Not Too Trashy, But Hot


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Scene Title Not Too Trashy, But Hot
Synopsis Molly seeks out Kaylee and decides to help the telepath find a dress when she finds out about the Gala. On the way they discuss various things and a new friendship seems to be in the works.
Date February 21, 2010

Ruins of Midtown

The young girl has been sitting in an abandoned car in the ruins for about half an hour. Waiting, her eyes staring up towards the sky blinking as she rubs he eyes. She drifted to sleep, having taken a nap. Sleep is easier now, much easier. Her eyes no longer have dark circles under them and she looks like she's been eating right and she's got some new clothes too, along with a new smaller black backpack.

Molly sits up straighter in the car and then looks out the window, concentrating trying to see if the person she is hoping to see is near yet.

Again the young telepath is on the move now that the sun is up. So much to do.. in so little time. It's a good thing Molly isn't a telepath, the blonde's mind is in turmoil over tomorrows Gala. Stepping out of the access tunnel, Kaylee glances around before coming fully out into view. Her biker boots crunch through gravel and piles of snow. Gloved hands are tucked into her worn brown leather jacket, her long blonde hair hanging down her shoulders in a pale curtain.

The girl in the car isn't noticed right away, Kaylee's just that occupied on the thoughts of finding a dress. With such an important gala tomorrow and her without a dress…. she's got a lot to do. Part of her wants to get out of it… but damn it all.. She can't!

You look like you're thinking hard.

Kaylee would probably pick up on Molly's thoughts as she climbs out of the car and begins to walk besides the older woman. "Hey." She says looking briefly up towards the woman with a soft smile, it's one of the first smiles that has crossed Molly's face since the Nightmare Man.. or well Hokuto.

Shoving her hands in her pockets, Molly doesn't say anything for a few moments, just walking next to the telepath in silence.

There is a brief look of surprise as Molly climbs out of the car, suddenly registering that yes.. there is that hum there. Oops. Bad Kaylee.

"Hey… Molly right? Not Matilda?"

There is no accusation in her tone, she knows all about using fake names. Something Kaylee isn't good at herself… but then maybe it's cause she hates her fake name. "I am thinking hard. I was given a ticket to that fancy Gala.. Kinda nervous about it. Never done anything like that."

The young telepath wrinkles her nose at the thought, but then she angels a look down at the girl. "Your looking much better. Sleeping better I hope?" Brows lifts slightly as she asks.

"Yes, Molly. I'm sorry, about lying. It's just to keep me safe." She says to the telepath and continues to walk with her, nodding her head in excitement. "Oh loads better, I feel great. What about you?" she says with a light smile. Her hands are clasped together and then not, and then again. She's just nervous, that's all.

"You're going to need a fancy looking dress. I'd go with one that's red. Red would look nice on you." The girl comments.

"Somewhat better." The young woman offers in return, giving the young girl a smile. "I've been doing a lot of work lately… thanks to you and your ability." Blue eyes move forward again. "We got that friend out of where he was.. but not just him like a dozen others… all have been used for some sort of Refrain testing against their will. Months of it." Her smile fades as she says it. "So I've been spending all my extra time helping people detox."

"And no worries about lying about your name.. I can call you Matilda in front of people. I have a lot of friends that do that." A gloved hand is extracted from her pocket so that she can tuck a length of hair behind her ear. "And I know I need a dress.. that's kinda where I'm going to see if there is any place open on Sunday." She gives a sigh.. letting out her nerves.

"I've used my dad's credit card without asking once or twice." And got grounded each time, she winces at thinking about how mad Matt was at her those two times. "You are not trashy, so we don't need to worry about that. Curl your hair, lightly. It'll be really cute, I can do your hair for you before the gala!" she says with excitement and bounces up and down.

On the subject of parents, "Heh, sometimes.." she looks to the side of her as they walk. "Parents think they have to lie to you to protect you, I don't think your mom means anything by it." She pats Kaylee's shoulder and smiles softly.

"Catherine?" Molly thinks about it and then shakes her head a moment later. "Why.. is she looking for me or something?"Slight paranoia going on in her mind as she tilts her head at Kaylee.

"Yeah.. she is." The young telepath affirms, with a short nod. "Not sure why. She asked me about you.. she knows who you are. Don't know why." Brows drop a bit. "Either way.. I don't know how to find you, so your safe." Giving the young teen a small smirk.

"She asked me when I went asking her about my father, since she knows who he is. I never knew." Kaylee gives a slow shake of her head. "My mother told me lies about who he was. Told me he didn't give a shit about me." She frowns somewhat, with gives a shake of her head.

"Anyhow… So… You think I should leave my hair down… or…" Kaylee grabs up the long hair and gathers it up on the back of her head. "Or up."

"Have a picture of her?" Molly could find Cat without a picture but it makes things way easier for her. "I'll talk to her." There's no harm in that, that's for sure. Molly looks at Kaylee and shakes her head. "Sounds like your mom has some resentment towards your dad." She says softly. "Was he a bad guy or something?"

"Down, it'll look so pretty." She says softly and grins and nods. "I can't wait to hear all about this gala. Any famous people gonna be there?"

"Famous people? Uh.. not sure, but probably." That question obviously isn't helping the young telepath's nerves. "I'm kind of nervous about being in a big crowd like that too. My head has a hard time with too many loud thoughts." She murmurs. "Okay.. so down…" There is a short nod of her head and another sigh, as her hand lets her hair go, letting it fall down her back again,

"And it seem like she did.. The memory that the Nightmare Man made me see, I didn't even remember. She was screaming at him to get out of the place we were living. But it was my dad.. I have a photo of him I found in my moms stuff when I was little. It was totally him."

"I don't have a picture of Cat.. but… I have something better." She taps the side of her head, Kaylee grins as she does. "I can give you an image though. If your dad is like me… you know that."

"Stop stressing Lee." Molly says as she yawns, "You're gonna look gorgeous, okay?" she says and winks at the older woman before nodding her head. "It's probably something that she thinks you won't understand, maybe she doesn't want you to get hurt by him. The same way that she feels that she was hurt?" she tilts her head and blonde hair falls into her eyes before she sweeps it out of her eyes.

"Send me the picture." She says softly and then Molly closes her eyes and let's her guards down. "I can.." she opens her eyes briefly and looks to Kaylee. "I can look for him." she says with a dip of her head before closing her eyes.

"Maybe…" Kaylee says softly, with a small smirk. The offer makes her smile fade some. "I… ah… am not ready to find him yet." She says softly. "He… might not even be alive, sine they said he body wasn't recovered.." She bites her lip briefly. "I'd rather hold on to that hope for the moment that he might be, hmm?" She asks arching a brow. "When I'm ready to really give it a go.. I'll show him to you."

"But…" A finger touches the side of Molly's head and the image of Catherine Chesterfield fills her mind for a moment, the woman who sat at the front of Hokuto's class. "I'll give you Cat… that way if you'd like to speak to her and find out what she wants…. you can. She's not a bad person, I'll vouch for that."

"A little odd… but not a bad person."

"Fair enough." Molly says softly and she smiles up at Kaylee. "Odd, got it." She says and nods her head at the older woman, before she does something she doesn't really do to anyone. She grabs Kaylee's hand and pulls her forward. "Hurry, we need to find you a nice classy but hot dress before the night comes." She says and grins up to the telepath as she drags her forward.

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