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Scene Title Notebook
Synopsis Just when Gillian asks for it, Eve brings it to her in the hospital. Having a friend with precognition has it's perks.
Date January 19, 2010

St. Luke's Hospital

St. Luke's Hospital is known for its high-quality care and its contributions to medical research. Its staff place an emphasis on compassion for and sensitivity to the needs of their patients and the communities they serve. In addition to nearby Columbia University, the hospital collaborates with several community groups, churches, and programs at local high schools. The associated Roosevelt Hospital offers a special wing of rooms and suites with more amenities than the standard hospital environment; they wouldn't seem out of place in a top-rated hotel. That said, a hospital is a hospital — every corridor and room still smells faintly of antiseptic.

The hospital room isn't exactly empty when another guest gets ushered in.

The man and woman who stand in the room look to be in their fifties, tears roll down the woman's cheeks, and she looks as if she's wanting to rush toward the bed and huge Gillian against her will. But luckily the doctors told her that would be a bad idea. Opening the wound and popping the stitches would just add to her recovery time!

"… just so worried we would never see you again, like your sister…"

"Peg, maybe we should step outside, give Gillian some space," the older man says, putting his hand on Gillian's adopted mother.

"Yes, please— and could one of you bring me a new cellphone and a notebook and something to write with?" It may come off as callous, but the young woman still isn't sure how to deal with the parents who aren't really her parents.

A hooded figure exits the elevator on the floor that Gillian is staying in. The figure is a woman, wearing a pair of tight dark blue jeans and a black turtle neck sweater along with a pair of black high heeled boots. Her long dark grey sweater jacket falls to just about her knee.

The receptionist on the floor begins to off the woman help but she doesn't seem to hear her. She most likely doesn't. In her hands, a brown paper bag and a big square like object. A painting?

Just as Gillian states her request, the woman enters the room and she tilts her head. Grey eyes on the woman before her on the bed. "Planning on writing a novel?" a light tease, though the hood hides her face. Gillian should know that voice anywhere and the voice does match the face as Eve Mas removes the hood from her hair and from the hood falls her wavy dark hair, all the way to the middle of her back

"Eve," Gillian says with surprise, starting to sit up a bit, but then having to grunt and lay back down. "Okay, no hug right now. Next time, though." The woman now in the room knows all too well what it's like to be shot in the gut, and that's exactly what happened to the one laying in the hospital bed. But she's recovering in a real hospital, and not a Ferryman house. Registered as she is, now, there's little need to hide herself away. Especially since the US Government is footing the bill for her treatments.

"Mom, dad, this is Eve. She's a friend of mine," she says with a gesture, and the woman quickly wipes her eyes and looks back at the woman. She has a frown forming, as if she intends to ask what kind of friend would let her daughter be on the run for so long!

'Dad' doesn't let it happen, thankfully. He grips his wife's shoulder and says, "Nice to meet you. We were just about to leave. Gillian, you will be coming to dinner at least once a week as soon as you're recovered." He has a firm voice.

"Yeah, I will. Make sure Vic's there too," she says, waving a hand again as they walk out. "Is that a get well present?" she asks about the painting.

"Nice to meet you as well." She says and dips her head, eyes twinkling in the artificial light of the place. Eve smiles softly at Gillian and walks over to her friend's bedside. She looks tired.. more than usual. But also better, like she's clearheaded.

"No, but the first two are." And with that she sits the bag in Gillian's lap and waits for the woman to notice that she brought just what Gillian was requesting. Then the painting is put up on the table next to the wall, right in front of Gillian to see.

It depicts a shadowy figure and some huge mass of shadow on it. The shadow could only be one person is Eve's mind. But she waits for Gillian to tell her. "I've missed you.. Gilly.." she looks away and then smiles as tears fall from her eyes. "Things have been so bad." She say and then she's weeping. Absolutely, positively weeping. Boohooing, the stress of the past months has seemed to catch up to her.

