Not What She Expected


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Scene Title Not What She Expected
Synopsis Bethany meets her long lost.. sister? Um, yep.
Date January 12, 2010

Eve's Apartment

It's about ten AM when Bethany appears at Eve's doorstep. It's cold outside, and the blind girl is dressed extra warmly to accomodate, a long coat on top of her usual outfit. She's still young compared to the sister she's here to meet for the first time. And right now, she's having doubts of the brilliance of the idea of showing up without at least having given a phonecall first. Still, she takes a deep breath, and rings the doorbell of Eve's apartment.

The door swings open to reveal a low lit front room, apparently.. is somebody home? Ahh there goes the distant sound of music wafting through the apartment coming from some backroom. Some classical piano being played, the sounds of a paintbrush being used can maybe be heard over the light music being played.

A cat trots up to Bethany and nuzzles her legs before looking at her expectedly as if to say, 'Come on you!' And the cat trots back off after a meow, off to whatever is in the backroom..

While that front room might be revealed to most people, Beth is blind, and as such not one of them. She waits in the doorstep politely, "Miss Mas?" She calls out carefully, "Is that your voice?" While she has a lot of data on her sister, a voice sample wasn't one of them. "Mind if I come in?" She's doing her best to be polite, but it's kind of weird to address someone you know to share your father's blood with in such a formal manner.

While that front room might be revealed to most people, Beth is blind, and as such not one of them. She waits in the doorstep politely, "Miss Mas?" She calls out carefully, "Is that you playing?" While she has a lot of data on her sister, a sample of her music wasn't one of tjem. "Mind if I come in?" She's doing her best to be polite, but it's kind of weird to address someone you know to share your father's blood with in such a formal manner.

No answer for Bethany though, it would seem that the young woman must follow her ear if she wants to get an answer. The cat meows again and bounds into the back room, a soft humming and then some murmured words can be heard as the music calls and leads Bethany. Blind people have better hearing though most right? Well.. Bethany should use her higher senses.. shouldn't she?
Feeling rather uncomfortable, Beth starts to make her way into the apartment, following the sounds of the music while her cane swishing around in front of her. She continues on until she is either adressed, or meets an obstacle. In the meantime, she calls out once again, "Miss Mas?" A pause, "Eve?"

"In here."

Comes the voice of the woman she seeks. Eve Mas, dressed in a dark purple cotton dress that falls to her knees. She's barefoot and she pads out from the back room to look at the young woman in her apartment. "Is it.." she looks at the clock and then a calendar posted on the wall next to her. A shocking expression comes to her face and she shakes her head, chuckling as she comes to guide Bethany to a seat in the main room.

"Ah, I lost track of time. Today was the day you were arriving. Care for some tea?" she asks, but it doesn't matter if Bethany wants it or not.. because Eve is in the kitchen now and making it.

"Baloo, Bami!" Calls the older woman from the kitchen. To which the first cat, a male enters the main room and leaps onto Bethany's lap while the second cat. A female comes to nuzzle Bethany's leg. This cat was the one that greeted Bethany when she entered the apartment. The sound of running water can be heard and the tea must be on because Eve comes out of the kitchen and makes sure the door is closed before coming to sit across from Bethany and leaning forward, a curious expression on her face. "So."

Figuring it should be safe in here, Beth slowly releases the minor concentration she requires to tie down her ability. A flash of colors invades her mind as she sees herself from Eve's perspective. "Hey…" She says as she extends her hand, always a weird feeling to do what seems like extending a hand to herself in her sight. "I'm Bethany Trevis, daughter of Elisabeth Trevis and, well… Eric Mas." She smiles a little nervously. "Nice to meet you, miss Mas."

"I knew you were coming, but why you're here. I'm not sure if that's the truth." Eve says in amusement. Eyes crinkling on the sides as she smiles softly and does indeed take the hand briefly before sitting back. "My father.."

Eve scratches at her arms and laughs strangely. "My father was a good man and even if.. he cheated on mom once. Not again! He couldn't!" She cackles wildly and throws her head back, hair flying in the air. "Did your mother tell you this? Do you know for certain?" There's a curl of her lip as she studies Bethany and then she looks away, towards the window looking out over the city.

To admit that her father had one affair is one thing.. but two. That's to many. For Eve, that is.

"Call me Eve. I'm not old."

"Well…" Beth starts, retaining her smile, "My mother says he's the only one she was seeing at the time. And well, I have no inclination to disbelieve her, I hope you can understand that, Eve" The woman gets out a piece of paper from the backpack she was carrying along, "Here's a copy of a picture of my mother together with Eric Mas…" Definitely looks like him, at least "He, well… he abandoned my mother when he found out she was pregnant." It's kind of hard to swallow for Beth still. "If you already know he cheated on your mother… why is it so hard to believe he did it again?"

The older seer takes the picture and she looks down at it, her eyes widening and then she's nodding her head. "Would you like to have known and admit that your mother was a unfaithful whore who bore siblings that you had no idea about?" A simple question, the damn that usually keeps Eve's sanity sometimes in check begins to fall apart pretty fast.

