SESA Investigation: Dendrolatry

Various victims discovered within trees. This is the research done by SESA into the events and the victims.


A case ran for Uncharted Territory, a chapter of Volume II of Book 2.

Agents Assigned to the Case: Corbin Ayers (head agent), Liza Messer
Assisted by Junior Agents Lance Gerken and Emily Epstein

Agent Nicole Varlane consulting.

SCOUT Detective Kaylee Thatcher consulted for telepathic questioning of victims.

Civilian Resources:

(Off the record)

René Dumortier: Agrokinetic registered under previous registration system. Currently unregistered, but consulted off the books. Listed as an anonymous Criminal Informant for confidential purposes by Corbin Ayers. Off the record, he healed the injured American Elm tree that SESA and the construction crews had damaged; he checked in on the health of the known trees periodically as well.

SESA Investigation: Dendrolatry

Related Storylines: Uncharted Territory



Portrayed By

Stock Model

Missing Since 10/29/2018, found 11/4/2019

Age: 21
Occupation: Brooklyn College Student (undeclared major)
Registration Status: Non SLC-E, Registered

Gender: Female
Hair: Blonde
Eye: Blue
Height: 5'6"

Tree: An American Elm (ulmus americana)
Location: Jackson Heights

Status: Alive and recovering, no longer a tree as of 10/21/2020. Has no noticeable permanent damage from the maiming of nearly being cut down, possibly due to the "mysterious healing". She was the first victim who spent the longest time as a tree.


Her uncle filed her as a missing person on November 1st, 2018. Her girlfriend, Eliza, was in rehab at the Benchmark for fentanyl addiction. David Mann, PI, was hired to look into her case. He handed over his files without the need for a warrant (which was obtained afterward) to Agent Messer.

Courtney was last seen at a Halloween party on Campus, dressed as Glinda the Good Witch from Wicked.


Date Title Things of Note
11/04/2019 An American Elm The victim was found and identified. They intended to cut down the tree to examine it, but the techs later changed their mind after it would not stop bleeding.
Lost Spirits Agents Messer and Junior Agent Epstein visit David Mann, PI and get his files on the missing person's case of Courtney Baldwin.
11/06/2019 Forgotten Spirits Agent Ayers and Junior Agent Gerken use satellite imaging to tie down the date the tree appeared.
12/13/2019 Splintered Spirits After confirming that the trees were still alive, Corbin calls in a favor to get one of them healed. The one that he had ordered to be cut down, but thankfully had not been.


Edwin Menard

  • Arrested for identity fraud (identity confirmed as Edwin Menard, formerly of the Company). Pending trial for his crimes against SLC-E during his time with the company.
  • Held under suspicion of conducting experiments that led to many young women getting turned into trees.
  • No longer under suspicion for this case, but kept for his other crimes. Currently in Rikers.

Ali Underwood

  • The main suspect.
  • Captured in Missouri on October 1st, 2020.
  • Is being held in Rikers and so far is cooperating with de-treeing the victims, as well as identifying those victims that had not yet been identified.
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