"Fuck, Eve, you asked for just what I wanted," Gillian says with a laugh, taking the notepad and the pencil and sticking it on the bedside table, as she holds the cellphone. One of those pre-paid things. Just what she would have wanted. Probably not supposed to use it in the hospital, but it wouldn't be the first time… or the last. She puts it aside too, and looks over in time to see the tears, sees the shadow exploding out over the sun-streaked white sky and ground of Antarctica. She'd not seen what happened… but she knows what it is.

"Shit. Eve…" she says, looking back at the woman. There's no tears in her eyes. She's cried enough for all of them… "It's Cardinal… But he saved the world. I can't really talk about what happened… So please don't ask for details. But I can say that." The non-disclosure agreements are something she's not about to break on her first fucking day back.

"Everything's going to be okay. Your paintings from before— they were averted."

"The shadow is gone.. I only wish the bad one would be gone." She says between her sobs and then she looks at the painting and then back at Gillian. She can figure out what pretty much happened overseas. Not specific details but from what she had been dreaming and such, she knows it isn't a very happy story.

"I know, Munin was stopped.. the black won't come." She says to her best friend and then she's sitting down in the chair next to Gillian's bed. Hands folded in her lap, she shrugs the tears away. "I've been away, to Los Angeles. Little over a month, I think.. trying to escape. But he followed me."

"I saw your face.. what they did to you.." her eyes narrow as she stares ahead.

"Trying to escape what?" Gillian asks, not really understanding the words of her friend, but comprehending enough to know that it can't be anything good. She works to get herself seated mostly upright, so she can look better into her friend's eyes. "What happened doesn't matter. It's fixed now," she says, waving off the mention of what happened to her face. The marks are gone. It's something she couldn't talk about either. So she's really glad she didn't still have it.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" she has to ask, wanting to do what Cat suggested she do… Keep busy.

And unlike what she might have thought she wanted, a normal life, going to school, getting a job… none of it sounds nearly as fulfilling.

"There is someone.. something out there. Invading the minds of people while they sleep. Invading my dreams.. trying to take me over. Taking me over." The singer shivers as she speaks of the man. Her mind going back to the last month or so. "I know enough about my own mind and dreams that he hasn't really been able to effect me.. but.. one night.. he made me.." Eve looks down at her hands.

"I killed Tiger." She says simply, her precious cat. All of her cats are precious to her, but this one is really special. He was her first pet. "I couldn't control myself, so I had to come back. I have to find him, she, or it." The dark haired woman is speaking faster as she looks into Gillian's eyes. "Don't let him take your spirit. Don't let him take your resolve. The girls have been helping me. When I sleep." What girls?

"Great. Just what I need," Gillian says with a shake of her head, more than aware her resolve and her determination doesn't need anymore blows right now. It'll be hard to fight it, especially when she's emotionally exhausted. Between what happened to get in Argentina, and what happened to Gabriel, and Cardinal… and what happened with Peter…

"Maybe I should go back to Argentina after all," she says absently, forgetting that she shouldn't speak of that outloud. Until it's already said at least. "I'm sorry about your cat. Do you think you're able to fight it?"

"I can fight it, he doesn't always win." Eve has thrown herself out of the nightmares a few times. "But he's getting stronger.. and more evil and.. just crazy. Like me." She says as she sits up straighter and tilts her head. "I just had the funeral for him yesterday, beautiful service. Nanai cried the whole time.

Uh.. snakes cry? And then Eve is running a hand through her hair. "You were gone for so long, if I hadn't dreamt about you.. I thought you were gonna just never come back. Without even saying goodbye!"

"Leaving wasn't my choice," Gillian protests, raising her hands as if her friend is blaming her for things outside her control. Then she lowers her arms again quickly and grimaces. Ow. She needs to stop moving too much. "I didn't mean to go away, and I didn't get to say goodbye cause I couldn't risk calling people who… you know— were connected to things." Like the Ferry. Or Phoenix. She only called people that she knew would get world back to the important people, but not get implicated themselves…

"I… have a scholarship and get to go back to school… But…" School isn't nearly as fulfilling as certain things. "Do you have any warnings? This I should look out for about this… person?"

