Not Very New Age


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Scene Title Not Very New Age
Synopsis Mortimer stops by Miranda's place, discovers a burlesque flyer, and she cooks for him!
Date September 1 2009

Miranda's Apartment

An open floor plan allows one to easily move from section to section within the studie except for the back left corner where the bathroom has been walled off to provide privacy. In the other back corner lies the bedroom, half hidden by a Japanese folding screen. From there, the middle is taken up by several comfortable chairs along with a sectional couch grouped around a low table and entertainment center near the fireplace that sits within the right wall. Across from the fireplace on the left wall lies the kitchen area and island, every appliance a cook's dream. To the left of the doorway, sunlight filters in from two large windows, one on each wall that makes the corner, and it is here in this setting of natural light that Miranda has set up a small garden of flower boxes with herbs and other plants, beside being a clear space for use in practicing yoga. To the right of the entrance, bookcases line both walls in the corner where a desk sits holding a personal computer.

Evening finds the call taken, and Miranda inviting him over to her place if he'd like to come. Address is given, and it's in an area that he may be familiar with: Linderman Group's building is just across the street from her apartment building. When he arrives, she meets the door, opening it to offer a smile at him, "Hey Jack, come on in. Make yourself at home.. want a drink?" She asks, though she pauses to give him a kiss to his cheek as she murmurs, "Glad you called." She's dressed in a simple tank top of green, with a short plaid skirt and bare feet. One might get the impression that she likely had a different shirt on, but changed it.

"Hey, I just wanted to chill out for a while." Mortimer says as he enters, wearing a hoody, a pair of blue jeans and his black boots, with gloves of course. With that large black hood over his head, one might get the impression that he's hiding. They are across from the Linderman building. "I expected this place to look a bit more… new age. Not one bead entrance in sight."

"Then chill we will." Miranda offers, laughing as she steps back from him. The door is closed and locked, and she leads the way towards the sofa with him. "Oh?" She looks around, then laughs, "That would have been my old place when I was doing the psychic gig before the bomb went off.. had to dress and surround myself with the right appearance. These days.." She takes a seat on the sofa, one leg drawn under her, skirt to flounce out around her thighs, "These days, I can do what I want, and use my talent without such silliness."

"Good, that new age stuff smells funny." Mortimer falls back on the couch, just lounging with his head slumped slightly against the back. "I just got bored in my hotel, and I don't like to bug my friend too much since she's a busy woman. What've you been up to?"

As he takes a seat, he might notice a flyer that's on the table. It's for all things.. a strip joint. Go figure! It's for a place called Burlesque. Miranda watches as he lounges, soon to scoot closer to him, reading his aura more than likely as he tells her how bored he was. "Sorry to hear you were bored. I worked earlier, and now.. got the evening off. Glad you called. Saves us from both being bored now." When asked, she shakes her head, "Not much but work. Trying to decide if I want to take a few online courses or not. You?"

"Showed my arm to a few amateur engineers, they can't make sense of it. I'm banking on the fact that I probably made this thing so insanely complex, for all intents and purposes, it probably shouldn't even work." Mortimer removes his glove and raises his robotic hand, opening and closing it. "For all I know it's some sort of perpetual motion, but if that were the case, it wouldn't need a charge, which is essentially just touching a live wire."

Unfocusing his vision from his fingers to the table, he notices the flyer for Burlesque. "You're not working at a strip joint, are you? I mean not that you coudn't do it, I know you could do it, but you're not, right?"

As he speaks of having shown the arm off, Miranda looks upon it with curiosity once again. She's accepted it as part of him in that one night spent at his hotel. Laughing at his words, she smiles, "Would be your luck, wouldn't it? So complex that now, you can't begin to understand it, much less, anyone else?" She's teasing him, even if mechanical stuff is a little beyond her. She's not a dumb blond, but machines are just not her thing to understand. Give her fortune-telling any day. When he calls attention to the flyer, she turns, then blushes, "No… a friend gave it to me at work today. A group of them want to go by one evening when they have ladies night."

Mortimer reaches for it with that mechanical arm, not really having a reason to hide it anymore. It has a fairly standard range of motion with the fingers, though not exactly an unbelievable level. Holding the flyer up, he tilts his head. "So, what, it's women kicking their legs up and singing songs naked?"

If he allows, Miranda moves in closer, to curl at his side with her head on his chest. Looking to the flyer that he holds in his hand, she laughs, "No, it's a strip joint as far as I know. They might do things a little 'burlesque and old fashion' but.." She shrugs, "More than that, I couldn't tell you." Which is the truth. Never been there before while the girls were performing!

"I could give it a shot. Even in my seven or eight years of being insane, I don't think I spent much if any time in strip joints, so I'm up for something new." Mortimer doesn't protest the curling, sitting the flyer back on the table. "Let's go mess around and then go to Friday's or something." he suggests, snickering in a bit of a bemused tone. He still sounds a bit mentally exhausted, his aura reading the very same, with a little pain and fear thrown into the mix, kind of in the back of his mind.

Pondering for a moment, Miranda wrinkles her nose, "I think I'd rather save that for another night? I'm not sure I'm up for the loud crowd of a bar, in all honesty." She glances up at him, "That alright with you? Though if you want to go grab something to eat, that's fine. Or I can cook, if you prefer."

"I'd be up for your cooking." Mortimer agrees with a small smile, reaching for the remote to flip through channels. "Then maybe we can discuss Lovecraft or something."

"Have anything you're in the mood for?" Miranda asks, leaning in to kiss him lightly before she moves to slip to her feet, "You mind chicken? I make mean fried chicken, if you might be in the mood.. perhaps some fresh dinner fries and biscuits?" A bit of a country meal if there ever was one.

"Make your favorite, it's been a while since I've had a home cooked meal." Mortimer leans over on the couch, laying across it with his feet still firmly planted on the floor. "I'm just gonna rest my eyes on your couch until it's done. Thanks, Miranda."

"Alright. I'll surprise you then." Miranda offers, but then leans down as he slumps down into the couch, a kiss given to his forehead as her hand caresses his cheek, "Stretch out, get comfortable. It will take me about an hour to get everything done." With a smile, she leaves him there to go into the kitchen area where she will start making what she suggested - fried chicken, homemade fries, and biscuits.

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