late for reinvention. Done it before."

Her free hand, wraps around her own bottle of water as Kaylee listens to him, making the water inside it swish as she listens to his words. Her head moves slightly, her hand flattening out so that she cradles her cheek on it, hair falling from her shoulder to hang. "I've done a lot of questioning myself, so I can totally understand that, Joseph."

"Reinvention." The word repeated and her lips mirroring his own lop-sided smile, blue eyes studying him. "What? You haven't always been a pastor?" Kaylee asks curious with a hint of that amusement, unable to look past that whole man of God thing about him. "And your right, in fact it can completely suck.. it's not easy to reinvent yourself, but when your able to over come what threw you off your path… it is satisfiying feeling."

Kaylee straightens from the table, her hand sliding into her lap, her eyes moving to her bottle of water, "This is the third time I have been pushed to do somethign else. Course this is the first time it is starting to feel right." Her eyes flick up to the Pastor briefly, before they drop again a small shy smile on her lips. Clearing her through she looks around, "Have a sink? I can clean up some of this for you."

He scrapes up the last dregs of the pot roast from his plate, until its clear of anything but bits and unused gravy, before standing up to stack the dishes together for transportation. "We can tidy up Felicity's tupperware too. It's just back there," Joseph states, with a tilt of his head towards where a 'STAFF ONLY' door is slightly ajar in the corridor. "There's a kitchen connected to the bar that used to run down here. Usually that's what we'll use. I'll show you."

He leads her from the makeshift rec room, stepping into the darkened corridor and flicking the switch with his elbow, being as his hands are full. "Let's just say I wouldn't prescribe hellion as an adjective to who I was before I was a pastor, or a Baptist. But some would, I guess. I used to drink. You'll find that a lot of pastors were never always pastors."

She starts to press hands on the table to push to her feet, until Kaylee remembers it is just a card table. "You all really need some better stuff in here if your going to be in here for a time." She scoots out of the chair to her feet and moves to gather up what he doesn't. "I wonder what happened to all my stuff. It wasn't great, but it would do the job for you guys."

Her footsteps echo behind his as she follows him, moving ahead of him when they hit a door so that she can hold it open for him, with a smirk. "My experience around men of faith is limited to the movies sadly and those always had a calling of some sort.. and more were priests." Kaylee rolls her eyes slightly.

"So Pastor Sumter started out as a bit of a bad boy, huh?" She makes it out like she's just learned some big secret, even though the wicked little smile on her lips says she is teasing. "I have to admit, I don't see it." her eyes squint at him and she gives him a through once over.

Moving through the door, flicking on the light to brighten up the small but clean and workable kitchen, Joseph gives a faint chuckle, amusement in return crinkling at the corners of his eyes. "I dunno about that," he says, setting the dishes on a stainless steel counter. "When I was younger, maybe. More towards your age, it was just my secret vice. I worked hard otherwise and kept it pretty quiet, until I crashed my car into a window. Hard to put a lid on that one. So, I knew I had to change somethin', so I went back to church, and found myself there."

The story is practiced, if not literally rehearsed - simply, he's told it before. Likely to those who need to hear it, whether it be churchgoers or people in the same boat as himself. "What about you, then? How'd you— fall in with this Adam guy?"

"Well…" Kaylee starts slowly, moving to position herself at the sink, clearly she's washing. "It is kind of weird. But to understand… let me back up a bit. I… have horrible luck when it comes to men. Bad boys have been kind of a weakness, I don't know why…. maybe cause my own dad was an ass… who knows. Anyhow, if a guy got to…" She grimaces a bit, "Well, you can imagine without me saying. I'd make him go away or block his memories of me." She doesn't look at him when she says that, instead going about looking for anything to wash with. "Well… sometimes it doesn't work."