"Never seen them in person, but they will pursue you. Bringing all you blame yourself for.. all your hardest memories to the forefront. He will not let you rest, you will know if he has visited you." She says softly and then she's placing a hand on the rail of Gillian's hospital bed. "I love you.. you're my sister. Please be careful, if he does invade your dreams. You must call me asap. Promise?" she looks at Gillian and dips her head.

"Go to school.. you need a break for a while Gilly. You truly deserve it." She doesn't want her best friend to be hurt anymore. She wants her safe.

"All right, I'll call you if I have any weird dreams," Gillian says, knowing that she can actually identify weird dreams a bit since she happened to have dreamwalking from one source, and prophetic dreams from another. "Fuck knows there's enough insecurities for him to play on as it is," she mutters under her breath, mildly wishing that she could have a break. Even if at the same time she doesn't want one. She wants to keep moving…

"I'm not even sure what classes I'm going to take. I was thinking of some art classes. I'm not as good as you, but I do like drawing."

"Art! Yes, you would be excellent at it. Maybe a few singing classes? Let's start an art-band, all girls. Crazy girls, except for you." Eve gets very excited about this idea and then she thinks of another. "I've been getting this place worked on.. old opera house. I want to open it as a club/bar/performing space." She says to the bed ridden woman.

"How.. is Peter.. is he ok now?" she asks, though she's sure that Gillian cannot say so.

"I don't sing," Gillian simply says, leaving it at that, even if she might be convinced to do something else music related. Not so likely, though. The topic of Peter engulfs everything else. Her hand moves to touch her stomach, looking away from her friend to the window. There's some birds visible. She can't help but wonder if they're keeping an eye on her.

"Peter's Peter," she says, as an answer that shows she can say that much. "He should be back in the city now. I'm not sure where you'd find him, but… he's Peter."

Eyes close in relief and she nods her head. "Good. I'll find him later, I'm sure my dreams will point me in the right direction." She says and then she's looking out the window as well. "Friends of yours?" Eve asks in teasing, I mean.. who is friends with birds?

"When will you get out? You can stay with me as long as you need too if you want, it's quiet and I've had some work done on the house, but I have to visit the Tiger mural soon. The others wanna see it."
ORDER: It is now your pose.

"I'm sure you'll get along better with him than you did when he was all blue-eyed," Gillian says, looking back out the window to examine the birds. "Probably not friends, but— you never know." She does know of at least one person who talks to birds, after all. Though she's not sure the woman would be keeping tabs on her just yet. There's birds everywhere.

"I have a couple places to stay, but thanks— I should be here a day or two. I hope to get out soon. I don't like having to wear this backless dress, or having to drag my IV to the toilet." And that's better than using the bedpan…

"I did, for way to long." She says with a chuckle and then stretches back. "Are you sure you're alright? You've been through a lot.. I can see it." She says as she studies her friend. "The dogs miss you much, but I'll tell them not to jump on you for a while." She says and nods her head sagely, that's the first thing she's going to do when she gets home. Tell them about Gillian's condition!

Eve looks over at Gillian, "I should let you rest.."

"Thanks for stopping by and bringing me stuff," Gillian says, gesturing toward the prizes, before she looks at the painting, which she hopes isn't being left behind. "I think I'll have to avoid visiting you until I'm all healed. I don't think your animals would stay off me even if I tried to tell them. Back when I was feeding them, they'd jump on me and knock me down a lot." And she'd like to avoid this!

"You try to get some sleep too. And be careful." And don't kill anymore pets.

"It's fine.. I'll just find you." She says and then she's leaning forward kissing Gillian on the forehead. Standing, she takes the painting and looks over her shoulder before exiting. "Take care.. hero." She smiles softly before she begins to leave the place. Content to know that her best friend will be okay.

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