Tears roll down her face and she shakes her head. "Bethany. Hm." She says thoughtfully as the cats, now prowl around the main room and come to sit around Eve, maybe sensing their master's distress. "How long have you known?" she whispers softly, a look behind her shoulder as if someone could hear her. For all she knows.. they can. They?

"I… guess not… sorry." Beth has to admit, "It's just… when my mother told me… a few days before the eve of the new year…. I felt I need to find out whether I had family .. on that side. Until so far.. my mother's the only one I had." A forced smile as she notices the eyes she is looking through are crying, "Please…" She whispers, "Don't.. don't cry." That could be a hint that Beth is seeing more than she lets on, but at this moment, Beth is more concerned about her sister's mental stability.

"Ah, it's not your fault that my father was a bastard." Eve laughs and throws her hand over her shoulder. "I'll get over it." The seer stands and walks away from Bethany, eyes on the city outside as she waits for the water to be ready. "We'll still need a DNA test." She says lightly and she looks down at the city in misery. She's not very happy.

"Baloo and Bami, go and eat your food. It's breakfast time huunies." She says with a light smile, briefly distracting herself with the cats as she shoos them away. Once the cats are gone, as if they were real children. Eve's expression grows serious and she walks towards the kitchen. "You will not come back here, understand? Is isn't safe." She says with a narrowing of her eyes at the younger woman.

"Do you understand?" she gives Bethany a hard look from behind the wall and then she's pouring water into mugs and dipping tea bags in them and coming out to place Bethany's in her hands. "It isn't safe for any of us, they could be listening here.. right now." she says loudly and looks around her apartment. "Simon! Simon! We're meeting soon, wear a coat!" she calls out and then she's scratching her head and looking down at her hot tea.

Normally, a blind person wouldn't even notice that Eve had narrowed her eyes. But Beth does, she sees Eve's eyelid narrow as the precognitive watches her. "I understand you'll want a DNA test, I can afford it… my mother and I are not exactly poor." A raises eyebrow behind those black spectacles at the latter comments, "I don't quite understand, but I'll respect your request." Beth responds, whispering softly, "It's just.. so weird, I thought I had next to no family until like two weeks ago, and here I am, sitting next to, well… my sister."

"I had that feeling once.. upon a time." So Eve knows how the woman feels. Her light eerie eyes fixed on the cup of tea as she sips and then sets it on the table in front of her. The singer takes a brief look to make sure the cats are still away and she nods her head towards Bethany. "It's just not safe. I'll have to explain at another time, when they aren't around." She says with a light shrug of one shoulder. She then leans over and takes Bethany's glasses off.

"Hm.. when did this happen?" she pokes Bethany's forehead and leans in as if she's gonna sniff her younger sister? "Bad.. bad.. you need those. Sometimes." Her foot taps lightly and then she's staring down at Bethany. "You look like him."

"Seven months ago… some folks poured acid in my eyes." Beth softly answers the question, choosing to ignore the paranoia for now. She's willing to believe Eve has an explanation, but it has no sense to try to ask when it's clear she isn't going to answer. "I miss having eyesight, yeah… it's hard to adapt." Beth sighs, "I'm getting used to it… but it's not something I should have needed to get used to, you know?"

"Hm.. we need to find you a healer. It won't due, bumping around when you'll need to run." Eve says softly before she returns the glasses and sits back in her seat. "People," she says with a stomp of her foot and wave of her hand. "Always fearing what they don't understand.." she's assuming it's because Bethany is Evolved of course. "I should march up to Nathan and give him a little something and not the pleasurable something."

Eve Mas frowns up at the ceiling and nods her head towards it. "This is insane! Pouring acid on women's eyes, what kind of world!?" Though Eve knows all too well what kind of world they live in.. she sees it when she's awake and when she's sleeping. All the time. Horrible people, do horrible things. Always.

That would be a correct assumption. "A healer..?" Beth asks, her tone confused, even if only slightly. Before she realizes what Eve means, "Oh!" A smile creeps on her face, "Well, I suppose that could work. Do you know any?" The young clairvoyant smiles, "Also, please don't get so close to me… I might be blind, but that doesn't mean I can't see." This is the first time she's told anyone about this, must be the combination of family and stranger that gives her a strange sense of safety. "I can see through other people's eyes… when they look at me. It's kind of weird, but… I don't know what you look like, but I know how you see me."

"I use too.. she's not with the healy anymore. More with the killy." She nods her head gently and then she's tilting her head at Bethany. "Interesting, though I must admit.. pretty lame." She chuckles and sips more tea. "I see you.. as a stranger not yet known." She nods her head and then Eve is waving her hand. "We'll see where this journey takes us Thanny." She grins widely and closes her eyes, apparently she's tired and oh.. yes. That is a snore.

"Goodnight, Eve." Beth whispers as she starts to make her way back out of the apartment. She met her sister, but she isn't quite sure what to think of her. It's family, but… she's not what Beth had hoped for, even though Beth isn't sure what she had hoped for. This definitely isn't it, though. And as she thinks about it all, Beth is soon out of the apartment, closing the door behind her.

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