"The night I met Adam… well… This guy grabbed my hair, yanked me where I couldn't see him, which totally I have to look at someone to mess with their memories." Giving up on the search for the moment, she rests both hands on the edge of the sink and finally looks at him, though she does demonstrated with one hand the actions of the hair yanking. "Adam stopped him, kicked his ass… He started telling me all this stuff about his life… and I just… I was enthralled with him." Her eyes closes and she grimaces as her stomach gives a little nauseous twist. She has to swallow before she continues. "He took me under his wing, told me how much he cared about me. Treated me like I was like a daughter to him…" Her voice catches and her her lips press into a thin line. "I… uh… never had a dad in my life… so I kind of latched on to it." Her cheeks color a bit with embarrassment. "About got me killed with his need to take revenge on the Comapany's founders. He's not anything like Danko.. but he's a really bad person I've been learning." She sounds somewhat disappointed about that.

A towel is picked up, Joseph drying off the things Kaylee is to take back with her, setting aside the cutlery of the Terminal to drip to dryness on its own. He listens with polite attention, neither overly studious nor inattentive, though there's certainly thought going on behind his eyes as they glance between her and his task. "I'm sorry you met someone like that," he eventually says, with a smile in her direction. There's no recognition for the Company, but then, what he's hearing is the company, sans a capital letter. It could be about anything.

"I'm glad you got away. You deserve better'n someone using you. Especially if it's for your power. How'd you get out've it?"

Finally spotting what she needs Kaylee starts into her task without any moaning or groaning about it like she would have before. The items are handed to him, one at a time, her tone becomes flat an emotionless… as if the young woman is trying to hide the fact that what happened to her even effected her at all, "Yeah… It seemed like all I was ever good for was being used. Everyone used me, even people who I thought actually, respected me or showed interested in me. All a lie." One item gets smacked a touch roughly into his hand. There is a grimace, a touchy subject there. "Sorry." She murmurs before digging into the cleaning of the next item, ater she shoves her sleeves up higher on her arms.

"I got out of it, because of a woman who really didn't deserve to die." She can say that now. "This group.. this Company, they did bad things. Took people with abilities off the street.. experimented on people… even tried to release a virus to destroy the worlds population. "Adam was a part of it.. started it all… The man is over 400 year old." That little fact still stuns her, when she says it.

"Anyhow, he drug me and the gang to Los Angeles to confront her and kill her." The last item is handed over and she scrubs at the sink a bit. "Adam asked me to look into this woman's head to see if she was telling the truth. I got in, but with a price. Her ability is like a persuasion. She lodged this.. I don't know.. trigger in my head. As long as I trusted, cared for, or just did anything for him, my body would slowly kill itself. Took me a while to figure out what was happening… Once I did I ran. The water is shut off and the water squeezed out of the sponge before she rests it on the sink neatly.

"I say would… but it still can. What she did to me is not reversible." Kaylee turns a sad smile to Joseph, her shoulder lifting in a slow shrug, "So I have to leave everything I was and remake myself in a way."

The dripping plate is slapped into his hand, his other coming to grip over the top of it so as not to let it slip from his grasp. Joseph shrugs once to dismiss the apology, and dries as he listens. The containers are stacked together, lids wedged inside for easy carrying. "That's quite an explanation," he says, eventually, eyebrows lifting. "Though— I guess I'm willin' to believe anything these days. When it comes to New York, all you gotta do is scratch the surface to discover exactly the amount of crazy underneath. I spent my first night here held at gunpoint by a man I consider a friend."

For example. He holds out the containers for her to take. "And that sounds like a blessing mixed with a curse. I— well. I don't like the idea of you dying, but sometimes it can take that. That kind've— rough reality check to shake you free of a cycle, a situation. Let it be the best thing that happened to you."

"I have a… well… I wouldn't call him a friend, but a guy I've helped on occasions… but something similar happened to me and this guy." Kaylee's smile returns slightly. "The guy is a jerk.. a royal one, but tolerable at times. But I blocked his memory of me once…. he hunted me down to make me pay for what I did… I unblocked his memory.. came to a truce. Still wouldn't trust him to have my back though."

