The Dome

The Dome

At quarter to 4 PM, on January 31st, 2011, an impenetrable forcefield was created. It covers the south half of Roosevelt Island with exception to the very tip, and a portion of Queens that makes up the majority of the land mass within the field of effect.

It severed the western end of the Queensboro Bridge, ending in its partial collapse between its supports on Roosevelt Island and Manhattan. Exploration underground, in the deep tunnel of the F line train tunnels and sewage tunnels, shows that the Dome cuts deeper, implying more of a sphere.

The Barrier

Basically invisible, the barrier appears as thin as fine glass, and seems to cut into the earth, implying that the dome is really a sphere. To touch, it is gently tingly within half a foot of approaching it, and feels almost pleasantly warm. The material is as unbreakable as one could hope for, crushing and shattering things that impact it or deflecting them, depending. Air seems to be able to get through, allowing for ventilation, if only at a fraction of its capacity. Small particles do not penetrate the barrier, including dust, pollution and smoke. Liquid shifts through the barrier at about a fraction of its capacity at high pressure, barely any effect at no pressure.

For all intents and purposes, it seems impenetrable. If you are making effort to get through or damage the barrier, contact Brooklyn and I can help advise the scene.

Please note also that any other attempts at using an ability through the barrier will be met with complications — this includes and is not limited to teleportation, phasing, telepathy, precognition, etc. Though abilities can be used, fully functional, inside the Dome, there is interference in trying to use abilities to interact with the other side. As if the outside (and in reverse, the inside) didn't exist.

Wireless/satellite telecommunication works within the Dome, but there are signal drops and slow downs to contend with.


The Dome

Related Storylines:

2/4/2011 The 'glass' of the barrier is becoming filthier and filthier, the higher up it gets. Snow masses on the top and creates shadow inside, and smog dirties up the interior. Lights seem vaguely warped and misshapen, and redder than they remember the sun or the stars or the lights from the city across the river from being.
2/8/2011 Vandalism has sprung up around Queens, both on buildings as well as the Dome walls themselves, messages like: THE SUITS TRAPED US, NOW THEYRE GUNNA KIL US. BE PREPAIRED!
2/12/2011 In the wake of Salem, Part I and Salem, Part II, Roosevelt Island buildings have sustained damage. Up to five residential homes have been destroyed in fires, as has the Chapel of the Good Shepherd and Eastview Apartments in explosions. The Suresh Center is sound save for an exploded truck and gunfire blowing in the front windows, and whatever damage comes of the fire system sprinklers set to run.
The pollution above Roosevelt Island has thickened to blackening substantially. The sunlight comes in red when the sun is setting.
Law and order has broken down.
2/20/2011 The Dome comes down, leading to extensive damage as a month's worth of crusted ice and snow comes slamming down to destroy cars and some buildings, and killing/injuring people inside.

The Geography


The following major landmarks all fall within the radius of the Dome:

Roosevelt Island


The Population

In the time that the Dome came down, it entrapped up to 1,200 residents of Roosevelt Island in its scope, many of which are Evolved. While the population of Roosevelt Island is up to 4,000, the timing of the Dome's occurrence and the land it covers meant that not as many people were trapped as they might have been on, for example, a weekend night passed curfew. On Queens, up to 1,000 were imprisoned, this sparseness attributed to the damage this area of Queens suffered during the November 8 fires, as well as its abandonment over the previous two years. How these numbers shift around between these two areas will depend on how the plot progresses.

Authoritative, militant presence is contained to private military contractors that have commonly provided support and security on Roosevelt Island, and more recently, Hunter's Point. They are more prominent in Roosevelt Island, even enforcing curfew, whereas Queens is more or less lawless.


Are there any medical facilities?

The Suresh Center has been operating as a clinic for the most serious cases. Individuals who suffered major trauma (e.g. the multiple cases of of amputation) were taken there. More minor injuries were kept elsewhere, but the Center has been open for people to visit if they want to request assistance.

It suffered highly-visible damage on the 11th, but is still operational.

Is there power available?

Sort of. All electrical lines and gas mains have been severed at the perimeter of the Dome. A few buildings have their own generators (the Suresh Center being one). Smaller sources of power are also still working - vehicles being the most widespread, along with conventional batteries for small devices. Ygraine has a crank-powered charging unit, which she's making available on a limited basis to the Center, the police, the Ferry, and anyone who can sell her a convincing line as to why they need their phone or other device recharged. There are also reports of jury-rigged car batteries serving a similar purpose.

Are other services working?

Along with the power supplies, sewers and water lines were also cut. And, naturally, things like waste collection are no longer happening. As noted above, however, it is possible (at least in some areas) to get telecommunication connections.

Is it possible to move between Queens and Roosevelt Island?

There have been two boats available for use between Roosevelt Island and Queens — one is a civilian vessel captained by Michal Valentin, the other was a rescue boat that was manned by the PMCs for their own use. This was destroyed on 5 February in an explosion that has not been explained. As of 11 of February, the boat captained by Valentin is no longer for assumed use offscreen, but contact Brooklyn if you want to approach it.

Access between Roosevelt Island and Queens is open via the train tunnel that runs between them, but had been a regularly maintained checkpoint by the PMCs in an effort to control order. Since 11 February, it is now free to use without being stopped. The tunnel is pitch black and partly-flooded (with water "ice cold and filthy and as high as their knees" as of dawn on the 12th), and so it's not the most pleasant of journeys, but a possible one.

There is no access to Roosevelt Island and Queens via the Queensboro Bridge unless you can stick to walls or similar. It was a vehicular access bridge only between Queens and Manhattan, without any pedestrian access down to Roosevelt Island.

Less conventionally: for those in the know, Ygraine can take people via the supports and underside of the Bridge while Jaiden's hydrokinesis permits him to transport people across the river even on something as simple as a door. If your PC knows of their abilities and the other options aren't viable, get in touch and they might be able to help out.

Are there media reports of events inside the Dome?

Not directly, at present. As of 11 February, Media are banned from approaching within 100 yards of the Dome itself, precluding any significant live footage of events (or people) inside. However, with telecommunications still possible (as well as cruder methods, such as signs), a media blackout is not currently possible. Private individuals seem to have been able to approach the Dome directly themselves.

Do things stick to the Dome?

Yes. Not only does it support things like snowfall on top of its gently-curving upper surface, it's acquiring a film of pollution. That is especially noticeable at the Northern side on Roosevelt Island, where the fires of Salem, Part I have left a very visible degree of blackening.

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