Taking the containers slowly, Kaylee's smile brightens a bit, the edges of her mouth tugging up higher, "I do think about what she did to me like that. She died, but even thought she did, she ended up saving me I think. Seeing my possible death looming, it really opened my eyes." Motioning to him to lead the way out, she adds. "And running away, has been the best thing. I've met so many great people staying at that Safe House." She does a little Vanna White wave of her hand at him, "Case in point… It showed me another side of the struggle. So yeah…" The pastor gets a soft smile, "So yeah, it's been the best thing that's happened." She lifts a finger to forestall anything he might say for a moment more. "So far. I'm sure that will be trumped at some point."

"The Ferry's full of tolerable jerks too. Fair warning." The smile indicates he's not ~really~ talking about himself, and Joseph moves to lead her out of the kitchen, making sure to shut off lights as he goes, as they enter out into the main basement concourse, with its arching walls bleeding and melding seamless into the ceiling above.

The paint on the wall is still wet and glistening blue. "Unless you're planning to stay the night or risk dodging curfew, you should get on your way, seeing as you got Staten to get to. I'd give you a ride over, but my car's bein' borrowed."

"Pfft, I can take them." Kaylee comments lightly with a defiant tilt of her chin. "They better watch it or they could find themselves clucking like chickens." She gives him a big toothy grin to show she's joking. "Seriously, I can take it. Though I imagine being a telepath the trust will be hard earned with them."

As they pass the painting again, the young blonde stops, turning to look at it again. "I do like that." She fishes her cell phone out of her pocket and with the skillful flicks of only her one thumb, she lifts it and snaps a picture. She glances at the picture with a lop-sided smirk.

The mention of leaving, shakes Kaylee out of her thoughts. There is a chuckle as she tucks the phone away. "Wouldn't be the first time I dodged curfew." She comments as if it's no big deal, "But your right. Unless I want to have to…" She taps the side of her head, "..on bad people that come out at night, I better get back." She goes quiet for a slip second before she offers, "Thank you, Joseph, for putting up with my company. It's nice to actually be able to talk to some one who seems to be actually listening." She holds the Tupperware against her, taking a step back, "I — enjoyed this. Maybe I can bring you a home cooked meal again another time?" She can't hide that hint of hope in her voice.

Brighter amusement manifests in a sheepish smile for the mural, his attempts at painting matched with Robin's and whoever else spends any amount of time down here. Joseph pushes his hands into his pockets and stands still to allow her to retreat to whatever subway or tunnel or steam pipe that had led her into the heart of the Terminal. "I'd be happy to eat it," he agrees, with a nod to her. "Send Felicity my thanks and compliments, it was nice.

"So was the conversation," he adds, and tilts his head to indicate the levels below them. "It was nice not to have to think too hard about what's in the basement, you know?" Because talking about and around doesn't equate to silent brooding. "Come back any time. And if you've got stuff to spare," and he glances back to the rickety card table and the other assorted furniture that makes up their communal space, "we wouldn't say 'no'."

Knowing that the enjoyed company was not one sided, makes Kaylee brighten considerable and there seems to be some relief there. "Alright then… You said it.. I'm sticking you to it." She teases as she backs up a bit more, a finger shaking at him. She makes it sound like he might have made a bad choice. "You've condemned yourself to more of my company." The telepath doesn't think much of herself lately. A glance to the floor and what lies beneath makes her smile falter a bit.

"Try not to let it get to you too much, or drive you crazy. If anything, get away if it becomes too much. Anyhow…" She glances over at the card table and smirks. "I'll see what I can do about that." Daddy's money could definitely come in handy to make people's lives easier. "Until then.. " She gives him a sloppy mock salute. "Take care, Joseph. You know how to get me if you need me." With that she disappeared down one of the tunnels to be swallowed up by the darkness.

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